Being Blocked From Entering My Property

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • Ahhhh, people. Can't live with em', can't move far enough away from em'. In this video, I try to explain the newest incident involving the off grid property and I am sourcing the community for ideas/suggestions to stop what could end up being a sticky situation.
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Comments • 5 045

  • james zwolinski
    james zwolinski 4 hours ago

    I'd talk to neighbors

  • Nicole Doherty
    Nicole Doherty 8 hours ago

    So what happened with this gate

  • aikibudoMT
    aikibudoMT Day ago

    I'm a retired Montana real estate attorney. I have dealt with issues like this over and over and over again. In my experience, they often involved someone who just moved in from California blocking historical access. I don't know South Carolina law, but it seems obvious you have a legal easement to your property. I would try writing to your neighbors and seeing if you can get a polite, friendly resolution. If they don't talk to you and start locking the gate, you might want to buy a set of bolt cutters. If you think the situation is dangerous, have the sheriff there when you cut the lock. Have the deeds and paperwork on hand. Good luck. I know from experience these things can drag on for a while.

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise Day ago

    Be friendly in your interactions with them. Explain that your lawyer said this... cite legal precedence..... then cut the gate everytime it's locked. Put your own lock it and see what happens.

  • Stephen MacWhinnie

    I think I know what happened to this gentleman, when he went to knock on the neighbors door she shot and killed him. Case closed!

  • Saintpo Puckett
    Saintpo Puckett Day ago

    The onX Hunt App and Hunt Chip include a nationwide map of highways, roads, streets, back-roads, forest service roads, two-tracks and dirt roads to help you locate the best routes and access points. It's free the first 7 days.

  • James Sacchetti
    James Sacchetti 2 days ago

    Yeah I had a problem like that almost the same exact thing I was on the end and the guy was in the front there was two other cabins in the middle well I did it the nice gentleman way where I left a note on the door if you are putting a gate up please leave me a key or mail me a key for my address thank you for the situation I'm being understandable butter assholes in this is what you have to deal with so what I did I bought bolt cutters and then they put a chain on that was too big for my bolt cutters but not my 3006 eventually ended up in court and probably lots of money cuz I kept taking the chains and throwing them out they couldn't prove it cost of a ton of money for chains and locks but I want it's called grandfather rights as long as that roads been in use for more than 20 years they can't say s*** or do s*** to you that is your legal way of getting to your land and if they really don't want you that bad to be there by you out and make sure you add a couple bucks to the aggravation they cost you if they want you out bad enough you'll walk away with double your money

  • John Koeberlein
    John Koeberlein 2 days ago

    Been there done that. When I was a kid our neighbor did this but we had other ways out and into our property. Until the winter and then other roads were flooded. My dad finally called the sheriff and had the gate taken down.

  • John Kidder
    John Kidder 2 days ago


  • Joe G
    Joe G 2 days ago

    Be a man and go talk to the person

  • Ronald Daub
    Ronald Daub 2 days ago

    They already don't like you being there.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 2 days ago

    Take them to court if needed. They can't put up a fence across a public road. This could get messy. I would say government, you had better get involved. This road has been there for 60 years. If a fire department needs to access the property, you don't need a gate. Take the gate down now. Don't coware down, else you will loose your standing. Any service you may ever need should have a way to reach you without that gate. REMOVE THE GATE.

  • Rob Aspinwall
    Rob Aspinwall 3 days ago

    Do u make a video on how it's been solved?

  • Corey Ayers
    Corey Ayers 3 days ago

    Isnt that called right of passage

  • JAMES Dorrill
    JAMES Dorrill 3 days ago

    go down to the county road dept and ask them to grade the road being it belongs to the county

  • Harold Domangue
    Harold Domangue 3 days ago

    Go up knock on door if no answer leave a kind message that you would like to have a nice conversation with them

  • madmarkuk1
    madmarkuk1 3 days ago

    What was the final outcome of this there isnt a second vid to say what happened next?

  • DJ Nunya
    DJ Nunya 4 days ago

    Duck tape and zip ties rule our repair life from fences to bumpers.

