The Manx Electric Railway (Episode 2 - 13th July) Douglas to Ramsey

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • It's Day 2 on the Isle of Man and this time we're heading onto the the trams of the Manx Electric Railway, starting at Douglas DEvry Castle heading north, along including at Laxey a trip up the Snaefell Mountain Railway ...
    This is part of the 'All The Stations - Ireland' Kickstarter, thanks to each and everyone of our backers for their support, and we hope you enjoy the signs and sounds of the Isle of Man Railways.

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  • abu bakar al baghdadi Goldie

    I live on the island they replaced the tracks and road surface anyway it cracked up under weight ect the last ones lasted over a hundred years ffs expensive mistake whos to blame the ppl who layed it or the company supplying the tarmac mix? id be sick doing all work then having to replace it all hmmm back hander island over here tho

  • Neil Hendry
    Neil Hendry 15 days ago

    Wonderful. Loving this.

  • ThePeter971
    ThePeter971 21 day ago

    I'm so annoyed that I didn't know you were on the Isle of Man at the same time as me.
    Would've loved to spot you!

  • Andy Richards
    Andy Richards 22 days ago +1

    Brilliant. Revived memories of going up Snaefell and, like you, encountering low cloud. Fortunately, the sun burnt through that day.

  • DanielTheRanterVGCP
    DanielTheRanterVGCP 24 days ago

    I went on one of the Isle of man trams in crich

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 25 days ago

    Looks like you had a great time! Regarding the trams being a bit like Pacers, what they should do is reopen the closed lines on the Isle of Man and use our redundant Pacers on them!

  • Unknown Male
    Unknown Male 26 days ago

    I’m thinking about making a channel for railways, should I?

  • julie stockmeyer
    julie stockmeyer 28 days ago

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant!!!!

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 29 days ago +1

    I find it kind of ironic that the mountain railway is double track pretty much all the way - except the terminus, where it drops down to single for the last 100 feet.

  • grbadalamenti
    grbadalamenti 29 days ago

    Funny you did not run into Ralfy the malt mate, the guy that reviews whiskies on TheXvid from Ramsey

  • pmailkeey
    pmailkeey 29 days ago

    Third rail braking ???? Electric railway ???? Why no regenerative braking ? !!!!

  • pmailkeey
    pmailkeey 29 days ago +1

    11:00 - so me rather unsympathetic points there !
    A bonus point for the lever actually showing which way they're set !

  • Tsass0
    Tsass0 29 days ago

    2,000 feet. it's only a hill

  • SigEpBlue
    SigEpBlue 29 days ago +2

    8:59 And I keep expecting BigClive to pop out from behind an electrical service panel, or maybe installing fairy lights on a hedgerow somewhere? Never can tell with him. LoL

  • Aidan6496
    Aidan6496 Month ago

    Was the heavy organ use on the soundtrack in honour of Rick Wakeman?

  • Oli44Smithson
    Oli44Smithson Month ago

    My Dad used to work on the Isle of Man as a manager for all things transport. Just a fact to mention that when me and my mum were visiting him in 2013 (as we lived in UK and my Dad over in IOM) we went on the Snaefell mountain railway and coming down past laxey wheel the brakes failed on the central rail. My dad ended up rushing into the cab and assisted the driver to apply the emergency brake. We stopped just in time before crashing at Laxey.

  • Sander Schot
    Sander Schot Month ago +1

    Okay you've done it. I am going to the Isle of Man.

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Month ago

    This video should have been called Bonus Bungalow, we all know it.

  • John Still John
    John Still John Month ago

    Were the MER seats as bad as I remember...?

  • Allan Redpath
    Allan Redpath Month ago

    Another great video. Trains or trams ?

  • Stephen Furley
    Stephen Furley Month ago +1

    Pity the mercury arc rectifiers have gone.

  • Dara Ó Cadhain
    Dara Ó Cadhain Month ago

    Any reason why the mountain railway drives on the wrong side of the track? Bizarre!

