• Published on Nov 13, 2019
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Comments • 377

  • Rebekah Shaw
    Rebekah Shaw 14 days ago

    Thinking of your granddad. it's not easy watching someone you love start to lose their memory. My granny lives with us and her memory is starting to go, she almost 88 and it's hard seeing her not being able to do the things she once did or repeating herself over and over. I have actually had a similar talk with my granny and tried to remind her that it's okay that as she gets older she might not remember everything or might get a bit confused at times. It is hard but all you can do is be there for your granddad as much as you can, make the most of the days you have with him.

  • Becks296
    Becks296 22 days ago

    LOL you butchered the name of the BC town and area. love it.

  • Emma Williamson
    Emma Williamson 23 days ago

    My nan has a lot of health issues and she is unsteady on her feet. She was given a mobility scooter, walking frame and a stick. She is still unsteady but is getting there. She has a chronic lung disease so she is in and out of hospital a lot which puts strain on the family as we all want what's best for her and she can't see that. I hope your grandad gets better soon.

  • Spiddr
    Spiddr 23 days ago

    Power is amazing im on season 6 !!

  • Kendra Wong
    Kendra Wong 23 days ago

    Tom I feel you on the talk at the end of the vlog. Its hard that you want everything for him. My grandparents are at the age as well. We also have our ruff bumps because my grandad has dementia. With your grandad you can still give him some mobility an keep him safe. The road is hard with older people. Just remember all the good times you had with them. That's what keeps me going. I should know better because we shared some of our fav mememorie with my grandad at his 100th birthday party earlier this year.

  • Reece
    Reece 24 days ago

    As someone whos had a great gran and a nan who's both suffered with Alzheimer's, I can really relate to what you're going through, it's really tough seeing loved ones struggle so much. My great granny for example lived my my grandparents for a while and got quite bad, to the point where she didn't know who she was talking to or where she was at times, then an hour or two later her memory came back in leaps and bounds. She'd be able to tell you where all the grand kids lived, very specifically and remembered all kinds of stuff, but extremely specifically. Then the next day she would forget everyones name and where she was. Its horrible, it's awesome to see you being so positive everytime you're with him though, it must lift his spirits so much. Funnily enough I only subbed to you recently, and only saw the video where you bought your grandad a jag a few days ago. It was a lovely video, you can tell he means alot to you.

  • Woody
    Woody 24 days ago


  • SeanVlogs
    SeanVlogs 25 days ago

    Tom, that's literally the path you moaned about being too muddy when you new tred on 😂

  • Emily Rowbottom
    Emily Rowbottom 25 days ago

    So glad you spoke about your grandad, I can relate completely. My nana was so independent and then as she turned 100, her memory just went. She now has to have carers in to prompt her for basic things like eating and getting dressed in the right order. She has a nap and wakes up thinking it's the next day so there is confusion every day but she is still her bubbly self and although it's scary and frustrating, there are so many technologies now that can help elderly people and I can vouch that carers are great. Spend as much time as you can with your grandparents while they're still there, I really cherish every day with mine.

  • Icaro Queiroz
    Icaro Queiroz 25 days ago

    darude sandstorm

  • steven cobb
    steven cobb 25 days ago

    Love your grandad he’s a top bloke.

  • neil h
    neil h 25 days ago

    respect to you and your gdad

  • Todd Robinson
    Todd Robinson 25 days ago

    What happened to Toms jaguar?

  • Blake Bishop
    Blake Bishop 25 days ago

    Maybe get your grandad an amazon echo so that instead of having to remember a number he could just tell it to call you, i went through the same thing with my nana, its really hard watching their memory deteriorate for sure tom

  • smminco
    smminco 25 days ago

    Your granddad is a legend. My best wishes to him. You're lucky to have him around. I'm sure he's frustrated, but he's loved a long time through quite a legendary life.

  • Aimee Vlogs
    Aimee Vlogs 26 days ago

    Get him a phone where all he has to do is press 1 button and it speed dials your house phone or something!! We had that for my grandparents!

