PS1 Mods That You've Never Seen Before!

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
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    In this installment, I perform a variety of very awesome and rarely seen modifications to a SCPH-7501 that's lived a rather hard life. I'm confident that a few of these modifications are things that most of you have never seen done before! I hope everyone enjoys this and learns a little something!
    Track List:
    1: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Rungo 0:00
    2: Battle Arena Toshinden :Theme of Eiji 1:08
    3: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Cupido 4:06
    4: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Sho 7:07
    5: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Eiji 10:45
    6: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Uranus 13:41
    7: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Option Screen 16:33
    8: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Gaia 19:25
    9: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Cutscene 22:20
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  • XiseTK
    XiseTK 22 hours ago

    I still remember being the coolest kid because I had a modded ps1 and ultimate battle 22

  • Volker Fiedler
    Volker Fiedler Day ago

    Sorry, but for what we need this mod ? :-)

  • billy bob
    billy bob Day ago

    mad !

    K1LL3RGRN 3 days ago

    Dude I still have 7 MOD-chips for the PS1 to read copied or pirated disc

  • vmdeom
    vmdeom 5 days ago

    what is the modchip model name?

  • king kong kong
    king kong kong 6 days ago

    1.75speed ahhh

  • Colin Boath
    Colin Boath 9 days ago

    That's some shitty ass soldering... And nail clippers as wire strippers!? You may know the theory , but your practical needs finesse

  • Dank Bud Toker
    Dank Bud Toker 10 days ago

    Are you from salt lake?

  • Giovanni Acuna
    Giovanni Acuna 11 days ago

    I wish my hands were as steady as yours. Mine move all over the place😂

  • ALEXX110220
    ALEXX110220 12 days ago +1

    Whats with the vampire music ?!

  • 이재호
    이재호 14 days ago

    if you mod ps1, you don't get any A/S !! caution~!!

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986 14 days ago

    Damn! This music title you play when soldering in your own mod, sounds SO epic! xD

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986 14 days ago

    I would never buy this one. Not even back when the PSX came out. I never wanted it, because this dark grey and square-ish look was just ugly for me. It never met my taste :/ So I picked the Nintendo 64 instead :) But the PSone that came out later, I bought too! Because the PSone (round cute one) just looks AWESOME! It even looks nice today! Its design is truly timeless and beautiful. I really love the PSone :)

  • mrnmrn1
    mrnmrn1 15 days ago

    What is the point of the composite sync mod? Now it outputs sync only, without video. But why?

  • Brian Henry
    Brian Henry 15 days ago

    Hey voultar, What is the model of the electric torque screwdriver you are using in this video. Have you ever thought of doing a tools I use video. Thanks

  • Shona - SoF
    Shona - SoF 16 days ago

    "Strap ON"? I hope you meant 'strap in' or I'm not sure I want to see you violate this PSX!

  • Tobi Esto
    Tobi Esto 17 days ago

    How usefull is this csync mod? Does it has an adventage when I use RGB SCART with OSSC?

  • Danechip
    Danechip 18 days ago

    I have just watched him having a go at poor soLdering on his lastest vid just now, and gone to find this piss poor soLdering and using NAIL CLIPPERS. What a cunt...

  • Devon
    Devon 22 days ago

    I hate your music selection.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 24 days ago

    Do any of these guys have hot girlfriends?

  • Terror Tales
    Terror Tales 27 days ago

    where can i get this ps1 mod chip or should i jus go with a mmc3

  • OriginalCJiZZle
    OriginalCJiZZle 27 days ago

    weird hearing the toshindend music without "AYYY!!!"

  • JrAccessDenied
    JrAccessDenied 28 days ago

    The Battle Arena Toshinden music makes me happy

  • Dark homey Parlett
    Dark homey Parlett 29 days ago +1

    Got now 10 mod to my nam be for it cool to watching you doing mod do how long you being doing mod

  • narvaez tiamson
    narvaez tiamson Month ago


  • MorallyAwkward
    MorallyAwkward Month ago

    I’m not going to pretend to know what you just did in this video, but it was very exciting to watch! I really envy your technical prowess, and hope we get to see more modding in the future!

  • distortgaming
    distortgaming Month ago

    Where could I buy that first mod chip at?

  • Maxsgcrew
    Maxsgcrew Month ago

    man, I never saw a electronics assembling video and also I never saw that amazing mod in psx...i ´ve been double jaw dropped

  • Luminous Fractal
    Luminous Fractal Month ago

    theres a short circuit mod that i only discovered after my m8 spilled a can of coke over mine back in the day. everything loaded at least 4x faster than normal. game speeds stayed the same. wondering if anyone has figured that one out.
    it stopped being boosted after same m8 dropped the fecking thing a year later.
    swings and roundabouts.

