London's WORST Rip-Off Apartments

  • Published on Nov 12, 2020
  • Instead of reacting to celebrity mansions to reacting to crazy houses we can't afford - I reacted to London's worst rip-off studio apartments and flats. Awful. Lovely city, awful prices.
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  • LottieJ
    LottieJ Year ago +1058

    Here I am, 18 years of age lying on my cabin bed, feeling like I'm being personally attacked by a man in a questionable hat

    • kyle rooney
      kyle rooney 9 months ago +1

      @Bailey Sandwich can't wait till my son is old enough imma build a castle 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bailey Sandwich
      Bailey Sandwich 9 months ago

      @kyle rooney lol we’re just some gays who have too much free time in lockdown it’s very class lmfao

    • Bailey Sandwich
      Bailey Sandwich 9 months ago

      @kyle rooney she a 10 months older than me

    • kyle rooney
      kyle rooney 9 months ago

      @LottieJ respect the loyalty hope the missus had a good 10th birthday bro

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Year ago +546

    Will telling everyone to sub to Ciarán was genuinely the best shout he’s ever made, top tier stuff on this channel

    • Billybo
      Billybo 9 months ago

      Ciaran is hands down the better YT at this point

    • Alpha75
      Alpha75 Year ago +3

      Should’ve been subscribed before smh

    • Elephant In A Canoe
      Elephant In A Canoe Year ago +2

      Bang on mate

  • Thomas Levin
    Thomas Levin Year ago +140

    I really want an estate agent to take you on a tour round these, let’s see how they sell this rubbish. It’s a crime.

    • TZVI
      TZVI 7 months ago

      In my experience they generally don't. It'll be a viewing you'll be conducting yourself with the estate agent following you around haha

  • Jessica Holscher
    Jessica Holscher Year ago +287

    Whenever i see the showers, all i can think about is how humid and moldy those apartments must be.

    • User
      User Year ago

      WORD. No mechanical ventilation is just a crime 😭

  • Molly Mae
    Molly Mae Year ago +436

    This is like homes under the hammer but the presenter is honest

    • Back_to_the_nineties
      Back_to_the_nineties Year ago

      Boy have I seen some horror stories they call a home on that 'Homes Under The Hammer'. 😄😊

    • Molly Mae
      Molly Mae Year ago +3

      @Captain Wowzerz hahahah lmao

    • Captain Wowzerz
      Captain Wowzerz Year ago +13

      More like homes while hammered.

  •  Year ago +163

    love this mate! this should be a series with other big cities i.e NYC, Sydney etc

    • S C
      S C 5 months ago

      @nathan. Glasgow’s one of the most accepting cities in the world? And it’s reasonable to live there I rent a big 1 bedroom flat in an old tenement building it’s huge for £250 a month surrounded by all the transport and amenities I could ever need.

    • nathan.
      nathan. Year ago +1

      Glasgow would be amazingly bad

  • sara
    sara Year ago +388

    why do i feel scared looking at these flats. i feel like i'd get murdered in those places

    • Thornbird 67
      Thornbird 67 8 months ago

      Flats ?? These are awful bedrooms with a shower and kitchenette squeezed in 👎🏻 surely these ROOMS are illegal ??

    • Shola.i
      Shola.i Year ago +3

      It makes me feel like ill get an infection showering or sleeping there

  • Sohamsta
    Sohamsta Year ago +701

    Whenever i get a notification for this channel, i genuinely just smile

  • kittikoko ⭐ Isle of Wight

    If you're really struggling and these 'rooms' are all you can afford, look into property guardianship - you'll get much bigger spaces, and almost definitely cleaner too. 👍

  • claudia corr
    claudia corr Year ago +47

    This is why everyone in London has a million roommates

  • Karolina Rachwal
    Karolina Rachwal Year ago +16

    the worst London flats have been my obsession for a while now, and with Ciaran's commentary? dream come true

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +199

    would you pay £1000 to sleep in my garden for a month yes or no

  • Kamran Assadi
    Kamran Assadi Year ago +5

    You need to do the tiny apartments/flats in NYC! It’s actually crazy and even more depressing! Great video! Hilarious!

  • Gerg C
    Gerg C Year ago +9

    As someone who studied up north, these prices make me want to throw up. Could get an absolute castle for £600/m in Leeds

    I AM CARA Year ago +60

    Can we get a - staying the worse flat in London for 24hrs as a follow up? Haha 😂 loved this x

    • adea llapashtica
      adea llapashtica Year ago

      @illessi yeah like people will be looking for apartments for that price which is ridiculous cuz of the quality but they need it instead of renting it for a video

    • illessi
      illessi Year ago

      I mean the cheapest one is probably cheap enough that it wouldn't be a big deal to rent it for a month. It's kind of morally gray though I suppose.

