Being Blocked From Entering My Property

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • Ahhhh, people. Can't live with em', can't move far enough away from em'. In this video, I try to explain the newest incident involving the off grid property and I am sourcing the community for ideas/suggestions to stop what could end up being a sticky situation.
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Comments • 4 411

  • John Gibbons
    John Gibbons Hour ago

    You have a legal easement to your property. Sound like it is on your title to your property already and the county has the road on their maps.

  • Esta Medley
    Esta Medley 3 hours ago

    So it wasn't locked. Dont see the problem. You dont wont a gate there get a lawer

  • Robert S
    Robert S 8 hours ago

    Well speaking form experience your both wrong and right. Your right in the fact of the county road as public access. Your wrong in the idea they owe you access across there private land as you have no documentation to cross that last 300 yards of private land you mentioned. you also mention you had other access across private land but not what you normally use one of those could be your "legal" access your deeds and your tittle company should be able to provide the legal recorded easement to your property. You also need to find out form tittle company if the access is a easement across there property you just use OR if that 30',60',80'ft wide easement is owned by you as part of your properties acreage (normally the way I woudl buy land) I past owners may have been hunting buddies and access wasn't a issue that doesn't mean a verbal "ok" legally transfers to you. one other point with your cert letter don't be to long winded but mention your there neighbor your property has used access through this location for some many years undisputed and that you have no problem with the gate but you want your own lock in the chain (similar to what power company asked you) so you always have access to your property . it is always better to try to be friendly first and nasty if that doesn't work but make sure your "legally" right first

  • Charles Thompson

    County Road is all ways county roads,

  • Josh Loyd
    Josh Loyd Day ago

    Ur to nice!!!

  • Toni Leeks-Lee
    Toni Leeks-Lee Day ago

    You can file any legal claim in a court of law,and file it "impaupris"...which is you stating you are not financially capable of paying all court fees and filing fees...and as long as that case is file with that past,present,or future if it ever goes back to court it will always be that...hope that helps.

  • Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

    FFS, I assume you can get the names of the other landowners and their phone numbers. Just call them if you're too much of a pussy to just pull up to their house to try to talk to any of them. If not, let the Sheriff's office handle it if you're too scared to go talk to them yourself. TBH, I think you're a fucking pussy. One thing is for sure, I would not let them get away with leaving the f'n gate there. Just man up and take care of it and stop whining on FB about it, pussy.

  • Dave Stump
    Dave Stump Day ago

    I agree with a couple of the other commenters , call the Sherriffs dept. Asap. I dont think she has any desire to be an ally. Its also pretty cowardly on her part to not make contact with you via a letter, note, etc... good luck.

  • Mc rugrat
    Mc rugrat Day ago

    What's the out come?

  • woosung1
    woosung1 2 days ago

    If they live in a trailer..... be careful, no teeth but probably guns.

  • jginmt
    jginmt 2 days ago

    A prescriptive easement is using the easement without permission. It could be just one day of the year that access is denied. The key is using it without permission for 7 years. A simple way to get the easement information is to go to the title company. You also have title insurance. I would have your title company straighten this out.

  • AZStarYT
    AZStarYT 2 days ago

    If ANY legal description of the properties along that road describe it as an easement, then they can't block your access. Just like utility companies have access to their PROPERTY (equipment) via easements. The other thing to do, because having a gate across the road can be a good thing (in these days of blatant trespassers) offer to have a couple of extra keys made for yourself and the other property owners. But have a legal alternative ready - and treats for the dogs. You want them to recognize and like you whenever you're there.

  • Paul F
    Paul F 2 days ago

    Dude - the issue is they used to come down to your property and then you put up a gate so now they can't access the pond. No more swimming, no more fishing, no more campfires by the water. They probably live their year round and you come and go on the weekends in the summertime or something so they're not happy that you put up that gate. I think what they're doing is wrong but you've ticked them off by putting up your gate.

  • Tim Lehnen
    Tim Lehnen 3 days ago

    Enjoy your property, people Suck,the less i deal with others the better i. Am,,,and u can bet on your neighbors will be calling on. You once you start developing,so be ahead of. Them if you plan on development,etc,ponds,,dnr..

