QI | Spectacles Or Monocles, Which Came First?

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    This clip is from QI Series M, Episode 7, 'Middle Muddle' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Aisling Bea, Danny Bhoy and Jimmy Carr.
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Comments • 122

  • Reeve Thomas
    Reeve Thomas 6 days ago +1

    When the Klaxon guy decides to take 5 for tea break at the wrong time

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles 8 days ago

    Is there no end to Aisling's talent. Hi Aisling. ;)

  • T
    T 29 days ago

    Just like the Monopoly man.

  • Diana Cavendish
    Diana Cavendish Month ago +3

    Actually those Nazis just mistook the word "maniacal" for 'monocle". You have to say both with a German accent to understand the confusion. Easy mistake.

  • Lord Debrick
    Lord Debrick Month ago

    Oh Allen really has got to go he's turning into James May...

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt Month ago +2

    Sir pattrick Moore was famous of the eye glass.

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee Month ago

    That Nazi at 3:31 is Tom Hanks!

  • TKD Chelsea
    TKD Chelsea Month ago

    I wish Danny Bhoy would do another episode of QI 😊

  • Marc Colten
    Marc Colten Month ago +11

    Monocles are best for gasping in shock and letting it fall off and drop into your drink.

  • Super Tramp
    Super Tramp Month ago +3

    Dear diary. Today I learned the word 'opthalmic'.

  • SpikeFlea
    SpikeFlea Month ago

    Jimmy rocks it perfectly. Looks like Colonel Klink!!!

  • The sandwich
    The sandwich Month ago +1

    Ophthalmic! God, THIS is why we love Steven. He's not afraid to use his full vocabulary.

  • Lazy Jesus
    Lazy Jesus Month ago +2

    Jimmy with a monocle looks like Ray Alan’s ventriloquist dummy Lord Charles.

  • Bogi XL
    Bogi XL Month ago

    1:44 Professor Moody? Is that you?

  • Jacob Sample
    Jacob Sample Month ago

    Why did Aisling accidentally call Jimmy "John" for a second there?

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    Not one mention of Chris Eubank anywhere?

  • cptfrecell
    cptfrecell Month ago +6

    It's always ze Germans, isn't it ?

    Also great accents from fry...well all of them, really.

  • EnoVarma
    EnoVarma Month ago +15

    I thought Spectacles and Monocles were a couple of ancient Greek fellows...which changes the meaning of the title somewhat.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago

    Glasses : in Russian the word for 'eyes' is 'glaza' glaza glasses yeah spooky

  • Charles Walker
    Charles Walker Month ago

    I always laugh, chuckle, and giggle thru these...humor helps stuff...

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater Month ago +1

    Unfunny uninformative jim is the only reason I stayed

  • Nathan Dehnel
    Nathan Dehnel Month ago +16

    I want to see Jimmy Carr do his standup routine wearing a monocle.

    • Wonder Lady
      Wonder Lady Month ago +1

      Nathan Dehnel he would look like Mr Peanut

  • txvoltaire
    txvoltaire Month ago +1

    Always loved Jimmy's deep laugh!

  • Benjamin Brooks
    Benjamin Brooks Month ago

    I’ll subscribe if you start uploading full episodes. Just think of the ad revenue you can get!

  • Andrei M
    Andrei M Month ago +1

    Jimmy looks like an all grown up Chucky the killer doll

  • TruBeliever4Life
    TruBeliever4Life Month ago +2

    Did the elf fall asleep for beatles?lol

  • Crixhuss Odinson
    Crixhuss Odinson Month ago

    Im not aware if the process but I suspect you can't make glasses without having first made a monocle....

    • Crixhuss Odinson
      Crixhuss Odinson Month ago

      @TWX1138 TWX1138 I'm not sure it is? It depends on what definition you look at for sure, "a single eyeglass, kept in position by the muscles around the eye" from Oxford dictionary google. The first internal combustion engine wasn't NOT simply because there was no Ferrari shell wrapped around it.
      .... It was a joke btw; however I suspect invention requires intent to some level, but the questiom simple read which came first.

    • TWX1138
      TWX1138 Month ago

      The monocle is more than just the lens though, it's the lens in the frame with the chain or metallic rope, sized to fit just right. Plus most people that need vision correction need it for both eyes anyway, so a monocle won't really help except as the equivalent of reading-glasses.

