Update Aquatic - Dive in!

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
  • Take a deep dive into the new Update Aquatic - available now in Minecraft on Windows 10, VR, mobile devices, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!
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  • Ramiro Mariño
    Ramiro Mariño 2 years ago +1784

    This update was epic. The game changed completely, the water went from a vast space of nothingness to a new world.

    • Tails 572
      Tails 572 Month ago

      Yeah but there are a problem for the moders

    • mellohi
      mellohi 2 months ago

      @Turma Do godzilla ehhh the nether update was the biggest update (that’s a fact) but whether or not it’s the best update is up to you

    • Kiute Channel
      Kiute Channel 2 months ago

      This update is not popular

    • DanTDM Coolbeen
      DanTDM Coolbeen 7 months ago

      Yeah it feels like a 4th dimension!

    • Turma Do godzilla
      Turma Do godzilla 7 months ago

      By far, best minecraft update in MY opnion.

  • Delta
    Delta Year ago +980

    Fun fact: This was the last trailer to use real in-game footage.

  • Sophie Hoseseller
    Sophie Hoseseller 7 months ago +34

    I remember seeing Jessie swim in story mode and was so jealous that we couldn’t do this in the actual game. Needless to say that I think the aquatic update was the best update in my opinion

  • Tuzido
    Tuzido 22 days ago +8

    i can’t believe it’s already been 3, almost 4 whole years since this update has been released, time flies by quickly..

  • Don Varner
    Don Varner 2 years ago +393

    I feel like drowned spawning should be reduced a lot, or they should only spawn In under water caves or ravines, because drowned get pretty annoying.

    • noits not
      noits not 5 months ago

      @DaktotaTheColossus I can’t go in the water without getting chased by 13 drowneds

    • no name
      no name 11 months ago

      Yeah i remember when i made a village near a river (nostalgic world) and then drowned's raided it every night, i also used to call them water zombies

    • Erpan Farabi
      Erpan Farabi Year ago

      What? while i'm hoping that the Drowned spawn rate should be increased

    • Xcept12
      Xcept12 Year ago +1

      Yeah everytime I fall in a river 2-3 Drowned Attack me EVERY SINGLE TIME

    • DaktotaTheColossus
      DaktotaTheColossus Year ago +2

      @Edward Costley I play bedrock too, to me they are just free tridents. They aren't that annoying

  • Soldier Hunter 974
    Soldier Hunter 974 Year ago +212

    This is back when they used actual gameplay

  • Purple Marker
    Purple Marker 8 months ago +38

    After this update was released, Minecraft gained popularity again.
    Thank you Aquatic Update.

  • Ominous Fade
    Ominous Fade Year ago +820

    Dear Minecraft,
    Thank you.
    Thank you for the friends.
    Thank you for the memories.
    Thank you for the opportunities.
    Thank you for shaping our childhood.
    Without you we never would have made those friends.
    Never would have grown up with such great experiences, memories, and childhood friends.
    Never would have had the deep respect for cherishing what we have while we have it.
    So once again I say, thank you.
    For molding us into the people we are now.
    For giving us a great childhood.
    Full of laughter, crying, raging, and relishing.
    Thank you.
    *Thank you*

    • ApeHead
      ApeHead 6 months ago +1

      This game definitely made my childhood a more fun one. I still remember the excitement of my friends and I all jumping into our server once we got home from school, or how excited we were to play during winter break… I miss those days sometimes.

    • nibir Baishnab channel 2
      nibir Baishnab channel 2 7 months ago

      @Randomyoutubeuser 3then why the mention of nostalgia when comparing to other game

    • Randomyoutubeuser 3
      Randomyoutubeuser 3 7 months ago +1

      @nibir Baishnab channel 2 no its for the memories and the classic idea not because its old

    • MrAmanPro
      MrAmanPro 7 months ago +1

      @Ominous Fade its actually called spamming

    • nibir Baishnab channel 2
      nibir Baishnab channel 2 8 months ago

      @Bread Storyoh i forgot that's why it is overrated

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 3 years ago +7167

    Minecraft is the best thing that has happened to humanity.

    • Jack
      Jack 3 days ago


    • ItzSketchyz
      ItzSketchyz Month ago


    • Voldy356
      Voldy356 3 months ago

      @meep Uh huh.

