Arthur and Mera go to Sicily Scene | Aquaman

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Storyline: Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.
    Director:James Wan
    Writers: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Will Beall, Geoff Johns, James Wan
    Cast: Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Willem Dafoe (Vulko), Patrick Wilson (King Orm), Nicole Kidman (Atlanna), Dolph Lundgren (King Nereus), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta), Temuera Morrison (Tom Curry), Graham McTavish (King Atlan)
    Production Companies: DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Panoramic Pictures, Warner Bros.
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  • Chelsea McNamara
    Chelsea McNamara 11 days ago

    I know the lady who grew the roses in this scene and that's my 1 claim to fame.

  • HEAVYMETALmovie1981
    HEAVYMETALmovie1981 12 days ago

    I wonder if Mera would enjoy some Italian cuisine? lol 🌹🍝

  • Ednairi Febres
    Ednairi Febres 12 days ago

    What is the name of the 2:11 minute song?

  • Sight Field
    Sight Field 17 days ago +1

    DC doing a good job for Mera's make up eyes... It's so fit to her ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sight Field
    Sight Field 17 days ago

    The way she gave the flowers ❤️

  • spider girl m15
    spider girl m15 19 days ago

    Want the song when Mera a Arthur are holding hands

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 20 days ago +1

    i brought it from the movie te amo (i love you)

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 20 days ago +1

    arthur loves mera

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 20 days ago +1

    te amo means i love you to mera

  • Zarahemla Dela Cruz
    Zarahemla Dela Cruz 22 days ago

    2:01 That's alot of white people

  • frankiewashere
    frankiewashere 23 days ago

    Love how Arthur eats the roses as well as to say to Mera "I am on your wave length"

  • Maciel King
    Maciel King Month ago +1

    Name of the song?

  • Axel Nilsson
    Axel Nilsson Month ago

    I got Diana Prince wibes when I saw Mera in Sicily

  • Igny
    Igny Month ago

    I am Sicilian

  • Zach B
    Zach B Month ago

    The beautiful people, its all relative to the size of your steeple - Marilyn Manson

  • Jhon wii
    Jhon wii 2 months ago

    Amber Heard is fucking georgeous

  • Foxesred2
    Foxesred2 2 months ago +1

    *Sicily is a isle of Italy* :D Erice

  • Joao Gamero
    Joao Gamero 2 months ago

    She should play Ariel

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 2 months ago +2

    am i the only one who thinks Amber heard would make the perfect Ariel for the live-action little mermaid?

  • Destiny: The Diamond Goddess

    Mera is giving me both Ariel and Black Widow vibes

  • Ray Hernandez
    Ray Hernandez 2 months ago

    *Arthur and Mera go Silly scene*

  • Sigifredo Garcia Mensajes Subliminales

    3:58 the red head and the P word Pinocchio.
    More examples from this message Subliminal.
    The red head and the P.
    Red head Phineas and Candace and the Agente P. Perry
    The red head blossom and the logo PPG.
    The red head Kim P.
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    The red head Pippi Langstrump
    The red head Mary Jane and Peter Parker
    The red head Pepper Ann
    The red head Sherman and Peabody
    Penny Patterson
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    The red head Peg Bundy
    The red head from the mask Peggy Brandt
    The red head hottest Peg from the troop goofy and is husband Pete, son Pj and daughter Pistol.
    The red head ranma Chan and P Chan.
    The red head vilma Flintstone and Pebbles
    The read head P. Spectra from Danny phantom

  • Joe Whitehead
    Joe Whitehead 2 months ago

    See Mera, the surface isn’t so bad

  • Fawad Ahmed Shaikh
    Fawad Ahmed Shaikh 2 months ago

    Hey how much expensive is sicily

  • Xolly Xolly
    Xolly Xolly 3 months ago +1


  • Cabello _____
    Cabello _____ 3 months ago

    I dont mind if she become ariel.
    Especially with red hair🌹

  • Vito Stan
    Vito Stan 3 months ago +3

    They went to my home in Sicily

  • Kalel311 superman
    Kalel311 superman 3 months ago

    Amber looks Beautiful with red hair

  • Jaylen Hioe
    Jaylen Hioe 3 months ago +1

    3:10-3:23 how cute

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 3 months ago +1

    MCU 2.0

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore 3 months ago

    They are adorable

  • Sim, mais uma Júlia
    Sim, mais uma Júlia 3 months ago +5

    1:28 ok but can we talk about how THIS SCENE IS ADORABLE?!??!?

  • Vue Xiong
    Vue Xiong 3 months ago +4

    Amber looks so hot with red hair!

  • Lightman 2120
    Lightman 2120 3 months ago

    Roses are actually edible. I've seen them cooked with chicken.

  • Lycan Power12
    Lycan Power12 3 months ago +1

    I'm so happy for the DC fans now that the movies are getting better and better (Shazam, Wonder Woman, Aquaman)

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 4 months ago

    She's eating fucking flowers.

    That's adorable.

  • Marios Prime
    Marios Prime 4 months ago

    great movie, yes i agree with you guys, that girl must act ariel without second thought

  • JJ Chang
    JJ Chang 4 months ago +1

    The Little MERAmaid


  • Yot Pwe
    Yot Pwe 4 months ago

    She's so hot.

  • Mr. Ginger
    Mr. Ginger 4 months ago +1

    What is the song

  • ヒソカ好き過ぎて困る

    She is soooo beautiful

  • determinator 94
    determinator 94 4 months ago

    How does everybody keep forgetting that Mera, at least in personality and character, resembles more closely to Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

    • AKSBSU
      AKSBSU 4 months ago

      She looks a lot like Mera from the comics.

