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  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Join us this weekend for over 20 hours of original audio adventures in space and time LIVE on the Doctor Who TheXvid channel! Read more here: bit.ly/BigFinish20LIVE

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  • Secrets of Saturn
    Secrets of Saturn Month ago +1

    It's about time:

  • Joe Snow
    Joe Snow Month ago +2

    Mmmmmmm😒 you didn't show the up coming Big Finish release of DOCTOR WHO the ultimate evil! (Echo)

  • blackphoenix77
    blackphoenix77 2 months ago +1

    What happened to this? I fell asleep listening to it but now it's disappeared from the channel.

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago +1

      blackphoenix77 no idea it’ll be back tomorrow know

  • Fandoms huzzah
    Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago


  • Blair Jobson
    Blair Jobson 2 months ago +2

    Can’t wait! Great idea BigFinish: :) BTW ur latest boxset “Legacy of Time” which includes Doctors 3-8 is better than I expected, which is brilliant. I’m having so much fun listening to all the stories & having so many companions is just amazing. I’m so glad & Ive had so much fun thx these last 5 years since I discovered BigFinish and AudioDrama. I sure hope ur around for another 20+ years as AudioDrama is seriously one amazing genre & u guys do such a superb job. If u haven’t tried AudioDrama then please u must, it’s so much fun.

  • GallifreyanOtaku
    GallifreyanOtaku 2 months ago +2

    as someone who LOVES Big Finish audio, I can't wait!

  • trekintandem
    trekintandem 2 months ago +1

    Exciting! Especially that shot of The Diary of River Song 6 shown when sneak peeks were mentioned! I hope Alex Kingston will have had time to film an appearance, and I hope that like other livestreams I've watched on YT, this one will be up for replay afterwards b/c that's 6am-4pm in my timezone. Please post a schedule of what airs when in the livestream in advance, thanks!

  • Jonewii
    Jonewii 2 months ago

    Big Finish > Series 11

  • Tony Amis
    Tony Amis 2 months ago

    Sadly isn't it lots of Part 1's ? That's a shame but still it will hopefully fire up interest for BF

  • Kachowski_Games
    Kachowski_Games 2 months ago

    I'm pretty excited for this let me not lie

  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for dokng this! (Does anyone know when they'll stream Classic Who again? I haven't managed watching every Doctor the last two times)

    • Fandoms huzzah
      Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago

      If you get Pluto tv(a free tv app thing) they have a classic who channel, it's not always in order but it's cool

  • SaturnBerry
    SaturnBerry 2 months ago +2

    Happy Birthday, Big Finish! WE LOVE STORIES!! Thank you for keeping The Doctor(s) alive and well! ! Thank you for so many fantastic worlds and new friends! :D (Iris Wyldthyme, Countermeasures, Cyberman, Jago and Litefoot, Dark Shadows, The Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes, Torchwood, etc, etc!)

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 2 months ago

    Tell you what isn't original... Chis Chibnall and the 135h doctor.

    • Fandoms huzzah
      Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago

      Well after 135 of them you have to recycle ideas a little

  • David Aston
    David Aston 2 months ago +2

    Want to know how good Doctor Who can be? Listen to Big Finish.
    Want to know how creative and successful modern Doctor Who could be if it had a better budget and longer seasons? Listen to Big Finish.
    Want to know how many Doctor Who spin offs would've been a HUGE success if the BBC had the balls not to be so cheap? Listen to Big Finish.
    Quite simply Big Finish has spent 20 years showing the true potential of the Doctor Who universe past and present.
    Big Finish audios are the PERFECT audition for them being the showrunners.
    Big Finish THANK YOU for 20 years of hard work. Happy Birthday & here's to another 20!

  • 1977Melville
    1977Melville 2 months ago

    What audios will be played?

  • Katherine Duncan
    Katherine Duncan 2 months ago

    Oh! Thats on my Birthday! Best Birthday present ever!

  • bad Kook show
    bad Kook show 2 months ago

    Он уже умер , ведь его уничтожили фемки.

  • Azizul Adnan
    Azizul Adnan 2 months ago +2

    I really want to listen to it during the live stream, but with different time zones, as well as my tight schedule, I don't have time to even sit down for more than an hour T_T

    • Fandoms huzzah
      Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago +1

      Check out Spotify, they have a whole bunch of free audios if you're sad about missing your chance to listen to them for free

  • rainbow river
    rainbow river 2 months ago

    this might be a stupid question, but what exactly is big finish?

