Land Rover Defender Works V8 review - the best Defender EVER?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
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    Land Rover Defender Works V8 - review:
    The Land Rover Defender is back. But before you get excited and start waving your Union flag with patriotic fervour, it isn’t as simple as that. To celebrate the firm’s 70th birthday, Land Rover has launched a run of limited edition Defender models. However, unlike a Jaguar D-Type or E-Type Lightweight, the 2018 Works V8 70th Edition isn’t a brand-new continuation model, instead it’s a heavily re-engineered ‘old’ Defender…
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Comments • 340

  • Erik Axzell
    Erik Axzell 2 days ago

    Worst review I have ever seen.

  • Rhea B
    Rhea B 8 days ago

    Sausages, chips, vinegar, ...Alan Sugar?

  • Mohamed Morsy
    Mohamed Morsy 10 days ago

    I love this car........ It make me a hero from old land .... If I can have it in egypt ...... I be number one

    HEVO BRANDS 12 days ago

    can i buy 0ne...

  • Erni B
    Erni B 16 days ago


  • Alialjabri Jabrie
    Alialjabri Jabrie 24 days ago

    In lraq

  • Alialjabri Jabrie
    Alialjabri Jabrie 24 days ago

    I'm drem

  • Alialjabri Jabrie
    Alialjabri Jabrie 24 days ago

    حلم الطفوله

  • Aston Mcleod
    Aston Mcleod 26 days ago

    land rover made a huge mistake when they stopped production of the defender. jeep still make the wrangler, Mercedes the G wagon, and they sell.

  • alif mulyono
    alif mulyono 28 days ago

    Kemarin pulang kerja liat di bekasi

  • Gav I
    Gav I Month ago

    Trying to be Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (also a bit annoying) and some Quentin Wilson is spoiling this review.

  • devilz reject469
    devilz reject469 Month ago

    sounds like a real v8 not like the sport

  • Paul K
    Paul K Month ago +1

    Sausage & chips? Nope. It’s a huge steak. Medium rare.

  • diesel 316
    diesel 316 2 months ago

    What did I just watch,

  • thybigballs
    thybigballs 2 months ago

    What the 2020 Defender should have been.

  • Gadget expert 2678
    Gadget expert 2678 2 months ago +1

    That guy doesn’t belong in that manly car

  • Roger Baskerville
    Roger Baskerville 2 months ago


  • Humberto Rubi
    Humberto Rubi 3 months ago

    Land Rover: Look we can do a proper Defender👍🏻.
    Land Rover again: Look we can do a Crossover and put the name Defender on in and pretend the people is going to like it. 😒

  • Mayur borah
    Mayur borah 3 months ago +1

    Old Defender was marvel

  • chi-keung siu
    chi-keung siu 3 months ago

    how much GBP ?

  • lapisredux
    lapisredux 3 months ago

    it's still a garden shed on wheels...get an old landy for off roading and a car if you want to drive round a bend quickly.

  • Dismoptism
    Dismoptism 3 months ago

    Imagine The Queen agressively overtaking you in this thing! With her outdoor head scarf and all!

  • Dutch M
    Dutch M 3 months ago

    Great car, presenter SO annoying he should be tied to the back of this beautiful beast

  • seno prasetyo
    seno prasetyo 3 months ago

    How much is cost ?

  • Andreas Herrle
    Andreas Herrle 3 months ago

    Are you under’s a classic

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 3 months ago

    So cool. I like the 4 door one with snorkel.

  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 4 months ago +3

    this bloke is useless, never mind as camp as a row of tents.

  • Khaled Al-Habib
    Khaled Al-Habib 4 months ago

    Expensive, rather go for G wagon

  • Alan B'Stard M P
    Alan B'Stard M P 5 months ago +1

    if they wanna make something special, how about a Land Rover that is reliable. Now there's a thought

  • sebashton warren
    sebashton warren 5 months ago +1

    if i had land rover defender

  • Eques amcd
    Eques amcd 5 months ago

    The most annoying presenter i have ever seen

  • Erni B
    Erni B 5 months ago

    Csodálatosan dolgozik a V8-as JAGUAR motor!

