8 Strange Mug Gadgets Put to the Test


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  • Michael Kaer
    Michael Kaer Day ago

    I like the self mixing mug, where do I get one.

  • ArM0r3D
    ArM0r3D Day ago

    how did the water turn to coffee 0:38

  • Abhijith Senthilnathan

    Let's wait for the tea to cook

    KILLA RANGER69 Day ago +1

    Bra the coffee when all over the counter under the cup 6:40 🤦🏻‍♂️LoL

  • Alice Crayonle
    Alice Crayonle Day ago

    Ew those transparent clear American coffee, are those even coffee?

  • Diamond Titan
    Diamond Titan Day ago +2

    Spills it everywhere then says nothing happend

  • BigTimeShadyPalms


  • Credence Clementine


  • Lucian Mazilu
    Lucian Mazilu Day ago +1

    In romania is same. Ceai ( tea)

    WHATITDEW69 Day ago

    Yea but where does my Mexican concha go??

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 2 days ago

    Self stirring mug is awesome and the collapsible would be good to have I think

  • Missy Garrett
    Missy Garrett 2 days ago

    I want the self stirring mug. It saves on using a spoon to stir my cream & sugar into my coffee or sugar into my tea. That's awesome.

    COMENTATORUL 2 days ago +1

    5:45 where i can buy ?

  • ok ok
    ok ok 2 days ago +1

    Lol.The coffee spilled on the self stirring mug and he didn't talk about it.XD

  • RoyalJackyx
    RoyalJackyx 2 days ago +2

    Who puts their dishes in the washing machine?

  • coso ñuu
    coso ñuu 2 days ago

    Donut mug is hard to clean :v

  • Zarion Davis
    Zarion Davis 2 days ago +2

    Cookies 🍪😂😂

  • diony tirado
    diony tirado 2 days ago +1

    I have so much respect for this guy his voice his personality

  • P8ker Qc
    P8ker Qc 2 days ago +2

    4:05 and nothing apens

  • Ata kaya
    Ata kaya 2 days ago +2

    oha lan türkçede çay

  • B dog Playz
    B dog Playz 3 days ago +1

    I have a cookie mug too

  • Dar OKyle
    Dar OKyle 3 days ago

    I want to drink coffee with u...😚

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Tea in Urdu is called also chai

  • waiter wai
    waiter wai 3 days ago +2

    And nothing happen

  • chris duncan
    chris duncan 3 days ago +1

    that couch is beat

  • Matt Cairns
    Matt Cairns 3 days ago +1

    I like how you sat on the couch violently.

  • John Kitzmann
    John Kitzmann 3 days ago +1

    4:06 *water spills* "and nothing happens"

  • K C
    K C 3 days ago +1

    You're going to put on weight with all these kind of vids!

  • Eric Leung
    Eric Leung 3 days ago +1

    He said nothing happened and half of the water spilled. Bruh

  • Hashim Alsawi
    Hashim Alsawi 3 days ago +2

    man you spill a lot

  • Alex Kligman
    Alex Kligman 3 days ago +1


  • Dmenace 06
    Dmenace 06 3 days ago


  • Flex Seal™
    Flex Seal™ 3 days ago

    I eat my cookies with milk because murica

  • Kizzi Love
    Kizzi Love 3 days ago

    6:38 did anyone see the mess under the cup

  • emanandchill
    emanandchill 3 days ago +1

    The spinning mug is really cool and kind of useful.

  • Jeykumar Nattamai
    Jeykumar Nattamai 3 days ago

    😢😑Only 3 cookies

  • Hylke
    Hylke 4 days ago

    9:35 the table is too far away to reach for me... THEN WHY YOU PUT IT THERE?😂

  • Narcs
    Narcs 4 days ago

    You’re the most heavy handed guy I know

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 days ago

    5:19, what you wanted to see

  • Maddie -
    Maddie - 4 days ago +1

    The mug is fun to me just because its the same type of stir bar we use in the lab

  • AimE JYS
    AimE JYS 4 days ago +1


  • Kwabena
    Kwabena 4 days ago +1

    Mag cadgeds

  • In-ARMY gvantsa
    In-ARMY gvantsa 4 days ago

    spills water everywhere but boom nothing happened :D

  • Dobre Alex99x
    Dobre Alex99x 4 days ago


  • ABeardedPhotographer
    ABeardedPhotographer 4 days ago +1

    Name of the collapsible coffee cup?

  • Rince Mayangitan
    Rince Mayangitan 4 days ago

    what gadgicks

  • Ydran Espiritu
    Ydran Espiritu 4 days ago +1

    it bothers me he didn't use oreos and milk

  • Zino i'm the 1
    Zino i'm the 1 4 days ago

    4.10 nothing happens ahahahahah

  • Huber Gonzalez
    Huber Gonzalez 4 days ago +1

    Was anybody else shook when he dropped the little white plastic piece back in the mug and it magically went back to place

  • Ryan Howard323
    Ryan Howard323 4 days ago

    Was I the only one who thought there was still hot water in it when he collapsed the mug?! 😂

  • nustada
    nustada 4 days ago

    Too lazy to stir, so I will buy a mug that requires hand wash...