  • Miller Heileife
    Miller Heileife Month ago

    Somewhere in America late 1998
    Kid in his garage with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth soldering mod chip while Americana plays on cd player getting ash and solder over the family Lumina

  • Dave thrash
    Dave thrash Month ago

    Hi there
    I have a couple questions.
    I’ve got the pu22 with a modcip installed. 3 wire one.
    However there’s a couple of broken/ripped contact points.
    So if we look at the board looking straight at the chip Sony cxd2938q just under it there’s a solder point where you have wired part of the chip (just above number c637) has a little trace to Sony's chip leg that one is broken off with the copper so all I have left is the trace….. The other point broken is the one just just below number 53 and this one no trace left..
    My question is can I straight solder to the Sony's chip legs and bypass the 2 points?
    Or is this board toast..
    Great vids
    Any advice is highly appreciated
    Great vids many thanks in advance

  • Hdofu Fox
    Hdofu Fox Month ago

    hearing that song.... ugh I was just playing Battle Arena Toshiden the other night on my Vita that takes me back to the mirror fight with Eiiji who turned out to be much cheaper then Gaia, remind me never to fight Sho

  • L. M.
    L. M. Month ago

    I freaking prise your welding skills Sr.

  • Tally Mark
    Tally Mark Month ago +5

    Did he tell me to “strap on”? I’m heavily conflicted on what to do

  • Filipe Castro
    Filipe Castro Month ago

    Nice job!! Thanks for sharing

  • frootube
    frootube Month ago

    imagine watching this if you were the original owner just in awe

  • Josh lee
    Josh lee Month ago

    lost me with your shit technique with the FINGERNAIL CLIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS.

  • AC/DC Waters
    AC/DC Waters Month ago

    well fuked if i no what the point was other then u showing of your soldering skills lol

  • Chupa Thingy
    Chupa Thingy Month ago

    Hey I've been watching your videos for a while, and finally got the courage to try some fine pitch soldering. Tonight I put a mayumi v4 in my playstation, and it worked first try! It may not be worthy of the Voultar hall of fame, but it's no hot glue enema either. Thanks for the knowledge in your videos, they helped immensely.

  • tony tunison
    tony tunison Month ago


  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen Month ago

    Of course the solder is cold...

  • Court of Protection

    Nahhh,your 20 years to late and you can download all PS1 games on your PC and perfect PS1 Emulators.Also SSD hardrive full of games, would of been better than a old fashion disc.

  • RekeBear
    RekeBear Month ago

    5:29 made me tilt my head a bit :D

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez Month ago

    what the heck I´m watching and why !!! is hie going to power up a ps1? now I have to be the whole video!!

  • Skanker 666
    Skanker 666 Month ago

    I also have Dreamcast translucent cases

  • Skanker 666
    Skanker 666 Month ago

    How do you get ps1 logo on the PlayStation translucent case I have this purple one I have a turquoise clear lemon lime orange I traded my smoke black and blue

  • Skanker 666
    Skanker 666 Month ago

    I have a bunch of these translucent cases I need help installing them please message me 7073633834

  • cbj324jkl234jk234
    cbj324jkl234jk234 Month ago

    The way you said "soldering"

  • Klaas J
    Klaas J Month ago

    Was awesome time. Bought the first SCSI CD-ROM writer, bought alot of 12c508, build my own programmer and made a lot of money.

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy Month ago

    Great soldering skills!

  • Daniel Araujo
    Daniel Araujo Month ago

    nice bro, but i didn't understand what you have actually done, does it improve the quality of game video?

  • Christopher Sica zz

    I get that you uped it's video out I gather but he didn't show what the results were

  • India is great
    India is great Month ago

    Background music you played like your father's wedding party which made me skip video.😅😅

  • unebonnevie
    unebonnevie Month ago

    You complain a lot about people's soldering skills, but yours is not that great! There is something called a wire stripper. Fingernail clipper. Really?

    • Voultar
      Voultar  Month ago

      I know, I'm not that good either.

  • Makulax
    Makulax Month ago

    Dear lord what steady hands :O You sir are a surgeon!

  • Watchtv atmyplace
    Watchtv atmyplace Month ago +5

    2019 enyone😬

  • 47Mortuus
    47Mortuus Month ago +2

    "hey guys, it's full tard here" :DD

  • Thy Streetkang
    Thy Streetkang Month ago

    that's what she says LOL

  • [ H 3 L L G R 4 V 3 ]

    read all of comment on asking what the mod do. well , it just a bomb. ok bye

  • Шерстяной
    Шерстяной Month ago

    Music bull shit