Metallica: Rob & Kirk's Doodle (Cologne, Germany - June 13, 2019)

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Watch Robert Trujillo & Kirk Hammett jam on Die Höhner's "Viva Colonia" live at RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, Germany on June 13, 2019.
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  • AxemaN Racing
    AxemaN Racing Month ago

    De Höhner xD

  • aiden reed
    aiden reed Month ago

    At least it's not the Purple Rain one. Prince is looking down in disgust!!!!!!!!

  • Juckt Nicht
    Juckt Nicht Month ago


  • Emil Erpel
    Emil Erpel Month ago


  • Herbert Gámez
    Herbert Gámez Month ago

    Y pensar que cuando estaba pequeño (allá por 1999) era casi imposible tener una muestra de un concierto y RECIENTE. Ahora hasta te notifican cuando hay video nuevo y más si es de mi banda favorita 😉

  • Jorge Luis Aquino Tejeda


  • Dhruv Kotecha
    Dhruv Kotecha Month ago

    I was expecting the scorpions

    • robonyan
      robonyan Month ago +1

      No. Scorpions are from Hannover.

  • Matt Tidswell
    Matt Tidswell Month ago

    Kirk & Rob should play The Beards when they hit Adelaide, Australia!

  • DoktorZayus Fcuked
    DoktorZayus Fcuked Month ago

    Where's Till Lindemann from Rammstein when ya need 'em

  • Benny LM
    Benny LM Month ago +5

    Just awesome. Perfect choice for cologne and well played. 🤘🤘

  • turbodeeznuts
    turbodeeznuts Month ago

    I can see them playing The Last Saskatchewan Pirate in the prairies

  • Tyler Hawn
    Tyler Hawn Month ago +2

    Seen them twice in California and they never disappoint me at all

  • Lukas Miranda's
    Lukas Miranda's Month ago +1

    They shouldve done a rammenstein song

  • Mr. Trap
    Mr. Trap Month ago +1


  • Mario Quade
    Mario Quade Month ago +1

    Come to Hamburg and cover Torfrock.

  • Aless Omba
    Aless Omba Month ago +24

    This doodle was the perfect choice for the show in Cologne, it was so much fun! =)

  • Felipe Rodrigues
    Felipe Rodrigues Month ago

    Metallica no Brasil.recifeeeee

  • Robbie Whiplash
    Robbie Whiplash Month ago

    You’re in Germany.. why not get play Rammstein...

    • Lena Klaus
      Lena Klaus Month ago

      Gab ja noch genug andere Termine in Deutschland, in Berlin haben sie 'Engel' gespielt ;) und dass sie in Köln kölsche Musik gespielt haben, fand ich saugeil

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West Month ago

      @Diego Delgado Das auch.

    • David Kuhl
      David Kuhl Month ago

      Weil die Höhner in Köln einfach mal ne viel bessere Wahl sind. Es gab keinen fan der nicht brutal abgefeiert hat, viva Colonia war die perfekte Wahl.

    • Diego Delgado
      Diego Delgado Month ago +2

      Rammstein ist scheisse

  • Manuela Gil
    Manuela Gil Month ago +4


  • Elijah S
    Elijah S Month ago

    What song is this come to Baltimore🤘🏽

  • Ricardo Velozo
    Ricardo Velozo Month ago

    guitar on the right channel only... and that has to be the worst tone... wtf with the noise gate? Are they trying to put Kirk down?

  • Robin Anwaldt
    Robin Anwaldt Month ago +1

    Fun Fact: The sheet music they were supposed to use got lost, so after a few minutes they decided to just play it from memory!😄

  • Oleg Averin
    Oleg Averin Month ago +3

    Kirk and Rob are Great! Fine fellows!

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago

    Maybe one day I’ll see them live too...if only I wasn’t 15...

    • Crowo
      Crowo Month ago

      @Dr. Phibes in Red ne. aus anderen gründen.

    • Dr. Phibes in Red
      Dr. Phibes in Red Month ago

      @Crowo Warum? Gibt es eine Altersbeschränkung?

