Advent Carol Service live from Trinity College Chapel - Sunday 1 December 2019

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Download the order of service here:
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  • Erik Bertrand
    Erik Bertrand 24 days ago

    I live in America, but was in England for a solo tour during this service - alas, I was in the Lakes District at the time, but I'm now really regretting not switching my whole schedule around to make it to this service! Sublime perfection, as always. Thank you!

    • Erik Bertrand
      Erik Bertrand 24 days ago

      And to every one of the (currently) 17 people who thumbs-downed this video: explain yourselves! :|

  • njswimdad
    njswimdad 29 days ago +1

    From the U.S. on Chrismas Eve day preparing for tonight, thank you.

  • botweezers
    botweezers Month ago +1

    The vast, billowing figure of Stephen Layton is far too conspicuous and a distraction. Could someone take him on one side and politely suggest that this service is really not all about him?

    • Rein de Wit
      Rein de Wit 28 days ago +1

      I sang in an Anglican Cathedral for six years.
      Stephen Layton stands in the place where all music directors in English Cathedrals stand. This has zilch to do with him thinking it is about him.

  • James Murray
    James Murray Month ago

    Shame about brass intonation.

  • gilesgilbertscott
    gilesgilbertscott Month ago +2

    Wonderful - but so sad to see the extreme disrespect shown by the congregation by exiting the chapel during the concluding voluntary. And talking loudly! So typical unfortunately.

  • 06egroeg
    06egroeg Month ago +1

    Wachet auf begins about the 45 min mark. It is breathtaking! "E'en so, Lord Jesus" begins at 50:30; also, amazing!

  • Edward Kerr
    Edward Kerr Month ago +1

    A truly wonderful choir with an excellent Director of Music.

  • Kent
    Kent Month ago

    Man, AMAZING!! Beautiful! Thank you.
    What a mat for our Lord to come on! ☦️

  • Dennis Rice
    Dennis Rice Month ago +4

    You can jazz up "Here Comes Santa Clause and "White Christmas" all you want. THIS IS CHRISTMAS.

  • christine jones
    christine jones Month ago +5

    Living abroad and in a remote location, I’m so grateful for this stunningly beautiful service being available to watch on youtube - thank you Trinity. Excellent singing, direction, playing and recording. Wonderful choral tradition with Trinity sounding outstanding these days.

  • Hin Lee
    Hin Lee Month ago +3

    Beautiful service. I am delighted to se that this chapel choir has female choristers, and they sang as well as boys.

  • Offshoreorganbuilder
    Offshoreorganbuilder Month ago +3

    Great organ voluntary at the end.
    Thanks for the upload.

    • Offshoreorganbuilder
      Offshoreorganbuilder Month ago +1

      @andedrollin Yes, it's sad that so much talent has to be squandered as 'background music.'

    • andedrollin
      andedrollin Month ago

      Pity that the congregation has to try and outshout Bach!

  • Nila Alexander
    Nila Alexander Month ago +4

    Beautiful event, glorious singing!

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago +1

    Is it difficult to get into this service? I'd love to attend some day.

  • Renfred Clowes
    Renfred Clowes Month ago +1

    Ja Ja

  • Knappa22
    Knappa22 Month ago +1

    Gorgeous - such a full sound.
    A suggeation - adjust the director’s ipad so that its backlight isn’t blue! It sticks out in the warm glow of the candles.

    • countertony
      countertony Month ago +2

      I think that's just a reading light for a paper score - they tend to have a fairly high colour temperature, similar to daylight, rather than candlelight. There may be a practical reason for this - I certainly tend to find them a lot easier to read by than yellower light.

  • Richard Jordan
    Richard Jordan Month ago +8

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful post sharing with us the Sublime and ineffable gift of God that is Advent/Nativity Whom in His Divine Council and Will has bestowed upon the world in general but The Church in particular! It's a joy to hear the Anglican Church's expression of it!
    The Trinity College Choir is one my favorite and never cease to offer Beauty in perfection as they strum their vocal harps to The Lord!
    At 32:50 is the song," O Emmanuel," this is one of the most beautiful versions I've heard if not the most! It's an all time favorite that I'm sure I've repeated a billion times being so short hehe!!
    A Blessed Advent/Nativity to all who are celebrating! Our Saviour is Coming!!!
    Glory To The Father, and to The Son and To The Holy Spirit now and ever and unto ages and ages, Amen!!!

  • donm8615
    donm8615 Month ago +15

    This service is just magnificent! I don't understand how such a land can have the scriptures, plus such a rich Church history and culture, music, etc., and still have so many agnostics and atheists running around nowadays. Makes no sense.

    • Paul Ho
      Paul Ho Month ago

      this is for the glory of God, and the Son of man, who redeemed us at the cross

      LOVE IS THE ANSWER Month ago +2

      United Kingdom has seen many wars and much destruction of history, look at the "myths" of the Druids, of Jesus in Glastonbury and the legends of King Arthur. There has been a war against Christ's message since he appeared on this Earth.

    • He1sbelles
      He1sbelles Month ago +8

      Because it's perfectly possible to appreciate religious music and architecture without adhering to its doctrines?

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith Month ago +8

    A beautiful production, masterfully capturing the beauty of the service!

  • timothyj1966
    timothyj1966 Month ago +9

    Oh to be in England.

  • mudgebauer
    mudgebauer Month ago

    I hate the organs made with reversed black & white keys. Who does that & why??? STUPID!

  • mudgebauer
    mudgebauer Month ago +4

    The sound on this video is excellent. Crystal clear, unlike so many videos you can hardly hear sometimes. The music is superb. tanx

  • Michael Thomas Mock
    Michael Thomas Mock Month ago +1

    Beautiful in every aspect, in addition to the magnificent choral singing, with so many live candles, but the strange blue lights of music stand and readers book lights really are jarring.

