Not So Bright Baristas. Jeff Shaw

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • When Jeff Shaw runs into some not so bright baristas, he knows exactly what to do. Watch "Manly Girly Man" by Jeff Shaw only at
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  • Jeff's English Coaching

    My name is Jeff with 2 f's too.

  • Pascal The-Cat
    Pascal The-Cat Month ago +1

    Ever hear of a "coffee name"?
    In large cities, where people really like to guard their privacy, it's not uncommon to give a barista a "coffee name" so they don't yell your name out loud. Mine used to be "Steamshovel Bob", but I had too many people ask me how to spell "steamshovel"
    So, I decided to pick a name that [1] people can both recognize & spell [2] is unlikely to be shared by anyone else there and [3] amuses me.
    Now, the "coffe name" I give barista's is: DRACULA. 🦇🧛🏻‍♂️

  • Leroy Renrick
    Leroy Renrick Month ago

    Is that an african american with an african accent or an african american with an african american accent. Lol!

  • trellified
    trellified Month ago


  • Blessedone333AZ
    Blessedone333AZ Month ago +3

    He was funny until that last joke

  • orphanedhanyou
    orphanedhanyou Month ago +2

    If you have an issue with loitering in your store you should be able to ask certain people that are loitering to leave and if they refuse call the authorities. That's all our rights for our businesses and homes & if we loiter we face the same consequences.

    • M S
      M S Month ago

      Found the racist.

  • TheWriterWalker
    TheWriterWalker Month ago +2

    He lost me with the Starbucks joke. That Starbucks employee did the right thing. (I am ill from those who think it hip and fair to defend bad behavior simply because some supposedly oppressed person commits the bad behavior. Enough with putting race above righteousness!)

  • Robert Schwartz
    Robert Schwartz Month ago

    I seldom give an f.

  • Nicky Morris
    Nicky Morris Month ago +4

    Dude looks like Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson at the same time.

  • Van D13m0n
    Van D13m0n Month ago


  • Lana Jig-maker
    Lana Jig-maker Month ago +1

    I'd give him something for free too for that joke, but probably a Black and White cookie.

  • The Lady Vamp
    The Lady Vamp Month ago

    loved it

  • Predatory Mistress : TAP ON MY PHOTO

    not interested, bro :)

  • Glenn Lybrand
    Glenn Lybrand Month ago +1

    I gotta remember this, I'm Glenn with two n's😁

  • William Vincent
    William Vincent Month ago

    Oh my god. This guy looks tangentially similar to a younger Paul McCartney.
    I have this and Stephen Colbert with PMC on my TheXvid page and there is definitely a resemblance.

  • ChipArgyle
    ChipArgyle Month ago

    Glenn Close. It's 2 'n's. Make sure they get it right.

  • Karen Swidzinski
    Karen Swidzinski Month ago +2

    No F... Jeph

  • The Sophisticated Tarzan

    _My name Jeff_

  • Skye Walker
    Skye Walker Month ago +4

    Why does he go to Starbucks so much? He's wasting his time

  • Zoë
    Zoë Month ago +1

    This is genuinely funny 🤣

  • Name Password
    Name Password Month ago

    It should call the special "Waiting To Laugh".

  • john farmer
    john farmer Month ago +3

    I’m not sure what (s)he was talking about because I was too distracted by the jacket

  • mareir
    mareir Month ago +16

    Reminds me of the Je-fah-fah DUNhammmm skit.

  • Van D13m0n
    Van D13m0n Month ago +1


  • Kristinarayart
    Kristinarayart Month ago

    I had no idea there is Jeff with 2 fs xD

    YURA's BEAUTY ROOM Month ago +1

    I got so excited when I saw that this was a new upload

  • Eric Beckstead
    Eric Beckstead Month ago

    Great bit!

  • AxeKick80
    AxeKick80 Month ago +116

    My sister said she was dating a guy named Gregg with 2 Gs. I said Greg already has 2 Gs.
    So I call him 3G now.

    • PeteRock
      PeteRock Month ago +2

      Look out for 4G and the 5G.

  • Ifare Nass
    Ifare Nass Month ago +2

    I need more of this guy 😂😂

  • The Big F U
    The Big F U Month ago

    In your opening joke you should have said
    Jeff or JEPH
    Jeff or JEPH
    JEPh is the new gender neutral
    non gender specific way of saying JEFF...
    That’s just one more example of PC culture CRINGE

    I just wrote a better Jeff joke
    than your JEFF joke...
    If you want I will help you make your material so so much better...
    I can help you get real and just be
    just be.

  • Simmer Chester
    Simmer Chester Month ago +1

    So, WTF, is this a woman or a man!!?

    • Simmer Chester
      Simmer Chester Month ago +1

      @VZ_ 342 Looks like somebody wants to get in his/her pants and is merely lashing out!

    • VZ_ 342
      VZ_ 342 Month ago +3

      Simmer Chester It doesn’t really matter, does it? You’re not going to get in his pants no matter what, and the jokes are funny or not depending on whether YOU get them...or not.

  • enchantress7
    enchantress7 Month ago

    So funny 🤣🤣

  • Walter Hayley
    Walter Hayley Month ago +1

    Just how close is this Glen person. Btw, is that Glen with one “n” or two?

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook Month ago

    Ellen is Nelle backwards as it sound posh.

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook Month ago +2

    Jeff is a Male name. Lesbian needs that new drug Tri Coxagin.