  • Tim Lehnen
    Tim Lehnen 3 days ago

    Nice guys finish last in these situations,,,law seems be on your side,be stern, but not mean,but,,,beware. Of. Fruitlooops,,,ccw,,,,,,,,,

  • donald barnett
    donald barnett 3 days ago

    Apparently you purchased property without a clearly defined easement in the deed. Now the neighbors are protesting your right to cross their property Your right of access now rests with the court system in your state and that could be costly.

  • P & D Outdoors
    P & D Outdoors 3 days ago

    Yikes,, I was feeling all your pain until the government employees comment. I'm a local government employee, currently on my lunch break, that deals with very similar issues to yours and try to help everyone as best as I can, going above and beyond whenever possible. But I guess that just "earned" me a spot in a collective basket of do nothing folks. Still hope you get all these issues resolved (no, I didn't finish the video) and you can enjoy your property.

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 4 days ago

    if you are achurch guy xall 700 club to get phone number to aclj american liberties for Jesus, they are big shots in lawyer for you

  • Gayla Pruett
    Gayla Pruett 4 days ago

    Modern off grid pERFECTLY SAID

  • Gayla Pruett
    Gayla Pruett 4 days ago

    If you have over 5 dogs your suppose to have kennel license. These official office people are pushing their luck FIGHT IT JUST FIGHT IT NOBODY OWNS COUNTY ROADS ALL TAX PAYERS HAVE RIGHT TO USE IT I'D NEED BE

  • Bill Daniels
    Bill Daniels 5 days ago

    Maybe they put up a gate because you put one up on your end so go ask the lady instead of thinking the worst it might just be that simple

  • Christian Worthinton

    You need to take your gate down, or you are just as guilty.

  • Christian Worthinton

    They cannot legally block a Public easement. Call the Sheriff...

  • jack palczynski
    jack palczynski 5 days ago

    Document, document, document. You got a good start with the deed copies. Back up plan....take pictures that are date stamped and keep them......or archive your youtube videos with dates that show use of the driveway. We have cart paths near us that we use to mountain bike and hike on. As long as they're used, they remain official right of ways for recreation. Been here since the 1600's, so every now and then, we're out there with cutters to keep the paths obviously in use. I agree with others to at least give the sheriff a visit and let them know what's going on. If the whack job calls them saying you're trespassing while you're coming through the gate at 10 at night, you want the sheriff to at least have the background so they don't side with the whack job calling and then not letting you through. Good luck.

  • LEH50
    LEH50 5 days ago

    The lady you're having a problem with - it's possible that SHE has been using that road for 7 years....and it's called Adverse Possession. And, unless the property is owned by the County, State, Utility, etc....and it's personally owned....and if she claims to have used and maintained it for 7 years - she can file for ownership of it. Google: Adverse Possession.Just FYI to others reading this: If you own a property... and if someone....your neighbor... maintains, openly uses it, cuts the grass on a piece of the property you don't usually use.... they can apply for Adverse Possession and potentially take ownership.

  • Jesse N
    Jesse N 5 days ago

    maybe she took personal offense to you "blocking her access" down the road. I though everyone had a crazy neighbor lady that feels really entitled in rural properties.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 5 days ago

    If a road is used by several properties it is usually deemed as private access shared by all owners giving them access by that road and which would be maintained by all owners. Nobody is allowed to gate such a road unless agreed on by the other owners. It may be on their deeds as "their" road but when you read it properly it will somewhere say it is shared access.

  • Karissa Seroka
    Karissa Seroka 5 days ago

    U single? 😁😁😎

  • Cameron Hopper
    Cameron Hopper 6 days ago

    Your a great story teller!

  • Josh Phipps
    Josh Phipps 6 days ago

    You can't build inside of a ingress/egress that is owned by a state or county as it it their right of way. Call the sheriff and have it removed and it wouldnt hurt to have a land surveyor to give u a plat of your legal land use to protect yourself.

  • c martel
    c martel 7 days ago

    I would suggest doing the same thing with these people you did with power company. it will protect your property when you are not there, but at same time allow you access in and out.

