Make way for the BATTLE BUILDERS! (Clash of Clans Official)

  • Published on Apr 8, 2021
  • The Builders are done watching their Village get wrecked: make way for the Battle Builders! 👉
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    From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
    PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
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    A network connection is also required.
    - Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
    - Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
    - Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
    - Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
    - Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
    - Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
    - Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
    - Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
    - Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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Comments • 8 063

  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans  Year ago +3061

    Let's go, BUILDERS!!! Check out more info on this brand new Town Hall 14 feature here:

    • Eden More
      Eden More 6 months ago

      Let’s go Brandon!

    • Rohini Kumari
      Rohini Kumari 6 months ago

      Dam I was gone from my childhood game but now it’s just……. EPIC AWSOME

    • Vierge Marie
      Vierge Marie 6 months ago

      I wonder what th15 theme will be

    • Elephaneti
      Elephaneti 7 months ago

      Is this real clash

    • Pixel Meteor
      Pixel Meteor 9 months ago

      😂 then make the storages defense building too. Noo. Make the whole base that can fly away when enemy comes

  • Imack Studios
    Imack Studios Year ago +10068

    It’s the builders time to shine

    • Haterade
      Haterade 5 months ago

      @Anime Edits tf?

    • Asriel Dreemurr
      Asriel Dreemurr Year ago

      @Powerful652rose then people in your clan will complain because if clan war like "Putting out defenses".

    • Powerful652rose
      Powerful652rose Year ago +1

      @Asriel Dreemurr my Builder is still in the corner I dont care if he can fight

    • Asriel Dreemurr
      Asriel Dreemurr Year ago +1

      Not to stay in the corner xd

    • Muhammed Cham
      Muhammed Cham Year ago

      exactly 😂

  • Jebadia_Mimes
    Jebadia_Mimes 10 months ago +1118

    I love how P.E.K.K.A saw the butterfly and was like: "NO pekka, focus"

    • R41ph3A7
      R41ph3A7 Month ago


    • matimate
      matimate 5 months ago

      i will explain my theory, normally on ww2 most tanks, battleships and thermonuclear weapons were denomined as "she" so maybe P.E.K.K.A. is a she because is the troop with the most damage per hit

    • Tankzer
      Tankzer 5 months ago


    • DangerousArmyGuy
      DangerousArmyGuy 6 months ago

      777th like as of this comment, nice. And glad this PEKKA can get it's priorities straight too.

    • JD
      JD 6 months ago +4

      @SAFIS P.E.K.K.A is the name of the armor so it has no gender, what is female is who controls it

  • Dynamic Juice
    Dynamic Juice Year ago +1765

    everybody gangsta till the builder decides to hammer the troops not the buildings

    • Ayse Sarac
      Ayse Sarac 6 months ago +1

      I meAn he has plot armor so is basicly invicible

    • Nevada v1nce
      Nevada v1nce 6 months ago

      Healer: thats my job!

    • Ashut0ast
      Ashut0ast 6 months ago


      MANJU BAISHYA 7 months ago +1

      Are y'all turning ma boi Builder into a Hog Rider??

    • The Damn Train
      The Damn Train 8 months ago

      The judge will decide your fats

  • SuperWiiBros08
    SuperWiiBros08 Year ago +1609

    I just got back to playing this game, damn this is neat!

    • Vector oh yeah
      Vector oh yeah 8 months ago

      Same here

    • Madnard
      Madnard 9 months ago

      @Moises Hernandez there will be a surprise when you will play the game again

    • Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez Year ago

      @Jacob Sillow last time I played it was around 2013-2014

    • Infray
      Infray Year ago

      yeah it’s pretty epic

    • Mr. Bam
      Mr. Bam Year ago +5

      You will take years to achive this....

  • Tabde Ugo
    Tabde Ugo 6 months ago +92

    Fun fact : This the only defense in the game that cost gems to build

    • Catchy
      Catchy 3 months ago +1

      Lmao I got 5 builders at TH10 ur just relly the problem if u dont have 5builders at th14 lol

    • Clever Mito
      Clever Mito 5 months ago +1

      @Banov R. i have 4 builders almost 5 in th9

    • Banov R.
      Banov R. 5 months ago +6

      It doesn't matter at much because what kind of psycho that doesnt have at least 4 builders at th14.