    • Young but Retro
      Young but Retro 2 months ago

      @Michael McGrath how do u know you've never listened to any. Spare Parts, the Holy Terror and The One Doctor are among the greatest who stories of all time

    • dngillikin
      dngillikin 2 months ago +2

      They helped keep the franchise alive during the tail end of The Wilderness Years before the RTD revival of 2005.

    • Ace Creeper
      Ace Creeper 2 months ago +3

      They're a company that make Audio Stories... Like REALLY good Audio Stories. Mostly Doctor Who related :)

  • AlexSubscriptions
    AlexSubscriptions 2 months ago

    The narrator sounds creepy

    • Neelsen Bugayong
      Neelsen Bugayong 2 months ago

      AlexPlaysYT that’s Nick Briggs; the guy who voices the Daleks, Cybermen, and other various monsters in the modern series of Doctor Who and Big Finish.

  • m7_peek M17
    m7_peek M17 2 months ago

    11th doctor was my child hood plz bring him back

    • David Blyth
      David Blyth 2 months ago

      Please no. Smith was awful

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago

      m7_peek M17 Matt is busy in Hollywood

  • Zak Rosenfeld
    Zak Rosenfeld 2 months ago +8

    Stream anything with Rufus Hound Monk!

  • IcecreamDF
    IcecreamDF 2 months ago +4

    I already own about a zillion Big Finish audios, so I probably won’t bother with the streaming event. It is cool that they can reach a wider audience though.

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago +1

      IcecreamDF but there’s exclusives

  • The Kiwi Kingdom
    The Kiwi Kingdom 2 months ago +1

    Cool, I seriously cannot wait :D

  • Charlie Warner
    Charlie Warner 2 months ago +6

    Please stream The Chimes of Midnight 😍

    • Zak Rosenfeld
      Zak Rosenfeld 2 months ago +4

      "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Mrs Badderly's Plum Puddings"

  • MondySpartan
    MondySpartan 2 months ago +13

    If it has a live chat, hope it will spawn new memes just like what the Twitch stream did :)

    • Caerdroia
      Caerdroia Month ago

      Oh, believe me it did. I was there. There was "Who told you about my shed?!" and "back in 20 oh 6" and we must never forgot about the doctor's juice

    • A little bit of the bubbly
      A little bit of the bubbly 2 months ago

      That twitch chat was actually amazing

  • tyro244
    tyro244 2 months ago +1

    And it's not even my Birthday. :-D

  • Prof. Evil Pictures
    Prof. Evil Pictures 2 months ago

    Will it stay on the channel? I’m gonna be asleep!

  • J. Kara
    J. Kara 2 months ago

    im ready!!my body is ready!!20hours of doctor who!!❤

  • Matt D
    Matt D 2 months ago

    Love it.

  • MrBlobby786
    MrBlobby786 2 months ago


  • Gabriel Menchaca
    Gabriel Menchaca 2 months ago +2

    (US Time) 4am - 2pm

    • RJ McAllister
      RJ McAllister 2 months ago +1

      or 0600-1600 in the Central.

    • Jason Mistretta
      Jason Mistretta 2 months ago +1

      You should clarify that those are PST times. EST times would be 7AM-5PM.

  • sonic time
    sonic time 2 months ago

    wait doctor who i need to know is the 20th muity doctor story audio out

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago +1

      sonic time what ?

  • Xtra Spice Mikey
    Xtra Spice Mikey 2 months ago

    is this tv doctor who? i want tv doctor who is this TEEVEE?

    • Fandoms huzzah
      Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago

      It's audio dramas, basically doctor who but no visuals so they do amazing stuff with the sound design, it's so good man

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago +2

      Then wait until 2020

  • gamewinner1728
    gamewinner1728 2 months ago

    Are these even canon?

    • Fandoms huzzah
      Fandoms huzzah 2 months ago

      Doctor who has no cannon so yes (but more basically, things that happen in some of the audios influence or are name dropped in the show so yes some is tv cannon, specifically certain series of audios have time war backstory/ content) (also the ninth doctor episode "dalek" was based on jubilee

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 2 months ago

      @Michael McGrath Not even the ones with the Eighth Doctor that featured the companions he mentioned right before regenerating?

    • Yeti
      Yeti 2 months ago

      @Michael McGrath none of it happened
      it's entirely fictional

    • Yeti
      Yeti 2 months ago

      but neither are the TV episodes

  • blackphoenix77
    blackphoenix77 2 months ago


  • Brian Dusel
    Brian Dusel 2 months ago +3

    Big Finish gives me the hook up when I'm needing some DW. And thanks to Big Finish, I know how amazing Colin Baker is as the 6th Doctor.