  • Joel Anthony
    Joel Anthony 7 days ago

    Remember, you can gain more with love, kindness than the other way. I would do something for the people in the trailer. I would talk to them and explain. Tell them you will be there for them, that ya'll are in this together. You are not bringing a bunch of strange people in. Your idea is total seclusion, privacy. Being nice and friendly will gain you more than being mean. Think of some way to help them. Be their friend

  • Walter Kurka
    Walter Kurka 7 days ago

    I know this is a late response, so here is what I know about access and I live in Alaska. All property is suppose to have legal access. If you have a problem with writing something, ie., a letter to this gate person have another uninterested party write the letter for you to get rid of the animosity in the language. You are are correct, if you have been using that access when you bought that property you own see if that road actually shows that it intersects with your property, if so game over they have to allow you access through the gate, all they have to do is allow you to cut out a link and put in your own padlock and you do not have to give them a key. Next if you have a problem with the gate, go to your tax assessment office and force them to recognize the road there as access to your property. In addition, the the State should have issued a identification number to that road easement you need to get that number and have the assessing office recognize it and make sure it is listed on your "Plat" the "Plot" is the actual property that you own. The "Plate" is the actual drawing of your property. If they gate person refuses as a last resort to allow you access, then bring in the Sheriff to talk to the gate person and to force the "cut link add padlock" issue and if the gate person refuses, have the Sheriff remove the gate and make sure if there is any blockage after the gate was removed by the Sheriff to have the Sheriff come out every time to make a report and to fix the situation. CYA

  • shieldman
    shieldman 7 days ago

    You are a nicer guy than me.
    I would send the certified letter and in addition carry bolt cutters.

  • Don Stewart
    Don Stewart 8 days ago

    stop being a pussy and get this taken care of by the sheriff.

  • Friedrich Wilhelm
    Friedrich Wilhelm 8 days ago

    This happened to me once before but I knew I was entirely in the clear and my truck had a push bumper so I just ran the gate doing about 30
    After I wrecked three other Gates they never tried to put up another one

  • Arkam
    Arkam 8 days ago

    Ur intro is perfection

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 9 days ago

    Legally speaking, in order for a public access road to be converted into private property all affected Property Owners must unanimously agree. If it changed from public property to private and that resulted in a property owner being landlocked and isolated, I would argue that the transfer of ownership was unlawful. A court could potentially reverse the decision and change it back to being a publicly owned road. There have also been court case decisions that required Property Owners to allow other property owners access through their property in similar circumstances.

  • Paul Arrowsmith
    Paul Arrowsmith 9 days ago

    Great information. Hope everything works out.

  • Aarons117
    Aarons117 9 days ago

    Dont be a pussy and rip the gate off

  • red32303
    red32303 9 days ago

    Sounds like you need to hire a lawyer

  • Allison Collinson
    Allison Collinson 9 days ago

    Wine wine there probably a weekend. Contact the person you bought you property from. Stop the u tub shut. Go to court get a lawyer carry a bullet c8tters.

  • Shamus Duffy
    Shamus Duffy 9 days ago

    Click bait drama for views.

  • Conreese
    Conreese 9 days ago

    Put your own gate up infront of their gate problem solved

  • prettygrunt
    prettygrunt 9 days ago

    FFS grow a pair.

  • Walter Blackledge
    Walter Blackledge 10 days ago

    You should pay an attorney about $150 to send a certified letter to them and giving them 30 days notice to take the illegal gate down or you will take them to court, and don't be cheap or you will end up paying way more than $150. Make sure its an attorney from another area. 50 miles or so. Remember cheapest man pays the most.

  • Tonya Mosig
    Tonya Mosig 10 days ago

    As a realtor I can say you need to leave a note asking for a gate key and thanking them for protecting the land. That's the easiest. Befriend them, take a ham to say hi. Because the county doesn't have money for the road repairs. They just wait for you to go away, sale or move. If that doesn't work have the sheriff come talk to them and remove it. Fyi that legal right away after 7 years does not hold up in court. It's an outdated law that hasn't been amended but no one will honor it. If there is paperwork the paperwork will stand. 40 years later or 100 years later.

