Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
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Comments • 19 522

  • Lewis Loening
    Lewis Loening 9 hours ago

    ill stick with my Sony's thanks very much

  • Pratyush Buch
    Pratyush Buch 18 hours ago

    This man is absolutely partial and hates apple and it’s products because he likes android more. Therefore, he will always complain about the notch and the fucking headphone jack that no one except the galaxy devices have. Can’t you just except it like other TheXvidrs like MKBHD. I like your PC videos, and I am not joking I really do like them but I’d just say one thing that this blathering idiot just knows how to complain.

  • annlex netshop
    annlex netshop 23 hours ago

    Iphone 10 Ass

  • Anh Tiệp Trần

    why buy the max and complain about the size linus??? really? if u have small hand buy the xs..... Linus pls take a seat

  • Anh Tiệp Trần

    pls watch rene ritche vid about ur vid linus......

  • Amos Clark
    Amos Clark Day ago

    S5 better

  • Ronald Lemons
    Ronald Lemons Day ago

    the dongle was definitely in between the casing for the earpods but okay

  • Snowman snowman
    Snowman snowman Day ago +2

    "People buy Iphone Xs"
    "Does not come with dongle so they will buy it"

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH Day ago

    I just got the Xs Max for the size and nothing else. It’s a very lackluster year. This year is even worse (knowing what I know about the XI) and I won’t upgrade until 2020. I don’t consider myself a big Apple fan, despite my decently large footprint I have in their ecosystem, and their efforts are not doing much for me to go any deeper.
    This iOS 13 swipe keyboard is nice, though...

  • Andrew Aaron Zheming Bao

    i used to have the iPhone 5. I now have the XS

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music 2 days ago +1

    My Galaxy S8 is around the same size as a XS Max and the screen is bigger, i-

  • Rishi
    Rishi 3 days ago

    Buys iPhone, uses Google apps for productivity. Regrets his decision.

  • tomcat 5100
    tomcat 5100 3 days ago +2

    Linus: "Last time Apple used roman numerals was 1994"
    2001: Apple releases Mac OSX, successor of Mac OS 9
    me: ?

    • tomcat 5100
      tomcat 5100 3 days ago

      Also the apple III came out in 1980, why was that even in the video

  • Darkyphobiaツ
    Darkyphobiaツ 4 days ago +1

    Just use a GUCCI Smart Toilet

  • Timothy Sanchez
    Timothy Sanchez 4 days ago

    Apple can put there logo on dog shit and apple sheeps will call it revolutionary

  • unOriginal Gaming
    unOriginal Gaming 4 days ago +4

    Apple treat customers like User

    Android treat customers like Admin

    Nuff said

  • Exotik Inc
    Exotik Inc 6 days ago

    *Great screen capture on the 10 ass*

  • Kilocharlie10
    Kilocharlie10 6 days ago

    I just realized something. When the iPhone X was first shown, they said the last ten years of iPhone had, more or less, the same front design, the said that the iPhone X would shape the next 10 years. I fear the notch is here to stay for a few more years.

  • Joel Wilson
    Joel Wilson 6 days ago

    yeah, excess is right... your link to your sponsor is not so great. Thanks for the efforts :)

  • Daniel
    Daniel 6 days ago

    His opinion is irrelevant, he is not an iPhone user. Samsung sell their phones for the same price, and lets not mention the Galaxy Fold. It’s 2019, time to go wireless, so stop complaining about the headphone jack, it’s gone and not coming back. Is he new to this planet? Apple has ALWAYS used the same design for two years in a row. And iPhone can last way longer than any other product. I used my iPhone 6 from 2013-2018. You don’t see apple user complaining about what Samsung is doing wrong because we just don’t care and yet it seems that android lovers feel the need to justify their bad purchase by talking crap about apple.

  • Mimi Ramone
    Mimi Ramone 6 days ago +2

    How about the new iPad with the volume buttons on the opposite side…now, Every time I go to adjust the volume on the iPhone it powers off LOL.

