Nationals Show Vlog - Riding for the Disabled Association | This Esme

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Nationals Show Vlog - Riding for the Disabled Association | This Esme
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    My name is Esme and this is me so I guess my channel is 'This Esme'.
    I make videos about all things horsey such as Vlogs with the ponies, horse care videos and edits of me riding to help other equestrians learn more about these beautiful animals as you never stop learning with horses. :)
    Casper 15hh grey Connemara
    Mickey 13hh cream pony
    Willow - White paint donkey
    Bruno - Brown donkey
    Toby - Black donkey
    (Sometimes our guineapigs and chickens are featured too)
    I am very fortunate to have all these animals in my life.
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Comments • 448

  • doigy2. 0
    doigy2. 0 6 months ago +210

    The people running this and competing are such an inspiration for everyone. For them to do such amazing things, it's incredible. They're so skilled. I didn't know about this until this video and I feel that things like this aren't properly televised and seen. I'll definately be volunteering when im older.

    • Alex Fenner
      Alex Fenner 5 months ago

      You can volunteer from age 12.

    • Horselover105 !
      Horselover105 ! 6 months ago

      It’s darcie I volunteer and started in year 9/ age 14 but there is volunteer who is 12 I think

    • Seren Stubbings
      Seren Stubbings 6 months ago

      I am in it in the school uniform style outfit with esme just after getting first

    • Seren Stubbings
      Seren Stubbings 6 months ago

      It’s Darcie you can start at 14

    • Holly Keel-Farrimond
      Holly Keel-Farrimond 6 months ago

      I love her videos.

  • Donna Alden
    Donna Alden 18 hours ago

    Esme you are such inpiration

  • EllieD1979
    EllieD1979 7 days ago +1

    My riding stables scropton were there

  • evaanastasiamzva
    evaanastasiamzva 10 days ago

    Shes my riding instructor omg!!

  • evaanastasiamzva
    evaanastasiamzva 10 days ago

    OMG was the lady who you talked to with Peanut called Jade?!

  • evaanastasiamzva
    evaanastasiamzva 10 days ago +1

    Hey sorry this is a bit late but my riding school Old Mill Stables ride for the disabled association too !

  • Lps & Beyond
    Lps & Beyond 13 days ago

    That little white poney in the beginning looked arebian

  • Billie-Jo Greenwood
    Billie-Jo Greenwood 23 days ago

    I volunteer at my local rda group in west Yorkshire and I really want to go to Hartpury

  • Gary and Star
    Gary and Star 28 days ago

    I just realised that my rda group I volunteer for is in this

  • Clare Patel
    Clare Patel Month ago +1

    Hey esme and every body this is a actual ridding place I go ridding there there such a good team rad thank u for 1 year of riding with u guys

  • Ally Cupcake
    Ally Cupcake 3 months ago

    4:08 the horse pottyed

  • LeoPlayz Roblox
    LeoPlayz Roblox 3 months ago

    I love it😍

  • RunLikeSheeka
    RunLikeSheeka 5 months ago

    We have RDA centres in Australia as well. At least we do in NSW, not too farmiliar on the other Aussie states

  • neil rollins
    neil rollins 5 months ago +1

    Your video is fun but I want you to go over the jumps a bit more often and do more shows please and I have a horse and what do you do when your heart is trying to bite you and where do you get them horse things what you painted like your horse and where do you get your coats from for your horse I just want to know are you so good at videos keep it up 🐎🐎🐎🐎

    • neil rollins
      neil rollins 5 months ago +1

      Hi have you got any horse shops what you could say to me because I’m trying to find some horse shops online and I can’t find any

  • Gina Warner
    Gina Warner 5 months ago

    Esme is the nicest person on earth 🌍👩🏻‍🦳

  • Kira Maria Lembacher
    Kira Maria Lembacher 5 months ago

    totally started crying watching this absolute lovely video! so so inspiring and Esme, thank you so much for bringing attention to the RDA! :) lots of love from Vienna!

  • Isabell Quinn
    Isabell Quinn 5 months ago

    The rda is so amazing and I would love to volunteer when I’m older

  • Defeating Disability
    Defeating Disability 5 months ago

    I ride at my local RDA Group for years. On my new TheXvid channel I have done a couple of videos about RDA. I have also written about RDA on my blog. My sister now volunteers at the stables too!. Without the RDA I can say I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for the horses and ponies and amazing volunteers. I would love it if you checked out my blog and TheXvid channel. RDA really does change lives for the better 💖🐴

  • Pony Paradise
    Pony Paradise 5 months ago

    im going on a show on wensday are you going

  • XxJess equinexX
    XxJess equinexX 5 months ago +1

    My riding school does riding for the disabled and for not disabled. I’m not disabled though and soon I might do my first dressage! I am so happy you made this video! I love your videos esme

  • Ines Staśkiewicz
    Ines Staśkiewicz 5 months ago

    I would give you a lot to see, but I live very far. My dream is that you will come to Poland, but I suspect that it will be only my dream, but it is worth believing, maybe something will come out. Greetings from Poland for your pets and you ❤❤

  • The Horsaholic
    The Horsaholic 5 months ago

    A friend of mine competed here this year!

  • Tea Bae
    Tea Bae 5 months ago

    The horse at 0:57 is beautiful! Is it an American paint horse?

  • avery parks
    avery parks 5 months ago

    IM on my sisters account so but I have a horse and a ride for pleaser but I wanna do dressage to

  • avery parks
    avery parks 5 months ago

    You inspire me so much luv U! you vids are amazing and cheer full I love casper and Mickey I watch all you vids!