  • Sharke2121
    Sharke2121 4 days ago +2

    You cannot be denied access to the land you own, period. The sheriff is the best way to go, and don't bother to irritate any other government entity. The law is the law, the sheriff is the only one responsible to enforce the EASEMENT you are automatically granted when the deed for the property is issued to you. This matter should be readily resolved with those that are causing the issue, once they are fully aware of the legal standing you have. If they persist, use the sheriff.

  • D Cam's Sunsets
    D Cam's Sunsets 4 days ago +1

    You're overthinking things get the anxiety out of your mind and thoughts stay positive Act aggressively but kindly you're dictating your natural thought stick with your gut instinct kill people with kindness stick up for yourself and what you believe in and you will be surprised the respect and results you get someone sees you struggling with an issue connected with you they will pull back and not meet you face to face human nature is fascinating Self Doubt is destructive, carry on Sir much respect for you stay strong

  • zian z
    zian z 4 days ago

    Try dog treats & toys.
    Maybe a handshake and a conversation first. Send letter second.

  • Malakie Usn
    Malakie Usn 5 days ago

    Other's are right.. Get the Sheriff involved because people cannot block your ingress/egress from property you own and they do not. Right of way is precedent in the courts. Now, that is ONLY the case IF this ingress/egress is your only way in and out of your property AND you can show that other ways in are either blocked or impassible. If you have other means to get into your property, that are not blocked or impassible, then this woman cannot stop you from using it.

  • Eugene Brast
    Eugene Brast 5 days ago

    Depending on the state , if u have a deed that says u have a legal ingress egress easement on it , it passes down unless it it closed . As it pertains to multiple deeds across numerous properties as you have described then .access rights are handed down unless in normal cases you go to a judge and they close it . That normally means that if one landowner buys all the property and then legally has the right to close the easement once it is shown closing it would not cause undo grievance to another property owner that also has the same easement shown on the deeds .
    Most courts will rule in favor of the older rights given by the deeds over time past down . The certified letter is one thing . I am a land surveyor . Call a surveyor , have them mark the easement . Get your ducks in a row and take them to court . You only lose your property rights if over time you do not use them and someone can show just cause for you to lose your rights to access .
    Call surveyors first . We know all about these things , and as state registered it helps in court 100% .

  • Rickey Baker Baker
    Rickey Baker Baker 5 days ago

    Everybody in the comment section was right go to the sheriff first let them handle it

  • Ron Rhoades
    Ron Rhoades 5 days ago

    you dont want to sound less than cordial when the bitch put up the gate with a chain and lock across a county road That is less than cordial bring the sheriff show him all that you showed the judge and have him take the gate down that bitch is trying to steal county property as well as deny you access to your property stop being such a damn wimp and stand up for yourself

  • William Swan
    William Swan 6 days ago

    Show more words. The other people are deeded access and it's a County Road changes after that you still have access they're trying to control the land in the area behind there shut them off have the sheriff's department remove it or remove it yourself you're not the one being an a****** it's the people that are blocking the road the power play

  • Allison Dunn
    Allison Dunn 6 days ago

    Just ask them if you can cut a link out and put your own lock on it too...

  • oneness is the key.
    oneness is the key. 6 days ago

    you must be kind but straight up forward letting them know the Sheriff had the power to break the gate. we can be good neighbors and which peace to each other. I will like that very much but I will use the law if we cannot reach a peaceful and civilized agreement. reminding her that the law is backing you up. and see what happens. good luck in that situation.

  • Tom Bourne
    Tom Bourne 7 days ago

    Sir first off I would like to start my comment out by addressing but you said between 9 minutes and 9 minutes and 40 seconds. It absolutely does not matter to me anymore what situation you would get yourself into what you said in this time about you wanting this person as an ally and recognizing their maybe feelings on both sides that would muddy the water is by far the most grown-up thing I've heard someone say in a long time in the division in this country could learn something from you and we have to get back to understanding that we are all Americans and we can all be friends and work together and you my friend get a gold star. I would trust you to safely and calmly handle any situation and I would suggest that you be a life coach for all these violent liberal crazies out there brother. And you're absolutely right this absolutely should not be an issue and you would think these people would want their neighbors to be allies like you said and also like you said would offer you a link in the chain like you did the electrical company for you to put your own lock in so that you can get in so that you don't have to feel like every time you're going to your house that they think you're doing something wrong and you feel unsafe that's just not right and it's wrong of them to make you feel that way and tells me that they are not good people. Satan is working very heavily in this world these days and unfortunately Jesus has taken the back burner to a lot of anger and those of us as it says in the Bible that are the remnant Jesus says those of us that will make it all the way to the end will have life everlasting with the father and how amazing will that be just too no salvation is on our side freak it to live in heaven I don't think anybody truly understands how exciting that is I don't think anybody truly understands or thinks about it heaven guys heaven imagine our sinful nature gone everyone's happy loving of a completely different entity we will be although we will be ourselves we will have an absolute different connection with universe and to get to me all of those in the Bible all the disciples Jesus to get the kneel before the father I can't wait.

