A "Gaming" SD card?? - $H!T Manufacturers Say

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Has "gaming" marketing gone too far? We explore just what justifies a "gaming" label on this MicroSD card by HyperX.
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  • Master Danten
    Master Danten 20 hours ago

    Too much Game and Gaming

  • Remi Pepelko
    Remi Pepelko Day ago

    editor missed a "gAmInG" at 4:36

  • hotpotato 91
    hotpotato 91 Day ago

    Linus it's all your fault! I can now no longer say "gaming" normally anymore haha every time I say it I have to shout it like you haha

  • YouTube Poop
    YouTube Poop 6 days ago

    Gaming dildo

  • Alphonse Kenswick
    Alphonse Kenswick 8 days ago

    New drinking GAME take a shot every time he says GAMING, this revolutionary GAME combines alcohol poisoning and GAMING!
    GAME on!

  • the alaskan
    the alaskan 8 days ago

    Gaming porn! Gaming pizza! Gaming soda!

  • boslog grekco
    boslog grekco 9 days ago

    How come my phone detects sd cards as portable? I cant transfer apps to it

  • lucas cavallo
    lucas cavallo 10 days ago

    3:39 holding "Gaming" phone upside down

  • HTVR
    HTVR 11 days ago

    GAMING Comment!!!, I just had to comment this.

  • Phillip Edwards
    Phillip Edwards 15 days ago

    Vote Linus has to say GAMING like this every single video he does now

  • systim30
    systim30 15 days ago

    GAMING !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TechnoMasterBoy
    TechnoMasterBoy 16 days ago

    6:43 Wait... "50% off" but 60$ isn't 50% of 180$ 🤔🤔🤔

  • Retard Pikachu
    Retard Pikachu 17 days ago


  • daily brawl
    daily brawl 19 days ago

    omfg linus is one of those shocks and sandals guys :O

  • Roroone
    Roroone 19 days ago

    Get on my level, I have an rgb cat with 20% more meowing

  • 420skywalker
    420skywalker 24 days ago

    Was lol'ing at the sponsor. I've got a thermeltake view 31 for the last year or so now.

  • Gadelica The Thief
    Gadelica The Thief 25 days ago

    The word of the day is GAMING ah ah ah ah

  • Mario Mateo
    Mario Mateo 25 days ago

    Performance Delta?

  • Carlos Crespo
    Carlos Crespo 29 days ago

    Aaahahahahaha this video made my day!!! It doesn't get old 🤣🤣

  • isaac blobdude
    isaac blobdude Month ago


  • isaac blobdude
    isaac blobdude Month ago


  • Amiibo Alec
    Amiibo Alec Month ago

    Me gloating about having a better SD card is how I feel when I use my Switch's $200 (when I bought it) 400 gigabyte SanDisk SD card

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper Month ago

    Find any high end card and it's the same, gaming, etc naming might just sell it for a higher price.

  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns Month ago

    Lmfao gaming bytes

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez Month ago

    It still fucking pisses me the hell off that nintardo put a micro sd card slot instead of a full sized SD card when the is clearly 3x larger than the Nintendo 3ds which still has an SD card slot. An SD card is way more reliable because of its full sized nand chips and controller that don't heat up as bad as well.

  • Ferrel Navia Fimbres

    Don't insult my gaming kitchen knife!

  • Lord Drahçïr II
    Lord Drahçïr II Month ago

    Take a shot every time he says GAMING. Prepare to die

  • Eric the Bleach man
    Eric the Bleach man Month ago +4

    Take a shot every time he says GAMING

  • Pryzim1
    Pryzim1 Month ago +1

    Next is, "Tactical Gaming"!

  • Alejandro Rey
    Alejandro Rey Month ago +1


  • EnSpark
    EnSpark Month ago

    Hey, my gaming wallet is offended

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago +2

    I undisliked and disliked for every single time you said “gaming” like a donut.

  • SchizmCyantist
    SchizmCyantist Month ago +1

    See, what you fail to mention is that this SD card manufacturer supports HATING WOMEN AND MINORITIES. GAMERS RISE UP!