  • Phillip Hayden
    Phillip Hayden Month ago +5

    This was splendid, everyone was hilarious.

  • N English
    N English Month ago +5

    Aisling Bea is the hottest woman in the world.

    • N English
      N English Month ago

      _Wasp_ _____ nope. Just a dude who digs that Irish hottie.

    • _Wasp_ _____
      _Wasp_ _____ Month ago +4

      are you Aisling Bea by any chance?

  • Chey
    Chey Month ago +3

    DC should cast Jimmy as The Penguin or maybe The Riddler

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom Month ago +3

    He's not quite the penguin, he's not quite the ventriloquist doll but, my god, he does look so menacing @ 1:41, the perfect nightmare material, so don't let your kids watch this! 🤣

  • John Dean
    John Dean Month ago +1

    If I recall correctly, the fictional English friar, William of Baskerville, who visits the Italian mountaintop abbey in Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose', wore spectacles to help him read monastic documents. This medieval murder mystery is set in 1327, some 5 centuries before Stephen says spectacles were invented (2:51).....?

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago

      Romans had spectacles and lenses, ''Ancient Rome'' was basically 19th century, but they fell to severe lead poisoning, what little 'civilization' was left moved East to Byzantium and kept going up through the ''Dark Ages'' to today.

    • John Dean
      John Dean Month ago

      @Burning Elsen I've listened again, you're correct.

    • Burning Elsen
      Burning Elsen Month ago +1

      He’s saying monocles were introduced in the 1800s, not spectacles.

  • Edd Herring
    Edd Herring Month ago +2

    Jimmy Carr’s Lord Charles thumbnail

  • rodney quinn
    rodney quinn Month ago +1

    Who else thought Jimmy Carr and the bird (dont know her name?) had some chemistry

  • Jamie Thunder
    Jamie Thunder Month ago +19

    I love Aisling bea (:

    • lilgrasshoppah
      lilgrasshoppah Month ago +2

      Jamie Thunder I saw her first! (Even if I’m half blind, I’ll claim it!)

  • sfshinz
    sfshinz Month ago +317

    Not only has Jimmy never looked more like a ventriloquist's dummy; he's never looked more like the Penguin.

    • emrald creeper 433
      emrald creeper 433 Month ago

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps mistaking Jimmy Carr for a ventriloquist's dummy.

    • SpikeFlea
      SpikeFlea Month ago +1

      Colonel Klink! (Before he lost his hair...)

    • Nilguiri
      Nilguiri Month ago

      He looks like Lord Charles.

    • Ratel.H Badger
      Ratel.H Badger Month ago +1


  • Lou Bold
    Lou Bold Month ago +9

    I mean tbf, we can't be sure that some ancient Greek or Arab didn't hold some glass or gem in front of their eye and went "aha! I can see!" and only used one, technically making the monocle come before the glasses

    • Davy Ker
      Davy Ker Month ago

      Yes. I can't help thinking the first time anyone deliberately used a refractive object to aid vision, it must have been a single, naturally occuring object like you suggest. Meaning it was a single lens - a monocle of sorts. Even the first such object which was crafted by a human for that purpose was surely, again, a single lens shaped out of a piece of natural glass or mineral, and hence a sort of monocle. I could believe that the first instance of really widespread use and record of use was of spectacles, because they are so much more convenient, and it's not too much of a leap to add a frame.

    • Michaël Lejeune
      Michaël Lejeune Month ago

      They had lenses..

    • Lou Bold
      Lou Bold Month ago

      @Burning Elsen Alright yeah, that's a fair point

    • Burning Elsen
      Burning Elsen Month ago +2

      We can’t be sure they didn’t hold up two gems/pieces of glass at once either though.

      More seriously speaking though I think most definitions of monocle would necessitate that it’s specifically meant to be worn in front of the eye (some definitions even specifying that it’s held in place by the muscles around the eye) as opposed to simply being held in front of it.

  • evonix4
    evonix4 Month ago +155

    Two men with monocles are stood at a bar. One said to the other "We should get together and make a spectacle of ourselves"

    • Benjamin Middaugh
      Benjamin Middaugh Month ago +2

      "He who falls in vat of molten optical glass makes spectacle of oneself."

