PS1 Mods That You've Never Seen Before!

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
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    In this installment, I perform a variety of very awesome and rarely seen modifications to a SCPH-7501 that's lived a rather hard life. I'm confident that a few of these modifications are things that most of you have never seen done before! I hope everyone enjoys this and learns a little something!
    Track List:
    1: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Rungo 0:00
    2: Battle Arena Toshinden :Theme of Eiji 1:08
    3: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Cupido 4:06
    4: Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Sho 7:07
    5: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Eiji 10:45
    6: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Uranus 13:41
    7: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Option Screen 16:33
    8: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Theme of Gaia 19:25
    9: GB Battle Arena Toshinden: Cutscene 22:20
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  • Dick Semens
    Dick Semens 20 hours ago

    Strap on? I whish my girlfriend had a strapon

  • Jason Rhodes
    Jason Rhodes 4 days ago

    Sit back and strap on? I am scared.

  • DISnut
    DISnut 5 days ago

    There is just something about soldering mods that I find unusually satisfying.

  • James Alan
    James Alan 6 days ago

    stupid vid, whats it do dork

  • Matthew Snyders
    Matthew Snyders 7 days ago

    Awesome mod. Very nice soldering work, and neat competed product.

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 8 days ago

    And I guess I missed it so...what did the mod do?

  • Dax Riggs
    Dax Riggs 11 days ago


  • NightWolfXVI
    NightWolfXVI 12 days ago

    The theme song is from Battle Arena PS1 game Eiji Shinjo theme.

  • Ro3NBurG
    Ro3NBurG 12 days ago

    Only 120v. America is full of pussys

  • Rena Kunisaki
    Rena Kunisaki 14 days ago +1

    Seeing you hold the metal shield with your finger while soldering it made me wince.

    • Rena Kunisaki
      Rena Kunisaki 14 days ago

      Also when I was a kid I did the same LED mod with the laser assembly, although I used three separate LEDs. It was hella ugly but I loved it. I didn't have access to a mod chip so I installed a switch on the lid sensor to make swapping easier.
      Of course since I was a kid I did a pretty poor job. One LED never lit up, I assume it was the laser power and wasn't enough current for the LED. (The drive still worked though.) The other two would show you what direction it was seeking, and IIRC both came on when it seeked back home, which is weird but whatever.
      I also cut a hole in the lid, near the front, cut the same shape out of a clear CD case, and glued that in, so the lid had a nice viewing window. Was going to put a LED in there too but I realized it might interfere with the laser.

  • Daniel Ibarra
    Daniel Ibarra 15 days ago

    i have a ps1 the little ones i have a problem colored lines appear in the screen please do you help me ?

  • Stephen Hornak
    Stephen Hornak 15 days ago

    BUt what do these mods do?

    RHEHRHEHR 16 days ago

    nice mods.
    would be great some dreamcast mods.

  • capzombie
    capzombie 16 days ago

    didn't watch till the end, but upvote for the bgm

  • forgive them
    forgive them 17 days ago

    Please help me out MR.Voultar
    i never bought a good solder pen i hold it for 30 50 seconds an finaly starting to melt-- CAN YOU ADVISE ME MODEL NUMBER OF WHAT SOLDERING TOOL YOU

  • al dee
    al dee 19 days ago

    sorry i would have stayed to the end but that music just wasn't cutting it.

  • ichthus
    ichthus 19 days ago

    Why my modded ps1 can't learn burned downloaded games?

  • Rami
    Rami 19 days ago

    I heard some "semi" audiophile uses PS1 as CD-player, the build in cd player seems to have very good quality even better than most CD players of today..

    • Pat X
      Pat X 9 days ago

      back then i was playing x-com ufo and yes it was a very good cd player , going to sleep and start the space ambiance music from X-com....what a memory to not forget

  • Helliant1
    Helliant1 22 days ago

    I know this video is a little over a year old now and a lot of people asked, what do the mods do! Well, forget the mods and get yourself a Programmers tool for Debugging PlayStation and never have to worry about a mod chip to play burned games ever again. These PlayStations where used by Video Game developers and lacked the copy protection that consumer PlayStations had. This console was intended to play CD-R discs and was impervious to the software based mod detection via the newer game discs! As for the video mod and the case swap is a nice touch. I’m sorta joking about the Developers PS1 as they are hard to come by and will cost a lot more then the cost of the mods featured in this video. I was lucky, I installed mod chips in PlayStations for people and came across a Developers PS1 while doing so. Still have it, but the one I have looks like a consumer PlayStation in that it’s grey and not blue like every other one I’ve seen. Turns out the grey ones were use at electronics shows and conventions!

  • Chenming Zhang
    Chenming Zhang 23 days ago

    This is crazy and i don’t understand why do we need to do this.

