Being Blocked From Entering My Property

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • Ahhhh, people. Can't live with em', can't move far enough away from em'. In this video, I try to explain the newest incident involving the off grid property and I am sourcing the community for ideas/suggestions to stop what could end up being a sticky situation.
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Comments • 5 104

  • Mary Angles
    Mary Angles 5 days ago

    Be nice till the not to be but I don't see you having those people as an ally just keep.going the way you have till you can't then get sheriff involved because that's the way it's probably going to have to go unfortunately you can't be nice these days sad that that's the way it is these days no one respects the other person these days you are in the right do what you must

  • M D
    M D 11 days ago

    lmao.. so you blocked a public road, and then got mad that someone else blocked a public road? lmao.. you reap what you sow.

    • Off Grid Nation
      Off Grid Nation  10 days ago

      Hey, dick-skin, it's only county half way down. My section is private and nobody behind me. Anything else? Get lost.

  • I don't know
    I don't know 15 days ago

    So what she's combative. Confront her. Always keep yourself armed. They already stated what side they are on and it's not your side.

  • Jerry Cabana
    Jerry Cabana 16 days ago +1

    How bout u put a lock on their gate so they can't access their on property

  • Jessi Louis
    Jessi Louis 17 days ago

    In case anyone is wondering about the mindset of the gate-builders. They are bored, miserable people who have no life other than obsessing about others and devising ways to make others as miserable as they are. This is not about the gate or securing their road or property, this gate is all about involving someone else in their life and to try to pick a fight to get some drama in their life. They found a way to force someone into their life for entertainment.

  • Dirk Jeanis
    Dirk Jeanis 17 days ago

    IF there is a COUNTY ROAD that road remains county unless the County deeds It back. Just as with federal lands there can be chains and locks and gates across dedicated roads. HOWEVER, in the case of any public access road such as federal land you have the right to CUT the CHAIN and install your OWN LOCK on the chain as a separate link. I did this when hunting federal lands all over the west. Nothin illegal and sometimes the chain is MOSTLY locks!
    The county has already agreed that it is a public right of way. Therefore all you need to do is keep bolt cutters and locks and add yours as necessary. If the road has been dedicated it must be deeded back by the county, that requires hearings etc.
    Don't worry about it at all,
    1. Keep extra locks on you.
    2. Keep bolt cutters on you.
    3. Remain armed at all times when you pass through that road for your own protection. This is true any time one lives off grid and not just for problems with two legged varmints.
    I would also include in your letter to her that you are very happy that a gate is there because it will help assure thieves and others are not doing harm.

  • Shane Arkwright
    Shane Arkwright 18 days ago

    his page is off grid nation pink shirt starts complaining about his lake then rolls into the easement thingy

  • Jimmy Somethin
    Jimmy Somethin 18 days ago

    Maybe the family that own the rest of the properties want to regain ownership of your property and that's the starting point. Or they resent ownership by others! Jimmy.

  • Joe Carroll
    Joe Carroll 19 days ago

    Man long winded.

  • BM Aus
    BM Aus 22 days ago

    I've got a large 4WD with heavy steel bullbar. Their gate simply would not be left standing.

  • MrVegaslive
    MrVegaslive 27 days ago

    Cordless grinder with cutoff wheel would be my solution. That and a AR for self defense

  • Ron Didden
    Ron Didden 27 days ago

    Good Luck !

  • i automobile
    i automobile 28 days ago +1

    She must be new to the job

  • Gary's vlog's and reviews

    Grow a pair!

  • Howard Fortyfive
    Howard Fortyfive Month ago

    5:24 You sent county DOT an email which they NEVER answered. Send another email AND CALL THEM. Govmint has 2 speeds. Dead Slow & dead in the water. Magistrate already told you what the deal is. If you don't already have a CCP or whatever SC calls it, get one. Try *this website* for up to date info. 2 2A guys run this site. Learn what SC says bout Open Carry on ones OWN LAND (holstered) as well. Good luck man.

  • GSB Tank_d3str0y3r
    GSB Tank_d3str0y3r Month ago

    The video has no sound

  • Ilona Mikhov
    Ilona Mikhov Month ago

    It keeps saying “video has no sound”

  • Ilona Mikhov
    Ilona Mikhov Month ago

    I can’t hear it :(((

  • George Carlin
    George Carlin Month ago

    your video has no sound

  • Angie Dyer
    Angie Dyer Month ago

    Hello, Off Grid Nation! It has been over. 7 months now......any updates? Beautiful land!