  • Yor3
    Yor3 Month ago +2

    When you so sick you cough in *gaming*

  • Baesel20xx
    Baesel20xx Month ago +1

    So a problem that i've run into a few times with SD cards and mobile is that mobile devices sometimes won't work with certain SD cards. I'm sure there's a reason for this but not sure what it is. While I suspect that 'gaming' title is just BS, but I wonder if part of the reason for naming it that is to make sure people know itll work with mobile gaming devices.
    Probably not though.

  • Talya BH nail art
    Talya BH nail art Month ago

    couldn't you have told me about that mouse like, two weeks ago? i just bought a new gaming mouse for the same price that looks half as good as this one

  • Mazuar
    Mazuar Month ago +2

    my GAMING coaster

    • fill swipht
      fill swipht 9 days ago

      razer already made that. its not even a joke

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  • OmegaLuma
    OmegaLuma Month ago

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  • j s s
    j s s Month ago

    Gah.. That became annoying after the first minute. Hope I never encounter it again blah

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell Month ago

    The extra cash may be worth it for the ability to air hump friends and strangers for 3 seconds per game load.

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX Month ago

    *Slap a gaming title on my girlfriend and I’ll buy it •_•*

  • #2LOGO Minecraft
    #2LOGO Minecraft Month ago


  • Eddie San
    Eddie San Month ago

    Lol. GAMING Really didn’t get old.

  • ridho rahadian
    ridho rahadian Month ago

    I really wonder how linus is still getting sponsor and free stuff to review while they continiously roasting the manufacturer

  • JDChurch118
    JDChurch118 Month ago

    Am I the only one getting concerned about Linus' dad memes?

  • Imran Qureshi
    Imran Qureshi Month ago

    Take a shot, every time Linus says Gaming or Gamer... or games.

  • Antoni L
    Antoni L Month ago

    Talking bad about gaming stuff but sponsor gaming tower :v

  • David Franks
    David Franks Month ago

    But could this GAMING SD card run Windows on my GAMING Raspberry pi!🤣

  • Daniel Sung-ho Cho
    Daniel Sung-ho Cho Month ago +7

    'Gaming' marketing of Electronic industries = 'Tactical' marketing of Outdoor industries

  • SamsungLG
    SamsungLG Month ago

    Lot of GAMERZ

  • Marcus Onisor
    Marcus Onisor Month ago

    5:52 his "socks and sandals" are tennis shoes.

  • Marcus Onisor
    Marcus Onisor Month ago

    5:52 his "socks and sandals" are tennis shoes.

  • Scooterpie666
    Scooterpie666 Month ago

    I need an rgb micro SD card...

  • Mini RS 3rd Gen
    Mini RS 3rd Gen Month ago


  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh Month ago

    I brought a Gaming Toothbrush to improve my gaming experience, sadly im still shit at Fortnite.

  • Exclutips Gaming
    Exclutips Gaming Month ago


  • Keju Enak
    Keju Enak Month ago


  • Scrubnub
    Scrubnub Month ago

    What how do you go to school and not have a gaming pencil. What r u sum kinda scrub

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson Month ago

    Shocking how we can get 500+gb microSD cards now but just a few years ago 32gb sticks were a new thing.

  • Davin Liming
    Davin Liming Month ago

    I saw one of these things in a Wal-Mart by the Switch games, and it made me wildly confused.

  • joe kickass
    joe kickass Month ago

    take a shot every time he says *GAMING*
    you'll be dead by the second minute

  • Fwazangalang Entertainment

    Ya got game, bro?!?!

  • Beats0nDeck
    Beats0nDeck Month ago

    Im looking at a microsd card right now i need one for my phone but it says for (emphasis) "PORTABLE GAMING!!!!" but what does this mean??????? Probably nothing at all

  • Oguzhan YILMAZ
    Oguzhan YILMAZ Month ago

    Razer gaming toast

  • lordkayx
    lordkayx Month ago

    Do you get shit for wearing socks and sandals? Im from Florida and people act like its a cardinal sin, but to me its the only way to fly

  • Devil's Offspring
    Devil's Offspring Month ago

    GAMING Computer Desk! $2200! Out-performs industry-standard computer desks! When performance is of paramount importance, only the ZXR-3000 Twin Turbo GT Special Edition GAMING Computer Desk will do!

  • pinquinsam
    pinquinsam Month ago

    Take a shot for everytime he say gaming

    Edit: after watching im not feeling well.

  • HolyDr1ver
    HolyDr1ver Month ago

    My philips GAMING lamp is perfect for GAMING!!!!!!!!