  • Rylie Allison
    Rylie Allison 4 days ago +1

    *water spills*
    *water spills*
    *water spills*
    “And nothing happens”

  • howyoufeelingvro
    howyoufeelingvro 4 days ago

    What does the librarian say to kids

    *Read More*

  • Not mobilefreak 11
    Not mobilefreak 11 4 days ago

    People make weird things these days

  • Brice Kowall
    Brice Kowall 4 days ago

    Did anyone else notice at 1:23 he said eat the cookie and put it back into the cup?

  • Cole Brown
    Cole Brown 4 days ago

    What type of cookies were those someone pls answer

  • JTBARK 32
    JTBARK 32 4 days ago

    I’m really surprised he hasn’t lost his accent from how long he’s been in the US

  • ExoticVarsity
    ExoticVarsity 4 days ago

    Start hitting the cup and spill some hot shiz “ woops nothing happen” just a little spill

  • Kc Boykin
    Kc Boykin 4 days ago

    I love how he says you hit it and nothing happens and ignores the water splashing everywhere😂

  • Uhm ok?
    Uhm ok? 4 days ago

    Who drinks hot water 😂 4:02

  • Aaron Dudutis
    Aaron Dudutis 4 days ago

    Whats your heartrate when filming? Hands shake wayy too much , get checked man!

  • Robert Mole
    Robert Mole 4 days ago

    8:31 maybe it for glasses I'm sure that's a plastic cup

  • gta_ modz
    gta_ modz 5 days ago

    "So im gonna sit on the couch, vilontly"
    Just remember always sit on the couch, vilontly

  • Nug •
    Nug • 5 days ago

    He must be a millionaire just sayin

  • Kristian Olaisen
    Kristian Olaisen 5 days ago

    4:02 "Nothing happens"

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle 5 days ago

    what does he says when he opened the video?

  • AJ Cee
    AJ Cee 5 days ago

    Bahamas! Ayyyyyyyyy!

  • SessuPlays
    SessuPlays 5 days ago

    I was like editing magic on the last cup because I blinked between those two clips and it looked like the water disappeared.

  • Siobhan O'Connor
    Siobhan O'Connor 5 days ago +1

    Who is here just to listen to his great accent?

  • Bones Malone
    Bones Malone 5 days ago

    sit on the couch *_V I O L E N T L Y_*

  • notch aferston
    notch aferston 5 days ago


  • Gamers for ever A,m,I

    شاي 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kalpana Sridhar
    Kalpana Sridhar 5 days ago

    your wife is my favourite

  • Kalpana Sridhar
    Kalpana Sridhar 5 days ago

    your wife is my favourite

  • Kalpana Sridhar
    Kalpana Sridhar 5 days ago

    your wife is my favourite

  • Andy W
    Andy W 5 days ago

    “This table is way to far for me”
    *touching middle of the table*

  • Hazles Barzles
    Hazles Barzles 5 days ago

    As you can see that he has a bow on a celling.. Thats strange...

  • nassy_06
    nassy_06 5 days ago

    39TH ON TRENDING!!!!!!!!!!??????

  • Roxy Wolf Dragon
    Roxy Wolf Dragon 5 days ago

    We're can I get the mug that mixes the drink I want one

  • Michael Piller
    Michael Piller 5 days ago

    8:36 "in case just drinking juice"

  • Abdul Baseer
    Abdul Baseer 5 days ago

    Chai is pakistani

  • barry nice
    barry nice 5 days ago

    Cookie pocket is only good for right handed person unless you can get left handed ones

  • Hady Borhan
    Hady Borhan 5 days ago

    His hand can reach the table

  • Valentino Magallanes
    Valentino Magallanes 5 days ago +1

    11:23 lol I thought he did that when the hot water was still in there 😅

  • jenø the søftie
    jenø the søftie 5 days ago +1

    *_sits on couch violently_*

  • TheReal Chikken
    TheReal Chikken 5 days ago

    “and nothing happens”

    *water starts spilling all over the table*

  • The Canine Nutritionist

    I want all of these things!

  • Next Trident
    Next Trident 5 days ago +1

    where you find this mug at 5:57

  • Samko Martinko
    Samko Martinko 5 days ago +1

    Iam from Slovakia we say tea a chay completely the same

  • Trover19
    Trover19 5 days ago +2

    The mug at 0:24 is right-handed

  • Jacob Laduke
    Jacob Laduke 5 days ago +1

    *Sits on couch violently*

  • Mojo Mojo
    Mojo Mojo 5 days ago +1

    You have a nice Couch

  • Emanuel Jelic
    Emanuel Jelic 5 days ago


  • Aiden skates
    Aiden skates 5 days ago +2

    that battery powered stirring mug is sooooo cool

  • Xi sammy GT
    Xi sammy GT 5 days ago +2

    Loving dat accent

  • Asher Cashion
    Asher Cashion 5 days ago

    I just realized... How much stuff does this guy have in his house u mean he does so much of these videos

  • genki
    genki 5 days ago


  • Tiberiu Toma
    Tiberiu Toma 6 days ago

    I wander why he has a bow on the sealing don, t you?

  • PILATUS gaming
    PILATUS gaming 6 days ago

    1:15 so you carry it eround

  • Tonya B
    Tonya B 6 days ago

    You turned water into coffee...can you also turn water to wine???