  • slim teck
    slim teck 10 days ago

    Buy a ford and cross the creek

  • Marc Arndt
    Marc Arndt 10 days ago

    Maybe your neighbor saw your "chem trail" video and doesn't want you infecting her dogs with your paranoid nonsense.

  • Jennifer Blankinship
    Jennifer Blankinship 10 days ago

    You lost my sympathy when you decided to lump all government employees into a big crappy pot. You know most of us really try....unlike you who won't even go talk to the lady.

  • TNVolFisher
    TNVolFisher 10 days ago

    No offense, but how about acting like a man? Sound like a damned woman, worried about this angle and that angle. It’s your property, your right- take charge. Have the sheriff knock the damned gate down, and go on about your business.

  • Zjyqkvu Vqukzo
    Zjyqkvu Vqukzo 10 days ago


  • magna59
    magna59 10 days ago

    Great vidi.....

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 10 days ago

    Take your court documents from the magistrates findings directly to the Sheriff Dept. And have them enforce the issue of the road and right to access your property. If u don't. This road blocker will continue being a nuisance and escalate the problems

  • Stoned Gaming Productions

    Should just call the sheriff's have him rip down the fence and Animal Control cuz they probably can't have that many dogs

  • justrelax
    justrelax 11 days ago

    Id ask her if I could put my own lock on the gate, same as your electric company does on your gate. If she says no then she doesn't wanna be your friend. Time to get serious.

  • it'sallhappening
    it'sallhappening 11 days ago

    So far you haven't been locked out or confronted so they might just be keeping out others lookin around or worse. Go talk to them and offer to kick in for the gate keeping your property secured. Get a key. Done

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything 11 days ago

    If I can see them face to face is always the best route to go but when that's not possible for whatever reason then a letter is the next best step anyone can take ,in your predicament.
    Some folks just like to feel they have some control over anything they can just to feel they have a right to do so even if they don't .
    Do what you can and go w/whatever they allow you to do and go from there .

  • djyul
    djyul 11 days ago

    Dude,get the sherrif to come and rip the gate off!
    End of story! Your neighbour threw the gloves down,pushing her luck.Well the sherrif can sort that out for you.Get some game cameras and strategically position them on your property.They do any damage and you have got them!!!
    Let the sherrif do the work for you!!!

  • Shane Sanders
    Shane Sanders 11 days ago

    I would call the sheriff and talk to the lady with the sheriff there. Have copies of the paper work and explain what shes doing and the problem. State by state laws varry. But usually they can not restrict access to your land. Any gates that go up have to be agreed by all parties. Your gate is ok cause you are the only party at that point.

  • QOS Quality of Speed
    QOS Quality of Speed 11 days ago

    From a strong point is best for things like this.

  • QOS Quality of Speed
    QOS Quality of Speed 11 days ago

    You Need To Write That Letter. I would also think about have a lawyer send it. Not expensive.
    This will not go away. Please write it asap

  • Donna Long
    Donna Long 12 days ago

    Ask if you could put a link in the chain for your own lock, exactly like the power company. If they won't agree to that, then bring out the big guns and get the sheriff to take 'er down.

  • Luke Townley
    Luke Townley 12 days ago

    if the gate lady has family living along the road. go talk to them, find out what problem she's trying to fix by putting the gate up - how can you help her, and both work together to fix her problem? - thats how you make allies. If you can get her family on side, it'll be much easier socially. maybe her family might host a meeting for you all - a neutreal spot where noone gets shot. maybe go haves on the cost of the gate for a legal agreement confirming your right of access. in theory 2 gates are better than one.

  • T Palmer
    T Palmer 12 days ago

    Your doing the best thing. Keep it legal.

  • N Moran
    N Moran 12 days ago

    Do the Sam as hydro and take a link on their gate

  • long drink of silence dude

    If the people had balls they would come out when you stopped to talk , get the Sheriff to take it down. If they had balls about you going down the road they would have confronted you . Screw them they are not your neighbors . They are morons. You are beating yourself up stop being a Mangina or Simp.

  • Andrew Lietz
    Andrew Lietz 12 days ago

    Your.. Chin hairs... Are very uneven...

