La Masia: The Players That Left Barcelona Behind

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • La Masia: The players that left Barcelona behind.
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    Barcelona’s world-famous La Masia academy has encountered numerous issues in the years since producing the unforgettable Tiki-Taka generation. In parts one and two of our La Masia series, we explored the academy’s history and its recent problems. In this third and final part, we look directly at the young players who have left the academy and the club in search of new homes. These are the players that left Barcelona behind.
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Comments • 495

  • Fun[k] My Life - Trying Not to Get Banned Again

    Instagram is to Millennials what Facebook is to boomers. Utter shite. I'm only posting on TheXvid ironically now that MySpace is dead. Gen X for the win. [Shoots some drugs and say meh]

  • mattkirkhamm
    mattkirkhamm 25 days ago

    if all those didnt leave, could of almost had a full new team rather than spend 100 odd million on 1 player.

  • goldenators
    goldenators 26 days ago


  • GGTGermanGamingTube

    Adama traore???

  • Ricardo Kelley
    Ricardo Kelley Month ago

    Uhhh hector bellerin...

  • Paul Pogba
    Paul Pogba Month ago +1

    Nice video but you forgot Adama Traoré

  • ItsMinarmy
    ItsMinarmy Month ago +2

    Xavi Simons will never become anything, he will be the first Instagram athlete

  • b s
    b s Month ago

    The reason city got pep in was to build them from the very bottom to the top and give them there own philosophy peps work at city will carry on long after he leaves

  • R9RealMadridR9CR7
    R9RealMadridR9CR7 Month ago

    Wait wait wait... I was under the impression that La Masia was the fucking place to be???????
    Legend has it, every morning when the front door of La Vacia opens, Gods balls clap.

  • iii SCOOP iii
    iii SCOOP iii Month ago

    Well, at least they have an eye for talent..

  • Surya Venkatesan
    Surya Venkatesan Month ago

    Please do a video on how that blanket ban on youth players ruined their careers. Also how it was overturned in madrids case. Fifa is corrupt as af and would do everything to satisfy their Madrid masters

  • 3007
    3007 Month ago +6

    Dani Olmo - I think best player on this list, Tactical winger who is key man in Dinamo's Lineup. Underrated asf, I watched him play.

  • josemiguel87
    josemiguel87 Month ago +1

    its pronounced "LA MA SIA" not "LAMAZIA"

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago

    I believe Pep must return to Barça and only then will young promising home grown talent will get a proper chance.

  • Martin Fiedler
    Martin Fiedler Month ago +3

    Olmo is a legend in Zagreb, something I know he would not be in FCB

  • navneet singh
    navneet singh Month ago

    A video on Man city's current defensive crisis pls. Thanks

  • The Big LeeBowski
    The Big LeeBowski Month ago

    The solution is simple, bring Pep back to Barcelona.

  • Ahmad Adebayo
    Ahmad Adebayo Month ago

    Talk about the evolution of attacking midfielders over the century

  • Rensi Ren
    Rensi Ren Month ago

    And also Keita Balde

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Month ago

    Pablo Moreno is a CF not a midfielder

  • Mohamad Amin
    Mohamad Amin Month ago

    why would anyone dislike this video

  • domba 727
    domba 727 Month ago +2

    Dani Olmo ❤❤❤

  • jaybradon
    jaybradon Month ago +6

    Just so you know, Puig is pronounced more like 'Pooch'

  • Flaash IX
    Flaash IX Month ago

    joining an other club : exciting prospect
    joining psg : marketable youngster

  • Jayanth Kumar
    Jayanth Kumar Month ago +1

    They are more better youth players than Xavi Simmons in the academy. He is more hyped and given attention because of the hair he has like Carles Puyol, name of Xavi Hernandez and the nationality of famous Johan Cruyff. It's all due to these he has those "2 million followers on Instagram".

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    Could u also do Chelsea’s academy please?

  • Mohammed Ameen
    Mohammed Ameen Month ago +2

    Please make a video
    " what the hell happened to courtois "

  • Syed Rayaan Hussain

    Munir el Haddadi was another one not featured in this video

  • Bernat Homs
    Bernat Homs Month ago

    Good video, u left out Miguelete tho

  • Isak Pettersson
    Isak Pettersson Month ago +1

    Barcelona’s president & Valverde is the problem. They don’t trust the academy enough. Btw you forgot to include Roberto Navarro who got snapped up by Monaco. You also forgot Balde Keita, Adama Traore, Manu Trigueros, Sergi Gomez, Antonio Sanabria, Oriol Romeu & Alex Blanco.
    Barcelona need to keep their Young talents like Ansu Fati, Carles Alena, Oriel Busquets, Abel Ruiz, Riqui Puig, Chumi, Jorge Cuenca, Moussa Waguec Carles Perez and Alex Collado etc.