  • SlavGD
    SlavGD 8 days ago

    It’s my 10 ass

  • skyrider53
    skyrider53 8 days ago

    If you typed Capital X and Capital S then you wouldn’t have this problem. Like, “XS” not “Xs”

  • Gabriel Productions
    Gabriel Productions 8 days ago

    He called it a xs plus at the end...

  • Alex 1 gaming
    Alex 1 gaming 9 days ago

    If you are a big apple fan and need a new iPhone get a crash it looks cool and I have one and it is my favorite phone out there now

  • Nicole Kushner
    Nicole Kushner 10 days ago

    Who else is watching on an 8 Plus?

  • Toby Killa
    Toby Killa 10 days ago

    Literally no phone is worth $1k+ imo $500 max.

  • joseph james
    joseph james 10 days ago

    I came to the comments section to find apple fanboys

  • CoinCollectorKid
    CoinCollectorKid 10 days ago

    Iphone X ass

    Perfect description

    MEME LORD 10 days ago +5

    All the dislikes are from the salty iPhone users 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • EigelbTV Memes
    EigelbTV Memes 11 days ago +2

    Linus (5) wears a techquickie t-shirt on a LTT video

  • Geoffrey Jun
    Geoffrey Jun 11 days ago

    hey linus just because you want a bigger full screen doesn't mean we all do. I like bezels and space to actually grab the phone. I dislike samsung because the designs aren't minimalistic and it's too much screen thank you

  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker 12 days ago

    Apple: have i piece of glass and metal for a low price of your fucking salary
    Google: hol up.. wait a minute. Google pixel 3a $399

  • Mark Francis
    Mark Francis 12 days ago

    After the $300 Book, and the $999 Stand.
    Apple: we are introducing the all new 'innovative' Apple Lamp, with its 'sophisticated' technology to produce the best light. STARTING price is $9999.
    I hope Apple doesnt actually see this comment and do exactly what i said.

  • Mike Bricks
    Mike Bricks 13 days ago

    Petty much? Damn...

  • Gallies
    Gallies 13 days ago

    iPhone XS

  • Ravi Semwal
    Ravi Semwal 13 days ago

    13K iSheep

  • Alex G
    Alex G 13 days ago

    You seem disappointed. It's iOS!

  • StreetDreamzTT
    StreetDreamzTT 14 days ago

    As an iPhone user, I also admit that Apple ain’t the same. Still on my se and will upgrade when support ends because this phone is indestructible 😂 can’t see myself spending more than 400 for a phone tho.

    • Cole Parker
      Cole Parker 12 days ago

      StreetDreamzTT google pixel 3a $399

  • That One Puerto Rican
    That One Puerto Rican 14 days ago

    I wish I could trade my Xs max for a note 9

    • genises100
      genises100 11 days ago

      If you sold it, it would fetch enough for you to buy a Note 9

  • nohbody4561237
    nohbody4561237 14 days ago

    ... I’m confused you know you don’t have to click on the screen shot it will automatically go to the photos app

  • CovertCoder01
    CovertCoder01 14 days ago

    Thanks for saying alee ex ae Linus lol kek

  • Димитър Цветанов

    I switch from honor 9 to iphone xs and experience is different planet.
    No ones gonna like this coment becouse is not trend, the trend is to spit on iPhone?

  • Steve Olewski
    Steve Olewski 15 days ago

    3:15 Mac OS X..

  • Polski partacz w jukej
    Polski partacz w jukej 15 days ago +1

    Yes but... it's iphone, did you get it? It is IPHONE!
    Btw i am samsung user 😛

  • Phone Memes
    Phone Memes 15 days ago

    The IPhone "tennis"

  • Alireza Dehghani
    Alireza Dehghani 15 days ago

    I’m sorry but you sound like a child whining in this video. Many factual errors. The part complaining about lack of memory card was just sad to watch from someone who knows and understands technology. You could do a lot better.