  • Yungkukcolony Sangsangnyu

    Mera is so beautifully and her hair I hair I can't beat it and Aquaman I like it

  • Jhon Lindo
    Jhon Lindo 4 months ago +4

    roses has nectar to them i think
    well i guess thats why its actually good

    • Xolly Xolly
      Xolly Xolly 3 months ago

      Apples come from the rose family.
      Roses are edible. It has been used as rose water, salads, Turkish delight, and dessert.

  • Maksim Li
    Maksim Li 4 months ago +5

    amber is real Ariel

  • Good Cat
    Good Cat 4 months ago +6

    I think amber heard is the perfect fit for ariel the little mermaid movie

  • Gabrielle Aditya Wibowo
    Gabrielle Aditya Wibowo 5 months ago +7

    Mera is my Ariel.

  • Erika Warren
    Erika Warren 5 months ago +2

    Fuck. This is the closest I'm going to see Ariel in live adaptation😩😩😩

  • 0000 00
    0000 00 5 months ago +5

    어느 나라든 에리얼이 메라배우 엠버허드랑 찰떡이라 생각하는 구나....
    In any country, Amberheard is a good fit for the role of Ariel.

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven 5 months ago +132

    Mera looks more like Ariel than Halle Bailey, smh

    • 352 650
      352 650 10 days ago

      Joe Whitehead I guess so, I get your viewpoint. But I just think looking like the original is a tad better

    • Joe Whitehead
      Joe Whitehead 12 days ago

      352 650 It’s better if the actor can actually sing

    • Melanin And beautiful
      Melanin And beautiful 12 days ago

      Ariel is not real

    • 352 650
      352 650 2 months ago

      Joe Whitehead lmao she can just lip sync. Isn’t that what a lot of actors do?

    • Joe Whitehead
      Joe Whitehead 2 months ago +2

      Sugary Heaven At least Halle can sing

  • kawaii shoujo
    kawaii shoujo 5 months ago +193

    Hey looks! That is my Ariel. No need for little mermaid live action anymore 🙄

  • Lara
    Lara 5 months ago +314

    When Amber Heard looks more Ariel than the Disney casted, I dont mind a badass Ariel

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 5 months ago +1

    Did anyone notice that Mystery Girl was sped up? I love the song and was pleased that they used it, but having it altered like that made me flinch a little bit. Is there anyone else familiar with the original song that agrees?

  • CharizardDragon
    CharizardDragon 5 months ago +29


  • Cindy H.
    Cindy H. 5 months ago +230

    I don't care what your opinions of DC are - that scene where Mera eats the roses is fucking adorable

    • AnyBodyCanDance
      AnyBodyCanDance 20 days ago

      In India people eat roses...they’re actually edible

    • killer92173
      killer92173 Month ago

      @Syryu I wonder if Amber spit the flowers out after filming that scene? Lol

    • Xolly Xolly
      Xolly Xolly 3 months ago

      @Jaylen Hioe
      Yes Rose can be eaten raw

    • Jaylen Hioe
      Jaylen Hioe 3 months ago

      Xolly Xolly true, but I really meant raw

    • Xolly Xolly
      Xolly Xolly 3 months ago +3

      @Jaylen Hioe
      Roses are edible. Their petals are used in salads, drinks, makeup, and desserts.
      Apples come from the rose family.
      Apples and Roses are safe to eat

  • CinemaSans
    CinemaSans 5 months ago +4

    Wolverine and Jean Grey!

  • Elyas Yusuf
    Elyas Yusuf 5 months ago +2

    Sht, this is cute :(

  • clnarmy
    clnarmy 5 months ago +22

    She is just like Ariel lmao

  • Joao Gamero
    Joao Gamero 5 months ago +5

    This reminds me of the little mermaid

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 5 months ago +7

    I'm Italian and excuse me so much for my tone but I must say it....
    I feel offended by this scene in "Sicily" (Because it seems more like in being in Greece than in Sicily).
    But do you still see us like this? Like a peasant population, pizza, pasta, roses 😳😳 etc...
    And then you have to explain to me what Pinocchio has to do with Sicily, because each other. We have not only Pinocchio as literature texts and novel, there are also "La divina commedia", "I promessi sposi", "Uno nessuno centomila" by Pirandello (this is a text linked to Sicyli).
    Sorry for my outburst and my English but I needed to say it.

    • TheKillaShow
      TheKillaShow 3 months ago

      calm down Jack.

    • Melisandre
      Melisandre 5 months ago

      Jack Burton it’s not that deep

    • Jack Burton
      Jack Burton 5 months ago +2

      @Clara Espinosa - This is my nickname, my name is Jacopo.... I deduce that you have never seen "Big Trouble Little China".
      - of course I'm aware that it has had Greek influences (from it's invasions) but this does not mean that you have to create a totally Greek environment.
      - However before you answer me you also do some research, because the country that you see in the film does not exist and it was all and filmed in Australia.
      If you don't belive me go and look at you behind the scenes. In Sicily the producers and technicians (no James Wan) have come just to take some pictures and get inspiration and the result has been exaggerated to say the least, with a lot of that classic photography (I mean the scene) of the glossy one.

    • Clara Espinosa
      Clara Espinosa 5 months ago +4

      Your name seems everything but italian. Still, I guess that as italian as you are, you're conscious that Sicily has a lot of greek influence. Some of the best preserved greek temples in the world are in Sicily (Agrigento and Segesta). Before feeling offended, do some research! These scenes where fimed in Erice, in the province of Trapani, at Sicily. Part of it was digitally done.