  • Dawn Wheeler
    Dawn Wheeler 7 days ago

    Even if it were their property, which it is not, and it was the only road too access your property you would have an easement of necessity. Serve them with a copy of the magistrates order. If they fail to remove the fence you must go to court for equitable relief; force the removal. Get a lawyer. If they continue this for twenty years with no asserting their rights they can then claim its their property. Sorry but this is kinda common in rural areas without a lot of population.

  • Peggy G
    Peggy G 7 days ago

    Had the same issue years ago.. after I went up the long driveway and settled down for the evening, My son has gotten really sick, I got in my car to take him to the ER and the people who live at the end and claim the property had parked in the middle of the road and blocked me in. i couldn't go around due to large hill on each side. (keep in mind this was also a long battle of rights to this drive way and they were jerks who gave everyone issues who owned this house.) well I called police and they came immediately and pounded on the door, the resident refused to answer and police called in a tow company and just as they were about to tow his car, the guy came out yelling.. and the cop told him the next time he blocked the road he would go to jail..Well I finally got my son to the ER and checked out, He ended up having pneumonia..
    The jerk who blocked the driveway never did it again and never said anything else..
    They proved they didnt want to be civil, so why bother.. just call the sheriff , The sheriff will force them to do the right thing!
    Best of Luck to you! hope it has worked out by now.

  • Jane James
    Jane James 7 days ago

    Is you address to your property off the road that is being blocked? if so you should start getting mail delivered to this address and put a box just out side your gate. If they stop the mail it’s a federal offense. Your postal worker will call the law and I believe the law will get involved.

  • Lisa Haase Custom Sewing

    I once lived out in the country in Oklahoma in a development where the land had been divided up into large lots and roads were created. The developer deeded these roads to the county although the county never maintained them...the residents were required to do that. Once a road has been deeded to the county, they are public property and cannot be blocked by fences, gates or any other means nor can they be deeded back to the residents, at least not without notifying you. That is the law in Oklahoma, at least.

  • Stephen MacWhinnie
    Stephen MacWhinnie 8 days ago +1

    Hi I will keep this short and simple. You have easement rights period! This woman has no right whatsoever of chaining off an easement right! So call the sheriffs office if you are still having a problem.

  • David J.
    David J. 8 days ago +1

    Is the woman afraid you will find her pot plants? She is trying to hide something it seems.

  • Charlie LaFayette
    Charlie LaFayette 8 days ago +8

    I had a situation something like that in New Hampshire . Dirt road through the woods with a lake along side of the woods on one side. About five home and summer camps along the road. I owned the road. I was told that the road is open to anyone who lives along it and needs the right of way to their homes, which makes sense. They were supposed to help maintain the road and help with the expense of plowing it in the winter
    Time. Some of the folks were nice enough although they never offered to help with the upkeep. But overall they were ok. Except one. He actually plowed me in as I was the last house on the road. This was sort of way out in the woods, nice and quiet and good fishing. Anyway we didn't get along at all. So after a year or so of his aggravating ways I got a drill down with a backhoe and dug up my area of the road and disconnected his well hose. He had no water after that. All the homes were attached to my well. I did collect a small sum from the others for the upkeep of the well but this guy had to go through the expense of having some well people down to drill him a new well. He never bothered me again. I found that if you go along to get along that is only respected for a while but there comes a time when you must demand the respect from others also and when The others saw what I did then I got more respect and assistance in the upkeep of the road. When you come in as an "outsider" people don't accept you until you gain their respect. Good luck to you.

