• Published on Mar 16, 2019
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  • MrBrent98
    MrBrent98  5 months ago +23288

    WHO ELSE CAN RELATE TO ME AND MY SIBLINGS!?😂😂 like this video if u can😍💕

  • Sierra Lecchino
    Sierra Lecchino 11 minutes ago

    Everything I can relate to

  • Emily Cervantes
    Emily Cervantes 26 minutes ago

    Sadly everything😭

  • Lil playz!!! YASSS !

    I relate to you and your sibs

  • Ansis Vārpiņš
    Ansis Vārpiņš Hour ago

    im the only sibling but i do the car thing because im weird 8}

  • Joh Ingram
    Joh Ingram Hour ago

    I think each sibling is different

  • Mandi Villarreal
    Mandi Villarreal Hour ago

    Apologizes I don’t do it

  • Jeniffer Jonker
    Jeniffer Jonker 2 hours ago

    Normal siblings fight all the time

  • garudaemas01
    garudaemas01 2 hours ago


  • Lachlan Johnston
    Lachlan Johnston 2 hours ago

    Hi Brent

  • Jarrod Flack
    Jarrod Flack 3 hours ago


  • Life with Xzyraj and Xjyze

    My sister is so rude😡

  • Mai Sal Tik
    Mai Sal Tik 4 hours ago

    I am like u and your sister.
    Me and my bro have a fight nearly every hour

  • Tetiana Osmolovska
    Tetiana Osmolovska 4 hours ago +1

    I love your videos and,keep app the good job! 😀

  • Tetiana Osmolovska
    Tetiana Osmolovska 4 hours ago

    I love your videos and,keep app the good job! 😀

  • Future Kid
    Future Kid 5 hours ago

    Me and my brother are just like this except the Last one

  • Nuke Toast
    Nuke Toast 5 hours ago

    I can relate with sibling to the arguing

  • Sophia Collins
    Sophia Collins 6 hours ago

    I don't have sibs

  • ja'khi Burney
    ja'khi Burney 6 hours ago

    Relate to all of them

  • Seaneepoo The baseball gamer 14

    Just so you know Brent you are not the only one who argues with your sibling all the time

  • Ashley Mendoza
    Ashley Mendoza 6 hours ago

    I can relate to the kida that are never geting along

  • Cordelia Wlazlo
    Cordelia Wlazlo 7 hours ago

    All of them

  • Saima Suleman
    Saima Suleman 8 hours ago


  • Bentley Birdsley
    Bentley Birdsley 8 hours ago

    I relate to all of them

  • Bentley Birdsley
    Bentley Birdsley 8 hours ago

    I am the same exact as you

  • Jayden Plays
    Jayden Plays 8 hours ago

    Me and my sis🙃😅🤣

  • ArrowFlash
    ArrowFlash 9 hours ago

    I like when you do pranks

  • Hayliegh Jurgens
    Hayliegh Jurgens 10 hours ago

    Everything that you and your sibling do is everything my siblings do with me because we're literally 💯 the same things with each other

  • Sweet Choice
    Sweet Choice 11 hours ago

    The music one

  • Nikko Sea Funes Doughty

    Same with me and my sister

  • farfasheh
    farfasheh 11 hours ago

    Me and my brother are the same as you and Lexi

  • __Dannaes__ Sanchez
    __Dannaes__ Sanchez 11 hours ago

    Why is this so accurate w my siblings

  • Bxby.latte
    Bxby.latte 13 hours ago

    Yea no..
    My 2 brother never apologizes..
    Me and my 2 brothers always argue..
    Whenever i get a good score on my test and my grandma congratulates me my brothers would always say “This is nothing i get better scores”

  • Taylorae
    Taylorae 13 hours ago

    I can relate to Brent a lot my siblings have the same way as his

  • Kaylee Bragg
    Kaylee Bragg 14 hours ago

    Soooo true for me

  • Kitty_ :3
    Kitty_ :3 14 hours ago

    What if you dont have any siblings

  • Shepard Wood
    Shepard Wood 14 hours ago

    I relate to all of them

  • It is AQ
    It is AQ 15 hours ago

    I really to all of them it’s so funny how your sibling is leave my Subaru

  • Logan Coull
    Logan Coull 16 hours ago

    I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Logan Coull
    Logan Coull 16 hours ago +1


