UK: Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • 🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨
    ✅ Gigantamaxing
    ✅ New Pokémon
    ✅ Galar Pokémon League
    ✅ New Gym Leaders
    Time to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!
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  • Martha Triano
    Martha Triano 8 hours ago

    Does anybody think they'll keep solgaleo and lunala

  • Brad Cook
    Brad Cook 10 hours ago

    I'm buying sword and shield

  • Redpenguin 555
    Redpenguin 555 14 hours ago +1

    Bruh the steel dragon looks like something a 5 year old made with lego

  • Graceful cat miyo
    Graceful cat miyo 20 hours ago

    Manectric looks better than yamper in comparison

  • V_ Xy
    V_ Xy Day ago

    Bring back Greninja to Pokemon Sword & Shield!!

  • Cory Van Treuren

    I see they've completely given up on Pokemon

  • Ronan Sublett
    Ronan Sublett Day ago

    Some advice listen to fans

  • George Mann
    George Mann Day ago

    Terrible game but Like tyranitar

  • pablo fire fox
    pablo fire fox Day ago

    1:34 gamera!!

  • pablo fire fox
    pablo fire fox Day ago

    Duralodon fight tyranitar.......
    Galar haver inspiration in godzilla kotm

  • Allen Urena
    Allen Urena Day ago

    Your thoughts on this?

  • Cora Brown
    Cora Brown 2 days ago +1

    So basically a lazy halfassed excuse to make the game garbage

  • Griffin Of Darkness
    Griffin Of Darkness 2 days ago

    Imagin gigantimax wailord

  • Deoxys Decoy
    Deoxys Decoy 2 days ago

    Sword and sheild amazing game.
    Loomian legacy: hold my bear.

  • Unsafermirror2
    Unsafermirror2 2 days ago

    I rather watch the anime than to play the game, since there’s no National Dex

  • 이정용
    이정용 2 days ago

    게임프리크 너무하다.. z기술도 아니꼬왔는데 이버전은 진짜 아니자너

  • Jonna Man 14
    Jonna Man 14 2 days ago +1

    I was never with this hype for a game 😂

  • AnythingForICarly
    AnythingForICarly 2 days ago

    Pokémon should stop using only a few dollars on their games and spending the rest on merchandise, and start using their majority of money and employees on the games to make them packed with content and not remove things such as some Pokémon and the national dex

  • bubba ford
    bubba ford 2 days ago

    Think of this. A Mega-Evolved, Gigantamaxed, Dynamaxed pokemon that's using a z

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything 2 days ago +1

    Boycott sword and shield until we get a complete national pokedex.

  • Ike The Thotslayer, Certified Shitwoman

    Gigantamax Drednaw is LITERALLY JUST CHAD

  • Joshua Hu
    Joshua Hu 3 days ago

    Time to gigantamax wailord

  • Abdel Arias
    Abdel Arias 3 days ago

    The evoltion of heliolisk is reliosolar is new pokemon solo as 2020 the pokemon yin and yang

  • Abdel Arias
    Abdel Arias 3 days ago

    Pokemon sword and pokemon shielp, and evolution of heliolisk

  • Triandi Sunarya
    Triandi Sunarya 3 days ago +3

    pokemon old days:we are never about graphic,gameplay first.catch em all
    swsh:we cant afford to design national pokedex into new model system.catch some

  • Miguel Angel Gutiérrez

    5k dislikes sould tell you something...

  • Kareem Butler
    Kareem Butler 3 days ago

    Does anyone know if the preorder rewards will are for GameStop preorders as well?

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 3 days ago +1

    -Ash Ketchum

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 3 days ago


    • Nathan Garcia
      Nathan Garcia 2 days ago

      No thanks, I'll wait till they make a game that's actually worth $60

  • mxmrroverkill
    mxmrroverkill 3 days ago

    Ok, see what you gotta do is delay the game by a year or 2 make some actual good content not pump out this

    • Hannah Gray
      Hannah Gray 3 days ago

      Shut up you’re just mad because you didn’t get your national dex so be quiet it don’t need to be delayed

  • Brodiero- Solar
    Brodiero- Solar 3 days ago +1

    So HYPE!