  • Sausage Gravy
    Sausage Gravy 8 days ago

    I'm sure you are going to disagree with me, but here goes. If the road is her property and is not state maintained, you wont get access. The local sheriff has no rights here and cant destroy private property. Your ONLY shot is to have a judge rule on it. My opinion is you dont have a leg to stand on, but I have been wrong before.
    Good luck.

    • Tyler Chisholm
      Tyler Chisholm 8 days ago +1

      He said at the start of the video he has a legal easement through her land. I'm not sure how his state works but in Texas easements are for life and can only be changed if both parties agree to change or amend them. However an easement cannot be eliminated only relocated. Unless you have more than one access point through said property or another adjoining property. I know this from dealing with a neighbor who tried the same tactics at my house trying to force me to sell it to him.

  • Ed
    Ed 8 days ago

    BLa bla bla, why cry on youtube go to the sheriff and blab to them....sheesh

  • Jay D. Anderson
    Jay D. Anderson 8 days ago +1

    In VA it is 7 yrs also -- my Real Estate Agent brother told me. There may be a concern that this person may be trying to re-establish their legal domain over this road by closing it off from time to time and documenting it with photos (and a Newspaper front page maybe) that the road was closed over 7 years. I know of a case where an alley road in a city (I forget which city) is closed down for one day each year which allows the owner of that property to exert their future control over that road if they decided to put a building there or something. I agree with others that say let the Sheriff's Office handle it -- they will go to the trailer and talk to the owner's of the property and tell them they can't block entry/egress by other home owners on the road. If you are locked out simply call the Sheriff and tell them you are unable to reach your property and they will solve the problem for you.

  • Michael Garrone
    Michael Garrone 9 days ago +2

    I never heard you say that you spoke with the neighbor. There must be an underlying issue.

    • D Cam's Sunsets
      D Cam's Sunsets 4 days ago

      Michael Garrone exactly what I thought I made a comment above human nature is fascinating isn't it?

  • silver sloth
    silver sloth 9 days ago +1

    I would cut chain off and leave a note saying i legal right of way back threw this road then leave proof hanging thier also.

  • Márcio Bastos
    Márcio Bastos 9 days ago +1

    Those are stupid laws, in most of Europe even if the only exit of a land is through other person property, they have the obligation to let other person get in and out of their land. so it is impossible to get land locked here.

  • Daniel Goff
    Daniel Goff 10 days ago +1

    For your own safety have a lawyer draft up the lesser have it motorized two copies one for you and one sent to the owner who put up the gate, also include motorized copies of everything you got from the county clerks office on the properties and the Road. Have the lawyer send it then it is 100% noted as a legal letter and then they must comply to that. If at anytime they decide to take action against you, then they would be in an offensive position to try to legally block you, but sense you have the right of way you will win. Then you can have the Sheriffs department take down the gate.

  • BIG D
    BIG D 10 days ago

    What is your attention with the property you speak of? Maybe they are concerned about what you are doing there?
    Are you growing pot?
    I’m in Northern Cali I have property that we don’t live at but I grow pot there... originally I had problems with the same situation... I redid the whole road! My place is the last one on the road like yours... So by fixing the road to my place everyone else got a new road to drive on as well… No more complaining neighbors! Hell they actually watch out for me now make sure no one is messing with my pot! It’s been seven years now still successfully growing and have made friends with most of the other property owners...
    That’s just what I did and it worked for me…

  • Dovetailup
    Dovetailup 10 days ago +2

    The lady is just testing you---she is just hoping that you will cave in, go away, and use another way in.
    I have been buying several properties off the beaten path and could write a book about people like this.
    Don't sweat it, you have the law on your side and she knows it. I would do nothing until she locks the gate.

  • Dixie Ten Broeck
    Dixie Ten Broeck 10 days ago +13

    Five months ago you got great advice. And? What has happened since?

  • Patty Massey
    Patty Massey 10 days ago +5

    Did you get this problem Taken care of?? We’re curious as to what happened but couldn’t find the video with the outcome is it still in legislature

  • Garry Leicester
    Garry Leicester 10 days ago +3

    I always say it would be a wonderful world but for people:-) Some people just enjoy being ornery. You have done your best. If they won't co-operate time to call the sheriff. Good luck.