  • Logan Coull
    Logan Coull 16 hours ago +1


  • Phoebe's Picks
    Phoebe's Picks 16 hours ago

    No you're the best

  • Nadda MMer forever
    Nadda MMer forever 16 hours ago

    Well me and my sis are not normal

  • Yasmine de Rond
    Yasmine de Rond 16 hours ago

    Brent me and my siblings are leister like you and Lexi, but then I have 2 more siblings to deal with a boy and 2 sisters

  • Teresa Martinez
    Teresa Martinez 16 hours ago

    I like my big brother

  • Dian Suryani
    Dian Suryani 17 hours ago +1

    me and my big bro always fight we always fight idk why may because he is mean here is the list of thing we argue about every da:
    1.we always fight about how were better than eachother idk why?
    2.we never suport eachouther when there is a race..
    3.if we have A+ we will fight to the DEATH! and done!

  • Ronnie Intelligent
    Ronnie Intelligent 17 hours ago

    I’m soooooo like u and lexi

  • Malak Al Zaher
    Malak Al Zaher 17 hours ago

    That's sooo true ...

  • Annie Li
    Annie Li 17 hours ago

    My siblings are like Brent’s lol

  • Nikola Czerwinska
    Nikola Czerwinska 18 hours ago

    I am all the wierd ones

  • Da Weirdo
    Da Weirdo 18 hours ago

    Arguments: same
    Apologize: Same
    Realationships: Same
    Competition: Same
    Car Rides: Same
    You guys are the same as me and my little brother!!

  • Sophia Goegan
    Sophia Goegan 19 hours ago

    All of em

  • Reaction Power
    Reaction Power 20 hours ago

    My sis and i are the same as you

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 21 hour ago

    My sister Is older then me because she is 22 or 24 and I am 8

  • Bro pro
    Bro pro 21 hour ago

    And everyone subscribe to my chanel

  • Bro pro
    Bro pro 21 hour ago

    All of them

  • Bro pro
    Bro pro 21 hour ago

    I'm like brent

  • Kelly The duck
    Kelly The duck 22 hours ago

    Sibling fight Sometimes......
    This can go on and on and on but me and my sister never stop

  • Ikaika patterson
    Ikaika patterson 23 hours ago

    Who does that

  • Ikaika patterson
    Ikaika patterson 23 hours ago

    I argued with my best friend over slime

  • Ikaika patterson
    Ikaika patterson 23 hours ago

    We see each other

  • Ikaika patterson
    Ikaika patterson 23 hours ago

    My little sister we argue almost every time

  • bever bever11
    bever bever11 23 hours ago +1

    I don't have a fucking sibling

  • Itsflo
    Itsflo Day ago


  • Len Castro
    Len Castro Day ago

    Coming to relationships I relate with you when I see my siblings in school they always ask my close friends if someone bullied me but the other reason are some what true and false about normal siblings

  • The1sThatAreOdd ,

    1:01 oh brent got roasted😂

  • Justin Buscher
    Justin Buscher Day ago


  • Ava Subia
    Ava Subia Day ago

    Did anyone notice that when they were talking about competition Brent was cooking a orange

  • Jemika Salminen
    Jemika Salminen Day ago

    I am More like you two qith My bro

  • Zuko Lover
    Zuko Lover Day ago

    Normal siblings who that’s right they don’t exist

  • Isabelle Bustamante

    Hate to break it to u but normal siblings as u say don’t exist most can probably relate lol

  • Amelia Graham
    Amelia Graham Day ago

    Do normal siblings exist???

  • IvySweetie&Teony3

    That’s halourious me and your sibling are like me and mine even on the third one

  • stevie editz
    stevie editz Day ago

    Brent is so funny reply to me if u agree

  • Cathy Herd
    Cathy Herd Day ago

    Me and my brother are waaaayyy worse