  • Marcellus
    Marcellus 15 days ago

    Final Cut Pro X begs to disagree with 1994, it was in 2012 and yeah it's confusing.

  • Roy Obias08
    Roy Obias08 16 days ago

    Should have watched this before spending 2000 Singapore dollars on an XS max 512 GB

  • DRAX
    DRAX 16 days ago

    3:55 "10 ass" :D

  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman 16 days ago

    First thing his Samsung did when he tried to swipe over in that first scene was lag and studder 😂

  • Cameron Annomous
    Cameron Annomous 16 days ago +1

    bloody hell. This was like a serious history documentary on apple. I love it!!!
    Great video as always!!

    Also, do DBRAND have skins for the htc one a9, its a phone from 2015, but its hardware is amazing and still the camera is as good as the iphone 6s and it has an amoled screen....

  • JuicyGamer Lol
    JuicyGamer Lol 16 days ago +1

    iPhone se boys!!!

  • Tjoeb123
    Tjoeb123 17 days ago +1

    3:18 Mac OS X would like to say hello.

  • Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhung

    IPhone is such a scammer of IPhone Xs and Xs Max

  • Făsui
    Făsui 18 days ago

    Apple will end like Blackberry

  • Boruto Dog
    Boruto Dog 19 days ago +1

    I mean, the S phones never looked different from the original models. So, the fact that it looks the same can’t be a complaint.

    • Adeel ahsen
      Adeel ahsen 17 days ago

      Boruto Dog oh yeah that's true but you could tell em apart but with the x you can't.

    • Boruto Dog
      Boruto Dog 17 days ago

      Adeel ahsen No boy, I’m talking about iPhone 4S, 5S, 6S, etc.

    • Adeel ahsen
      Adeel ahsen 17 days ago

      Boruto Dog excuse me the s6 changed the game with the edge and Samsung literally has the best displays

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz 19 days ago +3

    So, 4 minutes into this video and I have just had the biggest revelation of my life, at least in the tech world: Swiftkey is from Microsoft! And didn't freaking knew that! I feel so stupid... 😒
    I know I'm gonna receive a lot of hate on this. 😅

  • Xavier Gonzalez
    Xavier Gonzalez 19 days ago +1

    S10 gang

  • Tara Shivakumar
    Tara Shivakumar 19 days ago

    Wow, just be grateful u have a flippin' phone bruh

  • DexPex
    DexPex 19 days ago

    iPhone 10 ass

  • DrakeVEV
    DrakeVEV 19 days ago +1

    😂😂he sounds so raged at 12:51 - 13:30

    MICAH JORDAN 20 days ago

    Apple sucks eggs

  • paul Lombard
    paul Lombard 20 days ago

    I keep the nice os iOS 10

  • Siha Mul
    Siha Mul 20 days ago

    Still better than any bum ass droid 💀

  • laura jade
    laura jade 21 day ago

    I had upgraded from a 7+ to xs max so it seemed like a good enough jump for me - but had I already had an X then it wouldn’t have been worth it. I definitely enjoy the simplicity of the iPhone but will they bloody simplify iTunes!! I always end up deleting something or syncing and adding old stuff back on and I keep changing the settings but I just end up getting confused. For that reason it would be nice to have a memory card slot for the means of transferring pics lmao. And wait I’m at 6:50 and had no idea you can use the bar along the bottom to scroll between apps? What!? I’ve been dragging it up to the middle to keep interchanging oh god!! 🙈

    • laura jade
      laura jade 21 day ago

      OMG and yes totally forgot about being able to not space out apps!!! (Not that I’ve got many- I don’t use Facebook/Twitter etc )

  • Thè Gaming Cèntral

    "I phone 10 ass" by iPhone Xs max

    Look carefully at 3:56

  • Serum
    Serum 21 day ago

    if you don't like it, don't buy it, stop bitching smh

    • James Green
      James Green 12 days ago

      lol he didnt buy it. he gets them for free the review them like he just did. why r u upset with him????????????

