PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)


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  • CazyDayz
    CazyDayz 11 hours ago

    i refused to watch the new Freddy Kruger movie the same with this one and the new IT movie don't get me wrong but i think of these movies like the highland theme there can be only 1

  • LeaderKirsten CampBell
    LeaderKirsten CampBell 2 days ago +2

    I Like Love it

  • ElvenRaptor
    ElvenRaptor 2 days ago +1

    I don't remember a parade of kids with paper mache masks right off the top of my head from the book. Has anyone here happened to have read through it fairly recently?

  • Bradley Paterson
    Bradley Paterson 4 days ago

    I wonder if Judd will have a wife like in the book ?

  • Justin Meyer
    Justin Meyer 4 days ago

    Looks bad already. I'll watch it to give it a chance, but my expectations are low. I love the original Pet Sematary. The first scene with the undead cat scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

  • Shadow Death
    Shadow Death 4 days ago

    when i first saw this trailer in the theater i thought it was a car ad or insurance add till the truck came by

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master 5 days ago

    Looks so scary

  • moviemadness 1030
    moviemadness 1030 7 days ago

    This looks aaaaawwweeesssoooommmmmeee!!!!!

  • Gage Nicholas
    Gage Nicholas 8 days ago

    Why did my parents name me after this kid damnit

  • Uryufuzu
    Uryufuzu 10 days ago

    idk why people are complaining about this. Seems like many people have something against remakes and I dont get why. This remake already looks better than the original film. The original its just too slow, with bad acting and bad special effects, and we already saw with IT that it was a good idea to remake an oldie from Stephen King since honestly the new IT was also a huge improvement over the original. So seriously lets watch the movie before bashing it.
    The cat is already a better actor than the older one lmao 1:07

  • Leanne Valerio
    Leanne Valerio 10 days ago

    Sometimes... the original is better ;)

  • Dianne Ratliff
    Dianne Ratliff 11 days ago

    What was wrong with the original

  • Jack Palu
    Jack Palu 11 days ago

    I want to watch this, it’s so cool

  • jeff s
    jeff s 11 days ago

    That looks awful my god

  • Jurassic Pennywise
    Jurassic Pennywise 13 days ago

    I’m reading the book right now it’s really good, I recommend it!

  • David Gee
    David Gee 13 days ago

    This movie did not need to be remade. And as great as John Lithgow is, he is not going to be the equal of Fred Gwynne in his role.

  • Rxhl Mclay
    Rxhl Mclay 14 days ago

    Can't wait for this :)

  • Rebecca Cloud
    Rebecca Cloud 14 days ago

    Sometimes Fred Gwynne is better.

  • antonio robertson
    antonio robertson 15 days ago

    The ground is bad that shitt sound so weak this movie will be terrible

  • NormalStormtrooper
    NormalStormtrooper 15 days ago

    I don't like it
    Don't want that People remember this and not the original Movie

  • Fabian Mar So
    Fabian Mar So 16 days ago +1

    People saying that the Remake of IT was good, it's why i work for marketing

  • Tobias Weathers
    Tobias Weathers 16 days ago

    I feel like half of these comments haven’t read the book

  • Renan Ribeiro Zandomenico

    Awesome book

  • Delihlah Gaming
    Delihlah Gaming 17 days ago

    Be warned, there are people in the comment section who have never seen the original, read the book and some apparently don't Know who Stephen King is. Ouch.

  • Bruno Lima
    Bruno Lima 18 days ago

    Where's Ramones to sing Pet Sematary?

  • Stephanie Michelle
    Stephanie Michelle 18 days ago +1

    Can this be the one remake that doesn't disappoint please? Can we just have this one? This trailer seems a little too good and seems to respect the roots...
    Writer and director of Starry Eyes? Oh okay. It'll be fine. We can have this one. It'll be fine guys.

  • FAN BOi
    FAN BOi 20 days ago

    I remembered 2 better than I remember 1

  • Calvin Tetterton
    Calvin Tetterton 20 days ago usual ...most of you talk all this shit on youtube but will be the first ones in the theatres when this movie comes out...LOL... The trailer looks interesting.I will be there and enjoy myself.....

