Extinction Rebellion: Do we need to overturn capitalism to decarbonise? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • More than 1,000 people have been arrested in the Extinction Rebellion protests. But are their tactics - and their world view - just too extreme for the public?
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    Extinction Rebellion (XR for short) wants governments to declare a "climate and ecological emergency" and take immediate action to address climate change.
    It describes itself as an international "non-violent civil disobedience activist movement".
    Extinction Rebellion was launched in 2018 and organisers say it now has groups willing to take action in dozens of countries.
    #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange
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Comments • 349

  • Martha
    Martha 6 days ago

    We do NOT need to decarbonise, BBC perpetuating this myth with the aid of your David Actorbore. ER protestors have been told (by their dragons in charge - yes that is what they are called!) to ask for "peoples assemblies and a green new deal". This is to further the elites agenda 21/30 to bring in carbon taxes and to land and property grab. The "peoples assemblies" are not democratic at all but controlled by people from outside the area who "guide" the decision making using Delphi technique - see Bristol Radios Mark Windows - windows on the world (on youtube as well).

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    David Actorbore is joining in with this climate disaster nonsense by manipulating films and facts. I wonder how much he is being paid for it?

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    By the way Greta Thunbergs mother was in the satanic illuminati ceremony to open the Swiss Tunnel a few years ago and her grandfather was a Hollywood actor - no problem there then!

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    These protesters are being paid by George Soros Open Society Foundation. He helped the Nazis in WW2 and his home country hungary threw him out because of his meddling.

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    See Piers Corbyn website www.weatheraction.com for the true picture.

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    See Iron Mountain - global tyranny on youtube for the foundations of ER.

  • Martha
    Martha 7 days ago

    Club of Rome Agenda 21/30 project to use climate change to introduce global dictatorship.
    See thexvid.com/video/B85AQmSDXGE/video.html

  • Dave
    Dave 8 days ago

    red commi's are back, under climate change

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 9 days ago

    Societies are sick and addicted to their troubles and they know that. Capitalism is evermore and evermore is schizophrenia

  • ann prince
    ann prince 13 days ago

    TOTAL DECARBONISATION -EH?? zThen that would really stop Nature, this is a Carbon based planet, all vegetation including Trees absorb CD and send out oxygen!! Doesn't anyone know this littĺe bit of Science known this from the age of Seven. What,s wrong with educaction!!!!!! Sorry just thought of something, Carbon is used by plants to grow and flourish, what if the industrial is also used in the same way ,any reduction is going to cause problems just a thought!!!!!

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee 15 days ago

    "Extinction Rebellion" (stupid name) is actually just full of left-wing pricks. This is part of the reason why they are mentally ill, demented and utterly useless.
    They are overwhelmingly dopey, naive, middle-class white girls who actually don't really have a bloody clue what's going on.
    They are the most pathetic movement I think I've ever seen in my entire life. I can't express how pathetic I think they are enough.

  • Fireball Xl5
    Fireball Xl5 19 days ago

    I thought carbon dioxide was good,plants like it any way.

  • Clare McHugh
    Clare McHugh 20 days ago

    “ we’re all going to die “ , exact same as religious nuts . They are political and if they really believed their own BS they would be conducting their activities at the Chinese , Indian and several African nations embassies, stop trying to couple climate issues with communism and stop using their devices .

  • spud spud
    spud spud 23 days ago

    I bet 12yrs from now nothing will have happened, and all the dick heads will say it will be a in another 12yrs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt PryOkra
    Matt PryOkra 24 days ago

    Cult of cucks.

  • welinder01
    welinder01 25 days ago

    other than pigouvian taxes, capitalism has no mechanisms to address negative externalities. of course it needs to be radically reformed.

  • Seeside Summerhouse
    Seeside Summerhouse 25 days ago

    Yes the environment is a concern, but socialism is not the answer and I'll happily succeed to the government's target of 2050. XR can retrain as engineers and/or climate economists to directly assist with the issue if they care so much... Oh wait, but that would mean real solutions and actual hard work wouldn't it?..

