• Published on Jul 14, 2018
  • Thank you guys so much for coming to my first livestream! Donate to my short film here to get a twitter shoutout, youtube shoutout, or chance to meet me on set!!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  11 months ago +31

    Thank you guys so much for coming to my first livestream! Donate to my short film here to get a twitter shoutout, youtube shoutout, or chance to meet me on set!!

    • Jeremy B
      Jeremy B 10 months ago

      Michelle Khare Hello Michelle my name is Jeremy . You said your half Indian and half Irish . What you mean Indian do you mean Indian from India or Native American from the USA / the Americans

    • blacktee31
      blacktee31 11 months ago

      Om my lawd you are beautiful. Never seen you on before though.

    • Laney Kelly
      Laney Kelly 11 months ago

      Michelle Khare I have a question how do you deal with insecurity’s not that you should have any your beautiful it’s just it’s been hard for me lately I’ve been called fat and ugly and idk how to deal with it

    • Jemi D
      Jemi D 11 months ago

      Why didn’t you anwer any of your Instagram questions!!!! I couldn’t watch your live because it was late and I was really hoping you would answer my question! Sorry if I sound rude I just really want some help 😂😂

    • Michelle Bene
      Michelle Bene 11 months ago +1

      Michelle Khare NAME BUDDY 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤❤

  • Pablo Zuniga
    Pablo Zuniga 8 months ago

    eres latina verdad??

  • Bianca K.
    Bianca K. 8 months ago

    Your reaction at the beginning is so cute!!

  • ashley gonzales
    ashley gonzales 8 months ago

    Do a workout line!!

  • kkaren _yuh
    kkaren _yuh 10 months ago +1

    She looks like my teacher😂😂😂

  • artmagic4 5
    artmagic4 5 10 months ago

    I love you so much I live in Michigan

  • cassiopol
    cassiopol 10 months ago

    Lindinha !!!

  • Patricia Chlystek
    Patricia Chlystek 11 months ago


  • geneiuspower
    geneiuspower 11 months ago

    why is it so hard to shoot my shot - i shoot my shot that shit gets blocked :'(

  • Chriscom28
    Chriscom28 11 months ago

    Is anyone in denial that super heroes can be women?

  • Kuljeet Thind
    Kuljeet Thind 11 months ago

    The first 50 seconds is so cute 😂 like a little puppy getting excited at everything

  • Bailey Maceachern
    Bailey Maceachern 11 months ago

    Hi from Canada

  • gud dun
    gud dun 11 months ago

    ' khare ' is that ur surname , is it maharashtrian surname ???

  • Sara Fischer
    Sara Fischer 11 months ago

    Also, just realized, and I hope you see this, but you should consider contacting / looking at Team Starkid’s (another youtube channels) Kickstarter work. They have half as many followers as you (though to be fair, they’ve cultivated them after a number of years and have built a very loyal fan base) but continually raise upward of 100k for their plays. Looking into their techniques might be helpful? Hope this helps! Good luck!

  • Cristel Rdz
    Cristel Rdz 11 months ago +1

    It will be cool if you tried to train like a contestant for the america ninga warrior and actually try out the course on national tv, just saying since your really athletic and energized person :)

  • Sara Fischer
    Sara Fischer 11 months ago

    I really hope you make the 20k for the film, Michelle!
    Don’t forget to post that Kickstarter video to your main TheXvid page! Not everyone watches Q&As and so a large portion of your followers won’t know about the film.
    You’re honestly one of the best artists out there right now, so keep up the good work!!!

  • Carolina Kok
    Carolina Kok 11 months ago

    I love how excited she is! She’s so adorable

  • Katrina Richey
    Katrina Richey 11 months ago

    Still flipping out that you answered three of my questions!! Love your videos Michelle!!

  • Desiré Kay
    Desiré Kay 11 months ago

    Hiiiiiii froM olympia washington!

  • TreeGeared
    TreeGeared 11 months ago +1

    Why I feel like her looks reminds me of Ray William Johnson but like a sister version?

  • Ruffdogg21
    Ruffdogg21 11 months ago

    She's a very pretty Bitch--also her Indian skin complexion makes my dick flinch;)

  • Ana María Velasco
    Ana María Velasco 11 months ago

    OMG YES BALLET FOR 60 DAYS! or any type of dance tbh

  • Michael B.
    Michael B. 11 months ago +1

    missed the livestream but watched the whole video now :)

  • Madeline vlogs
    Madeline vlogs 11 months ago


  • Madeline vlogs
    Madeline vlogs 11 months ago


  • Alexandra Lowe
    Alexandra Lowe 11 months ago

    Love your Q&A but maybe try a different mic or maybe in a different room, the sound is a little weird. But love ya!

  • Tanya Araneta
    Tanya Araneta 11 months ago

    i hope you do more of these... i missed it huhuhu 😢

  • ashley An
    ashley An 11 months ago +1

    I was so damn late I set an alarm for 5 am and my mom turned it off SMH I was gonna wake up tho

  • little big life
    little big life 11 months ago

    Hi from Vietnam, Asia

  • Kingston Hawke
    Kingston Hawke 11 months ago +3

    You are ridiculously hot.