  • avery parks
    avery parks 5 months ago

    I just subscribed and I've your videos you inspire me and teach me so much in your vlogs Thxs Luv your vlogs so much :P

  • Our Wholesome Adventures

    We love your heart Esme! You are a wonderful young lady! Keep inspiring others and thank you for being such a wonderful role model for the youngin's! Bless you!

  • Reann Hornby
    Reann Hornby 6 months ago +1

    i was there omggg

  • Billie Greenwood
    Billie Greenwood 6 months ago

    I volunteer at an RDA group ( Haworth RDAG )

  • EM Equestrian
    EM Equestrian 6 months ago

    I’m watching this on tv now! Wondering if I will see you 😂

  • Little rose Fisher
    Little rose Fisher 6 months ago

    Esme you make my life even better and brighter

  • MaddieYoung350
    MaddieYoung350 6 months ago

    Hi same there is a place call only foals and horses in Accrington I think and I also think you would really like it. It has so many cute little minis that are too old to be in work they also have some other horses I think it would be a nice place for you to go but it is quite far from where you live...thank you for reading 🖤💜

  • Carly Szalay
    Carly Szalay 6 months ago

    The RDA that your talking about that RDA place horse association place

  • Carly Szalay
    Carly Szalay 6 months ago

    Hey do you know the phone number for RDA horse association place because I am interested in volunteering their

    • Heart For Horses
      Heart For Horses 6 months ago

      Carly Szalay If you search it up on google, then the website has a thing that finds the ground nearest you. Then you can phone up and go and find out about it, and they will help you start volunteering. I really recommend it though. It is such a lovely thing to be part of. :)))

  • TheyCallMeChips
    TheyCallMeChips 6 months ago

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the champs because it was too short notice for me but hopefully I’ll be able to go in the future lol. I can see some people from my group though :)

  • Carly Szalay
    Carly Szalay 6 months ago

    I am interested in volunteering at RDA is what I ment to say

  • Carly Szalay
    Carly Szalay 6 months ago

    Because I am interested in joining RDA

  • Carly Szalay
    Carly Szalay 6 months ago

    Hey do you know the RDA horse associations phone number the place that you raced at that phone number

    ERICA DILLON 6 months ago

    I’m crying.

  • Jessie Critchley
    Jessie Critchley 6 months ago

    i mind a horse from my local RDA, one of the horses from my yard was there, Digswell Place RDA

  • Ingridlosneslokken
    Ingridlosneslokken 6 months ago

    This is so amazing!! ❤️❤️

  • Anthony Kearney
    Anthony Kearney 6 months ago

    I went to heartburry to compeate and I fell of and broke there jump post and I came home with a bleeding nose and a swollen eye

  • Celeste Martin Eventing

    Aww this is sooo cute and kindhearted 💞💞💞💞

  • Mia Fitch
    Mia Fitch 6 months ago +2

    The RDA is such a wonderful association! I volunteered at my local stables for 6 months before my GCSEs and loved it!

  • samiamisme
    samiamisme 6 months ago +1

    Lived this. You did a wonderful job showing us what the RDA is all about. I especially found interesting the testing your knowledge section. I was surprised to learn that grass clippings are harmful to horses. I thought horses graze on grass?

  • Lily _StarHorses
    Lily _StarHorses 6 months ago +1


  • The Three Amigas
    The Three Amigas 6 months ago

    we are realllyyy small you tubers and would really appreciate i you could subscribe just for no reason thanks

  • Equestrian Lover
    Equestrian Lover 6 months ago

    You inspire me so much!

  • Emma B
    Emma B 6 months ago

    Your so lucky I’ve always wanted to go there!!! You are such a nice person and you always make me smile 😊💛🐴 (PS I love grays also and always wanted one but I can learn from you

  • Horse Crazy 2001
    Horse Crazy 2001 6 months ago

    I am a RDA rider I ride at Abingdon RDA can we message on instagram please?

  • Nicole Ratcliff
    Nicole Ratcliff 6 months ago

    YOu are so inspiring

  • Isa Mima
    Isa Mima 6 months ago

    I was so touched by the little speech at the end. It was so meaningful and was not racked witch you can tell with other youtubers

  • Francine Ellis
    Francine Ellis 6 months ago

    Can you do an update on the chickens please! Love your videos!

  • Gary and Star
    Gary and Star 6 months ago +3

    I am volunteering for the rda for my silver Duke of Edinburgh award

  • Marble Beanie
    Marble Beanie 6 months ago

    I love this Video. ❤️❤️❤️ But if you are still in contact with Scarlet & Cookie! I would really like to see them in another video. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Loisloveshorses Nuts
    Loisloveshorses Nuts 6 months ago +6

    I’m part of the RDA, I don’t have a foot. They have got my confidence up and my self confidence. Thanks a lot to them🤗

    • Loisloveshorses Nuts
      Loisloveshorses Nuts 3 months ago

      Thx x. The highest I have jumped is 1,10cm xxx what about you xxxxxxx

    • Trotting. Ponies
      Trotting. Ponies 3 months ago +1

      Loisloveshorses Nuts no matter if you have both feet or not I bet ur an amazing rider

  • Ponies YAY
    Ponies YAY 6 months ago

    Love u Esme. If I could meet you I would. ☺️🐎🐴🦄

  • Amanda1 Gostling
    Amanda1 Gostling 6 months ago +2

    Please can you do a video on all the essentials for owning a horse

  • MythiClan Warriors
    MythiClan Warriors 6 months ago

    I was competing in nationals when you posted this

  • Dorothy Annesley
    Dorothy Annesley 6 months ago

    Could you please do a Q&A soon