  • Ellie Bloo Estrella
    Ellie Bloo Estrella 21 day ago

    Sometimes once is better.

  • Open Source Radionics

    REMAKE ... why? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY? Was the original one not good enough? Did all screenwriters on this world died? Another remake? WHY?

    STORHERTIIIG 21 day ago +1

    evident this is a remake of the 1 now they're should make the remake of the 2, what about the 3 what disappointment! is too obvious that is more to waver the kids I wouldn't waste any dollar to go watch this crap ..|.

    • VleesTeVlees5
      VleesTeVlees5 21 day ago

      yejea! stupid film people of the heap, no talent

  • Michael Deaton
    Michael Deaton 22 days ago


  • italiansophia
    italiansophia 22 days ago

    I can’t wait for it to come out. I just love that eerie atmosphere.

  • BIG NATE 22
    BIG NATE 22 23 days ago


  • BIG NATE 22
    BIG NATE 22 23 days ago

    0:23 it's back/ghost truck

  • Victoria Bispo
    Victoria Bispo 24 days ago

    Tomara que seja melhor que o primeiro

  • sheldon  towler
    sheldon towler 25 days ago

    Hell yeah recycled finally into a new hotrod charger,camero,or even a big awesome truck

  • Ethan Ryan
    Ethan Ryan 26 days ago

    I Remember That Stephen King Wrote A Book Called IT. Maybe It's A Movie That's Resembles IT

  • doobiesmoke15
    doobiesmoke15 26 days ago

    Will we get to see the Wendigo this time?

  • toothless 123
    toothless 123 27 days ago

    Whats with the people with animal heads on? That wasn't in the book...

    • ReviewCam
      ReviewCam 14 days ago

      Maybe a sublte way to indicate that animals an human can come back

  • toothless 123
    toothless 123 27 days ago

    Church: Mow
    Everyone: ITS A DEMON

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher 28 days ago

    If they omit Norma... I will be disappointed. Just finished the book for the first time today. Never understood why ppl were so butt hurt when a book doesn't translate to movie exactly.. but was heated to hear they left Martha out of the first version!! The third and final act of the book equal an uppercut to the heart.
    And where is Jud's accent? Grrrrrr.

  • Isabela De Jesus Sousa

    Eu acho que é fake mas vamos ver no que vai dar (é bem feito demais vai que é vdd)

  • Little Black Spider C.

    I'll always remember the old Judd from the original. "You see, Louis, the person you put up there-they ain't the person that comes back. It may look like that person, but it ain't". "The soil of a man's heart is stonier, Louis". "What you buy is what you own....and what you own will always come home to you".

  • Kill Switch3204
    Kill Switch3204 29 days ago

    This looks boring, not watching this movie, I like the book, and the original version. But this looks like crap, well I can take this off of my Funny Horror Movies List.
    FWI I find Horror movie funny, not scary, PLUS horror movies don't scare me. If u was wondering why I said "Funny Horror Movies List."

  • Jonathan Lyerly
    Jonathan Lyerly 29 days ago

    I've been saying for a year or more I hope this film gets re-made. Evidently as I'm saying it, they were filming it. Can't wait. Hail SK.

  • Geiska
    Geiska 29 days ago

    Kind of disappointed, I thought they were gonna use the Ramones' song with the same title

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 29 days ago


  • Robert Bernstein
    Robert Bernstein Month ago

    Not only did it not spoil the entire plot, it even kept details vauge while making it seem worth watching. 10/10 good trailer

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat Month ago +1


  • Joey Powderface
    Joey Powderface Month ago

    I love the cat. Best supporting actor. 👍

  • Diamond arrow
    Diamond arrow Month ago

    The most relatable character is the cat

  • Seba Contreras
    Seba Contreras Month ago

    0:54 Per Sematary meets The Purge

  • Räven x
    Räven x Month ago

    Original is so out-dated but funny if you have a dark sense of humour. I can't wait for a newer one.

  • Estefano St.Croix
    Estefano St.Croix Month ago

    Can't wait to see what zelda looks like in this remake

  • Tristan Salcido
    Tristan Salcido Month ago

    0:25 ooh ominus, a red semi truck going 100 miles per hour where a toddler could be playing, right next to a huge steaming pile of foreshadowing....

