Leaving Things In Beer For A Month (EXPERIMENT)

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • Does a wool sweater that's been soaking in Guinness for a month shred apart or grow mold? We find out! GMM #1297.1
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Comments • 3 839

  • RAZELIUS 1590
    RAZELIUS 1590 20 hours ago

    Man i wonder why this video only have 1 add

  • Kai Jessop
    Kai Jessop 4 days ago

    “These are the big nuts those are the little nuts. Big nuts or on my side”
    -Rhett McLaughlin, 2018

  • Kai Jessop
    Kai Jessop 4 days ago

    “ When someone opens his mouth to receive a nut” 😂😂😂

  • Overexcited_ Chiken
    Overexcited_ Chiken 9 days ago

    Ooh bubbling liver, better touch it

  • Michael Jackson lover4ever

    lol same rhett 4:31 i thought they where to!!!!

  • The Great Skink Priest

    Thought the title said “beef”.

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C 10 days ago

    Oh God bet Guinness from America is awful. It's bad enough in the UK. Only Ireland have the best tasting Guinness and you should think so

  • Spider Pig
    Spider Pig 10 days ago


  • Manny King Money
    Manny King Money 11 days ago +1

    *That's A Waste Of Perfectly Good BEER!!! 😠*

  • Mr.Nootwi eduus
    Mr.Nootwi eduus 11 days ago

    Link: BE A MAN!

  • Daith
    Daith 11 days ago

    My aunt has needed a liver transplant for the past 4 months. Now I know where her liver is.

  • Ahmed Khalid
    Ahmed Khalid 12 days ago

    How else got a t-series ad ??

  • Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    7:22 Did anyone else think that Rhett sounded like Cookie Monster?

  • Danny M
    Danny M 12 days ago

    Omg you dont take a whiff of mold guys.u guys wanna smell everything

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 12 days ago

    4:05 lmbo!!!!!! 🤣😂

  • Sky Gaming
    Sky Gaming 12 days ago

    Im irish and this is slightly offensive so watch what you're saying mate

  • Dylan Sloan
    Dylan Sloan 12 days ago

    *3:15** and dad joke of the year award goes tooo.........*

  • NanoSkillz
    NanoSkillz 12 days ago

    Rhett: "i thought nuts were made of wood."
    Also rhett: "i thought we were eating wood."
    Also rhett: "big nuts and little nuts, im on the big nuts side."
    Me: incredible

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 12 days ago

    "Just pull it out"
    *proceeds to gag*

  • Mooseheads
    Mooseheads 13 days ago

    13:50 That's soul food right there.

  • Dear Leader
    Dear Leader 13 days ago

    Their yells when they opened that last jar scared my cat and I'm sure Rhett would be happy about that.

  • RockenIT 79
    RockenIT 79 13 days ago

    A peanut is not a nut it's a lagoon

  • cagaymanga
    cagaymanga 13 days ago


  • Saskaruto16
    Saskaruto16 13 days ago

    That's the first time I've heard Rhett call Link, Neil.

  • The Legdartator
    The Legdartator 13 days ago

    5:41 the new Title big nut

  • The Legdartator
    The Legdartator 13 days ago

    4:02 thats what she said

  • Emily Cook
    Emily Cook 14 days ago

    Cermet is back there on the couch waiting on his beer coated soap, crying slightly.

  • james bird
    james bird 14 days ago

    0:52 when ur a drug addict, but with goals

  • alexandra talbert
    alexandra talbert 14 days ago


  • Akeelah McLean
    Akeelah McLean 14 days ago +1

    Whe someone opens there mouth to receive a nut 😏😏😏😏😏

  • That Wise Potato
    That Wise Potato 14 days ago

    “When someone opens his mouth for a nut..”
    Followed by
    “Its not that hard, is it?”

  • Seven Guardians
    Seven Guardians 14 days ago +1

    Rhett calling Link by his last name
    Rhett James McLaughlin and
    Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal

  • NoahBoa Live
    NoahBoa Live 14 days ago

    “Somebody opens his mouth to receive a nut...” Lol

  • DinoKing Gaming
    DinoKing Gaming 14 days ago


  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 14 days ago

    Do milk next

  • Madeleine Chocholaty
    Madeleine Chocholaty 14 days ago

    Leave things in milk ???

