Katharine McPhee - "That's Life"

  • Published on Nov 22, 2016
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  • Tilly Sanders
    Tilly Sanders 2 months ago

    Too bad she doesn't sing nearer to the original arrangement . You cant improve on it this is just raucous

  • Michelle Schmitt
    Michelle Schmitt 3 months ago


  • gerhard sochor
    gerhard sochor 4 months ago +2

    Lyrics :
    That's life, that's what people say.
    You're riding high in April,
    Shot down in May.
    But I know I'm gonna change their tune,
    When I'm back, back on top in June.
    Ooh, that's life, funny as it may seem.
    Some people get their kicks,
    Steppin' on dreams,
    But I just can't let them get me down,
    Cause this big old world keeps spinning around.
    I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,
    A poet, a pawn and a queen.
    I've been up and down and over and out
    And oh, the drama I've seen
    Each time I find myself flat on my face,
    I pick myself up and get back in the race.
    That's life, I can't deny it,
    I thought of quitting,
    But my friends just won't buy it.
    But if I thought it wasn't worth a try,
    Oh, I'd just jump right upon that big bird
    And then I'd fly.
    I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,
    A poet, a pawn and a queen.
    I've been up and down and over and out
    And oh, the drama we've seen
    Each time we find ourselves flat on our face,
    We pick ourselves up and get back in the race.
    That's life,
    That's life,
    Ooh, I can't deny it,
    I thought of quitting,
    But Eileen just won't buy it.
    So sister,
    Broadway star,
    Or wife,
    I just thank God for the present, the present,
    That's life, that's life,
    That's life, that's life,
    That's life, that's life
    That's life.

  • jacques delvaux
    jacques delvaux 6 months ago


  • javier barillaro
    javier barillaro 7 months ago

    Super voice super soul

  • Berne Hermansson
    Berne Hermansson 8 months ago


  • Ric Groenendal
    Ric Groenendal Year ago

    Total Betty!

  • Venice Ella Mayor
    Venice Ella Mayor Year ago +2

    holy crap was that Stephanie March

  • Rudy Bryan
    Rudy Bryan Year ago

    She has so much potential

  • Alden Buyer
    Alden Buyer Year ago +2

    Great chesticles

  • Shine the Light
    Shine the Light Year ago +2

    Love the dress

  • venska
    venska Year ago +1

    where’s ivy?

  • Margo Ts
    Margo Ts Year ago

    ugh.... perfect!!! She is just awesome!!!

  • Say When
    Say When Year ago +3

    What a Beauty!!!

  • helton jorge
    helton jorge Year ago +1

    Além de ser bonita , tem uma bela voz!

  • Andreas
    Andreas Year ago

    great performance

  • Stephen Byrnes
    Stephen Byrnes Year ago +2


  • Marino Vega Argüelles

    KATHARINE mc Phee sheis wonderful very Nice Marino.PERU

  • Daniella de groote

    Can we get married Ya?

  • C W
    C W Year ago +2

    I really liked Smash. She should become one of the great singers.

  • Grace Wan
    Grace Wan Year ago +2

    👏👏 Very good!

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic Year ago +1

    love her..especially in that dress... LOVE the song.. but the two just do NOT mix well together. 😔

  • 254915796
    254915796 Year ago

    что всё в ебальник ботекс вкатила поплыли берега не на долго хватило пизда ты звезда

  • Carol Bradford
    Carol Bradford Year ago +5

    Wow this lady has a beautiful voice, a lady with a lot of talent!

  • Derek
    Derek Year ago +3

    She is just so Awesome! She can sing anything!

  • Mark Salazar
    Mark Salazar Year ago +3

    To all the Smash comments, yes, I'd SMASH her.

  • Frank earnest
    Frank earnest Year ago

    how the hell can any human even be that fucking perfect?

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 2 years ago

    The funny thing is that, if Kat ever had a problem in her love life, it was her own doing. With her looks and talent, I feel sure tat she has had her choice for years.

    • TheClassictvfan
      TheClassictvfan 2 years ago +1

      Pat Doyle Haha! So true. She's only had two public relationships since her divorce. She wants to get married again and have kids, I hope she finds that. I think the song Love Strikes speaks to her attitude on love, she'll never stop looking thats for sure.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 years ago +3

    beautiful and the voice

  • Angelo Librale
    Angelo Librale 2 years ago

    Simply amazing..... Great Kat...

  • Brenda H N
    Brenda H N 2 years ago +13

    Katharine Mcphee got it all 💕 Love this woman!!! #Inspiration

  • elverdaderosol
    elverdaderosol 2 years ago

    Canta muy bien, es una lástima que sólo sea conocida por su rol soso en la estúpida serie.

  • Fabrice Tremblay
    Fabrice Tremblay 2 years ago +4

    When i see her and listen to her... my brain is melting into Jell-O

    IGOR GORELIK 2 years ago

    U really good do now?

  • Ezra Salazar
    Ezra Salazar 2 years ago

    anyone know if there is a downloadable MP3 of tie song with her singing this?... ( not the Smash version)

  • claire amer
    claire amer 2 years ago +63

    She's got combination of talent,beauty,class,charisma...she's got it all

    • rick poghll
      rick poghll 5 months ago +1

      Everything but good taste in men

  • Shaun Antonio
    Shaun Antonio 2 years ago +20

    A great performance, and her new boobs look fab

  • Hayley Shields
    Hayley Shields 2 years ago +30

    Karen Cartwright lives

  • Starlight Saffire
    Starlight Saffire 2 years ago +21

    I'm sad Smash became stupid but glad she's on Scorpion. Love that show!

  • waynerjson
    waynerjson 2 years ago +4

    I'd walk barefoot across the Sahara just to smell her ass!

  • DaveMusic
    DaveMusic 2 years ago +4

    Did I just see Stefano at the end...?
    Anyways, superb vocals from the one and only Kat Mcphee~ thanks for these!!

  • T 14
    T 14 2 years ago +3

    thank you for posting this

  • T 14
    T 14 2 years ago +4

    oh katharine!

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 2 years ago +7

    Best thing to come out of AI

  • Kat Pack
    Kat Pack  2 years ago +90

    Who remembers when she sang this on Smash?!

    • Eleanor Schwartz
      Eleanor Schwartz 11 months ago +1

      Loved that show and of course I remember her - WOW to the everything and everyone.

    • SmashFan2012
      SmashFan2012 2 years ago +3

      Kat Pack Yes. I remember. "That's Life" duet was one of my favorite songs from Smash! Sure miss that show & hearing Kat SING. She is fabulous! 🎶🎤🎵