    • John Simmons
      John Simmons Month ago

      I don't think they do this primarily for You Tube. The lighting looks fine in the chapel itself.

  • Robert Fulvio
    Robert Fulvio Month ago

    Great performance, and the organist even looks like John Lennon.

  • Chris Booty
    Chris Booty Month ago +9

    The "Wachet Auf" was sublime. IMO you outshone the St John's service that was on the radio this year.

  • D Thiery
    D Thiery Month ago +25

    This is wonderful. I have been hoping for a new recording after years of listening to the outstanding 2011 and 2012 recordings. This recording is sublime in both audio and video quality. Thank you for offering this service to the world. God bless and Merry Christmas to you and all those, who prepare for Christmas by watching/listening to this service.

  • Michelle Zoppa
    Michelle Zoppa Month ago +7

    Outstanding and so beautiful done entirely by candle light. I love being able to follow along with the order of service provided.

  • Jaako Bäntyjärvi
    Jaako Bäntyjärvi Month ago +3

    Phwaor, clare sounds good this year

    • mudgebauer
      mudgebauer Month ago +1

      WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? What language is it?

  • wayne hubbard
    wayne hubbard Month ago +8

    The descant on Lo, He Comes...stunning , beautiful writing !!

    • cornelia meinema
      cornelia meinema Month ago +1

      Just caught up with this,-------goosepimples!------ Thank you so much.

  • Ola Roti
    Ola Roti Month ago +11

    Great presentation, music and sound quality. The organist made is appear so easy to play the organ. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mpumelelo Mkhwanazi
    Mpumelelo Mkhwanazi Month ago +7

    Outstanding 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins Month ago +4

    Really felt I was 'at' this service with the music so beautifully performed. Presentation and recording excellent. Sorry but the readings from the three young women were pretty pedestrian and they seemed to stumble from word to word without responding to what was actually written.

  • Thomas Grunwald
    Thomas Grunwald Month ago

    00:15 Prelude on Es ist ein’ Ros’, Op. 122 No. 8 | Johannes Brahms (1833-97)
    03:34 Advent Responsory | Richard Marlow (1939-2013)
    06:48 Genesis 1: 1-5, read by the Master
    07:48 Creator of the stars of night | 'Conditor alme siderum’ (Mode IV)
    10:44 Of the Father’s heart begotten | melody from ‘Piae Cantiones’ (1582) arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    14:49 The Dean of Chapel says
    16:37 Come, thou Redeemer of the earth | Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    20:36 Isaiah 11: 1-9, read by a Member of Staff
    22:29 Ther is no rose of swych vertu | Anon. arr. John Stevens (1921-2002)
    25:20 Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprungen | Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)
    26:58 O come, O come, Emmanuel! | arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    30:49 Luke 1: 26-38, read by a Graduate
    32:50 O Emmanuel | Ēriks Ešenvalds, b. 1977
    35:07 Regina Caeli | Cecilia McDowall (b. 1951)
    37:55 Matthew 3: 1-12, read by an Undergraduate
    40:12 On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry | adapt. from a chorale in ‘Musicalisches Hand-Buch’ (Hamburg 1690) | descant Philip Ledger (1937-2012)
    43:04 Matthew 25: 1-13, read by a Fellow
    44:59 Wachet auf! | Music: Philipp Nicolai (1556-1608) arr. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    48:09 from The Revelation of St John the Divine, chapters 21-2, read by a Chaplain
    50:42 E’en so, Lord, Jesus, quickly come | Paul Manz (1919-2009)
    52:55 Come, thou long-expected Jesus | John Stainer (1840-1901)
    55:26 Ring Out, O Bells! | Alexander Campkin (b. 1984)
    59:13 The Dean of Chapel says
    1:02:04 Lo! he comes with clouds descending | Thomas Olivers (1725-99) | descants Max Pappenheim (b. 1983)
    1:07:16 Puer natus est | Plainsong
    1:08:21 Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht | Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    1:09:27 Prelude and Fugue in a, BWV 543 | Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

    • Thomas Grunwald
      Thomas Grunwald Month ago

      @Joseph Deery Thanks for the hint - corrected!

    • Joseph Deery
      Joseph Deery Month ago

      Thanks for doing this, but Regina caeli actually begins at 35:07!

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison Month ago +23

    Thank you for uploading this Trinity College. The sound quality is excellent, and the choice of the traditional hymns and anthems was the highlight. The death of Christianity in the UK appears to be misreported. Dei Gratia. The choir and director get a thumbs up.

    • Jordan Draper
      Jordan Draper 28 days ago

      @p1966kful Please excuse the out of control advertising on our public broadcaster in Canada, but, if you skip to 28:00 of this video, I wonder if Aaron's story might be a response to your question:

    • bornforbanning
      bornforbanning Month ago +1

      @p1966kful Have you tried getting a job or going back to where you came from?

    • Offshoreorganbuilder
      Offshoreorganbuilder Month ago +1

      @p1966kful Ever wondered why such a person finds herself single and with several children?
      Life is not fair, of course, but individuals have a responsibility to themselves as well as the wider community (who, incidentally, provided the council house and will be propping up the single mother and her children with money taken from the rest of us.)

    • Jeanie Johnston
      Jeanie Johnston Month ago +8

      @p1966kful it's called feeding the soul. I truly get what you are saying....but this is not the place. Life without beauty is a dead life.

    • DrEugenePerkins
      DrEugenePerkins Month ago

      but not the death of Latin, evidently

  • Ernest Bowen
    Ernest Bowen Month ago +6

    Stunningly Wonderful