  • Seth Stewart
    Seth Stewart 14 days ago

    Video idea “Will it Cheese Stick” like fried mozzarella sticks except you try different cheeses, or do it tournament style to determine the best cheese to make a cheese stick out of

  • mEEp nope
    mEEp nope 14 days ago

    Happy biere day!

  • black mail YouTube vids

    Wtf human liver

    • Pigggy23
      Pigggy23 14 days ago

      its a joke you mongoloïd

  • Alonzo Backus
    Alonzo Backus 14 days ago

    Gmm and smosh are 1 now

  • Xendrik Postelwait
    Xendrik Postelwait 15 days ago +1

    Rhett: "I've been told that this is a human liver right?"
    Me in three minutes: "They really shouldn't sell human organs to these people..."

  • XNevaehX 123
    XNevaehX 123 17 days ago

    Ooh they uploaded this in my bday last year

  • Sweat Bb boy
    Sweat Bb boy 17 days ago

    Rhett: and of course we put links glasses in ???
    Me: tf his glasses are on his face bruh

    • Irma
      Irma 14 days ago

      You new?

  • Will M
    Will M 18 days ago

    Link is an idiot.

  • WeirdoGamez!
    WeirdoGamez! 18 days ago

    13:59 and that’s why you don’t drink alcohol kids 👧🏼👦🏼+🍻=👎🏻🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️
    You don’t want that inside you! Do you!? And if you do your signing up for sadness and loneliness!

  • papill on
    papill on 18 days ago


  • XXimakegachaiX X
    XXimakegachaiX X 19 days ago

    8:05 surgery on a soap

  • Anthony Roberson
    Anthony Roberson 20 days ago

    Maybe maybe not

  • Anthony Roberson
    Anthony Roberson 20 days ago

    What are they gonna soak? A leg... made of cinnamon

  • Ethan McCormack
    Ethan McCormack 20 days ago

    I'm lrish

  • Tessa Maddalena
    Tessa Maddalena 21 day ago

    8:02 ahaha they did surgery on soap

  • G4M1NG R3X
    G4M1NG R3X 21 day ago

    80% talking about the nut
    20% not talking about the nut

  • Some One
    Some One 21 day ago

    Your saying if I put beer on my nutz they’ll get bigger

  • Darthplagueis13
    Darthplagueis13 22 days ago

    Well... Seems like a good way to make things taste like guiness which in 9 out of ten cases is not gonna improve the taste unless the item was not edible to begin with...

  • Jacky Wiseman
    Jacky Wiseman 22 days ago

    I love this vid😂😍

  • Cryo Waxigertedar
    Cryo Waxigertedar 22 days ago +1

    14:26 Link's glasses got left in guiness for a month?

    Talk about beer goggles

  • Morn Solina
    Morn Solina 23 days ago


  • The Superior Nug Nug
    The Superior Nug Nug 23 days ago

    How did they get the cup in the jar. Xfiles theme begins playing

  • EPIC Doge875
    EPIC Doge875 23 days ago

    St. Patrick was KIDNAPED by pirates not A pirate

  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones 24 days ago

    3:36 when a scb happens in scp r.i.p guards

  • alitor245 Zimmerman
    alitor245 Zimmerman 24 days ago

    I had the same idea

  • Smokee Mcpot
    Smokee Mcpot 25 days ago

    I tried watching the beginning Of season one and it was too boring, you guys have improved soo much... love yo u guys thank you for being amazing

  • wisdom dude
    wisdom dude 25 days ago

    They did surgery on a bar of soap

  • Celestial Friend
    Celestial Friend 25 days ago

    LOL "Use your glutes!" That last one broke me in laughter followed by tears .. made my day Rhett!
    A well deserved Like!

  • Ufxp Blf
    Ufxp Blf 26 days ago +2

    13:18 cracking open a cold one with the boys.

