Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Billie Eilish surprises Jimmy when she reveals she used to love his The Electric Company "Pocket Full of 'H's'" music video growing up, explains how she sprained her ankle (again) and describes her first eco-friendly world tour.
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    Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 14 282

  • HoldMyBeer
    HoldMyBeer 15 hours ago

    Why would a GIRL wear nails like a level 100 prostitute? O_o

  • Samuel Nazario
    Samuel Nazario 16 hours ago

    Random punk kid: puts legs on couch
    Millennials: "OMG she so real and different"

  • It'sMeHim SOA
    It'sMeHim SOA 18 hours ago

    This girrrrl is so damn gorgeous YOOOO na dso damn talented. I wanna be her bestie.

  • TheLrd Roca
    TheLrd Roca 19 hours ago

    Did a paint ball exploded on top of her head?

  • Chevin Jacke
    Chevin Jacke 19 hours ago

    Can somebody please tell me what lipgloss she is using

  • Maria MYK
    Maria MYK 19 hours ago

    WORLD TOUR?? Is she coming to DUBAI???

  • Jhoan Castillo
    Jhoan Castillo Day ago

    mijita rica wn

  • SkY LiGhT
    SkY LiGhT Day ago

    Which necklace should I wear, I know, all of them!

  • Mr. Tomcore
    Mr. Tomcore Day ago

    She looks sooo much like a younger scarlet her little sister...

  • Atlas Atlantis
    Atlas Atlantis Day ago

    Wonder if Billie Ellish Is one of the children of the "Elite" that was raised in a ritualistic ceremonial upbringing. #Symbolism....... She Bangs Satanism. Epsteins islands Subterranean Cavern System was used for these very ceremonies of Torchering, Raping, Killing, and All You Can Eat Human Buffet with meats gushing with Adrenalized Blood...... let's just cut to the end. They who partake in these acts are not Warm Blooded Prison Biological Vehicles(Bodies) they're Cold Blooded Biological Vehicles (bodies) cut and designed with Serpent Genetic. They are The Guards Of Babylon. They are who created this Advanced Concentrated Complex Confusion. Up is Down. Left is Right. Right is Wrong. Wrong is Right. Everything had been Gang fucked and turned into a sick game with Those Cowards being the only ones able to play the Game with Loaded Dice. Some are not even allowed to touch the dice only an illusion of thinking you are an actual player and not a slave to the players of said game. The Babylonian Game Is Over. Call it Biblical or Whatever The Fuck You Want. Due Justice. PAIN. Is inbound. It has Already Been Written. So It Shall Be Done! There is no escape. Not even suicide will grant you escape they will snag your Etheric Bitchass body the moment it unseat's. You will be brought back into your game that you all very much enjoyed. Only to have the game played on you. All the children that have screamed everyone who have screamed and begged you fucks for mercy and you showed none. You Laughed. You knew the truth. You disabled their Vehicles and used them as toys. The Moment they all are fully awakened. You will face full eradication both vehicularly and Etherically from existence. There Is No Escaping My Father or our Allies. Good Vs Cowards. Love, Peace, Unity, Truth, and Divine Justice shall Return to these Lands. #GameOver #WWG1WGA #TheFallOfBabylon #VibrationalWarfare

  • Slog Cop
    Slog Cop Day ago

    Anyone here a lete o want see 2 times

  • Baleur
    Baleur Day ago +2

    She looks SO MUCH like Scarlett Johansen that im just......... WHAT?
    Her smile and sleepy eyes are absolutely identical.

  • Chunkie Wunkie
    Chunkie Wunkie Day ago

    Omg I love you sooooooo much girl❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Trascy Jaac
    Trascy Jaac Day ago

    She is simply the coolest.

  • F. B. I
    F. B. I Day ago +2

    Teacher: Put Your Feet Down Your Not At Home.
    Billie: 1:39

  • Rawan Nihad
    Rawan Nihad Day ago

    اكو عرب ؟

  • Baron T. Mckinney
    Baron T. Mckinney 2 days ago

    She's beautiful.

  • Diver114
    Diver114 2 days ago

    She is a breed of Scarlett Johnsson and Sharon Stone.

  • Kingdom Come
    Kingdom Come 2 days ago

    What a strange world we live in where now a days it is strange to be normal. I love Billie.

  • Charles Howard
    Charles Howard 2 days ago

    Billie sits like L from death note whenever she sees a chair... Fun Fact

  • PINK
    PINK 2 days ago +1

    That moment when I heard about her age, I was really shocked.

  • FoxMcWeezer
    FoxMcWeezer 2 days ago

    Who is in charge in production at Jimmy Fallus? There were 2 perfect opportunities to show clips in this segment and they did it for neither. I was expecting to see the clip of the commercial and the sprain ankle fall after she mentioned them, but nothing.