  • Vincent van der Hoek
    Vincent van der Hoek Month ago +5

    He's saying THE BEATLES 😂😂😂

  • andrew7taylor
    andrew7taylor Month ago +3

    I can see how they were a fashion item. Jimmy rather looks like born to wear them, the monocles are a natural sight on him!

  • j3lmer 0303
    j3lmer 0303 Month ago +4

    is it just me or is jimmy more annoying than funny?

    • j3lmer 0303
      j3lmer 0303 Month ago

      @RIXRADvidz ive watched plenty of qi and have also seen enough of jimmy, in my opion he isnt really that funny. im sorry if i offended any of you but to me it just looks like he is trying too much to be funny.

    • Simon
      Simon Month ago +1

      In all fairness he is fairly well-accomplished in his field.

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago +3

      there are a few of you out there, you click his videos and then sit there and complain about how annoying he is, instead of avoiding the video and avoiding any discomfort brought on by his annoyance to you. but you clicked, didn't you

  • Jack Gold
    Jack Gold Month ago

    Danny bhoy!

  • Ansible100
    Ansible100 Month ago +11

    Jimmy looks like Col. Klink with hair!

  • Miguel del Mazo
    Miguel del Mazo Month ago +14

    ha Ha HA HAHA!
    Never change, Jimmy.

  • Phil Boswell
    Phil Boswell Month ago +4

    Who remembers Lord Charles?

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +75

    I'm sure the first fellow wandering around the cave half blind was quite the spectacle, really.

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star Month ago +219

    Which came first, beer goggles or madeira pince-nez?

    • almostfm
      almostfm Month ago +1

      I believe that beer goggles first appeared long before we'd even heard of Lord Fry.

    • Just Vin
      Just Vin Month ago

      @HaydenX Origins of Alcohol thexvid.com/video/EoihKUbmM38/video.html

    • HaydenX
      HaydenX Month ago +6

      From a realistic standpoint (because nothing's better than honestly answering a joke), it'd have been the beer-goggles. While the first alcoholic beverage ever consumed (as a beverage) was likely fermented palm sap (which would be a wine), the evidence for beer production dates far earlier than grape wine...to the point that many nutritional anthropologists believe that grain cultivation as a whole probably came about for reliable access to beer.

    • Chriscom28
      Chriscom28 Month ago

      Latin is older than English.

    • Sammie1053
      Sammie1053 Month ago +24

      Few people know this but the beer goggles predate the sherry monocle by centuries

  • Blanco
    Blanco Month ago +150

    Which came first: the Germans looking evil or the Brits thinking that anything associated with the Germans must be evil?

    • mr. manes
      mr. manes Month ago +2

      @CooterCoy ugh goddamn it. were trying to have a discussion, mate, go fuck off and huff glue with your family

    • Trillock 1945
      Trillock 1945 Month ago

      @Nathaniel Perry Britain saw Germany as a threat once they invaded Poland, which we had a pact with to defend them.
      We then saw Germany as evil once the Luftwaffe started their Blitz on our cities.

    • Nathaniel Perry
      Nathaniel Perry Month ago +1

      Colonialism/Imperialism, its only bad when somebody else is doing it better than you are or might do.
      Britain saw Germany as a threat, generally speaking you tell your own people that the competition is 'evil' as motivation.

    • Trillock 1945
      Trillock 1945 Month ago

      Blanco.....This not really relevant today, since so many people swan around in BMW's, VW's, Audi's etc.......:)

    • Devix
      Devix Month ago

      the Germans BEING evil, you mean. Oy oy ol chap!

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star Month ago +11

    Which came first, pants or a pant.

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster Month ago +132

    Let’s not forget our SheRry monocles.

  • Slim
    Slim Month ago +6

    Is ventriloquist Jimmy a running joke or did Danny Bhoy just take that line from Lee Mack

    • Coffee And A Book
      Coffee And A Book Month ago +5

      Oh it's a running joke.

    • 3rd Millennium Man
      3rd Millennium Man Month ago +4

      At some point in Jimmy's life somebody noticed how much he looked like Charlie McCarthy...

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart Month ago +6

    love the antics on thos show.