  • The 5th Columnist
    The 5th Columnist 27 days ago

    Push for solutions on climate change, however socialism still doesn't work so has never been a solution

  • Ruth irwin
    Ruth irwin 28 days ago

    They are great...they are now telling the truth overturn capitalism ....i suspect communism ...

  • JG Alegria
    JG Alegria 29 days ago +8

    It's just the "Occupy" anti-capitalist movement with a new label

  • Samuel Maximilien
    Samuel Maximilien 29 days ago

    Wasn't these what the pro democrats do in Hong Kong?

  • j4wn
    j4wn 29 days ago

    At least in WWI and WWII, one had the freedom of shouting at the Enemy. These days you get arrested for it. We are living in 1984. If only the music was a good.

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 29 days ago

    presscore.ca/vaticans-nazi-german-fourth-reich-established-under-the-guise-of-the-european-union/ Read this

  • Gavin Connell
    Gavin Connell Month ago +2

    hysterical narcissists.

  • West Side is da best

    Hahahaha, didn't take long for you lot to show your true colours did it?

  • funny animal
    funny animal Month ago

    "A beautiful sight to behold", Pelosi.

  • keep it real
    keep it real Month ago +1

    Well done to Extinction Rebellion .Many of these people were really nervous about how to create a tactic in order to raise awareness Our own Government has admitted it should do more .Is is distressing that peoples lives have been interrupted today This is a global movement now and it is only just beginning .The fact is the Oil companies have just made a massive push to extract as much as possible in the next few years because they know it will be a useless commodity in the future as we switch to greener technology .More people should be commending them .Is not for profit communism????

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      some think everything that wants equality is communism

  • James Ginn
    James Ginn Month ago +3

    Electronic technology is the final nail in the coffin for the age of humankind on this planet.

    • James Ginn
      James Ginn 28 days ago

      @JG Alegria exactly we are all part of it...so I'm not going to be a hypocrite and point at everyone else.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      says the social media user

  • James Ginn
    James Ginn Month ago +2

    No ... we need to get rid of about 4 billion people from this planet. Any takers ?

  • ibuprofen303
    ibuprofen303 Month ago +4

    And so the real reason for extinction rebellion comes into the light for everyone to see.

  • Hoodoo Operator.
    Hoodoo Operator. Month ago +2

    If these Watermelons were serious about reducing the global carbon footprint they would be screaming from the rooftops about Thorium Fission Reactors and lobbying Government to invest in converting our existing Uranium Reactors to run on Thorium. But they're not, because their movement doesn't actually believe we're all doomed, they just want to destroy the wonderful world we have created in favour of their Utopian (literally translated from Greek to mean "No Place") dream of removing all inequality from the world - An utterly ludicrous aim, as the only way you could hope to achieve it is to bring everyone DOWN to the same level, instead of LIFTING as many people to as high-a-financial position as possible; one of the greatest benefits of capitalism. I don't hate many people... But I fucking hate Communists.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      @Thomas S. don't worry - drought will kill millions in Africa

    • Hoodoo Operator.
      Hoodoo Operator. Month ago

      @Thomas S. You have literally proven both points I made; Watermelons - Green on the outside, red on the inside. We don't have enough energy because we're using an archaic energy source, you should read about Thorium Fission reactors, if you refuse, it's probably because you are ideologically motivated - more concerned about ending capitalism than increasing the amount of clean and efficient energy available to all of mankind.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      we do not have enough ressources that everyone in the world can live like an average american. it is just not possible. you can't handle that with our current capitalist system without large inequality

  • corrion1
    corrion1 Month ago +7

    imagine being a lackey for the Elite like these guys LOL

  • Graham Randazzo
    Graham Randazzo Month ago


  • IV Doc
    IV Doc Month ago +3

    If carbon is soo terrible why am I not seeing a single protester planting a single tree?

