Sasha Velour - "Gotta Move" @ Nightgowns, November 2016

  • Published on Nov 11, 2016

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    GERONIMORE Year ago

    Sasha secretly added the umbrella malfunction to illustrate a commonly occurring phenomenon known as “perfect imperfection”
    {It could happen}
    Thank you Sasha!

  • William Vicens
    William Vicens Year ago

    Thanks for doing Babs. Two icons.

  • debbie eagan
    debbie eagan 2 years ago

    Fuck that umbrella tbh.

  • Joseph V
    Joseph V 2 years ago +1


  • materialkid
    materialkid 2 years ago +1

    Every performance I see is more amazing than the preview

  • Ronnie Mcloving
    Ronnie Mcloving 2 years ago

    💋😘💜🌹 wow fabulous 🌹💜😘💋

  • Jack Shriver
    Jack Shriver 2 years ago +5

    This is my religion.

  • sexymodelboy
    sexymodelboy 2 years ago +4

    Damn you, umbrella!

  • maha77
    maha77 2 years ago +5

    I have never been more excited about a reigning Queen

  • Kieran Daly
    Kieran Daly 2 years ago

    Love the umbrella. Defiant.

  • Kieran Daly
    Kieran Daly 2 years ago


  • Katerina A. Whitehouse
    Katerina A. Whitehouse 2 years ago +3

    Ive just found a new obsession...Sasha...xx

  • Joseph Crupper/Cali Je
    Joseph Crupper/Cali Je 2 years ago +1


  • Leslie Huber
    Leslie Huber 2 years ago +1

    Sasha doing Barbra, I love it!

  • Héctor Roden
    Héctor Roden 2 years ago +8

    Wanna know why she won? THIS is why se Modafuckin won!!!

  • Sylvia Wilson
    Sylvia Wilson 2 years ago

    Sasha is deep!!!!

  • Zenyatta
    Zenyatta 2 years ago +2

    projector queen

  • Besso
    Besso 2 years ago


  • Maddy Hannah
    Maddy Hannah 2 years ago +4

    i like how the umbrella didnt open and she just shrugged it off

  • Dominique
    Dominique 2 years ago +4

    she is so creative. I'm glad she smiled when her umbrella wouldn't open but i loved every minute of this.

  • AnusLover69
    AnusLover69 2 years ago +73

    I can't belive the umbrella came for her like that

  • Jordan V
    Jordan V 2 years ago

    ughhhhh she's been so slept on on the show.

  • Marielle Harder
    Marielle Harder 2 years ago +8

    Sasha's literally a piece of moving art! I'm living for her works

  • Angel
    Angel 2 years ago


    BDR RDB 2 years ago

    I love Sasha! So talented and humble.

  • Max Hooper
    Max Hooper 2 years ago

    I don't like her , she's an sjw but I love this SOOO MUCH

  • Whimsical Nessa
    Whimsical Nessa 2 years ago +1

    Sasha is amazing!

  • travis mcelroy
    travis mcelroy 2 years ago +44

    honestly the straight blond bob with the black outfit is such a LOOK!!

  • Chick-Fil-ayyy
    Chick-Fil-ayyy 2 years ago +7

    If she does not win I will be so devastated her drag is influential and the amount of passion and art she puts into her performances is incredible to watch

  • chanel number four
    chanel number four 2 years ago +2

    winner of s9

  • Douglas Martins
    Douglas Martins 2 years ago


  • Pierre Black
    Pierre Black 2 years ago

    I just wonder how good she is without the video to back her up. How well would she do in an actual face to face lip sync against someone without the Bells and Whistles. Hmmmmm

    • Tamir Teichmann
      Tamir Teichmann Year ago

      valid point for RPDR. However we've now seen the outcome! Art is in the eye of the beholder, for you "bells&wistles" for me high conceptual art

    • Andu Titescu
      Andu Titescu 2 years ago

      Pierre Black you realise that she made those videos. If that would have been easier more Queens would have done. And on top of everything. She 's being fucking artistic. Google performance art in video and get your culture dose.
      The fact that she managed to get high concept art to a fucking bar and have the crowd scream and cheers just proves she 's beyond your twirls and death drops.

  • OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    fuck that umbrella hahaha

    • nathinu09
      nathinu09 2 years ago +2

      Oh honey, she don't need no umbrella honey

    • Brittany Allen
      Brittany Allen 2 years ago +1

      I was going to say just that lol

    YOUBETTERWORK 2 years ago +3

    This is everything I hope drag can be. This is the future and the past.

  • Noelle Pritchard Barkley

    Oh. My. God. 💘🏆💘🏆💘🏆

  • Wendel Nojosah
    Wendel Nojosah 2 years ago

    come to Brazil

  • sana
    sana 2 years ago +8

    i'm just... what if she takes of her wig during a lipsync? i mean she plays with wigs during her shows and we all know you can't do that during a LS in RPDR.
    (this is IF she has to LS for her life uh, which i hope she will not)

    • cc mesich
      cc mesich 2 years ago +12

      OH HONEY

    • Leslie Huber
      Leslie Huber 2 years ago +9

      So funny, she did just that and she won the crown :)

    • Seal Fantamide
      Seal Fantamide 2 years ago +1

      To be honest, it's only ever acceptable if there's a wig underneath, and Sasha's a bald queen so maybe it would be okay if she was bald underneath? I dunno...I think as long as it is relevant to the song, planned ahead and tastefully well executed I think she would be okay?

    • Marvybells
      Marvybells 2 years ago +14

      She doesn't do that all the time. It's not like she is tearing her wig off in desperation here, it is part of the story.

  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Ismael Rodriguez 2 years ago +5

    YESSS YESSS YESSSS I've watched this performance so many times I love this so much you are a true artist I love Sahara Velour #TeamSasha

  • noah wolter
    noah wolter 2 years ago +2

    Winner of season 9!!!!

  • Daniel DeMartis
    Daniel DeMartis 2 years ago +3

    she has yet to perform and not kill it. also she slays with or without a wig how omfg

  • teddy sincero
    teddy sincero 2 years ago +4

    Im obsessed!!! he better win drag race or at least make it to the top 3

  • Ryn T
    Ryn T 2 years ago +3

    Beyond time era. As a new fan, I think she is a time traveler probably.

  • scenesinscarlet
    scenesinscarlet 2 years ago

    Where can I find a wig like the first one?

  • Claire Higgins
    Claire Higgins 2 years ago +71

    YES, wig reveal!!!! Eat your heart out, Roxxxy Andrews! I see Sasha being one of the most influential queens to ever step foot into the workroom, her drag is game-changing. She exudes grace and talent and intelligence. I could watch her perform for 10 hours and then stay to listen to her talk about queer culture and gender for 10 more. Can't wait for season 9.

  • Nurman Noor
    Nurman Noor 2 years ago +42

    I am definitely in #teamvelour for S9. Love her quirky lipsyncs and looks!

  • Mike P
    Mike P 2 years ago +33

    Season 9 winner right here!

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores 2 years ago +8


  • enis
    enis 2 years ago +20

    You are on a whole new level. Never seen such an intellectual, avantgarde, artistic queen. I'm already #TeamVelour

  • Marx Westaway
    Marx Westaway 2 years ago +128

    So often when I watch drag performances I think - I can do better. Not with this queen. Sooo good to seem something conceptual, performed with passion. Fave.

  • imawesom
    imawesom 2 years ago +30

    I literally screamed when I found out she is going to be on season 9. I love this lip sync so much

  • janknuckey
    janknuckey 2 years ago +53

    Oh yes Momma!!!! COME THROUGH! She is giving us Art, darlings

  • daniel
    daniel 2 years ago +30

    this performance gives me everything i need tbh

  • Jack
    Jack 2 years ago +318

    Actually obsessed. Every lip sync performance is a piece of art.

    • Kata Tolnai
      Kata Tolnai Year ago

      Phillip W. And she didn't:)

    • Ismael Rodriguez
      Ismael Rodriguez 2 years ago +18

      Phillip W. but that's the judges fault not the queens fault they judges who don't appreciate artsy queens who do art which is what drag is not just looking like a women or being funny

    • Leo For life
      Leo For life 2 years ago +34

      Let's hope she doesn't become another Max.......... a queen we have high hopes for and she gets sent home

  • Andrew Mullins
    Andrew Mullins 2 years ago +133

    She's gonna go far on s9

  • toppur
    toppur 2 years ago +117

    This is giving me sooo much life! I'm now officially obsessed with Sasha Velour!