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Year ago +5765

    Are you telling me the one building that never needed upgrades is now being upgraded

    • TheMGMG
      TheMGMG 6 months ago


    • Osama TnT
      Osama TnT 9 months ago

      lonely you never told us you watch clash of clans and maybe even play it

    • Chowdercloud
      Chowdercloud 10 months ago

      @如诗 no its a bot that copies comments then reports the comment so its gone

    • Chowdercloud
      Chowdercloud 10 months ago

      @Whesley no its a bot that copies comments then reports the comment so its gone

    • Chowdercloud
      Chowdercloud 10 months ago

      @Hero49 - Brawl Stars bro this lonley sandwich a bot that copies comments then reports the comment so its gone

  • ridhomblr
    ridhomblr Year ago +610

    "Available at TH14"
    Me and nearly all the people in COC under TH13: *crying inside*

  • Riptide Anomy
    Riptide Anomy Year ago +226

    After getting wrecked for several years he’s taking his matter into his own hands, god bless you soldier

  • Million Movie Clips
    Million Movie Clips Year ago +336

    Earlier: Throw builder huts in
    Now: Place them with Th.

    • Ashut0ast
      Ashut0ast 6 months ago +3

      How the turn tables

    • Agent 47
      Agent 47 Year ago +3

      irony bro

    • Formidable Plays
      Formidable Plays Year ago +14

      I really liked my builder huts in corners

    • V S K
      V S K Year ago +7

      Underrated comment 🤣❤👌

  • Anishthefish
    Anishthefish Year ago +85

    This makes having 5 builders huts even better. That's 5 people running around repairing buildings and 5 extra defenses. This is gonna be so cool.

  • Judo Sloth Gaming
    Judo Sloth Gaming Year ago +1987

    I can’t wait to start surrounding my Defenses with Builders, look forward to this one for sure!

    • Garrick potato
      Garrick potato Year ago

      im gonna place them all over my archer towers so if those darn dragons try to destroy da archer towers i will be prepared

    • taculaorobert
      taculaorobert Year ago

      This is cool and is not that op so it kept the balance :D

    • Orion Ps712
      Orion Ps712 Year ago

      Tesla Builder hut 10 building swirling vortex of doom anyone? (Add extra tornado trap in the center)

    • Aman sanna
      Aman sanna Year ago

      When th14 comes?

    • McGundee
      McGundee Year ago

      Haha Imagine 6 builders just bassing on the TH all at once

  • Isaac0818
    Isaac0818 Year ago +123

    In the near future, the villagers are probably gonna rush at your troops with a kitchen knife

  • Seamus Kennedy
    Seamus Kennedy Year ago +443

    Available at town hall 14
    Me: Well that will be another 2 years of waiting

    • radantos
      radantos 7 months ago +2

      Good news i just joined a clan war and the first person i scout had a upgraded builder hut

    • Infinity Notifications
      Infinity Notifications 11 months ago +6

      @Fawwaz Ali Wrong the reason it will take 2 years is because they make every single building take so long to upgrade.

    • Ma. Shinette Pesasico
      Ma. Shinette Pesasico 11 months ago +5

      Imagine th 16 the battle builders hut level 7 has an mini archer tower

    • Fawwaz Ali
      Fawwaz Ali Year ago +1

      Fr they make everything so expensive

    • bru h
      bru h Year ago +16

      Or this little manuever is gonna cost us 51 years

  • ToXiC Brawl
    ToXiC Brawl 9 months ago +15

    Builder be like: finally I can be inside of the village 😂😂

  • Muhammad Fauzan
    Muhammad Fauzan Year ago +85

    President:"I only have time to rest 4 times a week!"
    College students:"we only have 2 times"
    Teachers:"what, i have 1"
    Coc builders:"wait, you guys have rest time?"

    • Suyash Sangale
      Suyash Sangale 10 months ago +6

      I can imagine that guy in the meme sayin that😂

  • Vijay Ghute
    Vijay Ghute Year ago +2081

    Year 2099: Upgrade your decorations to turn them into defences.

