The Journey of Ed Coan - The Greatest Powerlifter of All Time

  • Published on Jun 18, 2015
  • Ed Coan, the greatest powerlifter of all time, talks Mark Bell and Silent Mike through his past. Ed lets them in on everything from the very beginning of his lifting career as boy to the man he is today. Ed's numbers may have been superhuman, but in this interview we get to see that he is indeed human--and an exceptional one, at that.
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  • OmarIsuf
    OmarIsuf 6 years ago +1

    Favourite part is

  • Ebaby W
    Ebaby W 6 years ago +254

    Mark- "how long did it take you to reach a 500lb sqwuat"

  • Idaho Guy
    Idaho Guy 2 years ago +26

    “What’s so hard about helping someone?” Love that quote by Ed Coan. So simple but something all of us need to hear.

  • Kishan
    Kishan 6 years ago +273

    Mark - "You've never seen triceps like this before have ya Ed Coan?"

  • siliconcrayon
    siliconcrayon 4 years ago +28

    I'm dealing with depression and powerlifting kinda really saved my life. And this guy Ed coan is such a inspiration for me .. I'm truly blessed to see this video Ed proving why he is the GOAT. <3 . There can be lot of strong guy but to be humble and kinda person ..dam man i wanna say so much ... but lets wrap this with WE LOVE ED COAN <3

  • Matty Patty92
    Matty Patty92 6 years ago +13

    "Powerlifting is never going to leave me, no matter what I lift. It can't get away - I'm keepin it."

  • RamblinAround
    RamblinAround 6 years ago +69

    Ed Coan is one of the coolest people on the planet. It would be enough that he was one of the greatest lifters of all time, but you can also see that he really has life figured out. Such a great attitude...never been more impressed by anyone.

  • Leonard Smith
    Leonard Smith 6 years ago +21

    Ed Coan literally is my inspiration for powerlifting. It's insane to see that in the videos the past couple of weeks, his technique is exactly the same as it was when he competed.

  • Mitchell Goldstein
    Mitchell Goldstein 5 years ago +79

    Ed is such a great guy, so genuine and caring, classic Chicagoan man, he's the definition of a classic lifter

  • A.P.P - Andreas Preiker Piss PODCAST

    Im not into powerlifting but Ed's personality had me stick around for an hour and 14 minutes. What a champ and such a cool an mellow dude. Great production on this video. Good work!

  • Brandon Conceicao
    Brandon Conceicao 6 years ago +35

    I got to say Mark, your videos are the ones that help us youngsters learn. I'm not talking just technique and such, but how to be a good well rounded person. I click on your vids and they are an hour long and I tell myself damn thats way too long, but then I get so focused and attached to the content that it flies by. Keep it up, we need to learn because we have a long way to go.

  • Brad Kunz
    Brad Kunz 6 years ago +11

    Ed's story about what powerlifting did for him, how he met Hege, and how he feels privileged to be a part of this sport that means so much to him was extremely powerful. What an awesome video.

  • yay
    yay 6 years ago +266

    Ed deserves an ESPN 30 for 30.

  • Bryan Williams
    Bryan Williams 6 years ago +16

    Ed breaking down and actually giving credit to the journey not his Numbers. Shows his a class act and the GOAT!

  • puffd_plays
    puffd_plays 6 years ago +30

    Just went through the whole thing, this man is absolutely fantastic! What a fucking role model compared to some of these athletes we see in other sports..

  • Cameron Dowden
    Cameron Dowden 2 years ago +9

    “When there’s pain involved it’s no longer a game. It’s a way of life” I love that

  • The Grim Exprience
    The Grim Exprience 6 years ago +21

    Ed is the ultimate powerlifter. The word legend is over used these days. Ed Coan a living legend. I'm wondering if Ed remembers a guy named Jim Cash. He held the dead lift record in the 220's i'm remembering in the early 80's. I trained in the gym he trained back then in Kansas when I was in the military. It was owned by another great powerlifter Nate Foster. Thanks for the great video!!

  • Gary Fletcher
    Gary Fletcher 6 years ago +1

    Best episode yet! Loved the Ed Coen series Mark. So inspirational and a great guy too. A lot of grown men crying after this one :)

  • Łukasz Lewandowski
    Łukasz Lewandowski 6 years ago +4

    This video is awesome! I watched it multiple times and I'm sure, I will watch it yet many many times... When Ed says "The best thing I got out of powerlifting..." - it beats all motivation movies that I've seen on YT. Thank You Ed!

  • JasonLeeno
    JasonLeeno 6 years ago +1

    Mark I need to take the time to thank you for having the ED Coan series. It has literally been the most motivating and inspiring thing I've experienced in lifting all year. Thank you.