  • k Dean
    k Dean Month ago +1

    Lovely drone shot at beginning! 👍 Love the music! Great job at Ramsey Vicki, well done! 😊

  • Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper Month ago +3

    at 11.00 there is the weirdest set of points but you didn't comment

  • Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper Month ago

    why do the trams go on the wrong side?

  • Dónal O'Flynn
    Dónal O'Flynn Month ago

    Andrew is such a nice man! If he ever wants a change of job (I doubt it though) he should work for the tourist board 😃

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Month ago

    Is the going to be a third leg?

  • David Collins
    David Collins Month ago

    5:42 "There's never a wrong weekend to come to the Isle of Man"... BUT you should have come last weekend/next weekend rather than this weekend!

  • Jeff Lanam
    Jeff Lanam Month ago

    In 2021, come to Colorado, when the Manatou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is scheduled to re-open. I took it in the 90s before it closed for repair. It goes all the way to the top of Pikes Peak (14,115 feet or 4302 meters.) It's really windy there (and not much air.)

  • Dave Kirwin
    Dave Kirwin Month ago

    Lovely video guys - Snaefell was windy when we were there, but at least we had a view! Great to see IOM again and hear about the trams from Andrew. Tram to camera shot was sweet.

  • Castle Rock RAIL FAN
    Castle Rock RAIL FAN Month ago +1

    Awesome video All The Stations :)

  • Great hairy Fool
    Great hairy Fool Month ago

    What is the least used station in the Isle of Man?

  • Gregory Beach
    Gregory Beach Month ago

    Is it just me or is the quality of the video not great?

  • Pierre Stapley
    Pierre Stapley Month ago +1

    I like the additional lyrics in the end theme music. "....All of them".

  • Rog222
    Rog222 Month ago

    Brilliant! Thanks Geoff and Vicki.

  • James Ballantyne
    James Ballantyne Month ago

    70 years older than pacers yet far better condition..

  • My Solo Travel
    My Solo Travel Month ago

    You should visit the model railway in Ridgeway Park in Chingford if you haven't already. It's been there for years and I've read it has links with Disney.

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other Month ago

    Classic episode guys

  • Jakob Lust
    Jakob Lust Month ago +1

    Can we just for a second appreciate Vicky's Kate Bush impression?

  • Jacob O'Sullivan
    Jacob O'Sullivan Month ago

    Great video. A pity you couldn’t make it to the beach at the Dhoon though, that is a truly beautiful spot

  • Leo Starrenburg
    Leo Starrenburg Month ago +1

    "¡ There's never a wrong weekend to come to Man !" Words of wisdom.

  • Dazzling Daz
    Dazzling Daz Month ago

    This mirrored exactly my time on the Isle of Man. Snaefell was foggy and windy, and I got off at Dhoon Glen to explore (though I went all the way to the bottom.). Can't wait to see the Laxey Wheel vid

  • Brian Gentle
    Brian Gentle Month ago

    Great fun video again. Interesting that the Snaefell Mountain Railway seems to keep right...

  • Trevor Austin
    Trevor Austin Month ago

    That was a very unusual turnout on the top of the Snaefell. It had a single switch blade rather than a normal pair of blades.

  • Anthony Hancock
    Anthony Hancock Month ago

    Awesome Video really enjoyed

  • Christopher Mason
    Christopher Mason Month ago

    9:01 Kate Bush!

  • Mirko C
    Mirko C Month ago

    So if anyone complains you used turnouts with too small radius on your model railway - the Snaefell Mountain Railway obviously has turnouts with no radius at all...

  • andysbg77
    andysbg77 Month ago

    Please do also the Mount Snwdon Railway!!!

  • Steve Murray
    Steve Murray Month ago

    Wow, truly is a Beautiful Place and I always thought the Isle of Man was a crazy Bike race but now I know it's way much more,. great Place to Hang glide, lol. Thanks Again..

  • Gary Woolton
    Gary Woolton Month ago +3

    1893... Makes the Pacer look youthful.

  • Ben H
    Ben H Month ago

    great video

  • Andy Linton
    Andy Linton Month ago +2

    The Isle of Man is a fascinating place. And seems to have a micro-climate: any time I’ve been there the weather’s been lovely.