    • Riya Prajapati
      Riya Prajapati 2 months ago

      like Venus flytrap

    • Clash god!
      Clash god! 3 months ago


    • hakdog
      hakdog 3 months ago +1

      Imagine the flowers getting upgrade to turn into a poison trap lol

    • EDU OSO
      EDU OSO 3 months ago

      That gotta be so cool

    • every
      every 3 months ago

      year 50000 - upgrade your background and turn it into a defense

  • Sanjay Santhosh
    Sanjay Santhosh Year ago +13

    Finally builders got their recognition for their hard work!

  • Zenith Terranesia | ゼニス • テラネシア

    Master Builder : Hold on, let me get my War Machine...

  • シRyder
    シRyder Year ago +13

    Can we get a animation behind why they started to fight back it would be a good continuation from the last builder Animation you guys did

  • Eylül
    Eylül Year ago +8

    Even when he battles, his smile never fade away 😁

  • Loler
    Loler Year ago +702

    I never thought id see the day when builder huts were upgradable

    • F King |-Brawl Stars
      F King |-Brawl Stars Year ago +2

      Me to bro👍🏾

    • CAPPIN
      CAPPIN Year ago

      Me neither

    • Crazy man
      Crazy man Year ago

      I wonder what kind of story will they make with the builder now🤔

    • SSY LEVI
      SSY LEVI Year ago


    • Mona lisa
      Mona lisa Year ago +1

      I think they will use gems for upgrading builders hut

  • Yagyansh Śharma
    Yagyansh Śharma Year ago +65

    upgrading town hall: a lot of gold
    upgrading builder hut: a lot of gems

  • Holy Crusader
    Holy Crusader Year ago +1

    After being untouched and forgotten for 8 years... Now that's an epic moment there for the builders

  • GDT
    GDT Year ago +1

    Finally after all these years it’s now happening thank you so much and this towards the whole community of clash of clans.

  • Basit Gaming
    Basit Gaming Year ago +1

    In 2019 : Town hall can also attack
    In 2021 : Builder's hut can kill your whole archers army

  • Kevin Papac
    Kevin Papac Year ago +1397

    Imagine the look of a new player's face when they tap on the builder hut and hit the upgrade button just to see "Note! You need to upgrade your Town Hall to level 14!"

    • Steamstep Icon
      Steamstep Icon 9 months ago

      *Y O U N E E D T O U P G R A D E Y O U R T O W N H A L L T O L E V E L 1 4 !*

    • player
      player 9 months ago


    • Cuchurrumí
      Cuchurrumí Year ago


    • Thooth Almotairy
      Thooth Almotairy Year ago

      They can buy th14 acc for 20£

    • Brett Tanton
      Brett Tanton Year ago

      @Roy Lawrence Tomagan nope!! The upgrades are only available at th14

  • #KB's Studio
    #KB's Studio Year ago

    The whole update is so awesome to watch until 0:32 😂

  • Alexandr
    Alexandr Year ago +1

    Apparently this will be a very cool update. Well done!

  • BlackDeathArtist
    BlackDeathArtist 10 months ago +2

    Nobody is going to talk about how in the end the archer pushes the barbarian for nothing 😔😔

  • ronda scard
    ronda scard Year ago

    This th14 update is really improving the fairness between the attacker and the defender

  • On your left
    On your left Year ago +1174

    1 year later:- Now walls can throw spears..

    • sarjigamer1000
      sarjigamer1000 Year ago

      @Bao Kline thats called a ring

    • Royal HeadQuarters
      Royal HeadQuarters Year ago +1

      @Fianchetto imagine a trapped wall (th 15, you can buy 15 of those and 10 new regular walls) to blow enemies that get through!
      Hey austin apparently we thought the same lol

    • A Singularity
      A Singularity Year ago +1

      @Jatin BGMI dropping pekkas on e drags

    • Jatin BGMI
      Jatin BGMI Year ago +1

      In future we can enter in the game and defend our village and attack on enemy 😂😂😂

    • Tejas Factory8400
      Tejas Factory8400 Year ago +1

      1year later
      Villagers throw Spears 😂😂

  • Mad Stellaris
    Mad Stellaris 11 months ago +6

    That eye twitch really tells you that their patience has run thin

  • God Love the Animals!
    God Love the Animals! 11 months ago +1

    I’m so so glad that I am playing this GAME. IT IS SO SO cute. I guess you guys are successful in achinving your goal “A game that people keep on playing will remember forever.” 😃