  • Erin Levi
    Erin Levi 3 days ago

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what song is at the beginning

  • jjulien
    jjulien 4 days ago

    Duraludon's head design is unique and it's colours are very nice, but the rest looks like the designer had only five minutes left.

  • rancer bombs
    rancer bombs 4 days ago

    Q:Nintendo are we gonna be able to play lets go eevee or sword and shield in switch lite with dynamax?

  • uncreative name man
    uncreative name man 4 days ago

    If Electrode is in Sword & Shield I wanna gigantimax the Electrode and use Self destruct

  • Disgusting Coke
    Disgusting Coke 5 days ago +1


    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 days ago +1

      Just give up already.
      They've already responded. And their not adding it. Just accept it.

  • Bende Bőcz
    Bende Bőcz 5 days ago

    Pls Pinsir, Mimikyu evolucion

    • Bende Bőcz
      Bende Bőcz 5 days ago

      And don 't let be like Lets Go Pikacsu, Lets Go Eevee

  • spy spy
    spy spy 5 days ago

    The only good thing came out is that the music is good other then that no

  • Gilberto Linares
    Gilberto Linares 6 days ago


  • Uncrowded Reasons
    Uncrowded Reasons 6 days ago

    0:39= duraludon derp (have it paused)

  • Master Games
    Master Games 6 days ago

    Love it

  • Cameron Shults
    Cameron Shults 6 days ago

    Could you guys make more than 300 new Pokémon

  • Koal Teufel
    Koal Teufel 6 days ago

    So Gigamaxing is just Megas again? What on earth was the point then?

  • 김지환
    김지환 6 days ago

    캐릭터디자인만 이쁘면 뭐해 매인인 포켓몬 디자인이 별론데

  • Gigantimax Alcremie [Pokemon] [Female]

    Scorbunny on my main team
    Gossifleur on my main team
    Alcremie on my main team
    Impidimp on my main team
    Dugtrio on my main team
    And Altaria on my main team

  • Nonskiller
    Nonskiller 6 days ago

    I want to see the Bow Legendary Monster || Sword, Shield, Bow, and Wand.

  • Nonskiller
    Nonskiller 6 days ago

    This is some good CGI guys.

    • TanukiSpirit
      TanukiSpirit 6 days ago

      I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. But no, this isn't CGI, this is all in game footage taken straight from the game.

  • Timmy
    Timmy 7 days ago +1

    I want to catch them all! This is not the game that I was hoping for. Bye bye Mr. Mime! I loved you and now you’re gone :(

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 days ago

      @ex DOGE news flash. The games have been in development for at least 4 years. So there's no evidence saying "oh their rushing it" when they've clearly been taking their time.
      do some research before spouting out nonsense. The games were meant to be released in early June. But they decided to hold it off till November to make it even better.

    • ex DOGE
      ex DOGE 4 days ago

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc even 100% would moan i bet their asses will never change it. Because they are rushing to release the game this year and nothing will change that. We'll see how it turns out.

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 days ago

      @ex DOGE it's not even close to that TBH.
      The moaners make up 1% of the Pokemon community. That's why GameFreak aren't even considering adding anymore Pokemon. If it was anywhere near 50% they'd probably change it.

