Greatest Premier League ICON? 🐐| FIFA 20 | Giggs, Drogba, Gerrard | AD

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Following the release of ICON Swaps 1 in FIFA 20, here’s a compilation of the Premier League ICONS, featuring Didier Drogba, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard and more!
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Comments • 387

  • Premier League
    Premier League  Month ago +79

    Who’s the greatest Premier League ICON?

  • mark syuk
    mark syuk 3 days ago

    Michael Ballack is my idol here ❤️

  • Francis Record
    Francis Record 17 days ago

    why is shearer not there

  • Zachary Sun
    Zachary Sun 25 days ago

    where is rooney?

  • Ria Samdani
    Ria Samdani Month ago

    Steven Gerrard is the 🐐
    Hit the like button if ur a Liverpool fan

  • Leirs Deirs
    Leirs Deirs Month ago

    I wish they only had the prime cards

    CHRIS MALCOLM Month ago +1

    No one is better than Phil Jones he could destroy Gerrard

  • Jasper Daschot
    Jasper Daschot Month ago

    Dawglish was way better.
    He doesn't slip😉🏆

  • HowayManDan
    HowayManDan Month ago


  • DOC MC
    DOC MC Month ago

    My top 5
    Stevie G
    Drogba, and

  • Barrack Robert
    Barrack Robert Month ago

    Sergio Aguero should be here

  • GameplaY
    GameplaY Month ago

    Nemanja Vidic

  • Lewisgg123
    Lewisgg123 Month ago

    Scholes?? Is he not good enough for this video

  • red and white
    red and white Month ago

    Ryan giggs

  • Aldein Mutariri
    Aldein Mutariri Month ago

    Hands down, it was Henry...

  • Muhammad Tahir
    Muhammad Tahir Month ago +1

    How tf is Giggs rated higher than Gerrard 🤯🤯

  • Tani Dzvova
    Tani Dzvova Month ago

    Henry ???

  • VVD Fanboy
    VVD Fanboy Month ago +1

    4 words:
    Gerrard cost absolutely nothing!

  • Muhammad Daniel Hakim

    somehow ryan giggs only has 2* weak foot

  • Przemek Zbychu
    Przemek Zbychu Month ago

    Where is Henry?

  • Alun
    Alun Month ago +2

    91 overall for Drogba, the guy who’s been overscored by Lukaku is a bit off

    • Tom
      Tom 2 hours ago

      I bet you're like 14 and never watched him. Dont dare compare one of the all time premier league greats to fucking lukaku. Theres a reason everyone loves Drogba. It's not all about goals🙄

  • Dwi Permana
    Dwi Permana Month ago

    Lampard > Gerarrd

  • Ronaldo Ocampo
    Ronaldo Ocampo Month ago +1

    Gerrard o Drogba

  • Denz292
    Denz292 Month ago

    Drogba is a cult hero and the big player for the big occasion... but stats show he's an overrated striker

  • Deneils Lee
    Deneils Lee Month ago

    crespo had more than 80 pace?? FIFA is really serious…………

  • Karan Desai
    Karan Desai Month ago +2

    All time highest goalscoring midfielder..Lampard!!

  • Simohammed Amri
    Simohammed Amri Month ago

    Please what’s the song from 11:28 ?


    Lampard ?

  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta Month ago

    Biased against Gerrad ... how can his peak be 91 and Giggs' 92 ?

  • Abdinasir Ali
    Abdinasir Ali Month ago

    Ryan Giggs and scholes
    Almost 25 premier league medals between them

  • NoDi
    NoDi Month ago +1

    Half of man, half of beast, his name is Didier 💪💪

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan Month ago

    No One :
    Me : Is it the same Ian Wright I see on BBC Match of the Day?

  • SavageCabbage 69
    SavageCabbage 69 Month ago +1

    Drogba would bully van dijk

  • Memet Sap
    Memet Sap Month ago +1

    Pes KİNG
    Fifa 👎

  • Renato Fauzi
    Renato Fauzi Month ago

    Where's Mustafi?

  • EffB.O'94
    EffB.O'94 Month ago +1

    what's the instrumental called at 11:28?

  • Gorillachamp
    Gorillachamp Month ago +2

    Didier Drogba every day of the week

  • Anthonipillai jeyaseelan

    where thierry henry

  • steven richards
    steven richards Month ago +2

    Goal 🥅: Bet you can’t score from that far out
    Gerrad: Hold my beer 🍺

  • Mr Infamous
    Mr Infamous Month ago +1

    Drogba all day everyday

  • Paramjeet Singh
    Paramjeet Singh Month ago

    Gerrard was unbelievable

  • Pavel Rosenthal
    Pavel Rosenthal Month ago

    why was henry not here

  • celestial rex
    celestial rex Month ago

    1:06 fuck mate i am wet

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Month ago +1


  • Cm Dean
    Cm Dean Month ago +1

    Drogba the beast

    TECH BROTHERS Month ago


  • Liam
    Liam Month ago

    It’s a pitty the game is so bad you could never score them goals Gerrard scored in real life everyone just sits on drop back and counter attacks it’s the worst game to date I wish we would replicate these icons like they actually were .. Giggs and scholes were some of the best to ever play yet there shit in fifa

  • Sharmarke Omar
    Sharmarke Omar Month ago

    Jay jay Okocha very underrated

  • Thierry Henry
    Thierry Henry Month ago


  • Justin Thyme
    Justin Thyme Month ago

    Gerrard goals of the century ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️😎😎 FROM AUSTRALIA....

  • One king to burn ‘em all.

    *Steven Gerrard* without a doubt. Giggs I respect, Drogba I love, Henry is undoubtedly the best striker besides Shearer but there's no one else who could single-handedly keep a sinking ship afloat like the man, the myth, the legend Stevie G. The player who made me fall in love with Football besides Ronaldinho. He's my all time favourite PL ICON. The best player imo without a league title.

  • Matarr Kebbeh
    Matarr Kebbeh Month ago

    Far from complete. C. Ronaldo and Henry were the best, Bergkamp, Veira, , Scholes, Rooney, Lampard, Terry, Shearer, Suarez......!

  • Chetan Mazire
    Chetan Mazire Month ago +1

    Didier Drogba

  • Agent 21
    Agent 21 Month ago +2


  • Euan 19
    Euan 19 Month ago

    Van nistlerooy??

  • Westie 488
    Westie 488 Month ago

    Shearer should have been on here

  • Highlights Zone
    Highlights Zone Month ago +1

    Drogba and It's not even close!

  • Callums right hand guy

    Top 5 for me
    1 Henry
    2 beckham
    3 gerrard
    4 drogba
    5 giggs

  • B C
    B C Month ago +3

    There is only one Premier League 🐐, Ryan Giggs: Tearing you apart since 1992.

  • Yanko Ivanov
    Yanko Ivanov Month ago