  • DinoDrawsStuffYT
    DinoDrawsStuffYT Year ago +1

    We all knew this day would come finally we can upgrade builder huts

  • Abhinav Pratap
    Abhinav Pratap Year ago

    Ahh.. I miss those days.. when i used to play COC whole day

  • Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    Th13: The town hall can fight back
    Th14: The builder can heal buildings
    Th15: The village women learn how to fight

  • good evening.
    good evening. 5 months ago +2

    0:44 The reveal of the channel button when the archer shoots at the target is satisfying

  • PooDot StinkPants
    PooDot StinkPants Year ago +1

    This new update is going to be an epic wild ride, let's goooo fellow clashers!!!

  • Zukri Azlan
    Zukri Azlan Year ago +32

    Year 2077 : Now we have a tree and obstacle to defend your base against enemy .....

  • Reece Mason
    Reece Mason Year ago +1555

    Builders: "My time has come..."

    • Tiger Arora
      Tiger Arora 10 months ago

      @Ax yL so?

    • Reece Mason
      Reece Mason Year ago +1

      @cyanide lol, no thanks

    • Plastic Beetle
      Plastic Beetle Year ago +1

      @cyanide nice trick to remove the heart

    • cyanide
      cyanide Year ago

      I heard editing a comment boost it to the top, try it bri

    • Umesh Sharma
      Umesh Sharma Year ago

      Impossible heart (maybe their mistakes).

  • İlter Bolat
    İlter Bolat Year ago

    Almost every Clash of Clans player puts the huts in the corners and saving some time but now...
    They can attack. 😎

  • Rono
    Rono 11 months ago

    I always had the feeling that we'll be able to upgrade builder huts someday..m

  • Deshmukh Shantanu
    Deshmukh Shantanu 11 months ago

    i use to play this game about 4 - 5 years ago
    Their were rumours that soon we could be able to upgrade our builders hut aswell and after 5 years this thing is becoming a reality

  • Dawgymator
    Dawgymator Year ago +1

    Finally the builder can upgrade himself, I've been waiting for this

  • Yagyansh Śharma
    Yagyansh Śharma Year ago +681

    2020: builder huts in corner
    2021: builder huts in middle of base with townhall

    • Jordan Kerr
      Jordan Kerr Year ago

      @CheetOflavoreD the cry of a defeated man. “cLoWn”

    • Jordan Kerr
      Jordan Kerr Year ago

      @CheetOflavoreD I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who most likely isn’t even in high school yet though. You will learn possessives and when to use contracting words later on in your wasted education

  • Chase4682
    Chase4682 Year ago

    I remember the video made by Clash of Clans where the builder left his home village because his village and everything he built was just getting annihilated so this, I can somehow relate to it about him trying to help defend the village.

  • Ninja X
    Ninja X Year ago

    ah yes, a definitely perfect way to make us take longer to clear the base

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago

    Love to see that you have to have been playing full time for 5 years to unlock new content

    IXZUAN Year ago

    Amazing❤️great work🔥

  • ObamaBeanLatin
    ObamaBeanLatin Year ago +854

    When TH 15 comes out, villagers can come out to battle using their swords.

    • Syaz1
      Syaz1 Year ago +1


    • Jayden Anon
      Jayden Anon Year ago +4

      @TheQuackinator I thought they were praying to the trees: the power of Jesus shall vanquish their enemies

    • Pedro Hideki
      Pedro Hideki Year ago +4

      @Sandipan Mukherjee and each wall will have an ex-bow and an infarno tower

    • Ta Mim
      Ta Mim Year ago +2

      Or our troops

    • SSDipto '91
      SSDipto '91 Year ago +3

      When th 99 comes out, you physically invade other players' houses and take away their food money etc

  • Basit Gaming
    Basit Gaming Year ago

    *In next update - you can also use builders as troops*

  • Steve Blanchard
    Steve Blanchard Year ago

    Ok, I love the new content, I just wish I would be able to enjoy any of it. I have been playing clash for years, and still enjoy it. I prefer to max my base out before going to the next level, and as such, I am at TH 11
    At this rate, I may be able to use the new content in about 3 years, ughhh!
    I refuse to pay money to upgrade my base, to have access to it all. Very disappointed in the way you made it available to only those that spend all their mommies allowance money on a mobile game :(
    Otherwise, I still love this game. Our clan is pretty regularly warring against other clans