  • Paul Rhodes
    Paul Rhodes Month ago +4

    lovely work

  • Binary Signals
    Binary Signals Month ago

    This is the same railway which inspired Thomas The Tank Engine .

    • Andrew Gwilt
      Andrew Gwilt Month ago

      Binary Signals Could be true. But I don’t think it’s not.

  • Stephen Dines
    Stephen Dines Month ago

    Wow, fantastic adventure.

  • Steve Russell
    Steve Russell Month ago

    As usual guys, brilliant stuff

  • caw25sha
    caw25sha Month ago

    Can you do all stations on the The Merioneth and Llantisilly Railway Traction Company Limited please. Thanks.

  • Jay Blayk
    Jay Blayk Month ago

    Tbf that bungalow stop doesn't really add much to the confusion, same name, same place, just different side, if they gave the temporary station a different name because the only place it could be put was on someone's land or something then fair enough but it's just the same station haha

  • Miles Bown
    Miles Bown Month ago +1

    12:58 if you like that, go to Hastings Country Park. It's beautiful.

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little Month ago

    I really like this series of film's on the Isle of Man.

  • Cowman 979
    Cowman 979 Month ago +1

    So Whats next? All the stations Frnce, All the stations Spain, All the stations Germany, All the Stations WW

    • Andrew Gwilt
      Andrew Gwilt Month ago

      Cowman 979 #AllTheStationWorldwide
      I don’t think it won’t happen. There are others out there who have visited every railway station across the world.

  • Billy Shearer
    Billy Shearer Month ago +1

    When I went to the Isle of Man I just wanted to sit at Laxey Station all day. It was autumn, the trees were golden and it was just an idyllic moment of time.

  • Toiler On The Sea
    Toiler On The Sea Month ago +1

    @ 16:27 "Mind to take your glove off to get the finger in" Oh behave ;-)

  • 2H80vids
    2H80vids Month ago

    That shot at 9:10 could be used in a Hammer Horror film - just brilliant.

  • kiwi tayro
    kiwi tayro Month ago

    Goats goats goats? 🤣❤️

  • Hannah Miyamoto
    Hannah Miyamoto Month ago +2

    Vicki did a great job switching the trolley pole for the first time. The springs on them are very strong. Throwing the points also takes a lot of strength. In the U.S., a switch-stand is geared and a lot easier to actuate.

  • saiyajedi
    saiyajedi Month ago +11

    Please say you’re doing the Isle of Sodor next.

  • SteamLance
    SteamLance Month ago

    You forgot the Groudle Glen Railway

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead Month ago +1

    Why do they run the trams on right hand line instead of left? Just saw answer further down.Great video as always.

  • Rubycon99
    Rubycon99 Month ago +11

    My favorite part might be Vicki's brief Kate Bush impression ;)

    • Ann Other
      Ann Other Month ago

      Hear hear

    • caw25sha
      caw25sha Month ago

      Yes, I have already asked for the full version higher up in the comments.

  • tirandys
    tirandys Month ago +2

    If there's a Dhoon Glen is there an Oohp Glen as well?

  • Bessie Belle
    Bessie Belle Month ago +1

    So will you be covering the railway on Alderney too now then as part of this series, as you are doing the IOM? As it's the only other railway within the crown dependencies that relation to this question is, are there other islands within the UK that have a railway?, as you only covered the mainland in 2017 oh yeah, and the IOW....i think!

  • Chris McKellar
    Chris McKellar Month ago +3

    Its great to have a heritage steam railway and tramway integrated into the island's public transport network.

  • ExZd_Leader
    ExZd_Leader Month ago +2

    It's really windy

  • Peter Kay
    Peter Kay Month ago +1

    Was there in 73 when summer land went up and 50 lost their lives. Was 17 at the time,went on the tram a few days later, the tram was very quiet when we went past both going up and coming back down.

    • caw25sha
      caw25sha Month ago

      I don't understand. What is summer land? Was there some sort of accident?