    • the81kid
      the81kid 20 days ago

      Because tech is cool. Planting trees is boring and no corporation ever made huge profits planting trees. The number of people in this comments section thinking they are somehow anti-capitalist is astounding. Their objectives are vague, and it's all clouded in the SJW movement and vague calls for "decarbonization" - which is in no way against corporations or industry. It just means: we need massive government subsidies (paid for with public money) to go to giant geoengineering corporations for those mythical carbon-sequestration machines (the ones that actual scientists say we should never ever use). But so many commenters call them communist! Political education and knowledge in the West is abysmal.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago +1

      @Thomas S. exactly, 97% of carbon emissions are naturally caused

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      because you haven't looked enough. also when the wood decomposes the same amount of carbon get released again

  • stapme
    stapme Month ago

    Complete and utter nonsense.

    • stapme
      stapme Month ago

      Thomas S. because the sun ultimately drives our climate. See Nir Shaviv.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago


  • chrismoff17
    chrismoff17 Month ago +3

    The media is to blame for these absurd brainwashed loonies. If the many highly qualified scientists who dispute catastrophic man made warming were allowed equal airtime to the opposing view, this scam would be exposed for its political and unscientific nature.
    Instead, the BBC made a decision about 15 years ago to ignore those scientists and go with the ones on the taxpayer gravy train at IPCC, NASA etc and to sack presenters like David Bellamy who wouldn't tow the line. Not only that, the BBC and their ilk, ignore renegade scientists who leave the IPCC, NASA etc because they can't be part of the fraud anymore.
    Sadly, even with the internet, most people still form their world view from the mainstream media, hence why looney tunes like XR have been able to be spawned.
    If anyone is interested in rational common sense on this topic that exposes the science as bogus watch this attached video.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago +1

      I'm pretty sure my brother joined this movement because he read the Guardian too often

    • chrismoff17
      chrismoff17 Month ago +1

      @kim warburton Duly noted and changed. Ta.

    • kim warburton
      kim warburton Month ago +1

      I think u mean 'spawned'

    DRE PEREZ Month ago

    Scaring people in to a communist government! hahahahaha I saw this happening fucking years ago! Death to the left!

  • Matt Spinto Smith
    Matt Spinto Smith Month ago

    Well, I rather expect that if the protests coincide with say a mass high tide killing hundreds that people will wake up. Is that what should be required though?

    • Tabourba
      Tabourba 27 days ago

      Do you know that, in recent years, two of the loudest mouths talking about the imminent disaster of rising sea leavels - Barack Obama AND Al Gore - have both spent millions of dollars buying beach front properties, ONLY A FEW FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL?
      No, I don't suppose you do, you ignorant prick. These rabble rousers have suckered you into providing them with those millions via their carbon credit trading scam, and you are STILL too bloody thick to see it!

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      okay that's not going to ever happen - high tides don't kill people. sea level rise is miniscule in most places and where it is observable it doesn't kill people it merely makes the water front uninhabitable - in the western world that is not a threat as mostly wealthy people own water front property - it could displace more people in undeveloped countries but it won't happen over night

  • Lynt
    Lynt Month ago +2

    Ohh extinction rebellion bugger off.
    There true agenda is an anti capitalist rhetoric and it sickens me that they are using the environment to force their own agenda through. I have been totally alienated by these people, some commenters say they don’t care and they don’t about the environment either, they want the uk to go back to get rid industry of houses, jobs, electricity, and a lot of other freedoms, this is not the life I want for anyone, I want my kids to have a good happy future with secure for filling jobs.
    We need capitalism for people to work, and earn enough money to actually enjoy their lives. Extinction rebellion are selfishly trying to force their own agenda through that takes away people’s happiness and takes away stops their children from living comfortable and enjoyable lives.
    There is no real life working alternative to capitalism that works for everyone and lifts everyone out of poverty, providing everyone a better happier life, a warm safe home all while reducing climate change. Even China and Russia turned to capitalism to make country and their people’s lives better. The private companies provide innovation that make solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines power storage, work so much more affectively. You only have to look at countries where the resources are in the hands of the government and you’ll see innovation, is stifled, there is still inequality and poverty, along with homelessness.
    Like it or not we will always need industry and factories as without industry we’d have very few jobs, no our houses wouldn’t be built as safe or warm, our crop productions would be far less, we wouldn’t have light or heat in the evening and cold winters. No matter what happens in the future we will always need industries whether anyone like it or not, we will always need; shelter (secure, & safe homes) light, heat (cooking, cleaning and warmth in the winter), hygiene (washing, cleaning), clothes to keep us warm in the winter while we work, food, comfort, connections with family, transport, and adventure. All of which requires some sort of industry to make the products.