    • Dr. Phibes in Red
      Dr. Phibes in Red Month ago

      There's an age restriction in Germany? Das ist Deutschland! Come on, in other countries people bring their little kids to Metallica shows.

    • Crowo
      Crowo Month ago

      mee too. live near cologne but i couldnt go there. guess i'll never see them

  • Emrullah Kaplan
    Emrullah Kaplan Month ago

    Very good

  • ケルニコ
    ケルニコ Month ago +16

    Can we get another video from Cologne? The Thing That Should Not Be or Nothing Else Matters?

  • John Lydon
    John Lydon Month ago +1

    is robert actually doing vocals in fucking german? that's hella cool lol

    • Maurice Tenud
      Maurice Tenud Month ago +2

      actually the song is in the dialect from cologne called "Kölsch". That is even more impressive.

    • Fangalatic
      Fangalatic Month ago +1

      Not even a German Shepperd can understand what the fuck he is saying.

  • Немезіда Україна

    Браво!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Ominous
    Ominous Month ago +3

    The German version of Viva Hollandia 😂

  • Armando Bretado
    Armando Bretado Month ago +1

    Viva México. 🤘

  • Der UrchsenBaum
    Der UrchsenBaum Month ago +15

    Da simme dabei 🤘 VIVA COLONIA

  • 음악가황지원
    음악가황지원 Month ago +1


  • Brad Beckner
    Brad Beckner Month ago +1

    They need to stop that....

  • NEMEZIZ Band
    NEMEZIZ Band Month ago

    Well... *NEMEZIZ*

  • Ziskind Albaihaqi Yioyio

    Indonesia hadir

  • dj zombie skull flash

    Nice xd!😆😆😆😆😆

  • ultimateof
    ultimateof Month ago +1

    Yeah kirk@@!!

  • emoxita uwu :v
    emoxita uwu :v Month ago

    I love metallica yeahhhhhhhhh

  • Hudson Barreto
    Hudson Barreto Month ago +1

    one of the best doodles!

  • R. 6666
    R. 6666 Month ago +1

    Who created this song?

  • Kristjan Puidak
    Kristjan Puidak Month ago

    Lars would look cute with them

  • bapenda bapenda
    bapenda bapenda Month ago

    Kapan Ke indonesia lagi Brother

  • Final Battle
    Final Battle Month ago +1

    These doodles are just bad.

  • cameron thomas
    cameron thomas Month ago


  • The X-Tastic
    The X-Tastic Month ago

    So sad that I wasn't able to be there :C

  • cutesywootsey
    cutesywootsey Month ago +2

    That was incredible...i actually danced a jig to that tune...dunno what it means in English but I can tell you the head and tail of the scorpion doodling mean so much to you Rob and Kirk 🦂👑👑🦂

  • Ben Vasquez
    Ben Vasquez Month ago +1

    Just like the last ones...

    GAME BUDZ Month ago +77

    Kirk running away at the end is the cutest thing ever lmao

  • tape asw
    tape asw Month ago


  • Novapersei
    Novapersei Month ago

    This sucks.

  • Frisch Regen
    Frisch Regen Month ago

    i want metallica to cover tankard

  • Oksana Gameeva
    Oksana Gameeva Month ago +1

    Very good

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez Month ago

    Imagine of rob played the bass for this song. It would be all boom ba boom bla bladada boom boom bla ba boom.. It would go well with kirks guitar.

  • asianaxeman
    asianaxeman Month ago +1


  • BEFLive
    BEFLive Month ago +16

    Kirk... this tone sounds terrible 😞

  • Pat Scha
    Pat Scha Month ago +20

    Ich hab’s so gefeiert😎...much respect to Rob for his Kölsche Sing-Sang in this one...👌🏻

    • couchcamper
      couchcamper Month ago

      duh zimmer duh-bye xD Viva Kölle!

  • Stella Mamede Dorneles
    Stella Mamede Dorneles Month ago +21

    Forever Metallica. Brazil loves you!