  • Jeepboy7680
    Jeepboy7680 Month ago

    Lucky for that lady you’re not in wv 🤣

  • bobby o
    bobby o Month ago

    oce they put a gate up and yo dont have it removed, you basical forfeit the right of way, have the gate removed and go to court get the easment on there survey

  • Old Cop
    Old Cop Month ago

    As someone who worked for the gov’t for over 30 years, and ALWAYS went out of my way to help everyone (so did my colleagues), screw you jerk! You had my sympathies until you denigrated all gov’t employees as being lazy w/an attitude, which is opposite from my experience.

  • Jake Horner
    Jake Horner Month ago

    I agree you tried the first contact but after that you just kept letting it go on which is still stirring the pot. The sheriff said they’d handle it you should have let them period! They were already upset with you and you doing nothing was just stirring the pot anyway and seeming like you wanted to make a scene. If the sheriff had removed the gate the sheriff would have also contacted them that they had done so because they know they would have been contacted regarding it! You led it on way too long!

  • Joker's smile
    Joker's smile Month ago

    Put Old Glory on the fence post there.

  • eaglebrink
    eaglebrink Month ago

    Why not just go up to those folks and ask them why they set up the gate?? That way you can start a conversation with them and if they react hostile to that, you can always go to the sherrif and let them take down the gate!! Then at least you have tried and showed that you were willing to talk and work with them.... And maybe you putting up a gate on your end of the road has someting to do with it?!?!?!? I can imagine a scenario where they would like to hunt, and use your part of the road to get to their favorite spot or someting like that...

  • The Louster
    The Louster Month ago

    I wish i could have you as a neighbor. I would love to live in the country. But im stuck in suburbia for now. My "city" neighbors are over the top

  • Walter Cargile
    Walter Cargile Month ago

    Write the letter : Start with I Respectfully. ....and state the Facts. As the retired Deputy said if that doesn't work, talk to the Sheriff. I am getting ready to talk with the Sheriff about people hunting on my property. It's your Rights.

  • nixonsmateruby1
    nixonsmateruby1 Month ago

    Land of the free. You should send a letter first. Be the polite one out of the argument

  • n00b clan official youtube channel

    Assholes man assholes com'in on YOUR property put up fences around YOUR property and trying to take your property

  • The Captain
    The Captain Month ago

    My opinion is invite them to a cookout or barbecue and and just talk to them. Get to know them on a personal level. Try to iron out issues and come to agreements. That’s the old way.

  • jim whittaker
    jim whittaker Month ago

    Invite them to a BQQ

  • Brian Cuddy
    Brian Cuddy Month ago

    You are being to nice. Because they aren't. You can't let people run you over in life.

  • Richard Boschen
    Richard Boschen Month ago

    No update? Did the women have a stronger case then you indicated in your video? We have only heard your side of the story - maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. You stated in the video you had other ways of getting to your property - perhaps one of them is your actual legal access that is just not as convenient as crossing this women's private property? If you prevailed in this case it would be interesting to hear how that went - thanks!

  • Lloyd Mott
    Lloyd Mott Month ago +2

    i would go to the Sheriffs office and let them know events up to dates and that you are sending the person/persons a letter letting them know you want to cut a link out of the chain so you can put your own lock on the gate as well. If they do not replay or comply or if you just want the gate removed then get the Sheriff involved and they will handle it.

  • Shniggit
    Shniggit Month ago

    Get some bear spray for those dogs.

  • k2000b
    k2000b Month ago

    your Deed/s other owners along this County road should have clauses wording on your deeds stating either sample south …. north.. etc. boundary has an easement of 20 to 30 feet from center of this road for Ingress and Egress or similar wording .. I know allot of plated subdivisions done by modern developers normally don't have this wording but it shows up in title extracts and surveys of the plots sizes and number of lots with in a subdivision

  • Shanice Baty
    Shanice Baty Month ago

    I would call the sheriff and have them take the gate down ASAP. The longer you leave it up the bigger the problem. Send her the certified letter as well though with copies of the paperwork and tell her I’m sorry I had to have your gate removed but it was blocking a county road which is illegal and I wanted share the paperwork with you so know where the correct boundaries are if you chose in the future to build a new fence and gate.