    • meep
      meep 3 months ago +1

      This update hard to believe it was 3 years ago and bro are you alive still

    • cee elch
      cee elch 4 months ago

      Uh yeah no kidding

  • BloodHound
    BloodHound 7 months ago +12

    It’s been 3 years?!?! I remember playing so much of this when it came out!

  • iiJiraiya
    iiJiraiya 11 months ago +112

    Assasination failed
    Dolphin: Mission Failed, we'll get em next time

  • Xristos Karagiorgos
    Xristos Karagiorgos 7 months ago +23

    2018: Wow this update is awesome!
    2021: My childhood... :(

    • Eqixxi
      Eqixxi 19 days ago

      2022: koek😏

    • FrozenWeevil
      FrozenWeevil 27 days ago +2

      bestie this was 3 years ago
      if this was ur childhood ur still a child

    • FreddyTheBuilder
      FreddyTheBuilder Month ago

      i relate

    • Phil Harvey
      Phil Harvey 7 months ago +4

      I was 10 in 2018, I didn’t play Minecraft or anything, I was always playing snd building lego. But I have to say this, 2016-2018 were the golden days. 2018 bring my favourite year ever. Now I’m 14, I started playing Minecraft when I was 13 in late March 2020. And the game is amazing. I still have my first ever world that I made (a creative world, with a house in a mountain) and whenever I start my PS4 and join that world, I get so many memories even though it was a year ago. I actually thought I wouldn’t like the game before I started playing it, but the instant I loaded into that world, that whole opinion changed to the opposite. I still play Minecraft today and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon tbh.
      Sorry for this long paragraph, I just had nothing else to do so I wanted to type it

  • yukko yoshida
    yukko yoshida Year ago +109

    i want to see the old ads revamped to look like the new animated ads

  • Gexagon
    Gexagon 2 years ago +3504

    Video: The ocean is a lovely, friendly place!
    Reality: Drowned everywhere, almost always too dark to see.

  • DJCat95
    DJCat95 11 months ago +9

    This update made me play Minecraft even more! The best update ever.

  • TheAlien
    TheAlien Year ago +7

    The best update since 1.7, this changed everything and improved updates in the future.

  • Ashton Senko
    Ashton Senko Year ago +22

    So long ago... this update won’t be forgotten for me, it changed my view on minecraft. It seems as if it happened yesterday

  • Mr crazy crocs
    Mr crazy crocs 7 months ago +3

    This was a turning point for Minecraft, it changed from basic almost useless updates to updates that had a use

  • Is Dead
    Is Dead 2 years ago +882

    Why do I feel nostalgic for this even though it wasn’t even 2 years ago

  • TheFunWasHere
    TheFunWasHere 11 months ago +3

    The update that got me back into Minecraft, especially since I had a survival world with my own and friends, such fun times these were

  • Thomas Tapia
    Thomas Tapia 7 months ago +14

    It’s already been three years…I remember waking up the morning it came out hyped af.

    • Phil Harvey
      Phil Harvey 7 months ago +1

      I didn’t even play Minecraft back then, but when this update released, they were the golden days.

  • Check my about page link

    I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up💙

  • Hardbass Tank
    Hardbass Tank Year ago +63

    Can't believe this was almost 3 years ago. Just feels like yesterday.

      SERTROX 8 months ago

      I smell old man

    • TLMOD
      TLMOD 10 months ago

      Ikr :(

  • Frigus Frost
    Frigus Frost Year ago +5

    Still the best update ever so far!❤

  • Soap
    Soap 6 months ago +6

    The first update that mojang adsolutely nailed it and the first of the new era

  • Jimjaminyourface
    Jimjaminyourface Year ago +1

    The first actual GAME CHANGING AMAZING UPDATE... every update since this one has been better and better each one

  • Wolf
    Wolf 2 years ago +2466

    In-Game: Drowned killing me in one hit with their tridents

  • MrMixMc
    MrMixMc Year ago +3

    Después de 3 años sigo admirando esa actualización que revolucionó el juego por completo

  • Kent Amplayo
    Kent Amplayo 6 months ago +1

    best update ever, it changed the oceans so much plus it's so nostalgic

  • Starden
    Starden 2 months ago

    Wow, looks so cool! Can't wait to try these things in-game! This game gets better every year!

  • cloudsofcherry
    cloudsofcherry 11 months ago +1

    kinda crazy how long ago this was, it truly started the more modern minecraft era in my opinion.. minecraft just wouldnt be the same without the 1.13 update

  • SFS Delta
    SFS Delta 10 months ago

    Still my favourite update. Music is amazing. Coral Reefs are amazing.