    • adea llapashtica
      adea llapashtica Year ago +2

      @I AM CARA thats air bnb not renting an apartment

    • I AM CARA
      I AM CARA Year ago

      @adea llapashtica ... ever heard of air bnb? haha.

    • adea llapashtica
      adea llapashtica Year ago +2

      U cant rent a flat for a day 😐

  • awsten knight’s golden fork

    ciarán just gave bbc/tlc their next idea for a show-

  • HAMilton
    HAMilton Year ago +4

    That’s nothing compared to the shit they get away with in student accommodation! Looked at one house for 6 people (£253 pcm each). It was 4 stories high, extremely narrow, had ladders instead of stairs, and the best bit, a single outside toilet and bath shared by two neighbours. It was the only toilet in the whole house.

  • TheTwoGoalsOneCup
    TheTwoGoalsOneCup Year ago +59

    The one dislike just started renting one of these places

  • Charlie Cook
    Charlie Cook Year ago +23

    Me watching this video in my just over 400pcm east england town uni accomodation:
    what do you mean heating is essential?
    You call that mould? We have both black and orange mould
    You want white or grey walls? Mine are jelly bean Orange.
    That shower looks decent sized imo why there is no curtain at all scares me though

  • Kitty
    Kitty Year ago +11

    9:07 clearly pictures taken from the landlords dodgy non-disclosed security cams 😂💀

  • moon
    moon Year ago +3

    We need to get Ciarán to a level where he can hire Will as an editor.

  • femaledilf
    femaledilf Year ago +10

    From London, and looking at rent prices in the North compared to here it genuinely just feels like they're giving houses away up there.

    • Mell
      Mell Year ago

      Ey up

    • Jade hunter
      Jade hunter Year ago

      Considering no one wants to live in the north, I understand

  • Becksyboy123
    Becksyboy123 Year ago +63

    Is it bad that I’d happily live in most of these places. No I’m not homeless

  • Tom Des
    Tom Des Year ago +45

    No one:
    Ciaran: I don't trust microwaves

  • Thomas Charles
    Thomas Charles Year ago +3

    Would love this as a series or something similar.

  • Lil sensei
    Lil sensei Year ago +1

    Oh my god literally one of the only people that can have me pissing with laughter for an entire video! Your humour is amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing ❤️

    JJCMCFC Year ago +1

    Very relatable content, Makes me feel very glad I moved to East London where you can get a room that's normal sized for £750 a month :')

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper Year ago +17

    Ciàran Carlin: from Tik Tok reactor to home reviewer.
    By Christmas, we'll be hearing "Tonight, on Gop Tear."
    (Avoid copyright at all costs)

  • Damira Khairi
    Damira Khairi 8 months ago +1

    “Makes the room bigger, doesn’t it?” I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  • Truth Serum
    Truth Serum Year ago +1

    I’ve never been compelled to comment on one of your videos Ciarán, but this one had me chuckling (out loud, for reals) after a rubbish day at work. So thank you 👌🏼💕

  • Ismahan Macow
    Ismahan Macow Year ago +1

    Lmao when I was looking for a room in London I saw the worst studios / rooms, these are pretty descent to what I’ve viewed haha, I once viewed a room from spare room but the pictures didn’t do it justice so when I viewed it i realised there’s no window! It can’t get worse than that haha

  • Elena Wimsey
    Elena Wimsey Year ago +1

    Watching this while sitting in front of my bills for mortgage, electricity and heating repair bills to convince myself that buying a house instead of continuing to rent was the right decision...
    Two years of mortgage payments done, fourteen more to go. 😰 Being an adult blows!

  • Ollie Biddle
    Ollie Biddle Year ago +3

    This made me laugh so hard my partner after asked me to get off the bed as it was shaking so much. Watched the rest from the floor with a pillow. Worth it.

  • Maheski
    Maheski Year ago +37

    Imagine having to remove the toilet roll from the loo every time you wanna shower

    • Mina Jones
      Mina Jones Year ago

      And your toothbrush

    • Shawn Buckingham
      Shawn Buckingham Year ago +1

      Just use your hand

    • opal
      opal Year ago +4

      no need for a roll, just use the shower as a bidet

  • Cindy Ashley
    Cindy Ashley Year ago +1

    I lived in the first "apartment " for over a year. Super damp, no real window(couldn't open it) only a mini fridge and microwave. $450-500. It cost more in the U.S.