  • Kian Siong
    Kian Siong Month ago

    Gaming hahaba

  • WindowsEXE
    WindowsEXE Month ago

    *_G A M I N G_*

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old Raven Month ago

    Got a standard 256GB sandisk for my Switch... no complaints at all.

  • PHTX
    PHTX Month ago

    So gaming is the new apple logo?

  • Muhammad Faizzul
    Muhammad Faizzul Month ago

    I repeat its alot of time.

  • James Herron
    James Herron Month ago

    Hey @Linus Tech Tips, what's going on with your Switch? (specifically, it looks different...)

  • Ayan
    Ayan Month ago

    When he makes fun of his sponsof

  • Der_Rusher
    Der_Rusher Month ago

    what do you want? it was faster than your other sd card... its as even slightly faster than the phones internal storage! so why not call it gaming?!

  • Ignacio Celeda
    Ignacio Celeda Month ago

    Challenge: Take a shot every time he says GAMING lol

  • Josh P.
    Josh P. Month ago

    nice GAMING socks and sandals

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer Month ago

    Needs more RGB

  • Key Wise
    Key Wise Month ago

    i had a friend who did that gloating when he got the updated 3ds model

  • Jeremy Andrews
    Jeremy Andrews Month ago

    In defense of the manufacturer, I would say it's at least as legitimate to talk about a faster-than-usual "gaming" SD card as it is to talk about overclocked "gaming" memory. After all, everyone knows it's basically just a buzzword to highlight the high-end tech, and that cheaper stuff works just as well for gaming on a budget. Another good point I'd like to make is that Nintendo partnered with one of HyperX's competitors to make officially-licensed Nintendo Switch microSD cards, which are far from being remarkable in any way. Since they don't have a license themselves, how do you expect them to make sure people know their SD cards work with the Switch aside from slapping "gaming" on it in the face of a tactic like that (which is arguably worse because it could mislead someone into thinking only licensed cards work in the Switch)?
    Marketing has always been largely disconnected with underlying technology. I mean, hard drives are mislabeled with decimal gigabytes rather than binary gibibytes. A Xeon is labeled a "Workstation" processor even though you can run Microsoft Office or a PC game on it just fine. Windows 10 "Pro" has some features that would be relevant to home users in edge cases. Words like "Workstation" "Professional" "Gaming" "Home," and the rest are more about targeting a particular segment for marketing purposes than an explanation of what the product's technical merits are.

  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz Month ago

    "Gaming Bytes" omg I lost it so bad XD

  • AnyBodyWannaPeanut
    AnyBodyWannaPeanut Month ago

    "$h!t Manufacturers Say" needs to be an ongoing series!!!

  • The Average Gamer
    The Average Gamer Month ago

    well he has poop on his sandals

  • Evgeniy Pizza
    Evgeniy Pizza Month ago


  • numberyellow
    numberyellow Month ago


  • Talha Hussain
    Talha Hussain Month ago

    I'm gna go sleep in my gaming bed

  • Pumpkin man
    Pumpkin man Month ago

    I used to have a razor phone 😢

  • Abdullah Hashim
    Abdullah Hashim Month ago

    You don't have to be so salty and insulting! GeeeZ

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben Month ago

    Was gonna get one of those ThermalTake cases but it doesn't have Tempered Gaming Glass on the sides. So I think I'll pass on them

  • CanadianParadox
    CanadianParadox Month ago

    Gaming paper

  • That Dang Leprechaun

    So glad he pointed this out man. "GAMING" is just a buzz word now. Should've know it was over when walmart started selling GAMING PCs

  • Dare Developer
    Dare Developer Month ago

    ok this is epic

  • SulfuRed13
    SulfuRed13 Month ago

    Totally lost it at GAMING BYTES

  • Tiosh
    Tiosh Month ago

    No joke, I had a customer that refused to buy a lime transparent green micro SD card. It gave off the impression it made him look gay.
    I am seriously not joking.

  • CurtisCroweThePhotoPro

    I'm sorry but where's the RGB?

  • Kuru Sus
    Kuru Sus Month ago

    isnt the highest micro sd capacity 400 gb?

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    I would have liked to see this against the San Disk 400 GB card.

  • Alexander Dimitrov
    Alexander Dimitrov Month ago

    What if i have *G A M I N G* toilet?