  • Lana H
    Lana H Month ago

    Have someone else write a draft of the letter for you and you take the words you want from it. This way it would be more objective and not sound angry.

  • eyla0824
    eyla0824 Month ago

    Have you tried walking up and knocking on the door and just talking to the person? You can show them what you found out legally. Then if you have any further probs have the police rip the gate down.

  • john thomas
    john thomas Month ago

    take them to court

  • Hendomac20
    Hendomac20 Month ago

    My family has been forced out of a piece of property now for over 10 years. we were denied deeds in a court of law and the illegal gates still stand in our way to this day. It is 100% landlocked even though it shouldn’t be.

  • Travis Ferguson
    Travis Ferguson Month ago

    That really sucks, sorry that this drama has happened to you...I really feel for you, because all I want to do, soon enough, is have a piece of land of my own to do what I want with. I would love it to be as off grid as possible just to get away from this exact type of drama/bullshit! I really would ideally like to have a car barn/shop/shed structure at the end the regular vehicle road, at which point I could trade out the car for a set of quads or side by sides(snowmobiles for winter snow) to further access the actual homestead property. Of course then the main vehicles would be locked up safely in the shed at the end of the access road. But of course this is still a dream.... hopefully someday!!!

  • Truth Prevails
    Truth Prevails Month ago

    Just be thankful it's civilians. You can work with them, eventually. I thought the government was blocking you. That would be an even stickier situation. Fight them too, hard. When they have an agenda. Next thing you know, you're dead or set up to look like a terrorist. Be thankful it's just civilians.

  • chuck mayes
    chuck mayes Month ago

    Have someone you know wright the letter... Or have a teacher wright the letter for you heck pay her or him to wright the letter... Worse case is you don't like what they wrote and you end up wrighting it anyway...

  • Meadow Apple
    Meadow Apple Month ago

    Public access on that road for a long time. You have a LEGAL lien on the road. They have no right to keep you out. Do what others have said, call the Sheriff and let them knock on the door so they can tell the asshats that they are in violation of the law. Take the fat bitch a pie...

  • ultimateazhole
    ultimateazhole Month ago

    I lived in the mountains, and I always wondered what happened when things like this occur.
    Your last comment on 'you just can't get far enough away from people, ... your neighbor is probably feeling the same way :) but I see it from both sides, especially since I've had issues accessing areas across county maintained roads from the ranchers that think that it's their own personal road the county maintains.
    Here we are allowed to cross land if it's the only way to get to a hunting or fishing area for a distance, and you have a hunt fish license, so I've told the rancher that I am going hunting, and that I don't have to be doing that to ride on a county road, and they chase me anyway, which I used to find quite fun when I was young , but that's my experience with accessibility
    BTW We have easements across our property also, so I know what that's like, and we drive across our neighbors lot, since 1976 and were told we can claim that land now

  • Aka Tiny
    Aka Tiny Month ago +1

    Learn to get to the points of your topic and not babble

  • dj buck
    dj buck Month ago

    I've seen all the comments and it looks like an overall agreement that you should have the sheriff involved asap. She can't just block a county road it against the law. There needs to be full akses on that road for emergency vehicles. Hope it woks out and post up an update.

  • Jayne Arys
    Jayne Arys Month ago

    My parents had that happen to them as well. Their lawyer sent a letter. Telling them had no right to put a gate up on a state owned road. They had to send a second letter to cease and desist or they will face court action.

  • del lampman
    del lampman Month ago

    verry crude unrefined people let the dogs jump on someone else's vehicle.

  • donr416
    donr416 Month ago +2

    Knock on her door, and try to talk to her. She cannot gate a county road and do not let her do it. If she gives you a key to her locked gate, it will then acknowledge her right to be the gatekeeper, and eventually cause the loss of the county road designation.

    I'd bet that your gate is what started her off. The family fished your pond for at least a generation. If you give them a key to your gate and let them fish, it would probably all go away.

    If she will not remove her gate, then you will have to go to the Sheriff.

    If you do that, the Sheriff may make you take your gate down, too, since you should not put one across the county road - even if it dead ends at the back of your place. The landowner behind you may use that short section of road once every ten years to build a fence or take some timber, etc.