    • Lynt
      Lynt 29 days ago

      Thomas S. At least with capitalism it allows people to grow, better them selves, while also making money and a better life for their families allowing them to do better than their forefathers.
      We will definitely always need; shelter (secure, & safe homes) light, heat (cooking, cleaning and warmth in the winter), hygiene (washing, cleaning), clothes to keep us warm in the winter while we work, food, comfort.
      Do we need safety and security? Last time I checked industry have contributed a lot both good and both. It’s provided away to grow enough food on a large enough scale to feed us, it’s provided invocation to make electric in a environment and sustainable way through making more efficient solar panels. It’s made the world safer because there’s safe warm housing, and allowing communications for our emergency services along making and researching more effective and efficient medicines, and the likes.
      It provides jobs so people can buy a safe home, to keep their families safe.
      There is no real working alternative to capitalism that works in realty. Would you rather these factories or industries be in the up or in a country that doesn’t care for the environment?
      But hey you’re just proving you and extinction rebellion only care about their own anti capitalist rhetoric and making the world a worse place for everyone. Extinction rebellion are selfishly trying to force their own agenda through under the facade of the environment, this agenda takes away people’s freedoms and happiness and stops their children from living comfortable and enjoyable lives.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      do we need an industry that harms the enviroment and the peoples happines?

  • Russian Métropolitan
    Russian Métropolitan Month ago +2

    David Attenborough and Greta are communist trash

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      David Attenborough does not go as far as Greta nor does he carry on like a pork chop or pretend to sail places instead of going by plane - ie Greta's sailing boat crew had to fly in to sail her

    • Matt T
      Matt T Month ago

      And you're a tit

  • Russian Métropolitan
    Russian Métropolitan Month ago +11

    I missed my flight to Rome because of these idiots

  • Russian Métropolitan
    Russian Métropolitan Month ago +6

    All of them should be locked up in prison.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      because? like the protestors in moscow?

  • Kelli Votel
    Kelli Votel Month ago +2

    The ENTIRE global population must save ourselves. There isn’t time to tiptoe around. Our LIVES are on the line! Hello from USA 🇺🇸

  • Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    How you calling yourselves peaceful and use fake blood visual triggers?!... Fuck off!! Missed my flight because of those imbeciles! Target the government, not the people!!

  • N L
    N L Month ago +3

    I'm a professional ecologist working across the world and will tell you now - things are actually worse than XR think it is. they are your only hope right now face up top reality before making stupid comments

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      haha "ecologist" that's one of the most left wing professions in the sciences, come on, what would you know about how bad things are or how fine they are

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      could you provide some source?

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago +30

    Forcing people into communism through scare tactics. It can’t get much more pathetic than this.

    • Anarchist Mugwump
      Anarchist Mugwump 24 days ago

      lol I wish they wanted communism

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. 26 days ago

      @Travelling Wilbury By a citizens assembly ''Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.''

    • RhedinRage
      RhedinRage 29 days ago

      @Thomas S. Having unelected leaders without representation despite the taxation isn't democratic, infact, I'm pretty sure there was a war about that which people are trying to deny and destroy the memory of.