  • golden weeb
    golden weeb 6 months ago +1

    that eye twitch the builder made really shows the desperation of seeing his buildings destroyed lmao

  • Sweet lollipop
    Sweet lollipop Year ago +1

    Th12: town hall become a defence with giga tesla and giga bomb
    Th14: builder halls become a defence and heals damaged building
    Th129: bushes become a defence and throws lava bullets

  • BigCC
    BigCC Year ago +427

    After all these years... The builders finnally got what they needed

  • Chris Woakes
    Chris Woakes Year ago

    Who all here are missing CLASH A RAMA a lot 🙂🥺❤️
    I used to binge watch it and also made COC more interesting for me
    Clash of Clans should continue that series and make more episodes on it 🙏🙏

  • Kaito
    Kaito 11 months ago +1

    Builder: upgrades storages
    Attacker and troops: *STONKS*

  • Juan Pablo Saravia
    Juan Pablo Saravia 10 months ago

    Existe un problema o bug desde la última actualización o creo desde el último mantenimiento, en el cual los constructores guerreros defensivos se quedan atascados (bugeados o trancados) entre los muros y no reparan nada

  • シRyder
    シRyder Year ago

    This is actually a amazing idea

    BLAZING BLIZZARD Year ago +408

    Defenses: fails to defend the base
    Builder: Fine, I'll do it myself

  • Dawa Tashi
    Dawa Tashi Year ago

    This game will never get old

  • Deepak Amte
    Deepak Amte 11 months ago

    I would like to suggest just replace 2 builder crossbow's with water jet... against both air & ground..🔥

  • snake_wit_tophat
    snake_wit_tophat Year ago

    this reminds me of when me and my brothers were joking about what if builders could fight a few years ago.

  • Palm Bear of Texas
    Palm Bear of Texas Year ago +5

    Wow, y’all’re really invigorating TH 14. Nice.

  • b
    b Year ago +1133

    TH 69 : no more hiding, the villagers will attack enemy troops.

    • hank
      hank Month ago

      @Tim G level 10,000 wizard uses a sun sized fireball and destroys every base in the game

    • hank
      hank Month ago

      TH 1,000,000 the town hall spawns 200 max level level pekka's and 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999, max level barbarian's when hit

    • SeñorAce
      SeñorAce 4 months ago

      Th 69420 the army in the army camps attack

    • Altay el
      Altay el 5 months ago

      All the the archer queen and barbarian king skins will attack at same time.

      MANJU BAISHYA 7 months ago

      Supercell wants to know your Address

  • Mohaned SIFER
    Mohaned SIFER Year ago

    Finally the Builders are getting some Respect lol

  • Chino Type
    Chino Type 6 months ago +2

    When builder finally get their revenge seeing all their upgraded tower being destory and rebuild

    FALLEN KNIGHT Year ago

    great update SC i really wish this game still exist in the next future generations

  • Redy Pajero
    Redy Pajero Year ago

    *Man, this one is a revolutionary update.*
    _Well done, Clash of Clans._

  • Apk Gaming
    Apk Gaming Year ago +2387

    Clashers : No New Defense?
    Builder : Now You Can Count On Me

    • SentByAnon
      SentByAnon Year ago +1

      I want another new powerful defense for th14

    • Moes Anjay
      Moes Anjay Year ago +1

      return global message

    • Fdgfd Dgtdty
      Fdgfd Dgtdty Year ago +1

      The game is completely defenseless.... th14 will be the same....EVERYONE will completely destroy each other 8 times a day in Legends..

    • NCS Productions
      NCS Productions Year ago +1

      I still hope there’s a new defense

    • Sam Al-jumaili
      Sam Al-jumaili Year ago +1

      "You can count on me like One two three i"ll be there"...

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Year ago

    this means that soon the gold, elixir and dark elixir collectors too going to be a defensive building

  • Daniel Fernandez E

    Or hear me out..... maybe upgrades for builders should be more about how fast they can finish building a defense! Instead of 10 days it could go down to 8 days because you upgraded the builder.