    • ex DOGE
      ex DOGE 4 days ago

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc what we all now the game gonna know for sure 50% agreed the game wil be sucks and the other 50% are denial fanboy

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 days ago

      @ex DOGE he doesn't. Lol
      We've only seen 3 trailers and now the 1% act like they know the entire game. Lol

  • Jack’s randomness
    Jack’s randomness 7 days ago

    I wish every Pokémon was in the games but other than that, it looks awesome

  • Dunzerk
    Dunzerk 7 days ago

    a giant Dragonite from the first season would make sense

  • Glacebrous
    Glacebrous 7 days ago

    gardevoir vs wailord in gigantamaxing

  • blood crafter
    blood crafter 7 days ago

    Personally I think dynamx will be to op and ruin the game
    Edit: ok never mind I kind of think it’s ok

  • love
    love 7 days ago

    I wish my pokemon in your game

  • Banana Boozie
    Banana Boozie 7 days ago

    When you u leak the starter evolutions??

  • XxIts_ BellaxX
    XxIts_ BellaxX 8 days ago

    Pokémon have you released it on nentendo not just on nentendo switch yet?

  • Garry GrapeNuts
    Garry GrapeNuts 8 days ago

    Sega is better because they took the time and effort to fix their mistake

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 days ago

      If you did any research. You'll find GameFreak has been working on these games since early 2015. If that's not enough time I don't know what is. 😒

  • Lee Talk
    Lee Talk 8 days ago

    Not to be *that* person but I would literally die for yamper.

    ARYAN AMBUJ 8 days ago +1

    Hii when you make pokemon sword shield anime please make ash serious just like pokemon xyz and take back sarina in this season and please please please use pokemon xyz animation

      ARYAN AMBUJ Day ago

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc yes brother 😁

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc Day ago

      @ARYAN AMBUJ I'm not the one continuing this. I deleted the notifications and moved on.

      ARYAN AMBUJ Day ago +1

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc yep brother stop it

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc Day ago +1

      @ARYAN AMBUJ what are you even talking about?.
      We already agreed to stop this conversation.

      ARYAN AMBUJ Day ago

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc nothing brother don't think so much

  • Adrian
    Adrian 8 days ago

    Looks gimmicky...

  • lootythelootllama 553

    Corviknight looks so cool when gigantamaxed

  • Fernando nakata
    Fernando nakata 8 days ago

    Mimikyu is safe

  • Lucas Hartmann
    Lucas Hartmann 8 days ago

    gigantimaxes feel more like digimon than pokemon, its basically a 3 turn uglier mega right?

  • Carder Hutchinson
    Carder Hutchinson 8 days ago +1

    Dynamaxing + Z - moves + Mega Evolution = Gigantamaxing

  • noivern network
    noivern network 8 days ago +1

    Alister looks like a shy guy from mario and it says on the website he prefers 2 hang out in the graveyard on his own away from people he really is a shy guy lol

  • XQ P
    XQ P 8 days ago

    new pokemon is cool

  • Andre Vitor
    Andre Vitor 9 days ago +1

    lazy gamefreak.

  • Super
    Super 9 days ago +1

    Why do we need gigantic Pokémon.... why can’t we just have all the Pokémon.... animated well.....

  • 김지환
    김지환 9 days ago +1

    아진짜 여태 키웠던 메가진화 포켓몬이랑 스타팅 포켓몬을 더이상 무쓸모가 된다는 생각하니까 정말 하기 싫다

  • Vaporize Ocean
    Vaporize Ocean 9 days ago

    GUYS imagen wailord gigantamax

  • Copyrightbreaker22
    Copyrightbreaker22 9 days ago

    Bea looks like a dangan ronpa character

  • Pp pp
    Pp pp 9 days ago +2


  • Tehemai L.
    Tehemai L. 9 days ago

    Dynamax is like the ugliest thing ever. That same lazy red glow on every single pokemon looks like it came from 2000 - 2005 era of gaming. They need to turn it off. It doesn't look cool at all, it only obstructs the view of the pokemon designs.

  • Kawaii Muffin
    Kawaii Muffin 9 days ago +2


  • Diego Fagundes Morales

    The game freak team insist in this horrible region, alola pokemon 😠😠😠😠😠

    • Diego Fagundes Morales
      Diego Fagundes Morales 6 days ago

      @TanukiSpirit really?
      I'm, learn to use any pokemon?
      Man, i'm a brazilian fan of pokemon franchise, fucking 17 years bro (games obviously )

    • TanukiSpirit
      TanukiSpirit 6 days ago +1

      Learn how to use Grammer. That sentence doesn't make any sense.