  • GØD Hėnrıcø
    GØD Hėnrıcø 11 months ago

    Linda braziliam

  • T.hunag
    T.hunag 11 months ago +1

    lol these are such generic questions
    heres one for ya

    is wet water

  • Kianna Rose Taylor
    Kianna Rose Taylor 11 months ago +1

    Do it!!! Skydive with YesTheory. I would love that so much I love you and then and it would be so cool to watch a video with you guys all together

  • Kate Prince
    Kate Prince 11 months ago

    This was so cool to watch you do a live stream you should do it more often. I love you 🤟💝

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 11 months ago +2

    I know I'm late but I wanted you to know I donated to your kickstarter. I don't have much, my kids deserve most of my money and attention. And they get all of my love. And working as many hours as I do we enjoy watching you when we spend what little time we can spend together. Do you pretty lady and always be you.

  • Soul Hero
    Soul Hero 11 months ago

    I'm a little late but I was hoping to ask if you had an original super hero who would that person be and what would they do as in power and/or abilities? I don't really expect you to answer this but I was just curious. Love what you do and keep doing what you do.

  • Jasmine Tígre
    Jasmine Tígre 11 months ago +1

    Your reaction to getting your stream up🤗🖤

    YouAre BEAUTIFUL 11 months ago

    Omg dude you’re so cute

  • Beth x - x
    Beth x - x 11 months ago +1

    You are honestly one of my favorite TheXvidrs because you make content that I don’t see anywhere else and your videos make me laugh or they make my day. I didn’t think that you would see my question but those were some of my favorites to watch even though I think that all of your videos were my favorite to watch. You inspire me so much and you genuinely make the TheXvid community whole.

  • Job Cevat
    Job Cevat 11 months ago

    You would be a great camgirl

  • petev23
    petev23 11 months ago +1

    you are so fucking annoying

  • Arban
    Arban 11 months ago +11


  • Melani Shu
    Melani Shu 11 months ago


  • Michelle Bene
    Michelle Bene 11 months ago +1


  • Shea Stalton
    Shea Stalton 11 months ago +4

    I really wanted to it live but I was out eating and I missed it :(

  • John W
    John W 11 months ago

    Love you Michelle!

  • Ana Fonseca
    Ana Fonseca 11 months ago

    Someone from Portugal?

  • krylesangerbeaver
    krylesangerbeaver 11 months ago +1

    amazing smile, amazing personality, incredible person.
    At least you know, from what I can see.

  • Cory Andrews
    Cory Andrews 11 months ago

    i love your vids!

  • Russell Garifulla
    Russell Garifulla 11 months ago

    Damn, i missed it!

  • Musical Madness
    Musical Madness 11 months ago +14

    I missed it!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Have An Ice Day
    Have An Ice Day 11 months ago +3

    Anna Akana

  • Snixxp God
    Snixxp God 11 months ago +3

    woah shes cute man

  • Emma_Rose Gallagher
    Emma_Rose Gallagher 11 months ago


  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 11 months ago +20

    I rarely comment on videos, but because you happen to be one of my favorite creators, I thought I should let u know how much I appreciate what u do. Thank you for helping me smile during darker days, and motivating me to strive for better thoughts and actions when I have no energy to be driven. As always be your beautiful self and I wish you the best life has to offer. Live it to the fullest!

  • Jordan Rodkey
    Jordan Rodkey 11 months ago

    Also it's universally the cutest thing in the world when someone finds out where all their fans live.

  • Jordan Rodkey
    Jordan Rodkey 11 months ago +1

    Aww dang, where was the notification youtube?

  • leo leon
    leo leon 11 months ago

    Congratulations Michelle, now can you say hello , you didn’t not do it because it was so quick to read , till you’re fan #1

  • Ryma Jbélii
    Ryma Jbélii 11 months ago +2

    TheXvid only notified me when the live ended.. cool --'

  • Revlen Ganesh
    Revlen Ganesh 11 months ago

    South Africa💕

  • ElCaballoDiablo
    ElCaballoDiablo 11 months ago +54

    Wtf TheXvid you didn’t notify me she was live?

  • Joshua Gomez
    Joshua Gomez 11 months ago

    Your gorgeous

  • Cacti Koi
    Cacti Koi 11 months ago +8

    ... I missed it... I MISSED IT... *I MISSED IT*

    • ThisIsTori
      ThisIsTori 11 months ago

      Cacti Koi *thanks dude*

    • Cacti Koi
      Cacti Koi 11 months ago

      ThisIsTori just put the * sign at the Begining and end of your word/sentence

    • ThisIsTori
      ThisIsTori 11 months ago +1

      Cacti Koi
      How do you bold letters?

  • Bailey Davis
    Bailey Davis 11 months ago

    Hi from Nebraska sorry I missed you live stream

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 11 months ago +7

    I was able to make it shortly after you started. I’m sorry I missed the beginning. Working 100 or more hours a week doesn’t leave me a lot of free time. Such a pleasure to enjoy the content you create. Keep it up! And always be yourself that’s why we love you.

    • Bella Bachura
      Bella Bachura 11 months ago +1

      Rob Davis what do you do because you would have to work 14+ hours a day 7 days a week to work 100 hours a week.

  • Indu Mukherjee
    Indu Mukherjee 11 months ago +1


  • Lone_Wolf 64
    Lone_Wolf 64 11 months ago +2

    How’s the MAKEUP 💄 training going??

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene 11 months ago

    Favorite candy?

  • Leisha Figuerres
    Leisha Figuerres 11 months ago +1


  • Adds Bothwell
    Adds Bothwell 11 months ago +3

    Canada Ontario London

  • goozebump
    goozebump 11 months ago +9

    I'm from earth