  • Igor Suvi
    Igor Suvi 2 days ago

    She can be a Giantess...

  • NUKE
    NUKE 2 days ago

    Am I the only one here who feels like punching this bitch in the face?

  • Marcel Miagi
    Marcel Miagi 3 days ago

    Pocket Full of H’s:

  • Tammy Brantley
    Tammy Brantley 3 days ago

    Love her she’s the new cool!

  • Agni Mahanto
    Agni Mahanto 3 days ago +3

    Sometimes Jimmy just cuts the guess's talk, but this time Jimmy looks like talking with his daughter. He listens and appreciates.

  • Lisa Penza
    Lisa Penza 3 days ago


  • Mas Medi
    Mas Medi 3 days ago

    hip hop
    are those chains real? like...why? Mr T homage?
    must be heavy for a little neck

  • Mas Medi
    Mas Medi 3 days ago

    i guess she likes Khloe Kardashian? she wears same HUGE hoops and same HUGE nails...

  • Ксения гуревич

    Тут русские есть??!

  • Joni Alan
    Joni Alan 4 days ago

    That is how nails get bigger as u get richer

  • Joni Alan
    Joni Alan 4 days ago

    How u dare not to laugh at *billie eilish* joke volume 1 - 2 - 3 all in one

  • Frank James Bonarrigo

    Is her hair some subversive monster energy advertising?

  • Frank James Bonarrigo
    Frank James Bonarrigo 4 days ago +4

    she can go ghetto accent to straight up suburban kid in two seconds

  • desild
    desild 4 days ago

    This is like watching a bottle of Pepsi talking to an Always tampon. Both are 100% pure corporate products.

  • Vivian Kilgore
    Vivian Kilgore 4 days ago

    15 billion is more than every single person on this earth...what the hell

  • Edward Lozano
    Edward Lozano 4 days ago


  • Edward Lozano
    Edward Lozano 4 days ago +26

    She looks like Scarlett Johansson.

  • Queen Hart
    Queen Hart 5 days ago

    Omg i love her so much💖❤❤💖💝

  • Yesenia Mancilla
    Yesenia Mancilla 5 days ago

    1:53 that look tho
    Damnnnnnnnnn 🤑

  • Regnicole :3
    Regnicole :3 5 days ago +1


  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 5 days ago

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    Click the "Billie Eilish" and "Concert Tickets" links on the page to get them.

  • vendetta Nomercy
    vendetta Nomercy 5 days ago

    i like billie eilish

  • Mmori
    Mmori 5 days ago

    She's really beautiful.

  • Akishe Harara
    Akishe Harara 5 days ago

    #Billieeilish Billie eilish is my favourite singer
    Love you Billie Eilish 😊😊

  • kevin salaman
    kevin salaman 5 days ago

    She Looks like joker lady version

  • Bee Sutcliffe
    Bee Sutcliffe 5 days ago

    What a douche

  • Julie Hillary
    Julie Hillary 5 days ago

    Me while watching this: awwww Billie is soooooo cute
    And she very very talented OMG I love you Billie

  • Adriana McGee
    Adriana McGee 5 days ago +5

    I really like Billie, but it’s obvious she knows how to wrap older men around her little finger like a female sociopath...

    ***I admire her for it!*** ;)

  • that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv

    I almost forgot Billie was homeschooled until that “specializes” bit lmaooo

  • Zenghis Zenari
    Zenghis Zenari 6 days ago +43

    Billie: "so if i played my album, the person would like atleast 1"
    Me : "screw it, i love all of them"

  • May Micka
    May Micka 6 days ago +5

    1:01 is nobody gonna talk about how excited she was and clapped her hands?

  • Maro Angel
    Maro Angel 6 days ago

    look at her eyes.
    it's the devil eyes.
    it looks she lost her soul.

  • Aldijana Nuhic
    Aldijana Nuhic 6 days ago


  • Rima Ali
    Rima Ali 6 days ago

    For some reason her interviews make me smile the whole time ❤️

  • Life Glenn Tan Virtue

    Thats one scary picture, the hell happen there??

  • Gadi Family
    Gadi Family 6 days ago

    I looooooved electric company!!!!😁😁😁😁

  • LTv
    LTv 7 days ago +1

    damn this girl fine. if I was her age I would slide in her DM's in a heartbeat. them long finger nails are yuk tho.

  • Sidra Mir
    Sidra Mir 7 days ago

    1:36 & 1:58 ...I need to know when it became so common to stick your tongue out as a reaction .... i see it everyone in showbizz do it now & im wondering when this started because its so bizarre