Gross Cracker Taste Test

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
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    We take on the Gross Cracker Taste Test to see which one of us can crack the code to unlock a sweet treat, and avoid the punishment cracker. GMM #1368
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  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  Year ago +595

    Thanks for watching us eat balls and thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring today's episode! Go to and use code "GMM" at checkout for a special discount to start protecting yourself on the web today!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 months ago

      I can watch other guys eat balls on certain websites

    • Sh1r4shYT
      Sh1r4shYT 8 months ago

      Is that what explained the nordvpn ad before the video??

    • Kev fin
      Kev fin 9 months ago

      Good Mythical Morning i

    • Charlee Tree
      Charlee Tree 9 months ago +1

      For someone (Rhett) who does these "conspiracy" shows. Pretty interesting sponsor choice.

    • J unstoppable
      J unstoppable 10 months ago

      Stevie has a beautiful face and voice

    TRICKSTA 21 hour ago

    13:30 I think there was still a good deal of nut in that.... nut.

  • Alexander Collas
    Alexander Collas 18 days ago +3

    There should always be a small camera on Chase in the corner of the screen.

  • asia black
    asia black 20 days ago +1

    A guy just watched his best friend, who is also a guy , eat a nut.

  • Derick Feigum
    Derick Feigum 24 days ago

    Gmm your my favorite show of all time love you Rhett and link

  • Random_boi_500
    Random_boi_500 24 days ago

    This closhh topped with something GROSSHH

  • SuperVlog Time
    SuperVlog Time 28 days ago +1

    Linj got the gross one!!!
    Only if he had Skillshare

  • Jessy Canas
    Jessy Canas Month ago

    Stevie FTW

  • hitsujiyume
    hitsujiyume Month ago

    rhett at 4:13. he's so concerned it's funny lmao

  • Enrico 156
    Enrico 156 Month ago

    Yum Yum in yo Tum Tum.

  • 6Twisted
    6Twisted Month ago +1

    Stevie's mic needs a pop filter.

  • Mistress of weirdness 84

    “Let’s see who it’s gonna hurt”
    Stevie sounded like Jigsaw from saw 😂 love you Stevie ❤️

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire Month ago

    Is it just me or is Stevie’s voice so nice and calming

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith Month ago

    Who says “2000 and 14” it’s 2014

  • Jay Marco
    Jay Marco Month ago +1

    7:02 links face is priceless 😂😂😂😂

  • Dark Diaz
    Dark Diaz Month ago

    Tbh stevie is so beautiful

  • jack welger
    jack welger Month ago

    Why is she so arousing

  • Kinggang
    Kinggang Month ago

    Rhet swallowed the nut

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 2 months ago

    Please do this again

  • Josh Barker
    Josh Barker 2 months ago +1

    Ummmm gay?

  • Blusher Shy
    Blusher Shy 2 months ago

    "Umaboshi"..."Horse hat"?

  • Jouni Korhonen
    Jouni Korhonen 2 months ago

    That blond angel is evil! :D

  • RedShadow Wolf
    RedShadow Wolf 2 months ago

    What did Rhett call da food helmet

  • john mullikin
    john mullikin 2 months ago

    Turkeys got big nuts -Rhett

  • Waboomania Gd
    Waboomania Gd 2 months ago

    'It is so sour that it tastes like salt' ~ Rhett

    Quote of the year

  • Spicy Lemon
    Spicy Lemon 2 months ago

    So many thirsty people in the comment section oh my Lord

  • GrassValleyGreg
    GrassValleyGreg 2 months ago


  • Letina Williams
    Letina Williams 3 months ago


  • JayRed Games
    JayRed Games 3 months ago +1

    hope those testicles dont produce dem sperms in Ur digestive systtem

  • mwahahahahaha-guy
    mwahahahahaha-guy 3 months ago

    You make me forget about my dark lonely life.

  • AMG Cartel
    AMG Cartel 3 months ago +1

    13:30 You Officially Had Nuts In Yo Mouth 🥜

  • Magnus Mähler
    Magnus Mähler 3 months ago

    You have some bolls dude😜😜

  • Ray Sanity
    Ray Sanity 3 months ago

    3:43 that's what she said

  • cabbage man
    cabbage man 3 months ago

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    rhett: *that's what i'm looking for, the pop of the testical in my moutj*

  • Nash Parker
    Nash Parker 3 months ago

    How could they not say I don’t wanna gobble that down

  • Math M
    Math M 3 months ago +1

    Dare you to have coleman's mustard (powder). Mix it with water to make the mustard

  • Chicken Wang
    Chicken Wang 3 months ago +2

    Who else got excited when link won the last two

  • A Blind Kid
    A Blind Kid 3 months ago

    For the toppings it has a plural so it’s pretty obvious that it’s not 1

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 3 months ago

    Omg I love how cleansed you where after smelling your safety blanket! 0:27-0:35

  • Lazy OC
    Lazy OC 3 months ago

    u guys should go on survivor

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 months ago

    should have let chase or josh do the testicle one. then it's just like a regular saturday for them, nothing weird about it.

  • Joe Seward
    Joe Seward 4 months ago

    I love wasabi

  • Super Sniper4848
    Super Sniper4848 4 months ago

    I knew it was more than 1 topping because it pulral *sorry with spelling* it said toppings not topping

  • robynn hall
    robynn hall 4 months ago

    Everyone just remember that the greatest movie alive Beetlejuice. Also got a low score on rotten tomatoes

  • Kolinios
    Kolinios 4 months ago

    13:11 Or i guess you could say, the bust of the nut.

  • Dakota Alexander
    Dakota Alexander 4 months ago

    This is the first episode that I got all the questions right!

  • Anthony Weise
    Anthony Weise 4 months ago +1

    What I learned from this episode.
    Turkey testicle>Wasabi.

  • Mike Smolen
    Mike Smolen 4 months ago

    to this day we dont know what was in the round 2 safe

  • Jsweizston
    Jsweizston 4 months ago

    I love that Paul Blart Mall Cop is rated that low.. because it's one of my favorite movies!

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 4 months ago

    Links’s elation is contagious. Also when he asked rhett “are you going be able to get it down” and he painstakingly answered “its gonna be a while”. 😂

  • TheFeebleSheep
    TheFeebleSheep 4 months ago +1

    It kinda blew my mind when I thought 32% and then it was the first option

  • Haim
    Haim 4 months ago

    9:54 .... wait, is it " 'bacon jam' and bacon" or "bacon, jam, and bacon"?
    Please help confirm. I havent slept in 5 days now from this.

  • Notthefather
    Notthefather 4 months ago

    That pizza topping question was ambiguous.

  • Michelangelo
    Michelangelo 4 months ago

    now thats the right way to promote the sponser. now the viewers are happy. the sponser is happy. and hopefuly you guys are happy. thumbs up

  • Adrianna Milam
    Adrianna Milam 4 months ago

    I love all the different ways people pronounce Milam. In West Virginia (where my husband and I are from) it is pronounced My-lum, but everyone in va pronounces is Mil-um or Ma- laum

  • Morgan Perry
    Morgan Perry 4 months ago

    The most unsatisfying thing is when someone tries to dink it but the other one turns the dink down :( come one guys you can’t sink it if you don’t dink it

  • Sunil_de
    Sunil_de 4 months ago

    Your Intro could be from Monty Python

  • Bo Black
    Bo Black 5 months ago

    She's hot af

  • Anna Zhang
    Anna Zhang 5 months ago +1

    7:02 is constipated link

  • Anna Zhang
    Anna Zhang 5 months ago +3

    7:02 is me sleeping in class than the teacher calls my name