  • aditya tomar
    aditya tomar 22 days ago

    10 ass🤣🤣🤣

  • Testerl101
    Testerl101 22 days ago

    love hating Apple

  • PikaEeveeShow101
    PikaEeveeShow101 23 days ago

    iPhone 6 will still remain my favourite iPhone

  • Diego Aguilar
    Diego Aguilar 23 days ago

    Realizing 1:45 is his script laid out

  • Kade B
    Kade B 23 days ago

    Heh git gud I have a Sony Xperia X10 Mini

  • pratik chandgude
    pratik chandgude 24 days ago

    Longest rant I ever heard, but every point is valid, Apple should allow users to choose such settings...

  • I love Star Wars
    I love Star Wars 24 days ago

    That title makes me mad

  • Max Meng
    Max Meng 24 days ago +2

    agree with the roman numerals thing. it's a phone, not an effing elder scrolls game
    secondly the iphone is like democracy. it's not perfect but it's the best system there is. for ppl who could afford it that is.

  • Bengal Biker
    Bengal Biker 24 days ago

    10:13 lol

  • S. G.
    S. G. 25 days ago +1

    *iPhone 10 ass*

  • Hot Boy Harry
    Hot Boy Harry 26 days ago

    ok, the whole thing about the photo saving is kinda bull. i guess if you expect it to be able to save it directly then that's your own fault for not remembering that it does it automatically. i'm no expert but it feels a little unnecessary to have 2 ways to save it directly. it's just easier to just swipe the screen shot away and know that it is going to be there.

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl 26 days ago +3

    Linus is right, those apple sheeps cant handle the truth. I used both Android and iOS and Android is far superior and more transparent like linus said. If you prefer iOS then by all means go use it no ones stopping you. Meanwhile i like control over my phone so i use Android

  • Cornelius Fudge
    Cornelius Fudge 26 days ago

    13:11 I thought Linus was going to break his Note 9.

  • adil khan
    adil khan 26 days ago

    EA is apple of gaming industry

  • phat
    phat 26 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • Novee新星
    Novee新星 26 days ago +1

    Main reason why I love the s10 plus

  • Invader Zim
    Invader Zim 26 days ago

    When Steve Job died so did Apple.

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 27 days ago

    T9 dialing????? T9 DIALING??? oh my lord. No HARD PRESS OF THE WIFI ICON TO GET TO....NETWORK...SETTINGS? YOU MEAN THE LIST OF SSID'S THAT IS LITERALLY 2 TOUCHES AWAY???? You know in 5 years how many times I've touched the WiFi icon in the dashboard thing? ZERO times. The NOTCH is blocking the PIXELS NEEDED TO SWITCH TO UR PERSONAL ACCOUNT? ARE YOU HEARING YOURSELF.....Literally most of the exact same or very similar gripes are valid for Samsung phones, and you blatantly ignore them. These arent nitpicky complaints they are NON-complaints that literally nobody besides an apple nitpicker has. I'm buying an s10 because I'm over apple's bs with the iphone, but your reviews of apple devices are always like this. They're trash. You would never mention how the Macbook Pro 2017's M.2 ssd have read/write speeds more than 30X faster in practice than the "samsung m.2 ssd's" (not real m.2). I agree with alot of what you say, but good lord hearing you complain about NO T9 is literally the most cringe-worthy shit I've ever heard.

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 27 days ago +4

    Facebook..pages manager? lol comon man give me a break. That's not a "3rd party app" that's a "nothing app"

  • Timothy Wynia
    Timothy Wynia 27 days ago +1

    He complains that there was no iphone x max. Completely disregarding the iphone 8 and 8 plus.

  • John Winston
    John Winston 27 days ago

    But IOS is still the only one safe phone system that protects people like Chinese form their government's surveillance.

