Jose Mourinho wants to manage in the Premier League, not at Lyon - Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • After Jose Mourinho reportedly turned down an offer to become the manager of Ligue 1 side Lyon, ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti, Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno explain where he could land if he came back to the Premier League. Burley says Liverpool and Manchester City are "out of the question" and doesn't see him "managing under Daniel Levy at Tottenham." Marcotti agrees and says that another mega club in Europe could interest Mourinho, but doesn't expect him to manage at one of the Premier League's top six unless there's a change of ownership.
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Comments • 645

  • Tshepo Makena
    Tshepo Makena 19 days ago

    Mourinho back in the Premier League!!!

  • Musa Kroma
    Musa Kroma 19 days ago

    Fire all pundits ! ESPN 😂

  • Love Royals Club
    Love Royals Club Month ago

    I don't even know the name of the guy talking. Let's leave it there!

  • Arsenal CA
    Arsenal CA Month ago

    “Three for me , two for them”
    Respect man respect ! Only Peppe & maybe klopp are in his league , be thankful to have him in the PL.

  • Sadman Runic
    Sadman Runic Month ago

    Ur welcome at arsenal

  • KvnDWr
    KvnDWr Month ago

    Mourinho wasn't bad at Manchester United the first two seasons. I'm so sick of people saying that. Mourinho is a legend, and top 10 manager of all-time. Put some respeck on his name.

  • G. Arnold
    G. Arnold Month ago +1

    these pundits are fucked up seriously if I was the boss i would have fired them all

  • G. Arnold
    G. Arnold Month ago +1

    I don't know what going on with this guys, Jose is the second best manager after Fagie, they speak a lot of negative yet they know less, his our best and his the only manager I give all respect for his intelligence

  • TUIOP Tuiop
    TUIOP Tuiop Month ago

    Americans don’t know anything about football

  • Leon Tay
    Leon Tay Month ago

    I'm Chelsea fan . Mourinho shouldn't go back man u they not appreciated him when he's leaving man u said that he's not good enough . But when he leaving Chelsea we fan thks him all the year he coach Chelsea to success. But He do comeback again to Chelsea but was not that successful to help the team win Champion League . But I'm still happy see him in Chelsea.

  • Harry Kim
    Harry Kim Month ago

    That "sample size" was actually the best achievement in his career. We now are in danger of relegation with the same "talent" squad. I don't know what that middle guy is talking about.

  • peter ochieng
    peter ochieng Month ago

    You can't see what Mourinho is seeing.

  • Richard Nkeng
    Richard Nkeng Month ago

    This guy's are really anti mou

  • Chimezie Hh
    Chimezie Hh Month ago

    I think Everton

  • Abdoul M Zonga
    Abdoul M Zonga Month ago

    Bullshit pundits, they talk about something they don't know.

  • ian githae
    ian githae Month ago

    He will manage Everton or Newcastle if a new owner comes in

  • Bjorn Barreto
    Bjorn Barreto Month ago

    I think he could manage a top six club including Arsenal. Even though he doesn't play attacking football I'm sure he can help them win trophies, the current Arsenal team has a lot of talent but needs a better manager. Only problem i can see is how he will cooperate with the owners and upper management. I am sure he has learnt from his past mistakes by now.


    he wants city

  • lol u thot
    lol u thot Month ago

    Come to Arsenal and play Ozil please and thank you

  • jadenπ
    jadenπ Month ago

    This guys are clowns

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate Month ago

    Jose should join Tottenham

  • Elia Kangumbe
    Elia Kangumbe Month ago


  • Sebe wasa
    Sebe wasa Month ago

    This latin guy has no respect
    jose is one of the greatest managers of all time
    i hate when unsucessful people talk bullshit
    Espn commentators are clowns !

  • Dwayne Lumsden
    Dwayne Lumsden Month ago

    Ladies n gentlemen lets just hope to god liverpool doesn't win the league okay

  • Oliver99388
    Oliver99388 Month ago

    Why should he go to a not-top 6 team? Rest of the pl will never become relevant and even Everton is worse than Lyon.

  • Embison Jones
    Embison Jones Month ago +2

    These numpties sure make me laugh. Why do United fans think Mourinho failed and wasted money? So, four finals and winning three if you count the community shield. Getting United back in the CL.Getting second place while playing the youngest team in the league in his second season. All this in two and a half season and united fans think he failed because he spent 400 million and didn't win the CL and premier league. Are you for Real? It took Pep two season to win his first trophy after spending the same amount. It took Klopp four seasons before winning his first trophy after spending the same amount. Pure madness

  • Amar Karia
    Amar Karia Month ago

    These pundits are really disrespectful. Jose can make spurs in to winners. Trust me.

  • binay 22
    binay 22 Month ago

    God bless these people... Morinho is the brand... The best...