  • Henry Johnson
    Henry Johnson 12 days ago

    Put a gate infront of their's

  • Dave Mallary
    Dave Mallary 12 days ago

    I would write a nice letter stating your case, provide documentation and aplicable law in laymans terms. Tell them that the sheriff will remove it if there in no resolution. If that doesn't work use a certified letter. Last resort is the Sheriff, but use that option if you have to.

  • Mattx
    Mattx 12 days ago

    ask for a key. tell them this is you get thru. id try honey first then Call the city and report this to code enforcement, also, call the fire marshall and report this. They can investigate, and if there is a violation, they can cite them and take action. You can also get a lawyer to send a legal cease and desist letter to this person. If they ever block your ingress/egress, call the cops. If all else fails, the lawyer will tell you what the best course of action is.

  • WA S
    WA S 13 days ago

    What they have done is illegal. Call the sheriff. And you need to toughen up. In a SHTF you will not prevail. All Private Road means when there are other properties on the road is that the county no longer maintains it.

  • Joe Carr
    Joe Carr 13 days ago

    It May Be Private road But it's Not Hers Exclusively. Anyone living off that road should be able to use it and if she was more neighborly she should give you a chance to cut a key to the lock so that you can lock the gate when you leave so she feels more secure. I would drop a note off with your phone number and some friendly words, see if she's willing to negotiate something, perhaps you could offer some money toward the gate, it may be cheaper than lawyers and court!

  • ravencross 968
    ravencross 968 13 days ago

    Just leave a sticky note on there door with your number and say call you

  • MrBoilermaker28
    MrBoilermaker28 13 days ago

    Just have the sheriff rip it down

  • Dr D
    Dr D 13 days ago

    We would be all Lucky to have a neighbour like this guy.

  • robert pinto
    robert pinto 13 days ago

    Send them a letter and their mailbox from one neighbor to another you seem like a nice guy Express that in your letter you're looking for allies the last thing you want is a neighbor who you see as an enemy and you don't want them to see you as an enemy they may not be social or just fine listen we're not looking to have dinner together just looking to respect each other's property there is no reason why they can't allow you to have access to the driveway or road that leads to your property maybe you can all share a key to a Master Lock that locks the gate. My point is write a nice letter to your neighbor tell them the last thing you want to do is go to court it's not cost-effective and it makes no sense to take it to court but if there is no response to the nice letter you have no choice but to go to the Magistrate and it's going to cost both of us money we don't want to spend. Good luck just my opinion starting off on your new property with neighbors like that really sucks

  • David T
    David T 13 days ago

    Send the letter don't be afraid I would also send a personal letter stating your position and that you don't want to be enemies you would rather the allies and there you go

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 13 days ago


  • Kandela Brown
    Kandela Brown 13 days ago

    Man you talk a lot. Get yourself a cb radioz

  • Louis Nuessle
    Louis Nuessle 13 days ago

    If you have Title Insurance get ahold of them that's their job to take care of property rights. If they don't respond, get an attorney to force them into fixing your problem. Good luck to you.

  • Dalton Swinney
    Dalton Swinney 13 days ago

    It's still a rural route still has to be maintained and kept on if there's an address and people they have to take care of the road

  • Dakoda
    Dakoda 14 days ago

    Simple solution, Ram the gate with your truck.

  • ShawnDRuth
    ShawnDRuth 14 days ago

    Get a dog whistle. Bring some chocolate next and give it to the dogs. A friend of my one had a similar incident to you, so he gave the dogs chocolate if had on him at the time by chance, what happened afterwards, you could guess all the dogs died. But who cares anyways the dogs where on his property. I now carry chocolate and a dog whistle with me all the time just in case a dog tries to attack him and I don't have my CCW with me.

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson 14 days ago

    Easement have an easement and a legal right to use said easement. Involve law enforcement asap and never get into ANY type of confrontation with the neighbors even if you know you are in the right.....arguing will never solve what is clearly your legal right.

  • Linda N
    Linda N 14 days ago


  • JeremyZ World
    JeremyZ World 14 days ago

    i would talk to them face to face and explain your position and that you are ok with the gate but you need free access to your property like with the utility company useing different locks. if that course fails then use legal force. but me personally i would try a talk in person and try to see if they may just be mistaken about your intentions.