  • bernie weber
    bernie weber 10 days ago

    I'd be more concerned with the gators in the pond behind you. That and a croc or two.

  • Scienciness Feeling
    Scienciness Feeling 10 days ago

    @ 0ff Grid Nation You had me at 9:36

  • James Rosa
    James Rosa 10 days ago +1


  • Russell Rees
    Russell Rees 10 days ago +1

    I personally would first of all go talk to the property owner where the gate is and be straightforward with them but not overbearing and just explain to them hey I bought this piece of property with the understanding that this is the access road in and out I don't want to cause any problems but I want to have access to my property and ask them the same way that the power company asked you if there are power lines along that road and that proceed past that property then that road is a easement for power company access if nothing else but I would try that first and if that didn't work then I would go to the sheriff

  • feral kid
    feral kid 10 days ago

    I'll tell ya, if it is that guy's road, and you do go to court, you may as well sell it, cuz the you'll never overcome the animosity between ya after that. I think if you discreetly get an atty to go over your deed, the gis details surrounding easements and the guy's precise land lines, and he feels you probably aint got a case, it'd be wiser and cheaper to offer the guy some rent money for access than attempt to pursue civil or legal action. Probably wouldn't cost ya much, most folks go happy gaga for a little cash money.

  • feral kid
    feral kid 10 days ago

    It all comes down to the specifics as it pertains to the road in your deed. If it's really that guy's road, and without the joint support of an affected group, there's very little you can do about it aside from meeting the guy and working something out.

  • Hambone571
    Hambone571 10 days ago

    Call the sheriff office, and a title deed processor, or the county officials. It’s your land, you have leagal access to it. One or more of these agencies will help. Quit whining.

  • Louie Jordan
    Louie Jordan 11 days ago

    Reading in,is called assuming,grow a pair,its called an easement,right of way,should have figured that out before purchase,yeah?

  • Chris Gridley
    Chris Gridley 11 days ago +1

    You’re a lot nicer than I am, I’d have just removed the gate

  • Danny Snelling
    Danny Snelling 12 days ago

    I guess u have read it, huh?

  • R&D WoodShop
    R&D WoodShop 12 days ago

    I am dealing with this same exact thing here in NY on the property I bought. The property is located upstate, and the surrounding owner lives in Brooklyn. I had to go to the tax office and file a complaint. That complaint resulted in the owner being fined for not using the property as a Primary Residence which he claimed. I called, complained, and his daughter (he is 85+ yrs old), told me that I did not have permission to enter my property, sorry you bought landlocked property. I am going to build a truck bridge, use the roadway, and drive in as usual, they aren't local, so hopefully, they sell and the new owner grants the continued right of way for me. It sucks.

  • Danny Snelling
    Danny Snelling 12 days ago +1

    My land has a deeded easement for the family behind me. I don't mind the use of it as long as it is maintained and done so by them. If it becomes a deterrent to the value of my property, then I will take legal action to restrict use or sue for repairs to be made. Simply giving easement does not relieve the users of responsibility.

    • Danny Snelling
      Danny Snelling 12 days ago +1

      Need to use your tongue for more than just wagging. I have restrictions on mine. I have to allow them access, but it requires them to maintain it so it will not lower my property value anymore than it already has. A real estate lawyer can do that for you if you want to pay the price.+Mark Pool

    • Mark Pool
      Mark Pool 12 days ago

      Danny Snelling: Your ignorance is showing buddy. You have no clue. You have no control of that easement.

  • joseph wright
    joseph wright 12 days ago

    an easement is the right to cross. a right of way is the right to build a road. sue to get either. sue the board of taxation, the county commisioners, and everybody that owns property along the road. sue as a right of necessity.

  • Jolly Green
    Jolly Green 13 days ago

    Whatever you do, it's obvious, don't let the feds try to help. They always try to take over..

  • Phil Lee
    Phil Lee 13 days ago

    Angle grinder, open carry.

