I Moved W2S Out of His Own House

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Harry hasn't uploaded, so I moved him out.
    Harry: thexvid.com/user/w2s
    CLOTHING - www.luxlike.co.uk
    MY PO BOX !!!
    PO Box 511
    TW1 9NX
    Website: www.afterparty.studio
    TWITTER: AfterPartyLDN
    CORRECT INSTA: afterpartystudios
    If you see this comment saying ' UPLOAD HARRY '
    Business email: business @ callux.co.uk
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  • John White
    John White 12 hours ago

    This is actually brutal, especially when you're sat in the same spot on an airplane for 7 hours. Feel hella bad for Harry

  • George braithwaite
    George braithwaite 22 hours ago

    Harry was in Dubai Sidemen abroad holiday video ????

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Did Freezy just spoil us where they went for the 100 vs 10000 dollar holiday??

  • MJT Gaming
    MJT Gaming Day ago


  • Exia Concpets
    Exia Concpets Day ago

    these guys are so dumb lmaoooo they blur their stuff when the window shows where they fucking live

    MAC DEAN0 Day ago

    Is Harry in Dubai for the sidemen 100 vs 100000 holiday vid

  • Dr papes
    Dr papes Day ago

    Super close to 4mill? Lol

  • WeeJamo
    WeeJamo 2 days ago

    U moved Sarah as well?

  • JAN T
    JAN T 2 days ago

    I’ll sub just cause you wore a faze clan hoodie

  • Muhammad ALI
    Muhammad ALI 2 days ago

    Cal and Sarah broke up noooooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭

  • MrPresidential
    MrPresidential 2 days ago

    Fucked up tge sidemen video man.

  • B0ti Zero47
    B0ti Zero47 2 days ago

    Poor guy🤕💗

  • JM Fifa
    JM Fifa 2 days ago

    Does anyone laugh that ChrisMD has more subs than call

  • OpLightning
    OpLightning 2 days ago

    3:34 my eyes

  • kSpades
    kSpades 2 days ago +1

    Bro let me say this if it was someone else missing that many days from TheXvid with that amount of followers as Harry you’d think that they’re planning something big but because it’s Harry there’s no way my brain can come up to the conclusion that Harry’s bothered to literally buy a camera

  • che Tomas
    che Tomas 2 days ago

    U r a n...nice guy

  • Pasi virtanen
    Pasi virtanen 2 days ago


  • Neerav
    Neerav 2 days ago +2

    i was hoping harry would knock you out
    That would be brilliant content

  • muslii
    muslii 3 days ago +1

    callux: welcome home harry

    W2S noises intensify

  • DRO
    DRO 3 days ago

    "super close to 4 mill". Don't think 3.09 mill is close mate

    MÌŃŽÉH 3 days ago +1

    Callux no one likes you because of the fact that you profit off of your friends popularity.

  • Waryaa Ali
    Waryaa Ali 3 days ago +1

    He deserves it for not uploading 😂

  • Killa_Luis
    Killa_Luis 3 days ago

    I like that jacket 👌😍

  • Hazzmatt Plays
    Hazzmatt Plays 3 days ago

    no shitty intro just straight to the point legend

  • Cameron K
    Cameron K 3 days ago

    Harry also said ' He was in economy on the plane' so that probably means that Josh did pull a switch-a-roo and took them to the desert

    VATz SMGPROSWAG 3 days ago +1

    Actually he made a video looking for an editor

  • Realfootball HD
    Realfootball HD 4 days ago

    Came here 999k

  • El patron 7
    El patron 7 4 days ago +1

    This isn't, hause it is vila

  • AJ96
    AJ96 4 days ago

    Bit extreme mate :(

  • AJ407
    AJ407 4 days ago

    Other than the 170 million Harry probably makes the most in the house without uploading

  • victor lopez
    victor lopez 4 days ago

    I’ve always liked this guy. But he’s one of the biggest cunts. for robing someone else of the lottery. And that’s because his rich and he feel like he did nothing wrong.

  • scott o callaghan
    scott o callaghan 4 days ago +1

    240 days and still make more than you

  • AsSeenOnMyAss ForWorld
    AsSeenOnMyAss ForWorld 4 days ago +1

    4:39 4 million subscribers

  • James Terrell
    James Terrell 4 days ago

    Harrys first video back should be pranking cal

  • Joshua McQuadeJohnson

    Lux good vid make Harry upload

  • Inny Fc
    Inny Fc 5 days ago

    That’s were the sidemen 100 euro holiday vs10000 in Dubai

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 5 days ago

    You just ruined the sidemen holiday video😂😂 dubai yeee

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung 5 days ago

    Was that a kanye poster in the van ? Pretty sick

  • Fletcher Holmes
    Fletcher Holmes 5 days ago +1

    Cal the type of guy to add 7 seconds to get a 10 minute vid

  • Harry Lethbridge
    Harry Lethbridge 5 days ago

    Is he coming back from Dubai ehhhhhh could someone of just ruined the sidemen holiday video??!?

  • Jordan Peet
    Jordan Peet 5 days ago +1

    7:41 is an absolute mood 😍😂

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 5 days ago

    You look like a creepy failed magician...

  • GamingiOS
    GamingiOS 5 days ago

    so fake

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza 5 days ago +2

    Hopefully this motivates Harry...Lux gotta torture him every week he doesn't upload lmao

  • Mr. Lonley
    Mr. Lonley 5 days ago

    Spoiled the sidemen vacation video harry is on the good team

  • Brennan Hartmann
    Brennan Hartmann 5 days ago +1

    7:54 Close your eyes

  • Abdul shah
    Abdul shah 5 days ago

    Is it me or is Callux the Audible voiceover guy cover.

  • AuRa XxxRileyxxX
    AuRa XxxRileyxxX 5 days ago

    You’d think He would be on around 10mil subs already the effort he puts in not 3 mil

  • Sam Oreo
    Sam Oreo 5 days ago

    Spoiler for 10000 vs 100 dollar holiday

  • Alex Aney
    Alex Aney 5 days ago

    Harry is so broke now he has the headphones w the wires

  • fel
    fel 6 days ago

    wait y'all live in southwark

  • HarryK
    HarryK 6 days ago

    Stuff that people do for views.......

  • K _
    K _ 6 days ago

    holy fuck u have put too much effort in bro

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose 6 days ago

      Just sleep on the couch u specy twat

  • Mubashshir Shafil
    Mubashshir Shafil 6 days ago +1

    Why has Harry not been uploading ? I need to be updated plzz.

  • Lewis Carter
    Lewis Carter 6 days ago +3

    "Super close to 4 million subscribers"

  • ItsPsyK
    ItsPsyK 6 days ago +1

    I’m pretty sure you just leaked the sidemen holiday video

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 6 days ago

    is this a spoiler for the $10,000 vs $100 holiday? did harry get the $10,000 holiday to dubai?

  • Shamil Talibov
    Shamil Talibov 6 days ago

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  • Shamil Talibov
    Shamil Talibov 6 days ago

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