  • David Almeroth
    David Almeroth 14 days ago

    I gather they don't want to speak with you and have come to the conclusion you can acess your property from some other road or direction. Sounds like they don't want to be reasonable. Can try to talk to them again but seems like the Sheriff is your next step.
    I agree with other commentors who say the longer their gate stands the stronger their case becomes to keep it in place. So don't feel bad about asking for help; that's why the Sherrif is there.
    And for what it's worth, I think their gate has been put up in response to the gate you installed. If you can't get desirable action from the Sheriff then you may try removing your gate in an attempt to appease your uncooperative neighbors. If you do get a chance to talk to them, I wonder if suggesting removal of both gates would be acceptable.
    Peace of Lord Jesus upon you and yours

  • Man of Many Trade's Master Of None

    Have it Took Down and video Record it i want to see it on Facebook

  • Roger H
    Roger H 15 days ago

    I agree with Karen Buchner's comment . See a land attorney. There has to be some record of the language the county used to abandon the road they used to maintain. Here we have county commissioners. Yours should have made that decision for the road department in a public meeting. Get copy of that decision and take it with your other stuff to the attorney. let him/her send the letter to the gate person. Then if he/she advises you to go to court then go and get your ruling & get it entered into public record. Then the sheriff has no option other than to enforce the courts ruling. The attorney and court fees prior to you having a bad issue with the gate people will be cheaper than bailing yourself out of jail, then going to court for what the gate people press charges against you for; and then you will still have to go to the land attorney. Make Yourself notes about when you went through the gate each time. Part of your package for your attorney to present to the court. He who has the best records wins in court.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 15 days ago

    I do wish you could locate accommodations more suited to your PTSD therapy.
    I'm sure that in time you'll construct a good enough laser defense system to keep E.T. off yer back etc.
    I do hope you're not having to murder small animals to survive.
    Your grey man outfit is stunning.

  • Kevin Moses
    Kevin Moses 15 days ago

    You need to let the sheriff step in handle the situation. She knows you need access and does not care about how you feel, another piece of advice call animal control.

  • Dawn Scoular
    Dawn Scoular 15 days ago

    I wonder how you settled this. Maybe you can do the same as the power company and cut a link out and put your own lock on. Either way you get more with sugar then you do vinegar.

  • Stephen Zuppo
    Stephen Zuppo 15 days ago

    No update?