  • M. Daniel Espiritu
    M. Daniel Espiritu 24 days ago

    Wahaha i expected also in the end of the video- PS4 Games running in PS1 mods:)) anyway i give a like & subscribe:))

  • BzERK IE
    BzERK IE 24 days ago

    is the chip you took out any different to the one you put in. my ps1 had the one you took out and could play copy's and imports

  • Andrew Tan
    Andrew Tan 24 days ago

    but why moding a ps1???

  • Lanre Oladejo
    Lanre Oladejo 24 days ago

    7:56 got me really confused with the castlevania music playing up in the background, took me back to my electrical circuit classes in school.

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael 25 days ago

    2019 PS1 still bad ass

  • doctorx0079
    doctorx0079 26 days ago

    The CSYNC mod enables you to use a PS1 SCART cable that syncs on composite video.

    • Voultar
      Voultar  26 days ago

      That's right. It allows you to take advantage of composite sync by using a "stock" cable that's configured to acquire a sync source from CVBS.

  • John Pugh
    John Pugh 27 days ago

    "Sit back, strap on, and let's do it to this PS1" Since we have no way to know what you actually did with your "mods", I assume from that statement that this was some kind of sex thing?

  • Luxzord
    Luxzord 29 days ago

    8:38 As someone who has struggled with welding cables, earphones cables to be precise, I khow how frustrating can be strip a wire, this part made me feel really anxious.

  • Jumper
    Jumper 29 days ago

    Что то я не понял...
    Ну стоял там один чип, он поставил другой, ну допустим MultiMod, хз.
    Но что он с конденсатором сделал - я вообще не понял.
    Прозрачный корпус, мигающий диод - это шелуха, функционал то как изменился?

  • Evan Gaming
    Evan Gaming Month ago

    Question, the mod where u utilize the gpu decreases loading times, correct?

  • Kris Jordan
    Kris Jordan Month ago

    Strap on? Lol

  • Sonic Boove
    Sonic Boove Month ago

    This guys a legend.

  • DolphLP
    DolphLP Month ago +2

    PSX not PSOne
    PSOne was the small version of the PSX

  • MrChrisjcb
    MrChrisjcb Month ago

    the mods do what???

  • Glenn Griffon
    Glenn Griffon Month ago

    And after all that what was the end goal? What was the point? Why do that at all? I know nothing of PS1 modding so I have no idea what he did or why he did it or what the goal or purpose was to any of this.
    "PS1 mods you've never seen before" Well in my case that can apply to all mods but how am i to know what mods you made when you don't say what the mod is or what purpose is.
    It's clear that this is a video made solely for people who are so deep into the modding scene they can recognize things instantly on sight because why else wouldn't he explain... anything at all.

    Thank god I have video blocker.

  • Kevin Sands
    Kevin Sands Month ago

    I really wanted one of these clear PS1 shells when I was a teenager! I remember looking at them on eBay all the time. See-through electronics pretty much define the 90's.

  • Squidrin
    Squidrin Month ago

    You know, I was about to subscribe until I quickly browsed the comments. I never thought a guy could be so defensive, and toxic, not to mention the fact that this man is a prestigious prick. For one, he would rather run from his problems by making another person feel stupid than actually fix his problems, a key example being the fact that he did NOT explain the mods or even say what they were. Didn’t give s pin map, no hints; and when he is confronted about it, he gets defensive and toxic, not to mention how prestigious he is, saying that it is “not their kind of video” and “to move along”. Now, I know he has made videos of this, but he just has an I card that links the video. As far as I can tell, this video is not a second part at all, and it is even advertised as a video about mods we’ve never heard of. If it was actually about mods we’ve never heard of, he would specify what the mods were in the first place, not to just leave it off to the side. I also forgot to touch on the fact that people came to hear about interesting mods, not see you solder for thirty minutes straight with music running in the background. So, my words of advice, if you even take them instead of insulting me, are to actually do what your video says you will, don’t be a prestigious asshole and push newcomers away, don’t get toxic when you realized you made a mistake because someone pointed it out and deal with it like an actual adult instead of insulting them for no reason, and don’t be so lazy with your videos. Explain what your doing and give advice for newcomers and seasoned veterans of the hobbyist electronics community.

  • Donald Holben
    Donald Holben Month ago

    First time I have seen nail clippers to strip wire.

  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 Month ago

    i think i was the only kid who didnt own a chipped playstation in the mid/late 90's

  • Tony Trilex
    Tony Trilex Month ago

    cool music

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y Month ago

    You don't want tho ruin the surprise of you want people to watch till the end?

  • The Blacksunshine Project

    Soooooo....... what the hell did it do... would have been nice to see a before and after

  • noreal name
    noreal name Month ago

    best is the SCPH 1002

  • Eastdonochoco
    Eastdonochoco Month ago

    watching this on the 4th of July 2019!