  • Explode Chicken
    Explode Chicken 2 months ago +2


  • Lake NY
    Lake NY 2 months ago +10

    I've been interested in the Big Finish stories for a while but haven't gotten around to listening to them, now I have a place to start, looking forward to this!

    • Blair Jobson
      Blair Jobson 2 months ago +2

      If ur a Spotify user u can also try streaming a whole range of their titles there & it’s free. A great way to discover which series you might enjoy more. I just love their stories & can’t get enough. BTW if u watch their website and twitter u can catch their weekly sales and they are really good value. Lots of their titles that are only a few years old can go for 99p or $5 so it’s a lot more affordable then ppl often realise. In fact even their new releases retail for only $5 per story, much cheaper then the movies - that’s what I tell myself anyhow, lol :) enjoy the weekend.

  • Michael Archer
    Michael Archer 2 months ago

    is anyone else terrified of 0:06?

    • Michael Archer
      Michael Archer 2 months ago

      @James Hardy and who wasn't terrified of the daleks?

    • Michael Archer
      Michael Archer 2 months ago

      @James Hardy
      just the fact that said dalek is piloting a tardis

    • James Hardy
      James Hardy 2 months ago +1

      What the Dalek? When the episode "Dalek" first aired in 2005, i was scared of them. (I was only 3) But i have got used to them appearing
      And now, i'm their biggest fan!

  • Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

    I'm not a fan of audiobooks (I just can't stay very focused), but while I don't expect to watch these stories (because I think about the budget and/or time constraints that might prevent them to be filmed), I feel more comfortable with the comics published by Titan Comics (and the books, although it depends on which characters I like the most). Do you think that there might be a chance to get a comic adaptation of these Big Finish audio stories? After all, we have novelisations of stories seen on TV, like "The Day of The Doctor" (which was aired in 2013, while the book was published in 2018).
    P.S. I plan to be here to listen to these audio books regardless. Maybe this event will make me fall in love with them. You never know. :)

    • Chiara Benedetta Condorelli
      Chiara Benedetta Condorelli 2 months ago

      Update: there was only one story I was willing to listen to from start to finish, "The War Master: Beneath the Viscoid", and Sir Jacobi was so funny and entertaining! I just registered to the Big Finish site, but that doesn't mean that I won't be selective in my choices. For example: I like the Eighth Doctor, but I'm generally not a fan of the stories set in Victorian/Edwardian times, so "The Chimes of Midnight" wasn't exactly my cup of tea, sorry. 😂

    • Chiara Benedetta Condorelli
      Chiara Benedetta Condorelli 2 months ago

      They are THAT many? 😱 Yeah, I know, twenty years, but even so... Well, I suppose that a selection of the best audio stories might be better than nothing. 😁

    • Yeti
      Yeti 2 months ago

      @Iain 97 way way way over 200
      probably at like 500 just Doctor Who now
      their output is completely out of control

    • Yeti
      Yeti 2 months ago

      comics are a hugely different medium to these audio dramas
      adapting 2 hour audio dramas into things with 20 odd page comic strips would be... something
      maybe on a limited basis it would be nice

    • Zak Rosenfeld
      Zak Rosenfeld 2 months ago +2

      Not all of them, but there's a chance. Big Finish have done Novel Adaptations and recently a few months back they adapted two of the Titan Comics

  • Ricky Cabrera
    Ricky Cabrera 2 months ago

    i know what ill be doing Saturday

  • Andrew Hsieh
    Andrew Hsieh 2 months ago

    Already standing by!

  • Mr. Larson
    Mr. Larson 2 months ago +1

    Кто из России пиши комент плиз, хочу обсудить This 😆

    • Иван Орлов
      Иван Орлов 2 months ago

      Mr. Larson Здравствуйте, я люблю классику и могу посоветовать сайт , где посмотреть ее на русском или с субтитрами- garic-che.narod.ru

  • Jake Rue
    Jake Rue 2 months ago +1

    Can’t wait!!! Hopefully I manage to catch it

  • Goldacid Animations
    Goldacid Animations 2 months ago

    When it's 25, can somebody tell me where I can buy a Fez, because everyone know that fezzes are cool.