    • Tristan Salcido
      Tristan Salcido 14 days ago

      +999SickBoy666 yeah I suppose.😅

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      +Tristan Salcido Your english is perfectly fine and, actually, a lot better than what several native english speakers end up doing ;-) at most, you need to check your "storytelling 101" but that hardly count as relevant

    • Tristan Salcido
      Tristan Salcido 15 days ago

      +999SickBoy666 my bad I need to check my English 😁

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      Considering that that is the _premise_ of the story, it isn't supposed to be some kind of mistery (and the term "foreshadowing" doesn't really apply if not in the broader sense possible).

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    We need a remake of Shawshank Redemption with Channing Tatum and Will Smith, and 90% black inmates. Fo real niggz!

  • Amanda Coon
    Amanda Coon Month ago

    They couldn't find a descent person who had a Maine accent or could act one? At least Fred could do that, he was the best person for Judd.

  • The Gamer Squad
    The Gamer Squad Month ago +2

    Oh you know I'm gonna cry when Gage dies again i swear..

  • Thomas copley
    Thomas copley Month ago

    That roads used up a lot of animals

  • Ceci MiCH
    Ceci MiCH Month ago

    1989 👍

  • J Bro
    J Bro Month ago

    The proof is in the past.
    Chloe Moretz can never replace Sissy Spacek
    Rob Lowe can never replace David Soul
    Steven Webber can never replace Jack Nicholson
    Bill Skarrsgard can never replace Tim Curry (came close though!)
    and judging by this awful trailer I know John Lithgow can never replace Fred Gwynne.

  • blood_warms_me_
    blood_warms_me_ Month ago

    New scenes that were never before... Pascow is now black? Ground is 'bad'? Child with masks are playing with dead animals in forest?
    Jesus, this is just a fail

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      "It's a remake/sequel/adaptation and is not perfectly identical to its source material = it's bad" is bandwagon mentality at its finest. Sad.

  • blood_warms_me_
    blood_warms_me_ Month ago

    Try but nobody will ever do better than original movie was

  • bren 70sss
    bren 70sss Month ago

    What's wrong with the original movie ? Don't see the point of this .

  • StuUngar
    StuUngar Month ago

    “It may be a myth?”
    Judd has buried his dog there, knew of a chow chow and a prized bull that were buried there and lived through the resurrection of Timmy Batterman. Of all people, Judd knows that the burial ground is damned.

  • Nightflyer 0000
    Nightflyer 0000 Month ago

    Wow...yet another damn remake.. What a shocker 😣

  • Alexis Brewer
    Alexis Brewer Month ago

    If you haven't seen the original . Basically its about a semetrary thats probably possessed with some voodoo and shit that if you bury a human or animal there itll come back from the dead....but not the comes back evil.

  • michael wright
    michael wright Month ago

    That little boy looks the same

  • Flying Snake
    Flying Snake Month ago +1


  • Doble L
    Doble L Month ago

    1:35 Pascow are you?

  • LeonTheDrPepperFan RBLX

    Im here to wait for Gage's death remake

  • Chris. G
    Chris. G Month ago

    Pet Sematary (1989)
    Louis Creed: I've tried to tell myself that I buried him alive. I'm not a vet. It was dark.
    Jud Crandall: Sure, it was dark. But his head swiveled on his neck like it was full of ball bearings. When you moved him, he pulled out of the frost, Louis. Sounded like a piece of ticky tape coming off a letter. Live things don't do that. You only stop melting the frost under where you're laying when you're dead.

  • Hey Jude bebrnr
    Hey Jude bebrnr Month ago

    I love the book, one of my fav books from the the horror legend himself, and loved the 90’s movie of “Pet Sematary”, so I am excited for this one, it looked promising!

  • Rabadon’s Deathcap

    I expeced they are going to say “the ground is evil” or something like that

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook Month ago

    I just had to watch the original 1989 trailer, and maybe it's because it was my era, but I happen to think the original was a very well made movie. They did however chop a lot of the book out of the first movie. I am hoping this movie will explain things better. But what is with the kids in the masks? That was nowhere in the book at all. I am really hoping that this film does not dissapoint.