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf 27 days ago +1

    10:09 Linus you don't need to blame it on Apple.
    In fact, double teething is quite common in Asian-Nerd-Hybrids.
    Am real dentist, you can trust me.
    That'll be 499.99. We take cash or credit.

  • Kelvin Alvarado
    Kelvin Alvarado 28 days ago

    Hmmm your just to poor. -rich kid

  • Steven simpson
    Steven simpson 28 days ago

    Linus you are such an apple hater! All of your videos are always doom and gloom re apple! I suppose you do keep it real. So points for that.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 28 days ago

    This is why Apple sucks, there is no reason to fork up 1 grand of your cash for what is essentially stolen tech, granted it has been innovated on it's design, but still, the cost to build one of those phones is like 1/4 if not less than it's retail price, and the fact that there is one running for almost 1.5 grand is just ridiculous, that's extremely close if not more than what I paid for to build my gaming rig.

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 28 days ago

    so short version is apple has reached peak appledom, as not even Linus can visually tell the difference between the 2017 and 2018 models, along with all the usual apple complaints.

  • tankdog03
    tankdog03 28 days ago

    Love my note 9.. you can get a mint used 128gb note9 for $440 now, and unlocked! iPhone is going under, unless they jailbreak all there devices, it's the only thing that will save them.. theres tons of videos of people switching from iOS to android and then staying on android because of customization of the home screen, that is hilarious! Something so simple

  • Mike S
    Mike S 28 days ago

    One of the good things about Apple is their tech support. No headphone jack…no big deal. Leave the dongle on your ear phones. Notch, no big deal. Some of the other phones don’t have a notch which is true but look at their screen and you may see that area is in not used across the screen. I prefer home button but the X or Xs is very esay to use. If a person doesn’t want to use an iPhone don’t buy one. Lot of good Android phones out there. Apple phones will sell at any price. They are good phones. Just my opinion….

  • SmMn SmMn
    SmMn SmMn 28 days ago

    *inner apple fanboy rage*

  • themeanmachine
    themeanmachine 29 days ago

    I don't have and never had any iPhone but I am using iPod Touch 6th gen for few years now and not long ago I decided to buy iPad Pro 10,5" (god knows why actually picked iPad as my tablet, now I will need to get myself a second tablet anyway) and the longer I am using those 2 devices, the more issues I begin to see.
    The worst thing is that there are not so many "big" issues but A LOT of "small" issues that just piss me off when using any of those devices. And after using them for a while now, I already know that I will never again buy ANYTHING that has iOS in it. I don't care if it's "more safe" than Android (and by the way, do you really think that companies won't get data from you just cause you are using iOS instead of Android? Really?), all the small issues I am having with this system when combined, are begining to convince me that this "more security" just isn't worth it. I don't care that my data is "more secure" on iOS if I can't actually work on it and get stuff done.
    I gave Apple products a chance 2 times, I will not make the same mistake for the third time. And it's not even the price anymore, right now I have Samsung A6 (2017 model, it's pretty hard to call it any kind of "flag ship" model) and it already has pretty much all the features I need from the phone and they work way better than iOS. And this phone is like maybe 200$ right now? I will be switching to Samsung S10 (or S10+) at some point (while keepeing the A6 as my spare phone since it works great) but after going through all the BS with my iPod and iPad, I would never want to use any iPhone with the same stupid iOS system. And it is really, reeeeeally stupid, I could talk all day (with examples) just about how stupid this system is. And no, I am not an "Android fanboy", I tried to give Apple and iOS a chance (two times!), I do use the devices I already have and I know that Android is not perfect but it's still way better than iOS.

  • Roman Kresne
    Roman Kresne 29 days ago

    Yes 2019 will be more boring than this

  • _tk.austin_
    _tk.austin_ 29 days ago

    1:19 or you could just look at the speaker grill....