  • Fey Velazquez
    Fey Velazquez Month ago

    To soy el like 266

  • Kasper Kankkunen
    Kasper Kankkunen Month ago +37

    People are complaining that these doodles are bad.
    You know these exist for having a good time with the fans and as little a appreciation for country they are performing.
    It’s not supposed to sound like they wrote it.

    • Fangalatic
      Fangalatic Month ago +2

      @David Kuhl The point is that it could sound much better. This is horrible.

    • David Kuhl
      David Kuhl Month ago

      Fangalatic because this is a cover of a local song from Cologne, don't you wonder how the entire stadium is able to sing along if this was some never before played tube? Cologne has the biggest carnival next to Rio in the world and this is a song from said carnival. Hence everyone knew it.

    • AZenith22B
      AZenith22B Month ago

      @Fangalatic it's obvious

    • Fangalatic
      Fangalatic Month ago

      How do you know how are these supposed to sound?

  • whiskey smile
    whiskey smile Month ago +25

    Who would have thought when ROB was with Suicidal Tendencies & Ozzy. He'd be the bass player for Metallica. Playing on stage with Kirk in front of thousands of ppl singing on his own. \m/ 🎤🎸

    • Maxi
      Maxi Month ago

      @James Stephens i know

    • AZenith22B
      AZenith22B Month ago

      @Maxi Jason wasn't good?! He fits Metallica perfectly, better than Rob

    • Luke Bargowski
      Luke Bargowski Month ago

      The Good Guy- oh, so your some sad fuck cuz Metallica isn’t as good compared to the 90s. Seems like your the fool.

    • James Stephens
      James Stephens Month ago

      @Maxi Cliffs dead. Can't bring him back

    • Maxi
      Maxi Month ago

      @The Good Guy no way Jason wasn't good bring back cliff but rob ist not a loser

  • Xhorder66
    Xhorder66 Month ago +16


  • Kyle 7K Christensen
    Kyle 7K Christensen Month ago +11

    Maaaaan these Kirk and Rob jams are just awful.

  • Cid
    Cid Month ago

    Ach... Rob a fait furher en Allemagne. .. on sait s'amuser chez les allemands... 😊😊😊😊😊

  • John Bacon
    John Bacon Month ago +2

    What is a doodle

    • John Bacon
      John Bacon Month ago

      @O cheers 👍🏻

    • O
      O Month ago

      Loose Artwork.

  • OropherThranduil
    OropherThranduil Month ago +42

    That's definitely not by Hazes. ;)
    It's ''Viva Colonia'' by ''Die Höhner''.

    • MetallicaTV
      MetallicaTV  Month ago +11

      Yikes! Copy & paste fail!

    • Espxda
      Espxda Month ago +3

      They messed up the description, they covered Hazes in Amsterdam

  • slim anus
    slim anus Month ago


  • Watson
    Watson Month ago +13

    The crowd is just wow

  • Aan Sodiqul
    Aan Sodiqul Month ago +7

    *YEAAHHH* 👍👏

  • Termeless Crow
    Termeless Crow Month ago +1


  • amangogna68
    amangogna68 Month ago +1


  • manguy2000
    manguy2000 Month ago

    Wrong song lads who posted this...that one was played in Amsterdam.

    • Bastian Beivers
      Bastian Beivers Month ago

      nope. I went to cologne. And this is a song of one of cologne biggest bands "die höhner"

  • Saitama_is_OP - R6S
    Saitama_is_OP - R6S Month ago +1

    Here i am! 02:02am june 25

  • Stage_name_alpha
    Stage_name_alpha Month ago +65

    I thought they legit drew something, only slightly dissapointed.

    • Furious Sherman
      Furious Sherman 18 days ago

      @X Fade A doodle is typically defined as a half-hearted drawing. Since Rob and Kirk's jam sessions are called doodles, the OP thought it'd make for a funny play on words.

    • X Fade
      X Fade Month ago

      Drew something ?

  • Jose Angel Lamas Rodriguez

    very very well