  • Simon Delaney
    Simon Delaney 13 days ago

    If your in the right the government will say your wrong.
    If you let the law do their job they won’t.
    Then if you take the law into your own hands then in a flash they’ll be there to drag you off and put you in jail, either way you can’t win

  • Prune Juice Power
    Prune Juice Power 14 days ago +1

    “I guess, these days, you just can’t get far enough away from people” true dat 👍

  • Tv S
    Tv S 14 days ago

    You can give the gatekeepers the option - agree that you have a right of way and let you come and go without issue or else you'll put up 4 - 200' Tyson chicken houses and stink the hell out of them.

  • 2200Z
    2200Z 14 days ago

    That was a waste of 13 minutes when I finally clicked away.

  • A W
    A W 14 days ago

    Some people you cannot have a peaceful resolution with. Go to the people at the front of your property (with a handgun) and explain that they do not have the right to restrict your use of the road. If they react defensively then tell them the sheriff will be coming to rip it down. Just get it done!

  • Bannor _Murphy
    Bannor _Murphy 14 days ago

    get a nice friend to write your letter for you and at end saying you may bring further action if they continue to frustrate your access

  • ajshovel1
    ajshovel1 14 days ago

    You need to consult your other "Off Grid" buddies who post videos on here about how they block off other property owner access. I guess since they got theirs, screw anyone else.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 15 days ago


  • Casper Spookey
    Casper Spookey 15 days ago

    Eminent domain

  • W K
    W K 16 days ago +1

    We tried using the title insurance and it was a waste of time. The title company did everything possible not to get involved. I agreed with the others that this person is probably not reasonable, so a letter as your first action may not work. Maybe you can have the sheriff come with you for the first in person meeting 1. for your protection 2. so she knows you are serious 3. to have a witness. If she continues to harass you after this meeting, then the sheriff can rip down the gate. She will not win a lawsuit because you have all the proper paperwork. Good Luck!

  • Andy Paul
    Andy Paul 17 days ago

    I'm from Bennettsville SC what part are you from

  • chynna dollie
    chynna dollie 17 days ago +1

    Some people just like to hear themselves talk.

  • Grand Pooh-Bah
    Grand Pooh-Bah 17 days ago +1

    If you haven't already, try to communicate with your neighbor. Having a gate can be beneficial in many ways. They might simply want to stop people who have no right to be beyond their gate from entering. If you like the idea of stopping strangers from going down your road you and your neighbor might be on the same page and don't know it because of a lack of communication.

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins 18 days ago +1

    In WV, if the county abandons a right-of-way or road access, u can go to the County Courthouse and apply to purchase said access for a price that can be negotiated. But as far as SC, I think u are on the right track, b4 u send the letters out, have a friend or two, read the letter and see how it comes off to them. If it sounds like you're being professional or just a butt. Sounds to me that the homeowners are doing something illegal and dont want the traffic to get caught.

  • Audrey Evans
    Audrey Evans 18 days ago +1

    Hi one thing you might want to check is if a gate goes uncontested for mor than a specific time period ie7years is it then permanent?.
    And you could approach them the same way the power company approached you and ask if you can add a lock or get a key from them.

  • biggysground
    biggysground 19 days ago +1

    Dude grow some balls knock on the trailer and talk with them, tell them to lock the gate but give you a key. If not, use bolt cutters to cut the lock problem solved.

  • randy dumes
    randy dumes 19 days ago +1

    cut the link and add a lock

  • Sarah Kelly
    Sarah Kelly 19 days ago +1

    I understand that you don't want to tick off the neighbors, but why do you want to be cordial with a person who wants to block you from your property? That just seems to make you a person that they will try to push around again and again.

  • Ron Denham
    Ron Denham 20 days ago +2

    Go knock on the door. Dont just wait there in your truck.