  • Del Bond
    Del Bond 2 months ago +12

    Big Finish is brilliant. They bring out the best in the world of Doctor Who. Here's to the next 20 years

  • Jonathan Bermudez
    Jonathan Bermudez 2 months ago

    Alright comment if I’ll see you there.

  • PhazonEnder
    PhazonEnder 2 months ago +1

    Finally some good news regarding Doctor Who.

  • Charlie Bateman
    Charlie Bateman 2 months ago +2

    I just don’t know where to start with big finish. I don’t know what is cannon and what is not. What’s good or what’s bad. Any advice would be very much appreciated

    • Erik
      Erik 2 months ago +1

      They work to make it fit into the timelines of the show, and even references the show throughout its stories, so all Big Finish stories do take place in the Doctor Who show timeline, but as do all Doctor Who non-Main Show things are.

    • Lorcan 444
      Lorcan 444 2 months ago

      @Reuben I'm not trying to come off as rude and i accept almost all eu material into my own personal headcanon but its just outright false that doctor who has an official canon. Something is canon if the owner of the franchise says it is, i.e disney decide what is canon in star wars. That means it is up to the BBC to decide what is and isn't canon and they have never made any official statemnet in regards to canon in all.55 years of doctor whos existence meaning that there is no official canon.

    • Reuben
      Reuben 2 months ago

      However I would say if you want something canon then just keep that as a personal canon e.g. Prisoners Of Time

    • Reuben
      Reuben 2 months ago

      Despite what some people think Doctor Who does have canon but it's wonky in terms of, the odd comic is canon, the majority of Big Finish is canon etc. etc. The main range is canon so just start listening to a storyline in that, or if you'd like to expand your horizons of 8 then listen to some of the 8th Doctor Adventures, for me i listened to the two part finale of series 4 first (Lucie Miller/To The Death) then moved on to Doom Coalition as it introduces The Eleven as a very cool villain

    • Lorcan 444
      Lorcan 444 2 months ago +1

      @Archie Fraser There wasn't a canon before the wilderness years either. There has never been an official doctor who canon and so if you want something to be canon then it is. The only canon that matters is your own personal canon.

  • DerektheDalek
    DerektheDalek 2 months ago +6

    Nice! Just listening to The Raincoat Man now with everyone’s favourite Manchesterian snarky DCI Menzies.

    • Zak Rosenfeld
      Zak Rosenfeld 2 months ago +2

      I want Menzies to become a full time companion!

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 2 months ago +3

      I love the raincloud man I dunno why it’s just super fun

    • James Aggas
      James Aggas 2 months ago +3

      Very excited about her return in The Legacy of Time tomorrow. Been far too long since she last showed up.

  • Tori Thompson
    Tori Thompson 2 months ago

    AHHH!! Can't wait!!❤️❤️

  • SoLinkSmash
    SoLinkSmash 2 months ago


  • Tisool Whovian
    Tisool Whovian 2 months ago

    Eu dei o like de 1 Mil, min sinto muito feliz

  • Kaarli Makela
    Kaarli Makela 2 months ago +23

    Oh I'll be there! I got this blue envelope just this morning!

    • James Hardy
      James Hardy 2 months ago +2

      Is that a referance to "The Impossible Astronaut"?

    • Lord Slarr
      Lord Slarr 2 months ago


  • Carlos Andres Arevalo Valencia


  • Carlos Andres Arevalo Valencia


  • David Arnold
    David Arnold 2 months ago +3

    Get in also thanks for doing on 21st (my birthday) extra birthday treat

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Can we PLEASE get Doctor Who on Hulu?

  • Lorcan 444
    Lorcan 444 2 months ago +22

    What a great oppurtunity to get some new fans into big finish. Hopefully they play some of the classics such as spare parts and chimes of midnight to get new fans hooked.

      ROGUE PRODUCTIONS 2 months ago

      I just bought The chimes of Midnight! :)

    • HelloItsMe
      HelloItsMe 2 months ago

      @Michael McGrath these aren't audio books. These are audio dramas. The difference is that with audio books you have a narrator and with audio dramas you have different voice actors for each character

    • Rhys Speight
      Rhys Speight 2 months ago

      @Michael McGrath lmao why would there be, this is celebrating 20 years of big finish.

    • Unkn0wn_289
      Unkn0wn_289 2 months ago +2

      It's not books being read it's basically like scripts with all the original actors and more expanded stories that the show couldn't accomplish due to limitations

    • Lorcan 444
      Lorcan 444 2 months ago +2

      @Michael McGrath Well you're in luck then because these are audio dramas, not audiobooks.