    • Travelling Wilbury
      Travelling Wilbury 29 days ago +2

      @Thomas S. By globalisation?

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      they want more democracy

  • reg reg
    reg reg Month ago +1

    Its like a drug fuelled emo festival out there when the crack runs out they sniff glue taser them all

  • Talk Blocked
    Talk Blocked Month ago +2

    Yes. Capitalism needs to be overturned. Not only because its *_unbridled exploitation is the cause_* of climate change, but because capitalism is *_the means by which POWER is usurped._* You can't force a change, that the holders of power don't want, until you take away their power to say no.

    • kim warburton
      kim warburton 28 days ago

      @Ahmad Abib it seems to me that thorium isnt being promoted cos of the intrests in uranium dont want to give up their profits and of course the lack of nuclear education which boils down to nuclear=bad.
      I understand, there's too many folks with heart in the right place who arent educated in what they preach. there has been some excuse for this until recently as the info wasnt easily accessible (i too jumped on the bandwagon for a long time). I personally am seeing this info starting to hit mainstream 'knowledge' channels such as thoughtytwo n frankly, i was in despair re energy alternatives till last month or so as well. i still only say im hopeful about those technologiies. im curious, the hydro your country is using is dam based yes? i think thats different to the archimedes screw versions, which is recent tech. There doesnt seem to be any reduced water downstream n i believe they're more efficient. a tiny half-meter wide stream with one of the screws powers 60 homes n nor does it harm river eco-system.
      I also dont agree with the pressure being put on 'less developed' countries to jump to being 100% green. onus is on us imo. We have the resources, we stole from you guys when we were colonialists and now because we r the biggest consumers, we're stealing ur part of the world's remaining carbon budget AND outsourcing the uk's carbon footprint so we look as if we've made more progress than we have -.-.
      it's simply an excuse of lazy people here who dont want to change pointing fingers n saying 'they're not changing, why should we'. there isnt going to be a 1-solution fits all.
      Some countries might be better to focus on reforestation n food forests (NOT monocrop forests -.-), others on energy production n to realise we r all dependant on each other n share the energy as payment for the trees. its probably a 'too idealistic' thought im having XD

    • Ahmad Abib
      Ahmad Abib 28 days ago

      @kim warburton, we already built many hydro plants, there are literally 2 hydro plants in 10k radius at my hometown house, which my late granpa helped to build, we can't build more unless we want to further disrupt the water supply further down the river at dry season, which is already scarce.
      And every single time we propose to build any energy dense plant like nuke plant, these morally "superior" activist prevent us from developing it, but at the same time, they support the development of electric vehicles, and how in the world are we supposed to power those?
      And, because we can't build nuke plant (thanks to these activist) and wind/solar are unreliable, while the electricity have to be distributed on places that don't have it, we ironically built another coal plants

    • kim warburton
      kim warburton 29 days ago

      @JG Alegria lol u think i CHOSE to be so ill that i cant do the things i want to do?
      What sort of moronic thinking is that 🤔
      I miss my horses, i miss my dancing, i miss the trees, i miss my family n friends n yes i even miss work. So much so i used to drive my ex potty asking him to give me all the details of his work - just so id have a taste of it
      Nor am i 'work-shy' i started at 14 careassistant. Inc personal care n lifting. The winter i collapsed n my body gave up on me, i was working from 7am till 2pm then 4/5pm till 11pm at night every single day without a day off or annual leave from november through to end of jan.
      As i live in a rural area n sometimes have appointments that are 30odd miles away, i do get a lift thanks to my stepdad. Why? 1 i have audio-sensitivity n public buses make my myalgic encephalomyelitis MUCH worse (the last time leaving me bedridden unable to feed myself for 3 weeks) but 2ndly cos theres not enough buses that i would b forced to remain in a different town, bombarded by too much stimulation for 5 or so hours. Again impacting my health for weeks.
      Until theres a magic cure for my type of brain inflammation, how else do u propose i get to my medical appointments?
      I can walk maybe 10mins at a push at any one time cos my mitochondria dont produce the same amount of ATP as normal people. So neither can i rebuild my physical stamina to walk or cycle.
      So yes im a hypocrit. Yes i have no choice n have done what i can to mitigate my impact, until there system change thatll make it possible for me to do more