  • Billy Snake'Hawk's Adventure's

    Yeah man you're in your legal right by the law so do what you got to do to have that backup in case the law does get involved at least you know your legal and they don't have a leg to stand on like you said. Me personally I had to deal with something like that when I lived in North Carolina I lived at the end of a road where a dirt road actually went through my property and then along side a little creek going down the hill my property actually went across the road of this supposed easement. But I knew it was a county Access Road and not an actual personal driveway. So it was no big deal until the property up on the hill above my property was sold to a bunch of greedy bastards. LOL but seriously they made a new driveway from their actual road that was nowhere near my road and the right away to the county and made it go from behind their Ranch all the way around there Lake that they had on their property by their barn and come out on the other end on my property, and they did this without checking who owned the land before they did so well I know I had to yield the right away for the county because it was an access County Road for many different County purposes plus it went to there land that they were keeping their County work trucks on back through in past my property. Yes I was in the mountains so it was really Mountainy Terrain. Let's just say I had a little dispute with the neighbors across the way because they didn't realize they're digging up and remodeling part of my land. And I had a county worker come out and Survey my property and put poles up and wires showing where my property went to exactly. This did not go to court either due to the fact the county even told them you are going to have to close this access point off it is illegal in the state of North Carolina they had no right to do it without any permissions from the county or the private landowner they were pissed because they spent about $20,000 grading and tearing up the property making a road all the way to the access road. But they did it with no research of the right of easement and County property and adjoining property owners. So they were pissed off at me for a long time but it was their screw up I didn't want to be enemies with them either they were my neighbor but they made it that way sometimes it is unavoidable with people that are Moron assholes.

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 21 day ago

    Get a chop saw and cut the lock if that don't make them stop hook to the gate and rip it out easier to ask for forgiveness from the cops those kinda people will always mess with u over that I've seen it your in the right rip it out

  • jeffrey robinson
    jeffrey robinson 21 day ago

    Cut the chain put your own lock on it that way you have acces as well as the other person

  • Frank N. Stein
    Frank N. Stein 21 day ago +1

    To funny! Living off grid and looking for help on youtube for property issues.....

  • Ravven Redstone
    Ravven Redstone 22 days ago +1

    Most of you have not watched or payed attention to the Vid.
    The road belongs to the STATE and City!
    Next time pay attention!

  • Jim
    Jim 22 days ago

    Jesus, just call the Sheriff, guy. Less than cordial? You are trying to make a legal argument to a bunch of dogs.

  • Harold Land
    Harold Land 22 days ago +2

    I say BS to the whole scenario...
    No update after months...Just lots of comments and nice links on how to pay him to post this crap

  • alibimike1
    alibimike1 23 days ago

    YOU are guanteed access to your property from the nearest access rd. at least in michigan.

  • Debbie Price
    Debbie Price 23 days ago

    8 or 9 dogs..maybe they are starting a puppy mill

  • boogers
    boogers 23 days ago

    read up,

  • Big Daddy L
    Big Daddy L 24 days ago +1

    The fact is a letter should be the second step. I would start with knocking on the door just and say "I don't mind the gate but I want a key" If that isn't agreeable move on to a certified letter and then call the law. If the law won't get involved legal action last, a land attorney might be necessary, and you would sue for declaratory action that states this is the right of way; remove the gate. In the last scenario the losing party to a law suit generally pays court costs and attorney fees. Good luck.

  • constance bonner
    constance bonner 24 days ago

    Please send a letter through the regular postal service when you send the certified letter. Many people don't pick up certified letters because they assume that ignorance is bliss. Most courts will recommend sending both because the court will assume the certified letter was received when it's possible that it wasn't. Making this suggestion just in case you end up in court. Best of luck!

  • Scott Neubill
    Scott Neubill 25 days ago +1

    OK. So what did you do? Its been a few months now............?!

  • Easily Offended
    Easily Offended 25 days ago

    You're doing the best thing. An amicable resolution is the desired outcome. People are sometimes too quick to send off emotive letters and emails, instead of keeping things factual in as polite and cordial as possible.
    Hope it works out. It'd be great to have an update in the future.

  • J Ward
    J Ward 25 days ago

    I would have the Sheriff rip the gate down. I understand you don’t want problems with these people, but they have ignored your rights. Let the Sheriff rip it down, and maybe ask them nicely before hand to remove the gate. If they don’t I would have no more contact with them and let the Sheriff remove it. I hope you conceal carry because you just never know how people with react.

  • David Nevers
    David Nevers 25 days ago

    Why not ask to cut a link in the chain and put your lock on. The gate can remain and others that have no business in there will be kept out. Otherwise use legal means to make your point.

  • Russ Montgomery
    Russ Montgomery 26 days ago

    How about an update.

  • Seri Seriom
    Seri Seriom 26 days ago

    Hahaha look!
    Its another "off" grid dude going out of his mind to post his "off" grid with all details on youtube. To ensure its on grid as an way possible.