  • CakesInSpace
    CakesInSpace 6 months ago

    I think this was by far the best and more game changing update.

  • Sojke
    Sojke 7 months ago

    It’s already been 3 years since this update got released… time flys soo fast

  • MasterChef026
    MasterChef026 10 months ago +10

    0:14 reminds me of the Coral Rise level in Minecraft dungeons

  • tophatkirby
    tophatkirby 3 years ago +2524

    1:00 this is where creative mode comes in

  • jesse1758
    jesse1758 Year ago +9

    I want them to start making trailers like these again, trailers that aren't animated and give a false expectation. Trailers that show the beautiful reality of this game. Seriously !!

    • BruhMaster
      BruhMaster 7 months ago


    • BruhMaster
      BruhMaster 7 months ago

      ok boomer

    • TEJ_99
      TEJ_99 8 months ago +1

      Nah man,i like the new trailers more

    • The E2rnal17
      The E2rnal17 8 months ago +1

      i somewhat agree, but it’d be best if they made 2 trailers, one animated and one of gameplay.

  • Archit Mishra
    Archit Mishra 8 months ago +4

    Update Aquatic, Village and Pillage update and Nether update are the updates which changed minecraft forever.

    • OwO
      OwO 28 days ago

      And the caves and cliffs

  • Bhupendra Kumar Soni
    Bhupendra Kumar Soni 9 months ago +1

    This update brought almost same hype as it was on 2013-2015

  • Edward Nashton
    Edward Nashton 11 months ago

    Crazy to think how much this game has changed in only 2 years.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago +1

    Personally this is the update that started the greatest series of updates in any other game.

    • Phil Harvey
      Phil Harvey 7 months ago

      You’re right. Personally I like this, 1.14, 1.16, and 1.17 as best.

  • tiramisu
    tiramisu 5 months ago

    No way this was three years ago..
    Woah. This game has been such an important part of my childhood, thank you guys for making it what it is. It’s gotten me into video games in general, and I used to play it with my friends all the time. During quarantine, my family would play together and it kinda kept us sane during all the craziness that was going on in America.
    Thank you for making the best game ever

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    I will never stop loving minecraft it’s the best game ever and this update too was amazing

  • Angel R.
    Angel R. Year ago +5

    I can't believe nobody is talking about the sun being a circle...

    • SaulPro111
      SaulPro111 Year ago +3

      The sun is still a square its just the light around it that is a circle

  • アドリアーノ Adriano

    Minha Update Favorita 😍 1.13🐢🐬🧟

  • Mr plimp
    Mr plimp Year ago

    Loved the update apart from the to many drowns but would of loved some sharks or whales

  • Mace48Gaming
    Mace48Gaming 7 months ago +16

    Alex: kills drowns
    Drowns: I don’t care

  • Vincent
    Vincent 3 months ago

    I'm nostalgic for this update and the historic editions of Minecraft

  • DNO7 Ghastpoll
    DNO7 Ghastpoll Year ago +4

    0:48 The drowned didn't attack them
    0:59 and they can hit sand with wooden shovel in 1 click
    100% creative

  • P-KegX
    P-KegX 9 months ago

    That had been a request that I had at that time... I described them in a Christmas video and they almost implemented it like that... I don't know the development of the update but I asked for it on Dec 16. It's amazing it was one of the best updates.
    They were inspired by my idea :'v

  • an pham
    an pham 8 months ago +1

    cant believe it's already 3 years from now! Time flies!

  • Felidae
    Felidae 2 years ago +8

    I remember when I had to wait for months for Update Aquatic to come out on PE.

  • Solarguy
    Solarguy  Year ago +1

    I like how Minecraft provide us a new different experiences gameplay since 1.13.

  • Максим
    Максим 11 months ago +2

    This update is the best in history of minecraft!

  • Colin Bradley
    Colin Bradley 11 months ago +1

    It feels like this update was just added. 2 years wow

  • Doge Da doge
    Doge Da doge Month ago

    This update was by far my most favorite update of Minecraft

  • CubeIR
    CubeIR 2 years ago

    The Most glorious Minecraft update Ever which gave Minecraft a new life and a reason to explore seas and oceans

  • MoonApple
    MoonApple 9 months ago

    This is the start of an era of what i like to call the mega updates

  • Ørėo
    Ørėo 7 months ago +5

    Me: *sees this on my recommended but doesn’t check how long ago it was. Thinks there’s a new update*
    Also me: “What changed? Wait a minute…”
    The video: *3 years ago*

  • Cubism_2
    Cubism_2 11 months ago +3

    I like to think of this update as the transition between the Old Minecraft and New Minecraft

    • Exo
      Exo 9 months ago

      @Shkhakh_Man25 Me too.