  • As Seen On Sam
    As Seen On Sam Year ago +1

    Love this video , I love looking at houses it’s like the adult version of looking through the argos catalogue

  • lilacxblood
    lilacxblood Year ago

    this video had me laugh-crying all the way through
    1. because it was hilarious
    2. because I wanted to move to London for my second year of uni
    please do another one!

  • Robert James
    Robert James Year ago +16

    These look like when your 13 and you think you’ve made the best house in Sims 3

  • Clarissa Benbrook

    HOW do i grow to love Ciarań more and more each absurd, yet brilliant video idea 🤣

    IUNARIHS Year ago

    As someone who's looking into moving back to the city on a budget I would genuinely consider almost all of these LMAO

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Really interesting video. I always wondered how on earth people with low paying/minimum wage live in London. eg. someone in a Tesco express or whatever in central London. Now I know, it all makes sense haha.

  • TTGgeek
    TTGgeek Year ago

    You're a 1 in a million mate, fully respect you & love your content!

  • PlanetXero
    PlanetXero Year ago

    You should do this for other cities, just to show how much of a rip off London actually is

  • Ashyo Sings
    Ashyo Sings Year ago

    "The answer to ANY question is NEVER yellow" Finally someone I can agree with

  • Joe Janaway
    Joe Janaway Year ago +1

    Solid vid. I reckon one about NY would be interesting - especially if you just convert the prices here into dollars and then search.

  • Luke Stockton
    Luke Stockton Year ago

    I’d love more of these. Also how about comparing London with somewhere up north or rural

  • BeeziBree
    BeeziBree Year ago +1

    oh God, I'd love to see if $600 could even get you ANYTHING in LA. 😂

  • MsGreen147
    MsGreen147 Year ago +1

    i havnt laughed this hard in a long time. Thanks hun!

  • Laurentiu Topliceanu

    Bro I would binge watch a whole 6 seasons of this. Please make it a series. You got zoopla, on The market, gumtree, Facebook market, etc. Your reactions are really good

  • MysteryGirl
    MysteryGirl Year ago

    As someone whose lived in london my whole life it baffles me that some people will pay to live in a shithole just to be surrounded by posh rich pricks whose dogs cost more than all your worldly possessions.
    i really dont know why people dont just get a nicer place in the outskirts of london thats actually habitable and just commute or just rent with other people in a bigger place

  • Helpahoe
    Helpahoe Year ago +5

    When I rent a flat i want it to be Ciarán shag approved ✅

  • Ayy ItsAlex
    Ayy ItsAlex Year ago +1

    I’ve never laughed so much in my life until I seen this video

  • Alejandro Rangel
    Alejandro Rangel Year ago

    I recently moved to a new place in Paris and all of the student's budget-friendly appartments are exactly like the ones you show. In some cases, you have to share bathroom with the other departments on the floor.

  • Yuki
    Yuki Year ago

    I don't know how I feel about having my shower just in the bedroom/living room. I would much rather have the places with a wet room.

  • Mr Minto
    Mr Minto Year ago

    Just a thought, i think you should’ve done a comparison video of around the country to see what value for money you get at different areas🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook Year ago +5

    Can you do most expensive apartments in london?

  • Ellie Murray
    Ellie Murray Year ago

    Worst part is I can imagine myself living in all of these 🙂

  • JustAnzia
    JustAnzia Year ago +2

    Try looking at the apartments they have in Shanghai, some of them literally only fits a bed...

  • Christopher Stancill

    £400 a month, you can live in the dark and have a Rustlers. Brilliant!
    Made me laugh out loud!

  • RatherRyan
    RatherRyan Year ago

    This is great, though I can't help but feel something must be done about all this.

  • Harry Mastrogiannis
    Harry Mastrogiannis Year ago +1

    I 100% agree with your stance on microwaves. Just cook with an oven or stove...

  • Jason Hong
    Jason Hong Year ago

    I keep saying it but Ciaran deserves a lot more. Most underrated youtuber out there

  • Treqou
    Treqou Year ago +1

    If you want to feel better about budget living arrangements in London, look at Hong Kong...

  • bruisedallmighty
    bruisedallmighty Year ago +1

    You should do Oslo. I'm from Norway, and live in Oslo - I fucking love the place, but we also are known for being the most expensive place to live. Check it out - would be fun to see!

  • A
    A Year ago +1

    It’s 2am and I can’t stop laughing. You are hilarious 🤣💀.

