Democratic candidates debate: Opening statements l ABC News

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
    Intro statements from presidential candidates Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang. READ MORE:
    Here are the 5 key takeaways from the ABC News Democratic debate
    10 Democratic presidential candidates take the debate stage at Texas Southern University in Houston, including former Vice President Joe Biden, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.
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Comments • 3 696

  • Renee Cook
    Renee Cook 2 hours ago

    7:45 he literally said September 12 lol

  • g4do
    g4do 3 days ago

    Lobbying should be known as and put on the books as being crimes against humanity and punishable by death. DEATH!!! Put fear into the hearts of greedy industrialists, and pharmaceutical companies. Make the punishment so brutal, that the first CEO or billionaire company owner to fall by this punishment will be the last one . Make them fear the thought of being corrupted!! I bet you get results...

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 5 days ago +1

    Kamala Harris laughing ... All fun and games til Yang passes you in the polls. Who's laughing now 😂

  • God slayer
    God slayer 6 days ago +1

    #YANGGANG For life

  • victor penaloza
    victor penaloza 7 days ago


  • Jeff Patton
    Jeff Patton 8 days ago

    We are doomed there isn't one strong candidate. We need to hurry up with the fake impeachment HAHAHA. TRUMP 2020 LET THE COUNTRY PREVAIL AND THE TEARS COMMENCE.

  • richard sipala
    richard sipala 10 days ago +1

    Are you shitting me Bernie is still running at 80 years old. It was this man’s turn and he didn’t even realize it

  • Saffiyyah
    Saffiyyah 11 days ago

    Real professional laughing at other candidates on stage and bringing up a problem we are already all aware of.

  • ExemptionMusic
    ExemptionMusic 15 days ago +1

    Bernie sanders sounds like a crackhead lol

  • ExemptionMusic
    ExemptionMusic 15 days ago

    Honestly the way they shamed yang is so depressing lol. Will regret when 2020 comes

  • Steve Burton
    Steve Burton 15 days ago +1

    Yang, is clearly the best. Instead of making fun of Trump, he states the facts #YangGang

  • Cheryl Taylor
    Cheryl Taylor 15 days ago

    Where is #tulsie2020

  • skfoxjrxzz
    skfoxjrxzz 16 days ago

    Why are their laughing at Yang?

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K 18 days ago

    ugh, I hate how she was laughing. sounded so petty.

  • Hailey Collins
    Hailey Collins Month ago

    #yanggang 2020 smart and factual!

  • christopher reid
    christopher reid Month ago

    I hope he yang wins but do you think America is ready for Chinese president

  • Isak Larsson
    Isak Larsson Month ago +2

    Don't worry, yang will get the last laugh...

    Laughing his ass to the white house...

  • luisqsk
    luisqsk Month ago

    Yang all the way

  • luisqsk
    luisqsk Month ago

    Pete buttigieg is RUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  • the witchfinder general

    7:15 Pete only said that because he knew his opening statement wasn’t going to be as impactful as Yang’s

  • gina kim
    gina kim Month ago

    I’m seeing yang after yang after yang comments on these videos yet I see so little of him in the ACTUAL videos???!!!

  • Chen Zhang
    Chen Zhang Month ago

    here's what i see. 9 haters and 1 lover. 9 problem makers and 1 problem solver. 9 tellers and 1 shower. 9 politicians and 1 true citizen who cares about the greatest country in this earth more than his own image and actually done something about it. Let's not fuck it up again a second time America.

  • DatBoiUnova
    DatBoiUnova Month ago

    Literally everyone charges at Trump but Yang. Just goes to show most candidates put manipulating feelings over facts.

  • Kurt Elliott
    Kurt Elliott Month ago

    🔴👀🔴 Climate change Creepy Uncle Joe? where was you son getting $5-k a month again? what was his job there, sell cocaine in Ukraine? you got him that job and got that investigation stopped!!!

  • Lichao Chinese
    Lichao Chinese Month ago

    Wow. Everyone talks about yang!

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Month ago

    Everyone laughing at Yang are polling UNDER him lol

  • mike larry
    mike larry Month ago

    YANG GANG just don't give a FUK .🤑

  • Alan Chiam
    Alan Chiam Month ago

    Andrew Yang "The Special One"

  • Mopar Muscle
    Mopar Muscle Month ago +2

    Everyone knows that Gabbard and Yang are the only choices... we also know the DNC will once again rig the election as they did in 2016...

  • Nathan Biller
    Nathan Biller Month ago

    Just judging from the comments, I’d say Yang won this round

  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams Month ago

    Curly Moe Larry and the seven dorks. This is the best the Democrats have to offer. Sad.

  • Father of the year
    Father of the year Month ago +2

    Democrats: Donald trump is bad blah blah blah. Everything is Free free free free free. Take all the guns away. Open the borders for illegal immigrants and give them free things. Open safe heroin injection sites and ban guns.

  • TwoFacez4086
    TwoFacez4086 Month ago

    Yang the man. Vote blue vote yang man how can u not love 1,000 bucks free smh.

  • 앤서니 야
    앤서니 야 Month ago

    Yang wishers must be crying in their tea. Good doesn’t get the job done. He hasn’t got anything but that one pie in the sky plan. Byeeee!

  • John Bui
    John Bui Month ago +1

    Trump all the way!!!