  • Drey Garcia
    Drey Garcia 9 days ago


  • Under Taker
    Under Taker 9 days ago +1

    0:43 Rammstein - Laichzeit

  • Greatest Anime Hero
    Greatest Anime Hero 9 days ago

    Dynamax Necrozma Here I come!

  • General Landin
    General Landin 9 days ago +1

    The attacks continue to come out of nowhere and not from your mouth or cannons etc. Nor can they do that

  • Ivan12 The Pichu
    Ivan12 The Pichu 9 days ago

    Im scared that Pichu won't be in

  • TheRichmaster
    TheRichmaster 9 days ago

    the gym leaders seem pretty cool for this generation

  • PrayingMantis
    PrayingMantis 9 days ago


  • Clarity
    Clarity 9 days ago

    Questionable choices of game features. What a mess it was.

  • Preston Gaming
    Preston Gaming 9 days ago


  • Aquarianx
    Aquarianx 9 days ago +1

    When the transition animations in the trailer are higher quality than the actual game

  • *Fallen Angel*
    *Fallen Angel* 9 days ago

    Why is everyone complaining about dynamaxing and gigantamaxing? They look a lot stronger than Mega Evolutions. Also, Mega Evolution wasn't even that cool of a concept. It's canonically described as a pokemon reaching it's ultimate form through the bond with its trainer. Mega Evolution should only have been available to pokemon that you strengthened your bond with through pokemon amie/refresh. It doesn't make sense that you can just catch a pokemon and then mega evolve it because no time was given to the pokemon to form the proper bond with the trainer. Mega Evolution was so inconsistent...

  • Aaron Yuu
    Aaron Yuu 10 days ago +2

    Delcatty deserves to be somewhere in Galar.. most likely indoors lol

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 10 days ago

    chief just keep them at normal size...

  • RecklessSky
    RecklessSky 10 days ago

    Being able to transfer only 46 out of 230 favorite Pokémon (at the moment) isn't worth the £50 price tag. I didn't know trash and ice cream where popular? Game Freak, your starting to lose a fan of 20 years, but I know deep down, you couldn't care less. All you seem to care about is rushing the games out and money.

  • HakuHashi Originals
    HakuHashi Originals 10 days ago

    USUM doesn't have a National dex, right? Why is everyone losing their marbles when the previous main games already started it?

  • Sérgio f.c
    Sérgio f.c 10 days ago

    xatu in galar please Nintendo please

  • Miro Loya
    Miro Loya 10 days ago +1

    It blown my fluffen MIND!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯👍

  • GoonerZH
    GoonerZH 10 days ago

    Dear Nintendo
    It seems like this is going to be the first generation which Im going to dismiss. Although Im already 27, and not a hardcore gamer, this game which is finally coming for a home console, dissappoints in every aspect tbh. The game mechanics, battle mechanics, graphics are way below par. All of my friends agreed.

  • Andrew McCartney
    Andrew McCartney 10 days ago

    I haven't decided which version of the game to get yet

  • Severus Reee
    Severus Reee 10 days ago


  • Severus Reee
    Severus Reee 10 days ago +1

    Wait so dynamax is replaced by gigantimax?
    To does not fit

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 10 days ago

    Can't wait to play this on my ps4☺

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    The Gigantamaxing looks very bad

  • Jorgie Soto
    Jorgie Soto 10 days ago


  • Joe Connor
    Joe Connor 10 days ago

    Pokemon designs absolutly suck

  • Setup
    Setup 10 days ago

    God I hope this is a real Pokémon game like sun and moon and stuff and not a game where catch Pokémon like Pokémon go and all the other stuff of Pokémon let’s go evee and the other one

    If you can’t tell I don’t like the let’s go games