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto Year ago

    You should do one on Honolulu, Hawai’i. I hear their housing is pretty expensive.

  • Ice Turtle
    Ice Turtle Year ago +1

    Me: a 17 year old who still has a cabin bed because my room is the size of a shoe box and I need the storage space 😳

  • Charlotte Harrison
    Charlotte Harrison Year ago +1

    I live in Wallasey and it’s £425 for a big 2 bed house with a garden. I cannot comprehend London prices.

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z Year ago

    At least half of these rooms probably have a lounge room or balcony which ... I did not, was great being an Aussie in London 👍

  • Leann 426
    Leann 426 Year ago

    Im shocked by the layouts of these places. Random stand up showers in the middle in the whole room? Right next to the stove *and* bed?!

  • GCR
    GCR Year ago

    Absolutely hillarious man 😂 great content!

  • yasmin east
    yasmin east Year ago

    Really genuinely worried I was going to see a flat I recognised 😭

  • Misha Flame
    Misha Flame Year ago +1

    That's the funniest vid I've seen in months. Lot's of love from Greece ❤️

  • Taylor Moss
    Taylor Moss Year ago +3

    The commando crawl had me in tears 😂

  • Gaván McLoughlin

    Do a Dublin,Ireland version because cost of rent here is insane !

  • adam tyler
    adam tyler Year ago

    How have I never seen this guy before?!! It was like finding the missing sock to my favorite pair.

  • Maia Allen
    Maia Allen Year ago

    Now I feel slightly better about my £70 a week student accommodation where I have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with 6 other people I don’t really like

  • Max
    Max Year ago +1

    I’m from Birmingham, and at 10:15 I was praying he wasn’t going to say the dreaded city, unfortunately he did. 😐

  • Nj Liddicott
    Nj Liddicott Year ago +4

    mate i love that hat i would buy it off you if i had the money
    4:13 made me laugh so much keep up the work

  • Adhil Mohamed
    Adhil Mohamed Year ago

    his channel should honestly get more recognition
    the content is soo gud

  • Miyu
    Miyu Year ago

    the should 100% be laws about the quality of living spaces for rent and the amount of space a person needs

  • kieran alves
    kieran alves Year ago

    You should definitely do a most expensive one in London

  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards Year ago

    This was great, didnt realise how common it is to have a shower in the living room xDD

  • claudia corr
    claudia corr Year ago

    As a broke ass who’s been trying to move to London, this video makes me feel so seen 😂😂😭

  • Kookie Crumb
    Kookie Crumb Year ago +16

    Edit- Okay there's at least 1

  • McDelie
    McDelie Year ago

    Big mistake watching this while eating, I laughed so much I almost choked to death

  • Lauren Ng
    Lauren Ng Year ago

    it has been so long since i’ve laughed, even smiled at a youtube video and i was in bits at this

  • Fred plays Minecraft

    The most honest channel on TheXvid and I love it

  • Amelia Kinsella
    Amelia Kinsella Year ago

    You should compare the same prices in London and then look at what you can get for the same price in Hull.... It's honestly ridiculous haha!

  • Martyn Bennett
    Martyn Bennett Year ago

    “At no point should you be level with your ceiling light” my god 😂😂😂

  • Luna _
    Luna _ Year ago +1


  • Ang Sol
    Ang Sol Year ago +1

    i'm " I thought I was dying just because I am really unfit" on a whole other level

  • No
    No Year ago +1

    If someone asked me what are you proud about in the U.K, I would say the Ciarán Carlin channel on TheXvid.

  • Lintdoge
    Lintdoge Year ago

    You should do this for student houses in the different cities in the UK

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly Year ago

    Man your videos always make me belly chuckle, so funny

  • Lizzie Gregory
    Lizzie Gregory Year ago +1

    These videos are the best. Make my day. 😂
    He needs way more views and subscribers. 😂
    So funny.

  • Marley Harrison
    Marley Harrison Year ago

    Lmao wow our Capital is well out of control! I'm over here in a three bedroom actual house in the East Midlands for under £600 pcm and seeing what that would get me in Landan Taaaahn is depressing but hilarious thanks to our boi Ciaran

  • Drewbag
    Drewbag Year ago

    This makes my £800/month London student accommodation look like a mansion

  • geeina hence
    geeina hence Year ago +7

    He is just the person everyone wants as a mate!

  • Charlotte Durber
    Charlotte Durber Year ago

    Oh God do I sound like a Karen when I say I've lived in a place like this when desperate and struggling. I hated it I was embarrassed and if I'd have heard all this then I'd have broken down.