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  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
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    Sprint Is Throttling Microsoft's Skype Service, Study Finds
    Twitter co-founder Ev Williams says in retrospect that showing how many followers you have wasn’t ‘healthy’
    Microsoft’s president says we need to regulate facial recognition tech before ‘the year 2024 looks like the book “1984”’
    PayPal is canceling accounts used by the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, and antifa groups
    Microsoft Bans “Offensive Language” from Skype
    Self-driving cars could function as moving brothels, academics predict
    World's first AI news anchor makes "his" China debut
    Interstellar object may have been alien probe, Harvard paper argues, but experts are skeptical
    The foldable phones are coming
    Forget movie villains-it’s the “good” superheroes that are the most violent
    'Good guys' in superhero films more violent than villains
    Bethesda are "actively tracking" some gnarly cheats, exploits and more in the Fallout 76 beta
    Nexus Mods Fallout 76
    Blizzard response to gamers: ""We have shifted our best developers over to new mobile titles across Blizzard IP"
    Diablo Immortal Reveal Met With Backlash Response By Fans
    [Blizzcon 2018 Highlights] Diablo Immortal Q&A - dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE pHoNeS?!
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Comments • 26

  • Odorous Smegma
    Odorous Smegma Year ago

    Your boy with the blue blazer looking very low energy. He should shave the neck beard and hit the gym.

  • Lee Galarza
    Lee Galarza Year ago

    I used to watch The Tek every episode a couple years ago, what happened ?

  • Shelly
    Shelly Year ago

    Please research flat earth before you comment on it Logan.

  • Dan g
    Dan g Year ago

    @44:00 so a supernatural game....

  • EN Reefs
    EN Reefs Year ago

    can i subscribe to the brothels?

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    The south is magical.

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)


    Alien thot.

  • Chola Tech
    Chola Tech Year ago

    I was half watching this, already falling to sleep... then 34:35 happened.
    Now I'm 100% woke.

  • FeniX_PC
    FeniX_PC Year ago

    48:06 ......... Activate Windows Watermark appears above the game windows, i did not know that.

    • Aaron Saenz
      Aaron Saenz Year ago

      43:45 , Hell Sign , the entire segment about this game shows his Windows 10 is not Activated. I think it is Windows 10 because it lets you use your computer when unactivated.

  • Fissekaren
    Fissekaren Year ago

    You joked about AI auto answering your's not a joke anymore:

  • bookshelffury
    bookshelffury Year ago

    "It's time to up your megahertz!" -Logan 2007

  • Avalloc
    Avalloc Year ago

    Should watch the old movie Spaced Invaders, essentially the "oh shit what just just fell off" kind of alien invasion movie being talked about here.

  • GTXMike
    GTXMike Year ago

    Actually vape can trigger some detectors, happened at my work. Manager was having a puff in office and triggered alarm haha.

  • ReganMarcelis
    ReganMarcelis Year ago

    When are you going to col-lab with Tech Yes City (Bryan) and Gamers Nexus to bring us some great content. We need the OG of TheXvid computer parts.... He never let us down by never keeping a secret (GPU's Anybody?...) so we MUST pay the much due RESPECT, always! If this was the rap game - Tek Syndacite would be "Tupac Shakur" or "NAS".......If 90's Alternative he would be Nirvana! #HAHA .....Super GLAD to see the channel GROWING..... #XENNIALS . :p

  • hrlrl
    hrlrl Year ago +1

    Redacted deserves it's own channel

  • Luke White
    Luke White Year ago +4

    @39:59, Screw all you nerdy slut5 for not putting a time stamp to the click bait.

  • sinephase
    sinephase Year ago +2

    I watched a documentary in highschool about the guy who invented the microscope. They showed some images in the background of some of his diagrams and one was obviously sperm LOL

  • sinephase
    sinephase Year ago +1

    never thought I'd see the day where there's authoritarian "anarchist" punks. it makes zero sense LOL

  • Joey Donuts
    Joey Donuts Year ago +1

    foldable phones would be a great way to hide what u are watching

  • ArrivingPit
    ArrivingPit Year ago

    Hey TekSyndicate just a heads up/update on the Fallout 76 situation if you haven't seen already.
    The post you showed was incredibly inaccurate in almost every regard especially towards the server traffic encryption. Here is an updated post on the situation.

  • KoRNeRd
    KoRNeRd Year ago +5

    Proud boys are definitely not like the antifa vandals

  • roger kaiser
    roger kaiser Year ago

    Thanks for the video Ward, Justin and Pistol.

  • Sergeant Gunny Gaming

    Wot is it? Yes M'Lord!

  • Austin Berry
    Austin Berry Year ago


  • Dan Vercillo
    Dan Vercillo Year ago

    I'm here for the click bait!