  • onlyjoetee
    onlyjoetee Month ago


  • Yonatan Yemane
    Yonatan Yemane Month ago

    Rubbish analysis !!! They don't know Jose mourinho at all. I have never seen such an emotional rubbish conclusion.

  • Samuel Eka
    Samuel Eka Month ago

    These guys are talking rubbish.... Mourinho was successful at ManUtd.... ManUtd owners/board were the problem & mourinho exposed this during his time... the problem is further exposed with Ole...
    Given the circumstances he still brought trophies to the club... To say you wouldn’t give a top manager like Mourinho any job at the top clubs is absolute rubbish-talk ... How many coaches can compete with Mourinho right now?.... maybe only Pep... that’s it... Klopp still has a long way to go to compete with Mou..
    These guys need to be careful how they voice personal opinion on such a public platform like this

  • Ismail Baba
    Ismail Baba Month ago

    A first class manager need first class players but unfortunately in Man U they have lots of bunch of players that the team jersey is to big for them to wear .how can a manager like mourinho to do well here

  • Dumfries Spearhead
    Dumfries Spearhead Month ago

    "Mourinho turns down Lyon". Is this news? Of course he would; they don't have any money!

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox Month ago

    Mourinho in charge of Liverpool would be successful mourinho in charge of city would be successful arsenal nope united nope obvs and Chelsea nope , mourinho needs good players simple

  • caleb yupe
    caleb yupe Month ago

    mourinho should go to everton or tottenham i guess

  • Zhee Pou-Geb
    Zhee Pou-Geb Month ago

    Mourinho I warn u, go to Spurs and that would be your demise and buried in a metallic coffin.
    U won't achieve what you think u could.

  • alan lars
    alan lars Month ago

    i hate the espn pundits , bunch on pricks

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A Month ago

    i'd take him at arsenal

    CHAZE2B Month ago

    You welcome back anytime at Man United, Mourinho

  • Semon Mendes
    Semon Mendes Month ago

    Perhaps Jose should come in for a debate here and that’s when these clowns will understand how shallow their knowledge is 😬

  • Kurtis Kerk
    Kurtis Kerk Month ago

    Michael Jordan on Oprah Winfrey Show: he never understands what it takes to be a winner.
    Well you can say that about all the pundits in ESPN

  • Bhupen Nembang
    Bhupen Nembang Month ago

    Bring back to Manchester United 🙏🙏🙏 pls

  • Lambertus Hurek
    Lambertus Hurek Month ago

    bus parking style.

  • Az Akh
    Az Akh Month ago

    Mourinho has become underrated. Still one of the best.

  • Mental Inlander
    Mental Inlander Month ago

    Ole backed by the Brits is like Valverde backed by the Catalan

  • Aman beniwal
    Aman beniwal Month ago +1

    Lyon is a really good team , They beat Man City last year in Manchester. He has become complacent.

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago

    Spurs would be fools to not bring him in.

  • RnB4Music
    RnB4Music Month ago +1

    how has his brand diminished? he came 2nd with this united team, he won the premier league with chelsea?

  • Mylo B
    Mylo B Month ago +2

    The guy is even a better pundit than all you mofos

  • Mehdi Dif
    Mehdi Dif Month ago

    Mourinho to totenham

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur Month ago

    Mourinho deserves big credit for destroying Man United team and United reputation around the world. He created 3rd division team from the biggest club in the world by his selection of players that are not worth all those millions they are making.

  • Addi Law
    Addi Law Month ago +1

    Come to arsenal Mou we need a sensible manager

  • frederick oduro
    frederick oduro Month ago

    Clueless punditry

  • Genius Dominant
    Genius Dominant Month ago +1

    Jose is still in the Top 3 managers in the world no matter what these stooges think

  • Doctor 1O1
    Doctor 1O1 Month ago +1

    Who is Ale Moreno to question Jose Mourinho... What a joke, what has he achieved that qualifies him from doing that. Jose expects 100% commitment from players.. The players who do that don't have a problem with him... And deliver the goods. Ale Moreno.. And his sample size.. 😂.. PUN-IDIOT

  • shawn shan
    shawn shan Month ago +1

    Funny to see failures criticizing Jose who won 2 CL

  • legacy M
    legacy M Month ago +1

    It's official theses pundits are all fools. I'd just love to see one of them coach a team even for a single day instead of sitting in their suits and talking rubbish

  • Sangbaran Dasgupta
    Sangbaran Dasgupta Month ago

    Why not Everton? they can spend like crazy.

  • sreddi83
    sreddi83 Month ago

    Yh that last min complete bs. In fact Jose took the same bunch and they were easily top4 with the fear of maybe top6 and they cleaned up Europa. Now with Ole ppl are fearing relegation

  • MrAstalavista87
    MrAstalavista87 Month ago

    Spurs,if they dont finish top four this season.