  • Newme newme
    Newme newme 5 months ago

    I am so confused and freaked out right now...............where am i going and what am i doing????

  • Erni B
    Erni B 5 months ago

    Fantasztikus egy autó ez a V8-as! Imádom! L O V E !! Erni from Hungary

  • quadzilla26b
    quadzilla26b 6 months ago +1

    Who is this joke🤫

  • Alexander Vieira Pinto
    Alexander Vieira Pinto 6 months ago +1

    How does he know how Lord Sugar sounds like when he gets up in the morning with a hangover? And he reffered to it as a "fantastic sound" Mmmm. Superb car anyway!

  • Sam Bauer
    Sam Bauer 6 months ago

    This guy is is gay he should be reviewing Nissan Micras.

    • Dutch M
      Dutch M 3 months ago

      He shouldn't be removed because he's gay but because he has the most annoying voice, says stupid things and has no business presenting anything other than his resignation

  • Raavi Rao
    Raavi Rao 6 months ago

    Worst presentation of a Legendary vehicle..

  • Mirabilis Films
    Mirabilis Films 7 months ago +1

    presenter: "it's basically useless"
    rest of the world: "just like you as a presenter!"

  • Alvi Jain Shawmik
    Alvi Jain Shawmik 7 months ago +1

    Yeah you don't drop a defender bonet like that 🙄

  • Larry David
    Larry David 7 months ago

    He Totally nailed it with Tesla being salad and this Land Rover being sausage and chips, I like Meat on my proteins, don’t take this sexually lol real men like real food😎 Land Rover rules.

  • Saffron Maverick
    Saffron Maverick 7 months ago +1

    Its SOUND and NOT NOISE Mister "Soft Tofu".

  • Matthew Gamer
    Matthew Gamer 7 months ago +3

    I was watching this while im holding a *LAND ROVER TOY* :D

  • Rahim Stone
    Rahim Stone 7 months ago

    I like land rover

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 8 months ago

    For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable when he said “ if you have big enough balls “🤔

  • Holly13 Satre89
    Holly13 Satre89 8 months ago

    Because of the noise! What! All I could hear was annoying loud juvenile music and that soy-boy pencil neck wining on like a teenage fish wife! Unwatchable!
    Holly : )

  • David Sorensen
    David Sorensen 8 months ago +1

    I had hoped to get some quality review of this amazing 4WD. All he talks about is the noise... and the style. Not one word about what this car is designed for: adventure and off roading. I can't imagine a worse review. Clearly this man has zero knowledge about this car.

  • Satosun
    Satosun 8 months ago +2

    is he daft? ;p

  • Sentot Alkacili
    Sentot Alkacili 9 months ago

    Put your foot down on the throttle and you get this CRESCENDO !!!

  • The Axe Man
    The Axe Man 9 months ago

    £160K ???!

  • 12krinson
    12krinson 9 months ago

    This is Sausage and chips@ 2:03

  • Gavin Singleton
    Gavin Singleton 9 months ago

    No more like steak and chips

  • Moe Haddad
    Moe Haddad 9 months ago

    Very annnnoying presenter ! I had to stop watching after few secs

  • Baron1250
    Baron1250 10 months ago

    The Mercedes G-wagon 500 beats this car in every category including esthetics.

    • Lotusdriver
      Lotusdriver 7 months ago

      It does at this price. The standard Defender makes (or made) more sense at about 30% the price of a G-Wagon.

  • Ramin
    Ramin 10 months ago

    USA 2020

  • Homestonearts
    Homestonearts 10 months ago

    Why is there a swiss Autobahn etiquette on the window?

  • Azem Gurra
    Azem Gurra 10 months ago

    I love ur accent m8

  • Alicia Balassa
    Alicia Balassa 10 months ago

    I love it...I want it supercharged

  • Love It Or Scrap It
    Love It Or Scrap It 10 months ago

    Still the best. Thumbs up.

  • Fauzy Fatturahman
    Fauzy Fatturahman 10 months ago