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      If you go into adaptations (may they be of novels, comic books, old shows/movies) expecting them to be 100% faithful and identical to their source material - or, even worse, _demanding_ that they are - you are most likely going to be disappointed.
      An adaptation should be a different take on previously existing material, it *should* change things, introduce new elements, shake things up a bit.

  • RHBR
    RHBR Month ago +1

    Jesus fucking Christ people, will you at least wait and watch the damn movie before screeching "HURRDURR IT SUCKS REMAKES SUCK STEPHEN KING SUCKS" like JFC if you're so opposed to the remake then why are you even watching the trailer and commenting on the page? Turn around and walk away and spare the rest of us your bitching about "THEY CHANGED IT AND NOW IT SUCKS".

  • Lisabet Braun
    Lisabet Braun Month ago

    O M G April is my birthday month . Definitely going to see this . The original is one of my favourite King adaptations but this looks a notch or two above .

  • Tara Giest
    Tara Giest Month ago

    Remaking Stephan King movies is evidently a thing now.

  • Erin Stannard
    Erin Stannard Month ago

    Stephen king is missed up

  • mikeysrose
    mikeysrose Month ago

    Why does John Lithgow sound nothing like John Litgow? My brain cannot reconcile this.

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      A huge (and, too often, neglected) part of being an actor consist in 'crafting' the right voice for your character. Not just (and not necessarily) things like accent and pronunciation but timber and depth as well.

  • Luisa Dizon
    Luisa Dizon Month ago

    I once had a dream of starting a pet cemetery for animals and pets, now that dream has given me countless of anxiety

  • Sonny Hinners
    Sonny Hinners Month ago

    Some movies just shouldnt be remade

  • federico pamparatov

    Mmmmm... Nop. Kids with masks ? Where is Víctor pascow ? Timmy baterman ? Nop.

    • nick levy
      nick levy Month ago

      Pascows in the trailer man!!! Black guy this time tho 👍

  • Damn Nation
    Damn Nation Month ago

    So Schrödinger's cat is real.

  • Faith Gonser
    Faith Gonser Month ago

    I would love to die by an animal

  • bonwright78
    bonwright78 Month ago

    Where’s the Maine accent? Already lost me. Stop remaking everything. The first one was a classic and can’t be replaced or redone.

  • Lenn 17
    Lenn 17 Month ago

    the old movie have better effects

  • Lenn 17
    Lenn 17 Month ago

    the old one looks better

  • hyza prime
    hyza prime Month ago

    Wheres Gage scene where he commented "not fair not fair". The original gage was such a cutie. Cnt get to see much of this Gage tho.

  • Alicia Siegfries
    Alicia Siegfries Month ago

    I am so excited😜

  • Ninja
    Ninja Month ago

    Ok fam how scarring is THIS Zelda going to be?!

  • Noxygen
    Noxygen Month ago

    I hardly believe this is going to be better than original movie.

  • Fio Vorhees
    Fio Vorhees Month ago

    Please please include the Wendigo

  • Gavin Henderson
    Gavin Henderson Month ago

    I don't get why people are pissed that this film's happening. Let's face it, It can't be worse than the last god awful adaptation that we got.

  • Dani Malefic
    Dani Malefic Month ago

    This movie is going to suck so bad, believe me. Looks like another today's ridiculous and clichéd horror movie. I laughed at the trailer first, but after 2nd watching just felt dissapointed. They can't make good films anymore. Sad but true :(

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 15 days ago

      Yeah, when the audience is full of people dumb enough to judge movies from the trailers, "they" (

  • Jhonny. Z
    Jhonny. Z Month ago +1

    Do they really think that a bunch of kids with masks are more scary than Zelda ?

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    What you buy, is what you own. And what you own always comes home to you.

  • Hypebeast Isaac
    Hypebeast Isaac Month ago

    I would love it if they brought back the old Ramones pet sematary theme song. If you know what I'm talking about, you're an og

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? Month ago

    I saw both of the other ones....I dunno bout this one