    You definitely want to try to get her as an ally.

    Post an update!

  • Dirty corner crew
    Dirty corner crew Month ago +6

    Just drive your truck right through that gate

  • Chuck
    Chuck Month ago +1

    I have land on a shared road, 2 miles behind a gate. Everyone has keys and so far no problems. Just in case someone gets smart and messes with the locks I have a way in/out- a Harbor Freight grinder with cut-off wheels and an inverter to run it. I also carry a chain saw just in case a tree is down, which sometimes happens.
    The woman has already made her intentions know to the town official. It's sherrif time.

  • TheKuskokid
    TheKuskokid Month ago

    Hicks. Get an attorney and get him/her on the job. Only thing thugs understand, otherwise they see you as a pussy and will walk all over you. I work in corrections, I see this all the time.

  • Adam J
    Adam J Month ago

    @10:30 Hire a real estate lawyer to pen the letter for you. Best way to avoid hangups. Also send notice to the other property owners on that road. Might also be a great idea just to let local law enforcement know what's going on and your plans, and state the fact you believe you don't need their help... YET.

  • Bang Thumper
    Bang Thumper Month ago +2

    Off Grid Nation #offgridnation WTF HOW ABOUT AN UPDATE!

  • Ken Verrall
    Ken Verrall Month ago

    Man up and get it done, if not they will continue to walk all over you. I had neighbors like that and one got really hurt and found out he wasn't much of a Man.

  • E Wekickem Holder
    E Wekickem Holder Month ago

    Dude, your fear of a confrontation is going to lead to a worse confrontation. How about having a conversation with your neighbor? It might cost less than $20 in copies and take less than a day waiting for the magistrate.
    What I hear from you is contempt, and that's why your letter sounds contemptuous. If you want to be an ally and not an adversaries as you repeatedly mouth the words, a certified letter isn't the first thing I would jump to - after seeing the magistrate, that is. Duh.

  • Robin powell
    Robin powell Month ago

    Buy a helicopter

  • harold brookens
    harold brookens Month ago

    From your house call the sheriff to your home to discuss the matter. They will have to access the road to get to you. On the way out they can stop and speak to them about the situation. This might clear everything up without you having to speak with them.

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 2 months ago

    If the sheriff wont help, film you conversations asking for help. Let them know your plan film that. Get you a 20 round 9mm canik. 12 gauge remington and an ak 47. Go to a welding supply and buy a nice small cutting torch. Cut that damn gate. It used to be a county road. It still Is, the county never gave them the road. You've got a right to your property that exceeds the rights in that gate. Bad deal. Or here is $200 bucks for my gate contribution can you give me a key or do I need to cut a link, and film that too. Good luck. Just write the letter. Keep it simple. I need access to my property on this formerly county maintained road. I need your cooperation in sharing a key with me or cutting a link. I am prepared to use the sheriff to gain forced entry or will gain access myself. I hope we can resolve this as I wish good will but I have to excercise my right to access my property. So please call me or return my letter.

  • Shelly O’meara
    Shelly O’meara 2 months ago

    Go have a chat

  • georgia adams
    georgia adams 2 months ago

    You could talk to her first. Make sure you document everything! She is not going to be your friend. This happened to my Dad and he
    tried to talk to his neighbor about
    the problem and got nowhere. So he got a good attorney and the
    Sheriff to take care of it. You need
    to stand up for yourself and let the sheriff take care of it. Take her to
    court and let the lawyers duke it out.

    JEFFREY WILSON MESSER 2 months ago

    There lucky to be dealing with you. I would have no problem having the gate torn down by the sheriff

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 months ago +1

    Get a grinder and cut the gate off the hinges

  • denise starr
    denise starr 2 months ago

    you have to have legal easment.good luck.we had to by more land near by to obtain legal easment

  • Tarl Fruge
    Tarl Fruge 2 months ago

    I think since it has not been locked they do know that you access it and that is the reason why it has not been locked. I could be wrong but that's what it seems. I would not take any action verbal or written until it is required. Like you said and ally.

  • Andree Lewis
    Andree Lewis 2 months ago

    Hope you got the sheriff involved and let us know the update

  • 4121Z0N4
    4121Z0N4 2 months ago

    These people are all kinda givin you the good word, man. So what happened after all this?