  • Nithya sree Kasthuri rengan

    Try adding levels which make less time to upgrade buildings

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon Year ago

    So since buying more builders costs gems does that mean those that have all builders will have an advantage over those who don't? 🤔

  • Laik Shaikh
    Laik Shaikh Year ago +1064

    Year 2100: now trader can defend your village

    • Jarry Garry
      Jarry Garry Year ago +1

      Year 2050:The village lady that always clap can transform to 200 levels from various troop.Every troops have their own heroes
      2100:You can transfer your subconscious mind in the game to experience as one of the troop.If you die,you can choose another troops

    • Farhan Mallick
      Farhan Mallick Year ago

      By giving shields

    • Rucha Rajesh
      Rucha Rajesh Year ago

      @Evan N 😂😂😂

    • Astrofailure
      Astrofailure Year ago

      @hisham yassir 69420*

    • Yt SAMUEL
      Yt SAMUEL Year ago

      Then villagers attack with flame thrower

  • master cat
    master cat Year ago

    Players: how much more upgrade time are you willing to give
    Supercell: yes

  • Tuxedo Alien
    Tuxedo Alien Year ago

    Great, another feature I'll unlock when it's 2 years old because new features are always only available for the latest TH lvl

  • Pasha Khan
    Pasha Khan Year ago

    I Love this update 😍😍😍

  • Sean Yin
    Sean Yin Year ago +1

    I already know, This the one hall of an update.
    It’s probably the best one yet.

  • Creeper Gaming88
    Creeper Gaming88 Year ago +736

    2030 : Troops from training camps will fight back
    **imagine the chaos** 😂

    • Mystic Tears
      Mystic Tears Year ago

      @Jack R yeah I know lol but I'm actually tryin to fix that 😅

    • Chandragupta Maurya
      Chandragupta Maurya Year ago

      Walls Level 20 will explode upon destruction/will attack troops

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago

      @BekaBerserk _ Could you mention what TH level you're at? That would really help me for suggesting tips which would be appropriate to you.

    • BekaBerserk _
      BekaBerserk _ Year ago

      @Dishant Seth I agree wholeheartedly, a poidon spell would be hella helpful in cc situations. I never got the hang of using freeze spells at the right time which is part of why I'm using them, to get better with them since they are a valuable spell. Thanks for the tip on the cc poison spell, I hadn't thought of it since the only regularly active people in my clan right now are myself and one other (the clan started to die a little while I was inactive, I'm working on revival. I hope the new update helps with that). I would shake up my army, but right now it's a lot of big troops (golems and pekkas, hog riders . . (which need to be in bulk, imo)), and I'm trying to use troops I don't use that much with strategies I'm not really used to so I can adapt more in wars. The army I currently use is very heavily dependent on funneling to three star, which is part of why I use it, because over the months I have become horrible at funneling. It's slowly getting better though, I honestly just lost my game sense for the most part when it comes to coc. Any tips on "shaking off the rust" would appreciated, and thanks for the suggestions
      P.S. sorry this is long, as I said my clan is largely inactive, and most of my friends don't care about coc, so don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff lol

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago

      @BekaBerserk _ I'd recommend you switch up a freeze for a poison. While I agree it's not as versatile, it could be the difference between a win or a loss in some circumstances. Or you could also use a CC poison if you aren't already using that space for other spell(s). You could also try out shaking up your army a bit here and there to add more air support. E-drag is one of the last CC troops anybody should be having trouble with.

  • pain
    pain Year ago

    Are we not going to talk about how smooth the archer and the logo were at the end

  • Voidago
    Voidago Year ago

    Me a fresh Townhall 9: oh, this looks cool!
    Supercell: available at th 14
    There gos all hope of seeing a builder battle

  • Troy Alunday
    Troy Alunday Year ago

    maybe when the battle buildings will be destroyed, you can't use the builders unless you repair them. Just a guess

  • Exp1red Chees3
    Exp1red Chees3 Year ago +11

    I think they kind of predicted this in a clasha Rama episode

  • Takeshi 179
    Takeshi 179 Year ago +372

    9 years we were all waiting for this moment to come, how many of us did not expect that the builders could improve their workshops and today it finally came true

    • GodTr1ckster Gaming
      GodTr1ckster Gaming Year ago

      @Takeshi 179 Of course you can, if you have a Gold Pass which helps to Boost Upgrades of Labs and Buildings, Runes, wall rings will surely help you, but I am not interested to spend money on a Game so Maybe it may take more than 1 year of time for me to reach TH 14.