    • Amser 5321
      Amser 5321 10 months ago

      True it used to be like console, mobile then pc in there own categories but then legacy ended after this update and now its only java and Bedrock

  • Memedrew
    Memedrew Year ago

    Wow time flies. It feels this update released a few weeks ago

  • Lewis Bertucen
    Lewis Bertucen 8 months ago

    By far one of the best updates

  • cuscuz gameplays
    cuscuz gameplays Year ago +1

    Pra mim está não foi a melhor atualização mais pra mim foi a mais nostalgica me lembro no dia que eu acordei liguei meu PS4 e sim até hoje eu jogo no PS4 mais então continuando liguei meu PS4 e vi a atualização mais nostalgica 😛

  • Some random guy who uses the internet.

    I can't believe we went from to having only squid to a whole bunch of ocean species.

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 7 months ago +3

    The update that saved Minecraft from irrelevance

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Month ago +2

    Who else remembers when people like Stampy started getting mad at Mojang for not including this update in all consoles?

  • Senpai
    Senpai Year ago +4

    I miss those kind of trailers. Yeah the new animated ones are cool too but I liked these more

  • IamNabha
    IamNabha Year ago +8

    Remember when this was the biggest update of Minecraft? Lol its still my favorite update

    • Amser 5321
      Amser 5321 10 months ago

      @Joshua Rail-3070 im from the future and its really not since its separated

    • Joshua Rail-3070
      Joshua Rail-3070 Year ago

      Don't forget Caves and Cliffs update (1.17) is also biggest update in minecraft

    • L3gz
      L3gz Year ago +1

      I still prefer 1.13 over 1.16.

    • Juane Van Der Mescht
      Juane Van Der Mescht Year ago +1

      Lol I like nether update

  • Twible404
    Twible404 2 years ago +5623

    0:07 the dolphin tried to kill Alex

  • TerraDash
    TerraDash 7 months ago

    I remember when this update came out...Now we're getting revamped caves

  • Fort
    Fort 8 months ago

    Still my favourite update.

  • IamtheBW
    IamtheBW Year ago

    honestly a top tier update

  • Hero
    Hero 2 years ago +181

    Dolphin: *I must kill the enemy before it spreads.*

  • ThatBasicThespian

    Imagine if they had done this in the animated style. How pretty they could make it🤩 hopefully glow squids will add some nice glow to deep oceans

    • ThatBasicThespian
      ThatBasicThespian Year ago

      @Mobmaster95 ...yet. mojang may be able to change things if they listen to the community.

  • Mudklip
    Mudklip 3 months ago

    This is personally my favorite update

  • I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    This update was by far one of the best

    • Caes3r
      Caes3r Year ago

      yeah the ocean was so boring before the update.

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan 2 years ago +3

    I wrote a letter to Mojang to ask them for an update like this, and this is the next update that comes out. So, you've got me to thank for this.

  • RachelMinou
    RachelMinou 9 months ago

    This popped up in my recommended I can’t believe it’s been 3 years.. I remember this update like it was yesterday 🥺

  • GabrielLites
    GabrielLites 11 months ago +2

    Can’t believe that I got this in my recommend when Minecraft has already reached the 1.17 version

  • Sweetcorm
    Sweetcorm 6 months ago

    This update changed the game forever and brought Minecraft back it’s popularity

  • TheElevenFirst
    TheElevenFirst Year ago +1

    Maybe the real best updates are the friends we made along the way

  • SpeedEpitomised
    SpeedEpitomised 3 years ago +144

    This amazing update shows that unlike people think, Minecraft has moved forward and actually improved, in my opinion. People always have nostalgia of the 'good old days' of Minecraft and miss the popularity of Minecraft back when they used to play, but the reality is that despite Minecraft not being as popular as it was due to other games like Fortnite rivalling it, it is still the amazing game it was and has actually been improved by the updates coming out. Like prior to this Aquatic Update the oceans were pretty boring to be honest. There was no reason to build or explore the oceans at all, as there wasn't much in terms of land structures or marine life. Now the oceans are much more interesting and complex and it is like this update has added a whole new world into Minecraft without changing the game much.
    Lets not dwell on the past popularity and success of Minecraft but move on. Games will always lose their popularity over time as people get sick of the same game or better games come along and take over. The great thing about Minecraft is it is constantly being changed and updated. So whilst we won't get a 'Minecraft 2' that will be new and unique, we will get the same old game we have always known and loved but better. No matter if people stop playing, the game is being constantly changed by big updates or it switches to a new company, the essence and core of Minecraft that has caused over 40 million people to fall in love with this amazing game will always remain the same. For that we should be grateful and enjoy and play this game more, not less.