  • SmwGamin
    SmwGamin 26 days ago

    Ok new sweater I see lol

  • Gingerbread Move
    Gingerbread Move 26 days ago

    Love seeing your grandad on the video hope he keeps strong we all love him

  • Bradz wolfy Molineux
    Bradz wolfy Molineux 26 days ago

    Tom ffs its "give me some fin noggin duuuuude" how do you get everything wrong 😩

  • Natasha Beaufils
    Natasha Beaufils 26 days ago

    I love your grandad he's only the cutest

  • Judge277
    Judge277 26 days ago

    Tom, tell your grandad to adapt!

  • Travis Coffman
    Travis Coffman 26 days ago

    Dementia runs in my family. Be strong and just enjoy the little moments. Life is too short make the most of it. 🤙

  • Kirby Heaton
    Kirby Heaton 26 days ago

    Toms granddad :(

  • CommanderScotch
    CommanderScotch 26 days ago

    been watching your vlogs since you started pretty much and well before that. I watch whenever you post and comment here and there but its short videos like todays that I relaise how much of a genuine bloke you are. Wtched you while i was getting through high school and almost through university now and life has come with its ups and downs but in a funny way youve always been there to turn to.. Think the world needs more people like you and i appreciate you sticking at what you love doing mate

  • Kevza_
    Kevza_ 26 days ago

    Just adapt bro

  • Midlands away days
    Midlands away days 26 days ago

    Tom how is your grandad we have not seen him

  • xMissNoisy
    xMissNoisy 26 days ago

    Can I come and sort out your spare rooms lol

  • xMissNoisy
    xMissNoisy 26 days ago

    Can I come and sort out your spare rooms lol

  • Mills Films
    Mills Films 27 days ago

    What a grandson you are ♥️

  • Court Davison
    Court Davison 27 days ago

    Maybe your grandad would be better if in a bungalow Tom I know my grandparents really struggled and it just took the little bit of pressure off, but wish him all the best he’s a fighter man!

  • Chloee Inkling
    Chloee Inkling 27 days ago

    My mums birthday (nov 12) lol

  • IslandLine
    IslandLine 27 days ago

    I remember the days where if you're calling someone in the same area code you wouldn't have to put the initial 4 numbers I.E 0161 and you can just dial the last 6 digits.

  • andrew darling
    andrew darling 27 days ago

    Power amazing - shame it finished now until January 2020

  • Michael Woodcock
    Michael Woodcock 27 days ago

    Tom, try setting up Speed dial number for your Grandad and also look into getting a GPS tracker to keep on him.


    Your grandads getting old man ☹️💔

  • Miss2Tz
    Miss2Tz 27 days ago +1

    "Well it's probably cause I've got memory loss"
    Uhhhh Tom what? Lol

  • Amy of White Pine Tennessee West

    God bless him it is hardwhen this happens ! Just keep encouraging him that no matter what he has you an the family, it means the world to them i know frist hand what you all are going through just stay strong an research all the possibility of home nurse or someone who can set with an get him out an about whenmhe needs to or wants to. Prayer for him an the family.

  • Lady Rex
    Lady Rex 27 days ago

    Tom's lowkey a hoarder 😂

  • Kieran Wall
    Kieran Wall 27 days ago

    its not red and green its blue and green shouldn't be seen without another colour in between.