  • Joepaul Paulson
    Joepaul Paulson Month ago


  • Алекс Николов

    Dani Olmo is the best💙💙💙💙

  • Luis Noronha
    Luis Noronha Month ago

    Barcelona youth team is only for rich kids and sons of players
    . Thats why it sucks

  • Sidney Klosteren
    Sidney Klosteren Month ago


  • Ameerul Syaqirin
    Ameerul Syaqirin Month ago +1

    Pep really believes in La Masia more than the current Barça board.

  • Chisha Musonda
    Chisha Musonda Month ago

    Are you able to make one explaining the Spanish football tiers. Can't seem to understand why Real Madrid B &
    Barca B etc, play in the second division. How does it all work

  • Vaito
    Vaito Month ago +1

    Valencias Paterna is just as interesting and good as La Masia. Stars and prospects like: David Silva, Raul Albiol, Paco Alcacer, Jordi Alba, Ferran Torres, Carlos Soler, Kangin Lee, Grimaldo, Borja Iglesias, Centelles, Isco, Guillamon, Koba Kondreidi, Ferhat Cogalan, Nabil Touaizi, etc.

  • Vaito
    Vaito Month ago +1

    Grimaldo is from Paterna, not La Masia. Same thing with Abel Ruiz.

  • rahul kurup
    rahul kurup Month ago +1

    As a barca fan, this vid just makes me sad
    Valverde is busy buying big money flops meanwhile quality barca players cominh through the academy have no choice but to leave ;(

  • Jonni
    Jonni Month ago +58

    "who has 2 million Instagram followers"
    weird flex

  • Shele
    Shele Month ago +1

    When 1 player is club...

  • copper23
    copper23 Month ago

    Would love A Brief History Of for Ji Sung Park

  • Marcus Gotti
    Marcus Gotti Month ago

    Definitely in my top 3 all time best channels

  • WaTDeM Ho3say
    WaTDeM Ho3say Month ago

    Shane Kluivert is doing great in la masia

  • nomoreserfs
    nomoreserfs Month ago +5

    Barca going in the wrong direction losing all their young talent like this.

  • jasiom
    jasiom Month ago

    Please to something on AC Milan.. either on the recent Giampaolo's demise, or more broadly on the rollercoaster since Allegri left... when all the problems started.

  • Paulo Alexandre
    Paulo Alexandre Month ago

    Benfica fan here. I remember in the very first UEFA Youth League final La Masia absolutely killed our boys, especially Munir. He scored the 3-0 from their side of the pitch. It was heart wrenching, but fast forward a few years they gave us Grimaldo so I think it makes it okay.

  • The Kill
    The Kill Month ago

    Puig is the next big thing

  • The Kill
    The Kill Month ago

    Grimaldo to Man Utd to replace shaw would be a good deal

  • Nihal Joshi
    Nihal Joshi Month ago +4

    The point isn't who left la masia, the point is who became good after leaving the academy.
    Not everyone becomes icardi, most of them become Bellerin.

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut Month ago

    Keita balde

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Month ago +1

    Chelsea academy is one of the best 💯

  • 불편한축구
    불편한축구 Month ago

    Unfortunate that Korean boys, Lee, Paik and Jang didn't get to play in the matches because of the ban.

  • Harpreet Gill
    Harpreet Gill Month ago

    barca still have ansu fati

  • Levi Vieira
    Levi Vieira Month ago


  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha Month ago +2

    the whole Barca prospects moved to Man City or other rich clubs! I think money is finally running football..Now I am starting to understand the loyalty of Messi for Barca

  • Ashanti Peres
    Ashanti Peres Month ago +2

    Yeah i even left to Liverpool

  • IbrahIm Shara
    IbrahIm Shara Month ago

    Bro u missed out Robert Navarro

  • BGod8 Yurr Yurr
    BGod8 Yurr Yurr Month ago +1

    Eric Garcia should come back to Barca and overtake pique since he's getting older

  • MessiMania
    MessiMania Month ago

    La Masia has never died or stopped producing quality players. If you look at the recent youth league history Barcelona always managed to reach at least the Semi Finals (always Top 4) and won it on several Occasions. The real issue here is/was, that Barcelona doesn't seem to take the time to include those kids into the first team . There are allot of examples of ex La Masia players who didn't get a real chance and started big on other teams. Grimaldo, who has not once played for the first team, being just one example to name.