    • kim warburton
      kim warburton 29 days ago

      @Ahmad Abib nah i get it i got 2 mates (5yrs) in india from gaming online
      People r rushing to solar n windturbines cos they been told they the best, but they are very damaging in the mining construction and disposal/recycling n of course wind turbines although lacking the toxicity of solar pv is killing huge numbers of birds n bats
      To me, im still mid research, but so far hydro (inc archimedes' screw based) and thorium nuclear until we get fusion up n running seems best way to power the parts of the world that have access to intermittent sun n wind conditions. We simply dont have the battery tech
      We might not be able to jump from dirty energy to 100% clean energy, but we do need to shift in that direction. There has at least been progress made o late re thorium, hydro, fusion n battery tech
      Oh theres also hydrogen powered cars being built now. Iv not looked into those yet

    • Ahmad Abib
      Ahmad Abib 29 days ago +2

      @kim warburton , I live in the country where the disabled and the poor got almost nothing from the govt, many places are still isolated, and got no electricity..
      We are bettering ourselves by building roads and power plants (dams, geothermals, coals, etc...).
      Just imagine that these "noble" XC "protestors" pushing us to built "better" power plants like solar and wind, do they care in the monsoon that the sun barely shine? Or the wind too strong for the turbine to work?
      Do they care about us when the electricity price skyrocket?
      Do they care about us when to get to the isolated places people have to walk for days?
      FYI, the minimum wage here is around $100-$300 not a week, but a month.
      Just giving you perspective of the real world outside...

  • Adrian Goodfellow
    Adrian Goodfellow Month ago

    I have never heard so much bull shit in my life.

  • frangitube
    frangitube Month ago +1

    Got some news for the Warmers. The Earth's temperature has fallen each year for a while now. We are about to experience very cold WINTERS around the world. Co2 IS DECREASING. We are about to go into a GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM. You have been lied to. Wake up. Deniers are not your enemy.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      for a while now? why is it getting hotter and hotter then? whats your source? if you want to convince people so they ''wake up'' then you need to be able to back that up

    • Tom Frascina
      Tom Frascina Month ago

      No it hasn't, where have you got this from?

  • frangitube
    frangitube Month ago +5

    No wonder Corbyn is all for climate change. With Marxist, let's take down Capitalism XR, he must feel orgasmic.

    MAX BACON Month ago

    At 0.02 ,oh bugger it,s Catweazle!

  • Kate Petriw
    Kate Petriw Month ago +1

    "moving us forward or potentially a wrong track." WTF the climate scientist just said the current system is not enough to stop us from climate catastrophe. I'm not sure how he was able to flip that? We're talking about life on earth here, 90% of it (including humans) will be wiped out by the end of the century.

    • Matty England
      Matty England 28 days ago +1

      @Kate Petriw neither the IMF or the guardian count as science, they are both propaganda arms of the deepstate!
      Please look up how the 'carbon credit' system actually works, and realise that it will make HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars for the elite 1%, who already own the vast majority of the worlds wealth anyway!
      Fund managers, derivatives traders and bankers are all pissing themselves laughing at how they have brainwashed a load of hippies and anti-capitalists, into supporting their efforts to get even filthier rich than they already are!
      Please wake up and stop being a 'useful idiot' for the worlds elite! Go and protest about some actual environmental issues like deforestation and water pollution, rather than crying about a completely harmless gas that you exhale with every breath!...... YOU ARE BEING USED AND MISLED! twitter.com/va_shiva/status/1176506786414825473?s=20

    • Kate Petriw
      Kate Petriw 28 days ago

      @Matty England Please refer to the science :)