  • Hollywood5453
    Hollywood5453 2 months ago +1


  • Sneeuwwolf
    Sneeuwwolf 2 months ago


  • Raven's Reflections
    Raven's Reflections 2 months ago

    Well lets make up the best case scenario.... maybe the neighbor doesnt realize they are cutting you off. I'd go up to the door and say hi I'm your neighbor. I like the idea of the gate you guys put up, can I get a key ?

  • mark wilson
    mark wilson 2 months ago

    Problems with buying off grid property, Montana is worse. What was once a friendly field is now unfriendly..seems there would be a procurement of land rights

  • acc clemson
    acc clemson 2 months ago

    well what happened

  • rugerron67
    rugerron67 2 months ago +1

    Sorry about this issue.
    I'm the kind of guy who heads things off face to face as soon as a issue comes up .
    I would go talk to them one on one face to face .
    From there if legal action is needed so be it

  • Ian Whiteley
    Ian Whiteley 2 months ago

    The letter copy your papers send all to her saying. This is a state road any atempt to block the way will be a court matter. Of witch i will seek the fees i spend from you

  • Sammy D
    Sammy D 2 months ago

    Leave the fucking gate open

  • Sammy D
    Sammy D 2 months ago +1

    Why would you wait for someone to come out

  • Larry Wood
    Larry Wood 2 months ago

    I am confused. What is the point of this video? Your problem... which you seemingly have well in hand why are you sharing?

  • Minimalist Moto Life
    Minimalist Moto Life 2 months ago

    In my experience(with a private through road) they can gate the easement, it's their right to do so but they must provide a key or lock combo to all those that the easement was issued for as well as those that go through the process of taking a prescriptive easement(the 7 year thing.)

    • Minimalist Moto Life
      Minimalist Moto Life 2 months ago

      @Sammy D nope "Council" would be private as well. Just like a "Club" "Association" "Trust" etc. Some of them will own the land, create the road then forfeit it to the county/city/township making a true public right of way but at that point the road no longer is owned by them.

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 2 months ago

      @Minimalist Moto Life if it was owned by the council then it is a public road

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 2 months ago

      @Minimalist Moto Life well i did recall he said it was a road owned by the council in the past

    • Minimalist Moto Life
      Minimalist Moto Life 2 months ago

      @Sammy D "Road" doesn't mean "public road", it generally, but not always means an "engineered" driving surface
      Which could be anything from a graveled driveway to a dirt road with a pipe as a culvert.
      According to the county road map our driveway on the family farm was a "road" too entirely on one parcel, never maintained by the government and put in before driveways required government approval or permits.
      "Road" doesn't define it, being on the county road map doesn't either
      The GIS map however does. If the road is excluded from the property it is is passing through it is a public road but if the road is within the boundaries of the property and not excluded it is entirely the private property of that lot and legal use of the road is by easement/lease only.
      I can't think of the best way to word that but if you spend enough time looking at the GIS maps in truly rural areas you will see both.

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 2 months ago

      @Minimalist Moto Life so did i imagine him saying that it was a road before. Which means that they cannot claim it as if it's access for another property. All they can do is tell the council to maintain it

  • William Chapman
    William Chapman 2 months ago +1

    what a waste of my time watching this video.

  • Ginger Notturno
    Ginger Notturno 2 months ago

    Just write the letter and send them a copy of everything you have to show them....Then say i dont mind the gate if i was to have a key to it also ...its your property you should be able to live in peace on your own place

  • savagenomore
    savagenomore 2 months ago

    am I the only one that noticed that ripple from the fish

  • Tmanqz
    Tmanqz 2 months ago

    Just the wreck the gate, wreck it again, and again....sooner or later they will play nice. You want off the grid, you need to grow a pair.

  • jon kwarsick
    jon kwarsick 2 months ago

    if you havent already you need to act right away you need to go into the local sheriffs office and or City hall to get them to come out and remove the gate before it can be pulled into precedents. If its listed as a legal road its a right away if you let them leave the gate up they might be able to apply to get the road removed. There is basicly no way you can do it they are going to not be pissed at you for it. you just have to do it. right of access is a right let me put it this way. if she came and put a lock on your gun cabnet and denied you access to your right to bear arms would you just wit back and hope it works itself out? thats how you lose rights

  • Trina Middleton
    Trina Middleton 2 months ago +3

    Call the sheriff Department and let them handle it. They will look it up and should do what's right and have them to take that gate down

  • Bryon Weiss
    Bryon Weiss 2 months ago

    Was this issue resolved?