  • Brendan ODonnell
    Brendan ODonnell Month ago

    If I was forced to vote for these democratic candidates, I’d vote for Andrew Yang

  • jacob Warren
    jacob Warren Month ago

    Based on a lot of other comments it doesn't take much to buy the average joes vote nowadays. The main premise most of these Democrats are basing their opinions on is that they will be able to take from the rich and disperse it to the average working american. The issue is that nobody is going to make investments or work when the government is helping themself to 90% of their earnings. They will jump ship and invest in other countries. Then, when the Democrats are unable to get the funding for their massively expensive projects they are proposing, they will increase the tax on the average worker to make ends meet. People will become more dependent on the government handouts since they will be paying most of their salary to the government. Then, the government will subjugate the people by threatening to stop giving handouts to people who they disagree with. Essential turning those who the government deems undesirables into slaves. The police forces will be militarized and the people will be disarmed and unable to defend their God given freedoms. Its not a freedom dividend its a slavery dividend.

  • Poetic Nation
    Poetic Nation Month ago

    Came here for Yang - Who's with me?

  • JustinTheGoat
    JustinTheGoat Month ago +1

    Yang gang!!!!

  • Mang Sitlhou
    Mang Sitlhou Month ago

    For Foreign policy: Joe Biden
    But for the American welfare: Andrew Jang
    Best speech
    But don't worry democrats candidate won't win the next presidential election. It's for the republican

  • WolfsGames
    WolfsGames Month ago

    Julian. TSU is home to the Bobcats. Not the tigers. That is LSU.

  • Narayanan R.K
    Narayanan R.K 2 months ago +1

    None of them look even remotely close to matching Tulsi. Hope she makes it to the Oct debate....

  • Thecomedyjudge
    Thecomedyjudge 2 months ago

    Man they are going to regret laughing at Yang when they realize how right he is

  • RiceNoodle
    RiceNoodle 2 months ago

    Look at all these comments!!! YangGang 2020 Andrew Yang for President 2020!!!

  • Yang Gang
    Yang Gang 2 months ago

    Who is this guy
    I dont know but i went to his website and i like what i read lets GOOOOO YANG

  • Yang Gang
    Yang Gang 2 months ago

    Who is this guy
    I dont know but i went to his website and i like what i read lets GOOOOO YANG

  • The Tick
    The Tick 2 months ago

    Klobuchar polling at 2% 3% behind yang. That's also with 4.1 million dollars more in contributions.
    #Math Even you Klobuchar, you fucking hack!

  • Anabell Chang
    Anabell Chang 2 months ago

    everyone else sounds fake af.

  • Yoon Jae Lee, Conductor & Arranger

    Everything Castro described says "Elect Yang for President 2020!" Only candidate who doesn't attack Trump or any other candidate. We'll see who gets the last laugh.

  • Addy Eco
    Addy Eco 2 months ago +1

    Harris laughing..,really? And what was your agenda, just attacking Trump?do you think you can convince the voters to that classless are a big joke😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bret Barrett
    Bret Barrett 2 months ago +1

    Yang is an idiot wants to give $1000 to families. Where’s it gonna come from Yang? He will tax the hell out of middle class families like mine. Trump2020!!

  • Leena Stark
    Leena Stark 2 months ago

    *YANG* all the way instead of these puppets who keep parroting the same bullshit rhetoric.

  • FT Section #
    FT Section # 2 months ago +1

    I love this guy’s style. Go Yang!!!

  • Jennifer Shen
    Jennifer Shen 2 months ago +1

    Major News outlet should cut the candidate's mic that ramble on more than the time allowed. Furthermore, viewers keep track of your questions and your favoritism. I hope you know we are watching closely how unfair these major networks are. If you can't play a fair debate, uc citizens are going to host our own town hall debates in other channels like youtube, facebook or Google headquarters. One cannot fully understand a candidate's competency without letting them discuss their solutions. To all teh candidates, I want to know how you solve problems. Otherwise, if you are elected, you are just going to be a complainer president and point all the problems to Trump. That's not who we want as a president.

  • Justin Lee Miller
    Justin Lee Miller 2 months ago +5

    Andrew Yang just outpolled Pete and Kamala. Who's laughing now?

  • Shawn Ashby
    Shawn Ashby 2 months ago +1

    Warren couldn't handle 2 kids and a job...

  • Sangay Nyima
    Sangay Nyima 2 months ago +1

    First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they go against u and you win at the end #yanggang2020

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 2 months ago +1

    These anti American socialist are the danger to this country big government is dangerous to the people the hatred of
    Donald Trump is absolutely ridiculous how about you focus on what you think you can do not just bashing the president the people elected! By the way trump will be elected again in 2020!!!!!

  • Tsvetelina Krasteva
    Tsvetelina Krasteva 2 months ago +1

    I think Bernie had a BIG chance in 2016 but now it's just not his time anymore. He def could have back then but Clinton stood in his way! Also Joe Biden ... I am just not sure how he can win.
    And I dont think by screaming and saying trump bad trump bad wont help winning.. idk why they think it's a good idea! They alienate themselves from the people that they need to win! It just shows how clueless many of the politicians are about real life and real people.

  • Sigalius Mýricantur
    Sigalius Mýricantur 2 months ago +1

    If $15/hr is the minimum for a "living wage", then a person would need to make at least 3,000 a month. So if leftists like DeBlasio and Sanders are against Yang's ubi because they think it will substitute people working for staying at home, they did the math wrong.
    You can't say that anything less than 3k a month is unliveable and then say that only 1k a month is a completely adequate substitute income to survive.