  • Jake Bird
    Jake Bird 26 days ago

    I haven't watched this chanel un forever

  • Pringle Jr.
    Pringle Jr. 27 days ago +1

    Oh now do I put beer on my nuts

  • Pringle Jr.
    Pringle Jr. 27 days ago +1

    Well that liver sure is drunk. I’m pretty sure it killed itself.

  • Jaime Burgos
    Jaime Burgos 29 days ago +1

    Nuts arent made of wood son

  • MissFlauschig
    MissFlauschig Month ago

    I never realised this before but at 4:35 after Rhett said he used to think nuts were made of wood the background music just stops 😂 I don't know if that was planned or if that was just because of Rhett's story but it's hilarious

  • bobby gas
    bobby gas Month ago +1

    " we've done coke, bleach, open air"😂😂😂

  • Jaydan Stanish
    Jaydan Stanish Month ago +1

    u should do soy sauce

  • Cheyenne Brasiel
    Cheyenne Brasiel Month ago +2

    Besides your sense of good judgement, what else can beer destroy? Let’s talk about that. -Rhett and Link 2018

  • Late Night Sugared Coffee

    0:52 - "we've done coke"

  • shuttlechief
    shuttlechief Month ago

    Whatre the odds you chug the liver guiness

  • younggunz82
    younggunz82 Month ago

    Sure it has been said, but you never admit to doing coke..lol

  • Envy MD
    Envy MD Month ago

    5:41 rhett has big nuts confirmed

  • Louis Harley Aguilar

    Its been exactly 1 year from this.

  • glob was here!
    glob was here! Month ago

    Put the sweater in the washer with tipods and see how clean it gets

  • TriStar Realty
    TriStar Realty Month ago

    * *_violently shakes head around jar of mushy soap_* *
    _It smells soapy_

  • Lisa VanDyke
    Lisa VanDyke Month ago

    i want that sweater, but not the moldy one lol

  • joejoda007
    joejoda007 Month ago

    bar stool leg, in Ireland we call'em pubs not bars

  • Xxdoofin shmirtzxX
    Xxdoofin shmirtzxX Month ago

    Wait... didn't they get a vasectomy?

  • itskiitsuuu
    itskiitsuuu Month ago

    Kermit’s crying because you guys wasted his precious soap smh

  • [WUT]Dante
    [WUT]Dante Month ago

    Wait hold on what’s wrong with my subtitles

  • chinese potato
    chinese potato Month ago

    Nice intro

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn Month ago

    Conspiracy, at 12:34 we finally see the man, the myth, the legend, Micha!

  • Kira Haugen
    Kira Haugen Month ago

    0.53 has a funny face

  • Aldin Basic
    Aldin Basic Month ago

    “When somebody opens his mouth to receive a nut” aaaaand that came out wrong

  • Great Power
    Great Power Month ago


  • Super Chis
    Super Chis Month ago

    theres different kinds of fatty livers. theres one that is caused by alcohol which is what rhett was talking about then theres one that is not caused by alcohol and just more being obese. now ontop of that theres one that has reversable damage where if you lose the weight your liver will be ok then theres one that no matter what you do there will be damage

  • Marti Turpin
    Marti Turpin Month ago

    Oh no😂 oh no😖😵😨

  • Lactating Cow
    Lactating Cow Month ago


  • Snernow
    Snernow Month ago

    Uhh... lesson we learned is that a drunk Irishman is no different to any other white guy?

  • toothless
    toothless Month ago

    12:59 me tryng to open a sode bottle

  • Doggo Beast
    Doggo Beast Month ago

    i still have not gotten over the fortnite dances.

  • Tara Podberesky
    Tara Podberesky Month ago

    I would do what you do me and my brother eat worms strait FROM OUR BACK YARD MY NAME IS CAYDEN AND MY BROTHERS NAME IS BRAYDEN AND BARAYDEN AND I ARE 8 AND10 TURNING 11

  • Inthe Garbage
    Inthe Garbage Month ago

    "We done coke, bleach and open air" Man these guys know how to party XD