  • Freeman Reign
    Freeman Reign 2 months ago

    People can only sue if they own their fictitious names, some states call them Tradenames. Buy yours and file it in your county and now you can file any type of document against her, like a lien on her Property giving her 14 days to remove the gate. Anyone that owns land or has owned land and had issues with neighbors learns that it all comes down to what you know about the Codes, or in some cases how deep your pockets are, however, if you know the Codes you have the Jump and in law (state statues) First in line is first in time, liens work like this. What an example "A Mortgage" is a lien however, what people do not know is that they can simply file a UCC-1, and then a UCC-3 and Terminate their mortgages. In fact most States allow for theproperty owners to "Quiet Title" after five years. You want to know where to find this truth ? Start spending some time read the documents that are filed in your County, that is where l found my first completed Quiet Title with the judges signature and a Release of Mortgages attached to it. Read your State constitutions people too and learn the state's law of the land and it's inhabitants, you are State Citizens first then U.S.citizens which the later is a Federal Employee, a slave. Love it or leave it, l am not here to fight, l am here to win. We are sovereign but without the knowledge we are slaves to those with the knowledge, attorneys, lawyers and the judges. I own a court when l walk here by saying this; Is this a private or public hearing," the judges look at me and then the documents which l mentioned in the first part and the judges then knows l own him and he dismisses it and never calls me back again. This is a true story that happened here in my City when they tried to make me buy a permit to mend my fence 11 yrs ago. Own your Tradename and you own your Bond and they can never be over you as in a Trustee to your Estate. Facts facts people your world is not what they told you and tell you everyday in the corporate owned media.

  • aaron price
    aaron price 2 months ago

    good luck, the law seems to be on your side unless they are related to someone downtown, know what i mean. obviously they have already done some investigating and know what they are doing is adversarial , some neighbors are just bad neighbors and yes it smells the whole place up, but do have that gate removed asap, then you will see if their intentions are bad

  • Shawn Bremner
    Shawn Bremner 2 months ago +5

    Hey.......Have someone else write the letter. So your feelings are not involved.....Then grow some balls and go talk to them.

  • Angela Tucker
    Angela Tucker 2 months ago

    So your best bet is to study the Bible. Get to know our God. With God on your side who can be against you?? And he promises if we follow his word. We receive blessings. He will solve your problem. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe God is trying to get your attention. I’m just sayin. Good luck. Xoxo

  • Jim Holley
    Jim Holley 2 months ago +1

    So what ever happened with your neighbor and the gate?
    I've been in similar situations in developing and plotting homes on properties.

  • P. ret86 Curtis
    P. ret86 Curtis 2 months ago

    For future reference if you feel in writing a letter to your neighbors will come of as abrasisive perhaps have. Someone that would come come off a little more eloquent regarding your situation write the letter that comes off more abrasive it may cost you a little bit but in the long run it may be more helpful good luck!

  • John McKenzie
    John McKenzie 2 months ago

    Show up with a bulldozer enclosed get in it and plow the road straight to your property and then call the county to have a maintainer look you're not going to make friends with these people at the beginning there your enemy and if that's the way they want then you got to do what you got to do now you might not want to get a bulldozer you might just want to just drive through it with a big truck but either way don't back down go through it you got to stand up for your property.

  • United we Stand
    United we Stand 2 months ago +1

    Right of way is a Federal law!
    You're right, they're wrong.
    It's the same law the power company would have used had you refused to allow them to replace a link in your chain with their lock.
    You're neighbor is hoping to discourage you and acquiring your property for a cheap price.
    I understand you trying to settle this peacefully, but some people are just assholes.
    Better they be pushed off than you setting picked on.

  • Carole Elliott
    Carole Elliott 2 months ago

    The neighbors might have fished n hunted with previous owners permission so coming to compromises w neighbors before you gate n fence is good idea.

  • A to Z Entertainment
    A to Z Entertainment 2 months ago

    Why now follow up

  • mikee and grandmachikchik shooting

    request the sheriff send them a letter

  • Nicholai Ivan
    Nicholai Ivan 2 months ago +1

    shes a woman shes gonna fight u every step of the way no matter what lol.