    • Danieldoes
      Danieldoes 3 years ago

      I Agree Dude!

    • wreeper
      wreeper 3 years ago


    • Muhammad Ichsan Hendrawan
      Muhammad Ichsan Hendrawan 3 years ago +1

      @SpeedEpitomised What do you mean original idea?

    • Muhammad Ichsan Hendrawan
      Muhammad Ichsan Hendrawan 3 years ago +1

      Those people who thinks minecraft is not good anymore, is treating the game like roblox. Oh cmon LOOK... Minecraft isn't roblox and roblox isn't minecraft! Yea, roblox have a good old days, but cmon i like the new update of both game even tho i played both good old days, so people, stop complaining about updates, we all like this.

  • Miles Tails Prower
    Miles Tails Prower 11 months ago

    I remember when this first came out i thought it was the best update ever

  • IamNabha
    IamNabha Year ago +3

    Was this really 2 years ago? Damn how time flies by

  • Devil's breath 64
    Devil's breath 64 2 years ago

    I honestly don't remember an update that was as exciting as this

  • King Sheep
    King Sheep 4 months ago

    3 years ago yet still feels new

  • Vasilije Doljanica
    Vasilije Doljanica Month ago

    How much 2018 vibes i get from this is just over the roof
    I miss 2018 so much......

  • Malark Evenwood
    Malark Evenwood Year ago +1

    2 years already? Years have been flying by.

  • MovieMoment
    MovieMoment Year ago

    This Update Felt so small but rewatching the trailer theres a lot more

  • Berr Eyl
    Berr Eyl 11 months ago

    This is the best update after the cave and cliffs.

  • SuperGamingAli_YT
    SuperGamingAli_YT Year ago +3

    This was my favourite update.

  • alex lira
    alex lira 2 years ago

    Se ve muy fresca la nueva actualizacion 😍😍👌❤🔥🔥🔥💪😎👊👊

  • Hellotherechild
    Hellotherechild Year ago

    Cant wait till this update comes out!!

  • grus bald armpits
    grus bald armpits 7 months ago +4

    Ah the aquatic update where a new chapter of minecraft begins

  • Prismarine Stars
    Prismarine Stars 2 years ago +1077

    0:38 The drowned is just a player in a skin... Nice

    • UKball [NAEU]
      UKball [NAEU] 7 months ago

      @Miguel Soto shell

    • DarwinCool Shorts
      DarwinCool Shorts 9 months ago

      @Robert go try yourself

    • Robert
      Robert 9 months ago

      Well, no it isn't

    • DarwinCool Shorts
      DarwinCool Shorts 9 months ago

      In Minecraft Bedrock, when Drowned holding a shell he will held like a player.

    • a toaster
      a toaster 9 months ago

      All of you acting like your absolute geniuses for assuming its just hold a shell but its probably way easier for a player to put on that skin for a shot rather than waiting for a drowned to walk around for one

  • SukeHead
    SukeHead 6 months ago +1

    Best update (melhor atualização)

  • JonahLeHuman
    JonahLeHuman Year ago +1

    This was the final update console edition received and was the end to a great era.

    • Biryani Lover
      Biryani Lover Month ago

      Doesn't have as much features like now in more current versions of Minecraft.

    • jaydenbrookes8332
      jaydenbrookes8332 Year ago

      Console edition is better then Java Edition
      Change my mind.

  • SZ
    SZ 5 months ago

    Wow it feels like this update released yesterday… already 3 years

  • Grusc
    Grusc Year ago +2

    You don't know how scared I was when this came out. I had been off minecraft for awhile then decided to play again. Went to the ocean, and I yelled " ZOMBIES CAN SWIM NOW?" Lol

  • change_profile_n
    change_profile_n 3 years ago +17

    I'm happy for you guys, enjoy :). We java minecrafters have to wait a little longer :). Anyway, splendid work Mojang.