    • Kate Petriw
      Kate Petriw 28 days ago

      @Thomas S. Yes not all of us, but the majority. We are on our way to 4 or 6 degrees by the end of the century, and most of the human population could be wiped out, please look at the science. www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/may/18/climate-crisis-heat-is-on-global-heating-four-degrees-2100-change-way-we-live

    • Kate Petriw
      Kate Petriw 28 days ago

      @TheMagicJIZZ Life will be here, just not humans potentially. Note the IMF (International Monetary Fund) also recently stated we are on a path towards human extinction. www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2019/09/04/Macroeconomic-and-Financial-Policies-for-Climate-Change-Mitigation-A-Review-of-the-Literature-48612?fbclid=IwAR1n2hzK67Cj2SEUv2ioLLcE8Hgz9mWxNvjAZ_30fyhUe-MYDxalGeabkmY

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      maybe 90% of some animals but humans certainly wont get extinct that fast

  • JimmyROTV
    JimmyROTV Month ago +1

    The polls do not show a softening towards climate issues, history proves that the young are very liberal and with age/experience tend to become more conservative. The crux of the issue is, how far are they willing to go to achieve their demands? Net carbon neutral means I won't be able to heat my house, so that endangers the lives of my loved ones. I wouldn't wanna be the soy boy hippie trying to force that, as I have a sneaking feeling he will quite quickly care more about the state of the NHS than the environment.

    • the81kid
      the81kid 20 days ago

      @Leila Rejali
      All "renewable energy" and "smart tech" requires enormous amounts of fossil fuels. Anyone who fantasizes otherwise has no idea how the global production and consumption chain actually does. 99% of these "activists" are calling for no change at all. Not one will give up anything about their entitles lifestyle. You couldn't even convince one to give up their smartphone to save the ecosystem.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      Well now you're catastrophising - you can heat your home with non-fossil fueled heater eg solar panels on your roof... as for conservatism and the young vs old yeah but the political landscape has shifted further left

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      @Leila Rejali ''with lower bills'' is funny because we can even sell some energy to the state with our solar panels on our roof

    • JimmyROTV
      JimmyROTV Month ago

      @Leila Rejali I respect that, I also love my fellow humans per say. I just feel that business as usual means that innovation is the way forward, less in a destructive capitalist way, hopefully more in a motivated positive change for humanity type of capitalism. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad but that doesn't mean we need to end our current model. Which is a work in progress in perpetuity, but that is the beauty of life.

    • Leila Rejali
      Leila Rejali Month ago +2

      Net carbon neutral does not mean you won't be able to heat your home; you just won't be heating the planet while you do it. We have the technology to heat our homes without fossil fuels already and many of us are using wind power, solar and hydro, without any problem, and in some cases with lower bills. We need to build much more infrastructure to make it possible for everyone to affordably heat their homes in this way, so we need to start doing that now. And guess what? That's going to result in jobs and skills learning. The idea that XR wants everyone to suffer is hard to grasp. Why would they? On the contrary, that's exactly what they want to prevent. They are alerting us all to the dangers of a planet that will be several degrees warmer than it is now. (With business-as-usual, we are heading for 4 degrees C of warming, which would make our planet uninhabitable for us and millions of other species.) Why not get down to one of their protests and speak to the people there? There are older people there too by the way, not just young ones, and people with all sorts of different opinions. One thing that unites all of them is a love of humanity and all living things.

  • Akoomer
    Akoomer Month ago +2


  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random Month ago +1

    Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook clocked up 11,000 air miles as she flew to Costa Rica for a week’s £2,500 Holiday...
    You idiots are being used by the upper middle class!