  • CJ. De
    CJ. De 15 days ago

    Correct! You can not be landlocked from your property regardless in which State you reside. I think that you will find the reason why your neighbor is not locking the gate is By Law he can not deprive you the use of easement to access your property. Also, because gating the easement would interfere with and/or inconvenience your access to your property, your permission must first be given prior to the instillation of a gate. Should it become necessary, you can filed your own civil suite to have the gate removed or at the least get a judgement that the lock be removed and the gate remain without lock, (a judgement my mother got before things escalated).
    If you have not already, you do need to have an Amendment made to your deed annotating your authorized use of the easement making sure to file it to become part of your deed. The easement land owners can provide you with a notarized written authorization which would also be filed with your county clerk.
    Here's my story.
    In Oklahoma, I had 40 acres 1/4 mile off small rural main road. Property owners on either side of the 1/4 mile path to my property were required to
    give 15 feet each of their land as easement to my land. They were very nice, no problems and they even offered to sell the easement to me.
    But, my mother, also in Oklahoma, had your problem except the man putting a huge heavy chain across the easement would also lock the chain to a steel I beam he cemented into one side of the easement which was locked around a tree on the other side. The easement ran the length of Mom's 20 acres and set up to 12 feet above her property on a graduated incline to level toward the back end of her place. My elderly, disabled mother was constantly being locked in and locked out. The easement given by 3 land owners had been done so as it had once been used for a school bus to pick up children at end of the easement, where this man now lived. The use of easement, as given by the property owners of the easement, was annotated in my mother's deed. She did make a second drive way to her home off the dirt county road. As this driveway was a dog leg 12 foot steep rocky dirt covered downgrade, rain water running down the county road kept her driveway washed out in foot deep gullies that prohibited getting in or out of her property. UPS could not deliver to her on this driveway nor could an ambulance get to her. Even with 4 wheel drive in rain and winter conditions getting in/out was difficult and sliding off into deep ditches and into trees was not unusual.
    The County Sheriff was called out on an almost daily basis to have the man unlock the chained easement. Although inconvenient for her to get in and out of her vehicle on cane or walker to drop the large heavy logging chain, drive over it, get out and pull the chain back up and secure it, she was willing to do this to keep peace, but the man, who lived directly above and adjoining my mother, (such as where you are located), was determined to keep the easement blocked. This in spite of the fact that he didn't need the use of my mother's easement as he had a level road straight into his house off another county maintained blacktop road.
    Next, a couple of years ago, 2 days before Christmas, just before sun rise, this man dragged down the easement from his house an entire frame of a logging truck and bed and positioned it across the easement completely blocking access as he left to spend 3 weeks in Texas. (2 weeks prior to this the man was in court due to the protective order my mother had against him being extended; during which the judge order the man to stop the damage he was causing to the integrity of the easement and to stop blocking the easement which was seen by the court as harassment, etc.).
    The Sheriff, who again was called, authorized a wrecker to tow away the frame and when the man returned he was sited for the deliberate road obstruction as well as intensional dumping of debris. He also had to pay for the wrecker service and was given 72 hours to get the frame out of impound. At this point the man began threatening my mother in my presence, when I intervened, he tried to physically bully and intimidate as well as threaten me on a daily basis, among other things he attempted, (a widow standing 5'4", I was age 60 at the time. The man 6'+ medium-large muscular frame and my age), he discovered that I do not intimidate. As soon as the Christmas holiday was past, my mother hired an attorney and won a lawsuit against the man not only for damage he caused to her property but for pain, suffering, etc. he had caused her for several years over the easement issue. The judge put liens against all the man's properties and vehicles. Unfortunately, my mother passed away, so the man has fought the judgement even though my brother and his wife and daughter still reside in my mother's house and the damage the man intensionally did to the easement causing 3 acres surrounding Mom's house to flood, which both damages were a substantial amount of the judgement awarded, still remain to be repaired. But neither is there anything blocking the easement.
    Hope this story helps you feel better and hope things work out for you.

  • Derick Smith
    Derick Smith 15 days ago

    Man you just can’t get to the point can you? Spend a couple of bux, get a lawyer, get the gate removed! Make no allowances because if they sell with the existing gate in place you are screwed.

  • Twizzel Fizzel
    Twizzel Fizzel 15 days ago

    I was pretty much in the same situation but I was in her shoes. I wasn't being like her, but me and the ex-wife looked into it and we pretty much had to give them ride of way

  • Twizzel Fizzel
    Twizzel Fizzel 15 days ago

    By the looks of things I'd say they have no choice but to give you the right away and they would pay hell trying to keep me away from what you're looking at right now chief. "Little Slice of Heaven"

  • JJ Flash
    JJ Flash 16 days ago

    Let the Sheriffs dept deal with it. She obviously has no clue to the egress rights. The Sheriff will make her remove it or give you a key.

  • Doug Dorrer
    Doug Dorrer 16 days ago +2

    I'm a realtor. Not taking sides here. Just because a road is mentioned in a deed doesn't make it an easement. A title search past 40yrs may or may not show an easement. Right or ways are very detailed and recorded. The County/State maintain "Straight Line " maps for all roads; public or private. The tolling time for prescriptive easements don't accrue from the original owner, but restart with each new owner until a court ordered easement is recorded. If a owner gives you permission to pass that restarts the clock too. You need 3 things in SC to claim a prescriptive easement: 1) the continued and uninterrupted use or enjoyment of the right for a period of 20 years; (2) the identity of the thing enjoyed; and (3) the use [was] adverse under claim of right.” Simmons v. Berkeley Elec. Co-op., Order no. 27674 (S.C.Sup.Ct. filed Nov. 2, 2016) (Shearouse Adv.Sh. No. 42 at 12).