    • Takeshi 179
      Takeshi 179 Year ago

      Oh yes, I saw people go by for a long time to private servers or as you say photoshops of what the improved builders shack looked like, and after so many prayers so many fan art material, today that day will arrive.
      Like I also went up to TH 13 today, it will take me a year or a year and a half to reach TH 14 I hope that with the 6 builders I can go up fast

    • GodTr1ckster Gaming
      GodTr1ckster Gaming Year ago +2

      Remember few years ago
      Some photoshops use to fool people hyped for the Builder hits upgrades with some abilities.
      The time has come true😍🤩😋
      But sad Thing is , today only I started Upgrade for TH 13
      And this builders upgrade will unlock at TH 14 😔
      Which will take me almost a Year🤯

  • Andrew Barganier
    Andrew Barganier Year ago

    I stoped playing since they released the eagle defense thing. I feel like it’s insanely hard to attack probably nowadays. Like 3 stars probably never happen at high Elos

  • Christo S.S.
    Christo S.S. Year ago

    If only this update was planted on th 7, the strategy would be easier and there would be no builder hut on the corner of the village, and we can just spam full heavy troops like dragons without needing a single small troop lol

  • karon Patrick
    karon Patrick Year ago +1

    Am I the only one who wants builder base war in CWL and CW?

  • Venom King
    Venom King 8 months ago

    It would be OP if the Builders themselves can attack with their hammer without being killed.
    Like they'll begin to charge with their hammer after their Builder Huts were destroyed.

  • Ewen Gualito Oliva
    Ewen Gualito Oliva Year ago +1028

    Everyone gangsta until there’s a 98% with TH and Builder hut

    • BekaBerserk _
      BekaBerserk _ Year ago

      @shuo zhang yeah, makes sense. Still feel like it would be able to easily thwart some armiesnthat otherwise would three star

    • shuo zhang
      shuo zhang Year ago

      @BekaBerserk _ The master builder hut cant be upgraded. Also, it's not THAT strong honestly, I've seen plenty of TheXvidrs show it off, and even with a Th with the builders repairing it, it can still get taken down with relative ease. A maxed out builder only repairs 60 HP per second, which isn't that much

    • AniMice
      AniMice Year ago +1

      @BekaBerserk _ haha ye I'm half way to th13 I'm be farming like a pro to get th14 lol and the other 2 builders from the other side won't get this upgrade sadly xD

    • BekaBerserk _
      BekaBerserk _ Year ago +1

      @AniMice oh god that's going to be so exploitable. Imagine if the master builder/Otto could also join in the fight dear god

    • AniMice
      AniMice Year ago +1

      @BekaBerserk _ no all builders can go in one building at the same time if it's damaged of course :)

  • KoxTheKnight
    KoxTheKnight Year ago +1

    Clash of Clans could add a new feature, that allows more than one builders to upgrade one building. If two builders work, it would take half of the time to finish the project. If three, the time would be devided by 3 and so on. I think this would be a fine upgrade to the builders as well.
    (Sorry for my english, i am hungarian)

  • Gamer OPP
    Gamer OPP Year ago +1

    After some updates your army camp troups will defend just as in clan castle 🤭😆🤪😅

    SHAMUUU FC 8 months ago

    Finally after millenniums builder finally figured out a way to upgrade his hut 🤣

  • Manuel Archila
    Manuel Archila Year ago +1

    Y yo a porfin había maxeado Mi aldea Th13😂

  • Joshin Tia
    Joshin Tia Year ago

    Next update: You can now train builders to fight in your army!

    ANEX ANTONY 10 months ago +1

    I have dreamed of this when I was a child🥺

  • Aditya Naik
    Aditya Naik Year ago

    I have a doubt so if the builder heals the elixir storage do we recover the stolen elixir?

  • Simão Araújo
    Simão Araújo Year ago +1

    It's time to add more huts from the builder, it's kind of hard to be TH13 with 5 builders ;_;

  • Starfall Channel
    Starfall Channel Year ago +430

    So, builder huts won't be placed in each corner of map anymore