  • RustyX2010
    RustyX2010 Month ago

    after paying the $2 for the PS1 did you run out of the store before they realized what they charged you? LOL

  • Kenny Dion
    Kenny Dion Month ago +1

    Never thought I'd be watching a PS1 modding video in 2019

  • Danish Rehman
    Danish Rehman Month ago

    A original ps1 is not a piece of crap!!!

  • Deep Roots
    Deep Roots Month ago

    I couldn't watch it because him poking at everything pissed me off. keep a steady hand.

  • SionXIII
    SionXIII Month ago

    I was having a bad day :') and I suddenly see Battle Arena Toshinden's music popping up for the Toshinden boy inside me! :D cheers man, cheers! nice to see lovers for this game ^^

    SEEtheREPLAY Month ago

    Running the wires under the pins doesn’t cause any issues? Noise?

  • Yann Toole
    Yann Toole Month ago

    @6:35 - Is that your trouser snake method?

  • izzyriv
    izzyriv Month ago


  • SAS Productions
    SAS Productions Month ago

    getting a ps1 chipped back in the day cost about 20 pound and then the games were 5 pound each.

  • Fuck The World
    Fuck The World Month ago

    This mod is actually a secret stolen from Sony to upgrading from PS1 into PS4! Thanks for share

  • Proto Nerb
    Proto Nerb Month ago +1

    excelent choice of music man def 2 of my favorite soundtracks!!!

  • Élouésse
    Élouésse Month ago

    i love the purple case more than words can express

  • GeeDeeONE
    GeeDeeONE Month ago

    to anyone interested:

    mod 1 lets you communicate with aliens up to 50 million lightyears away via your toaster (that you now can connect to the gpu!).

    mod 2 lets you communicate with alien life forms that live farer away than a 50 million light years via connecting a waffle iron to the already connected toaster and baking space waffles (its like space cookies just more tasty!).

    mod 3 gives you the ability to time travel (it is not shown here how exactly he does it but i can tell you from experience that a flux capacitator is involved (as i have studied in the scientific documentation on time travel called "back to the future").

    mod 4 gives the option not only to travel into the future but to go back in time as well.

    the LED thing is a lie (understandable though, not everyone should know about it!) actually connecting it the way it is shown in the video makes it possible to track the lottery numbers so you can know them before hand.

    mod 5 is probably the best one and honestly truly it has never seen before! It makes the PS1 able to create its own energy! A real perpetuum mobile!

    I hope this explains a little bit about what goes on in the video! Enjoy!

    P.s.: BONUS: The clear PS1 case allows Voultar to check on the status of the whole system, when you travel forward in time it glows green and when you travel backwards in time it glows red.

  • WarpPal
    WarpPal Month ago +1

    No idea what you were doing but I enjoyed watching.

  • yacir Rahov
    yacir Rahov Month ago

    Gosh i wanna learn your soldering skillZ!

  • Andrew Horton
    Andrew Horton Month ago

    Hey man I know I'm late to the party but with this work on a UK version 7502 pal edition of the ps1? I've had 3 pal ps1 versions and I've done a mod chip to all 3 of them and had no success with running burned games and I dont understand what I'm doing and I follow your videos like no other but I cant get them to work

  • T B
    T B Month ago

    nice Vid

  • Gilbert Madril
    Gilbert Madril Month ago

    Great soundtrack choice from battle arena toshinden

  • Rex - Fortnite
    Rex - Fortnite Month ago

    For a second I thought the thumbnail was a Minecraft world😂😂😂💔

  • Captain Carnage
    Captain Carnage Month ago

    @Voultar you're a dick

  • maspert
    maspert Month ago

    how did you boot it dino crisis with that modochip?

  • Dfins79
    Dfins79 Month ago +1

    For future reference it’s pronounced sodering not soldering like it’s spelled .

  • Blaze Gaming
    Blaze Gaming 2 months ago

    Pls can i buy it for 5$??

  • Krayz_1 Mitchell
    Krayz_1 Mitchell 2 months ago +1

    you wasted my time... No idea what you even did because you didnt tell us what all that was for...

  • Punjabi kids
    Punjabi kids 2 months ago

    I have PS1 working condition. Bought it when it was first launched. Still live to play wwf. With my daughter.

  • Peter Gosling
    Peter Gosling 2 months ago

    9 minutes in and then - Wow. ... nail clippers ...

  • F.A.C.T Studios
    F.A.C.T Studios 2 months ago

    In other words trash the music

  • F.A.C.T Studios
    F.A.C.T Studios 2 months ago

    Love the mod hate the background music

  • Alessandro Flores Saenz

    did you just call ps1 a piece of crap? excuse yourself

  • NixLong Hunglow
    NixLong Hunglow 2 months ago

    Your not too bad at that whole soldering thing lol

    BERSEKAEL 2 months ago +1

    2019 and I m watching this... btw great video.