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt Month ago +4

    Stuart basden one of the heads of extinction rebellion specifically says in an article it's nothing to do with climate change it's about bringing down European civilization.
    Roger hallam said they will bring down the government and people will die.. meaning the British people...meet the communist Stalin members of the 21st century
    (They have banned my comment from getting likes due to exposing these terrorist's)

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      @kim warburton hmmm no , I think it implies some in the government may die and certainly doesn't rule out innocent by-standers dying either - sure protesters might die but that's their own stupid fault

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      @Thomas S. it amazes me how many Lefties are totally unaware of the communist influences on the movement - I was like you once but now I'm older and wiser and not a Lefty

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      @kim warburton it will be more likely to be on fire before it's under water

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      @Leila Rejali woah who are you? the thought police

    • populist revolt
      populist revolt Month ago

      @kim warburton
      thexvid.com/video/8ISePLL1wcw/video.html ...HYPOCRITES!
      thexvid.com/video/3Ojxs6XKILM/video.html ...IDIOTS!

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt Month ago +2

    The head of extinction rebellion (bunch of middle-class losers) said they'll bring down the government and people will die, they also want to force mass taxation on the working class... Pathetic losers 😂

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    I believe in climate change, but I don't believe in far left, anti capitalist hysteria.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      Yes - although I wouldn't say "i believe in" climate change, I'd say I support climate mitigation strategies

    • Lynt
      Lynt 29 days ago +1

      Thomas S. there is no real alternative to capitalist democracy that actually works in reality. when there is no reward for people taking risks, or working harder then people won’t. Once everyone gets the same reward regardless of effort responsibility or risk no one actually cares or works harder, capitalism provides that reward...commodities to afford a better life for your family.
      Capitalism works because companies are forced to innovate or be left behind once a government is in control of all the resources there is no proper innovation. Just look at carbon capture there are only companies that have actually worked on it. There isn’t any actual government research into it.
      So come on then give me an example of an alternative to capitalism that actually works in reality.
      When I say works I mean; provides a good happy life for everyone and their family, that enables people to afford a life they enjoy, while removing poverty, removing homelessness, providing everyone with a warm and secure home, where everyone makes a good enough living to be happy and enjoy their lives. All while reducing Co2.
      Oh and while you’re trying to convince me of an alternative show me a realistic way that we can live without industry, considering without industry we’d have very few jobs, no our houses wouldn’t be built as safe or warm, our crop productions would be far less, we wouldn’t have light or heat in the evening and cold winters. We will always need; shelter (secure, & safe homes) light, heat (cooking, cleaning and warmth in the winter), hygiene (washing, cleaning), clothes to keep us warm in the winter while we work, food, comfort, connections with family, transport, and adventure. All of which requires some sort of industry to make the products.
      On top of all this answer me this what’s going to happen to my home if you do away with capitalism I’ll loose my job so I’ll loose my home even though I’ve been paying the mortgage on it. There are millions of people like me. People will loose their homes if we lost, including those who rent.

    • Gavin Connell
      Gavin Connell Month ago +2

      That's an intellectual paradox. A breeding ground for hypocrisy. You must be very confused.....and a communist.

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. Month ago

      @Lynt you know what would help our system? if we would at least stop how undemocratic our democracy is

    • RhedinRage
      RhedinRage Month ago +2

      I believe in a man who sat under a tree for so long he became enlightened. We all need our faiths, it's just troubling that this Climate Change faith is being used as a tool to damage countries and sell 'green tech'.

  • OB
    OB Month ago +5

    I wonder how Newsnight will report the inaction it helped to promote when the ice has melted, migration in the order of billions as a result of mass crop failures, and food riots around the world predicted by the science in a few short years?

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      mass crop failures are not a reality because agriculture industry and government are ahead of the game. eg in Australia we export a huge amount of our primary produce - 75% of it in fact. So it's an economic concern that is not being ignored. Innovation and movement of crops to better weather belts is one solution. Drought resistance, low water use crops etc. Taking advantage of R&D.

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 29 days ago

      countries control their own borders so migration doesn't rise in line with the numbers of displaced people

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek Month ago +2

      Climate change isn't the major threat to humanity; it's unsustainable population growth, and the ever-increasing likelihood of war for the finite resources that more and more people need to share(but can't, or won't).