  • whahat1
    whahat1 27 days ago

    My grandmother past away saturday and i know the feeling

  • James C
    James C 27 days ago

    please look into Rick Simpson oil (RSO) would have amazing benefits do some research on it can help alot more than just cancer please look into it if need help getting hands on it message me I can honestly help any fam member sam just look into RSO please

  • Callum Sherrington
    Callum Sherrington 27 days ago

    Why don’t you get your grandad a Alexa or google home

  • jjjaaayyydddeeennn07
    jjjaaayyydddeeennn07 27 days ago

    You can get a house phone with speed dial on it and you can put pictures of people he needs to call on the buttons

  • Pippa Hobbs
    Pippa Hobbs 27 days ago

    Well tom I can see problem alright NO FRECKING BED WHAT THE HECK 😂🤣😂 well you potato u need move all your merch and find your bloody welt u crank .on another note chips curry sauce is well nice I'min east of uk your up in Manchester soo yeah your still my number 1 TheXvidr tom always ❤🤙👌🤘👍

  • jwhitt070
    jwhitt070 27 days ago

    Is there a device that has a keypad with names instead of numbers for your grandad to speed dial. So he will literally press a button with whoever's name is on it that he wants to call and the phone would do the rest ?

  • Kay Kay Mumof3
    Kay Kay Mumof3 27 days ago

    Mr Tom. I fully recommend an Alexa he can ask it all sorts but like having a friend with him. U can also get panic buttons that go around his neck. If he’s stuck or in trouble the he can press it and it goes to you for help.

  • Lisbeth Simonsen
    Lisbeth Simonsen 27 days ago

    There's got to be a homephone with big speed dial buttons, so that he can push just one button that says Tommy, or Ken.

  • Rachael Campbell
    Rachael Campbell 27 days ago

    We love you Gordon!

  • Emma P
    Emma P 27 days ago

    Getting old sucks!

  • Atrazi
    Atrazi 27 days ago

    Tom get some security cameras that link up to your phone or alices so that it alerts you when it is activated and you can see when he is leaving the house and also for security reasons

  • RandomRed
    RandomRed 27 days ago

    That last bit of the video, I gotta say AMEN BROTHA

  • Ryan Potter
    Ryan Potter 27 days ago

    Where’s the jaguar gone ?

  • Glenti Grant
    Glenti Grant 27 days ago

    Tom is so uplifting to see you look after your grandad,spend as much time with him as you can cheers.

  • calum smith
    calum smith 27 days ago

    yooooo tom’s watching power!!! it will not disappoint you’ll be addicted!

  • Liz Tierney
    Liz Tierney 27 days ago +1

    Sheltered housing is a great idea, my grand parents all used it, you have a small private apartment but it’s in a large complex with full time wardens that you can call anytime and big communal areas with daily activity’s and access to doctors and hairdressers and they do your
    Laundry etc.

  • nyphix4321
    nyphix4321 27 days ago

    I know i said this the other day, but you really gotta de-clutter your house after they finish installing. Spend some time separating things (what you want to keep and get rid of) and just fuck 'em off. Also, sorry to hear about your grandad. We had the same problem with my Nonna after she almost froze to death in the backyard (after we told her she can't be doing that type of stuff) and she eventually had a stroke in the hospital and we had to send her to a home.

    Which is stressful, because my mum was there damn near everyday and then rushing to work, etc. Plus you could see how depressed and sad she was. She'd often get frustrated and angry. So i can understand why your grandad is acting like that. You being there and everyone else being there for him, is great. Being positive and motivating is also great. Some of the suggestions people are leaving to help him out are really good (especially the alexa one if you can get him to use it properly).

    Really wish you all the best and him, too. Once you can find a good middle ground for him and get him in a routine, he should start to feel much better. Glad he's got good family around him to support him.

  • nandinos
    nandinos 27 days ago +1

    Hugs for Gordon. I know what it's like when your grandparent starts losing the ability to do the basics independently. It's hard and it's painful to see them go through that. Tom & Alice, you both take such good care of him. Bless you both

  • Spartan
    Spartan 27 days ago

    My grandad also has one of those pill reminder machines, they're great for people with dementia which is what my grandad has.
    He has a social worker and something called carelink as well as carers that go in every other day.

    It is normal for people that age, but you just have to make them feel as comfortable as possible. That's all you can do.

    KAMI MANJI 27 days ago

    Did you know... those glasses really suit you well?!

  • ItZ_Gunnar_89
    ItZ_Gunnar_89 27 days ago

    We love you grandad 💕💕