  • EggInYourBeer
    EggInYourBeer Month ago

    The closing joke was hilarious! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Julia Levelle
    Julia Levelle Month ago +5

    1:57 M'name iz jeEFFF

    FIDIRONU Month ago +17

    But spoilt it with the virtue-signalling, not-so-funny "joke" at the end.

      FIDIRONU Month ago +1


    • TheWriterWalker
      TheWriterWalker Month ago +1

      Amen. I wrote my own response to that in another part of this comments stream. Starbucks employee: right. Bratty Blacks and Starbucks: wrong.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +4

    GREAT JOKE AT THE END! Thank you.

  • scurvydog20
    scurvydog20 Month ago +8

    That joke was also a complete misrepresentation of the situation

    • scurvydog20
      scurvydog20 Month ago

      I honestly don't understand what the reply is trying to imply

    • Charles Wright
      Charles Wright Month ago +2

      You mean about how that future heart surgeon was so unceremoniously asked to leave Starbucks, and all anyone can see is the difference in external features (ie skin tone)?

  • Jon
    Jon Month ago +8

    Not Glenn Close... *Frances McDormand*

  • air port
    air port Month ago +2

    Why was that barista drinking on the job?

  • Killsocialmedia
    Killsocialmedia Month ago +6

    Is this a guy or girl? Not funny. I am guessing a woman

    • Killsocialmedia
      Killsocialmedia Month ago

      @Coprophilous Investigator thanks:) You should check out Brengt Washburn. That guy is funny

    • Killsocialmedia
      Killsocialmedia Month ago +1

      @Christine Heim You can't be sure these days

    • Coprophilous Investigator
      Coprophilous Investigator Month ago +1

      No way this guy is killing it! GSD fan is right you must check out his other stuff.
      I find your screen name enormously ironic impeccable work

    • Christine Heim
      Christine Heim Month ago +3

      Killsocialmedia I’m gathering with a name like Jeff, with 2 “f’s”, he’s a guy.

    • Tamar Leah H.
      Tamar Leah H. Month ago +2

      He's a man with low testosterone

  • Scott Page USMC
    Scott Page USMC Month ago

    Look at the head on that!

  • Amber Kaminsky
    Amber Kaminsky Month ago +12

    Then hot chocolate is Mormon coffee with a little cream on top.

    • LittleJ
      LittleJ Month ago +4

      But some people don't like the cream, so it is just mormon coffee.

  • Mark C
    Mark C Month ago +11

    Ellen 2.0 is on again.....

  • earth ocean
    earth ocean Month ago +4

    This bit is nothing but kicking down. Her snark was met with equal snark. Nothing funny here.

  • amy
    amy Month ago +43

    Jeff with a G..would REALLY throw 'em 👈🏻🤣

    • Annie Malovany
      Annie Malovany Month ago

      It’s spelled with a ‘ph’..two of those, in fact. Name is Jephph.

    • Red T
      Red T Month ago

      @naomie adair Same.

    • Awang Budiman
      Awang Budiman Month ago +3


    • naomie adair
      naomie adair Month ago +2

      amy I knew a Geoff. People spelled his name wrong all the time lol

  • MikeLFC
    MikeLFC Month ago

    dumb liberal im out

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Month ago +12

    I wish race hadn’t been dragged into this 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Mice Elf
      Mice Elf Month ago +7

      Totally agree. The gratuitous PC-SJW-approved bit at the end turned his otherwise funny set into typical, ordinary hackery.

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Month ago +8

    A what? Dumbwhite? I don't get it, what am I missing?

    • Austin Smith
      Austin Smith Month ago +1

      Red T if it is not about race, why include the race of the offender in the joke thereby insulting an entire race?

    • scurvydog20
      scurvydog20 Month ago

      @Kai they had. They got rid of it after this. The policy was on a store by store basis set in place by the manager. So unless this was the only time someone had ever gotten in trouble for loitering at the store it's fair to say it was store policy

    • Red T
      Red T Month ago

      It's not so much white-bashing as dumb-racist-person-bashing.
      White people just aren't allowed to tells jokes which may potentially make any other race look bad.
      "And a dumb white is a Starbucks employee who calls the cops on an African-American customer although he's just chilling out waiting for his friends."
      Would be true, and still funny, no matter which group you put in there as the 4th word, and no matter what kind of customer it is.

    • Agent J
      Agent J Month ago

      @Kai so have most people, hence it was obvious, despite rules being selectively enforced.

  • Raven Bob
    Raven Bob Month ago +45

    Makes you wonder... is bob spelled with one O, or two O’s?

    • Raven Bob
      Raven Bob Month ago

      Sara SunshineMT but hey... my name is bob... and I’m a dude 😢

    • Raven Bob
      Raven Bob Month ago +2

      Observ45er bbob? Or Bobb?

    • Observ45er
      Observ45er Month ago +2

      No, No, No. My name's Bob with two Bs...

    • Sara SunshineMT
      Sara SunshineMT Month ago +3

      "This is Bob. Bob has b*tch tits"
      Sorry, couldn't help the Fight Club joke on a Bob With Two O's

    • David
      David Month ago +9

      I'm going to have to try that next time I'm in Starbucks.
      "What's your name?"
      "Bob, with two Os."

  • pinkpeppers55
    pinkpeppers55 Month ago +1


  • Brianna York
    Brianna York Month ago +6

    Wow, its empty in here