PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)


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  • B BanDJ
    B BanDJ 7 hours ago

    As the level of cultural demand decreases, remakes also deteriorate.
    The original is better. And legendary.

  • John Wall
    John Wall 11 hours ago

    Remember Zelda in the original? Imagine her in this....

  • DrUmDUdE 55
    DrUmDUdE 55 2 days ago

    Is it 15 on this too!?

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 4 days ago

    0:23 she turns her head in fear before the truck comes.

  • Lps Woof woof
    Lps Woof woof 6 days ago

    What a bunch of furrys

  • Supreme健块
    Supreme健块 7 days ago

    Sounds like Def Jam fight for NY soundtrack

  • xyrena xypot
    xyrena xypot 9 days ago

    the original movie was a disappointment. please make this one good. because the first one seems like a blasphemy to the book.

  • Funtime foxy playz
    Funtime foxy playz 11 days ago

    Me and my best friend are goin to sneak into the movies to watch this

  • Franco Nero
    Franco Nero 11 days ago

    There's nothing original these days that producer have to go back and remake beautiful master pieces with shit results.

  • Franco Nero
    Franco Nero 11 days ago

    Vale verga esta mala copia.

  • Voltz
    Voltz 12 days ago +1

    The original one scared me as a kid and it really imprinted on me too

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Can you imagine if they buried Cujo up there

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 13 days ago

    If Ellie Creed dies in this one then who dose Victor Pascow the ghost that warns Louis not to go to the burial ground talk to cause in the original one he tells Ellie about her father burying Gage there

  • Retro Music Tube
    Retro Music Tube 13 days ago +1

    In the original movie that Zelda scenes still thrill the sh*t out of me

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez 14 days ago

    It. Has. Blood and. I. Love. Pets :(

  • Evil Bastard
    Evil Bastard 14 days ago

    stop remaking classics that don't need to be remade

  • UniSwitch
    UniSwitch 14 days ago


    Also what is the ending music lmaooo

    CARRIANN FLETCHER 14 days ago

    Big shout out to all the "Constant Readers"!!
    Proving the King is as awesome now as when he first published the book. Cant wait to see the remake..# Goosebumps #shivers# things that go bump in the night.....

  • KRJ N/A
    KRJ N/A 14 days ago

    That drum beat stay's in your head for a few day's!

  • AgentX7k2
    AgentX7k2 14 days ago

    I have a question. Only seen the original haven’t read the book. They say “the ground went sour” and that’s why the Native Americans stopped using it. Does that mean it worked at some point? That the dead came back with no issues? Or it just started bringing people back as zombies at some point.

  • Sergi Medina
    Sergi Medina 15 days ago

    I don't know... It looks pretty generic, and not scary at all. It surely isn't the eighties original...

  • Angelica's VLOG
    Angelica's VLOG 15 days ago

    This movie is going to be another shitty remake, I can tell.. the original is way better

  • Gollem 11
    Gollem 11 15 days ago

    whats with the god damn stranger things font? couldn't of you picked anything different. It really doesn't fit with the theme of the movie.

  • Calico Neko
    Calico Neko 15 days ago

    this movie is how I ended being named Gage, I honestly cant wait!!!!

    WE WATCH MOVIES 15 days ago

    Loved this trailer!!! Posted my reaction to trailer 2 here:

  • GalawJay
    GalawJay 15 days ago

    I feel like I watched the whole movie...

  • King Dominic DC
    King Dominic DC 15 days ago

    Not all dogs and cats go to heaven

  • Moncher Yeah
    Moncher Yeah 15 days ago

    My nigga loon representing MN 🤛✋👎👏👏👍👏🖖

  • 8 Room Recs
    8 Room Recs 16 days ago

    The cat not grey.. hmm

  • Collin Bauer
    Collin Bauer 16 days ago

    Que the Ramones song

  • Lemon Boi
    Lemon Boi 16 days ago


  • LogicalFool
    LogicalFool 16 days ago +4

    0:23 in theaters, this made me jump out of my seat.
    How was that a jump scare? XD

  • Andrusca12 K
    Andrusca12 K 16 days ago

    I have not seen the original movie and I heard it was terribile anyway however I read the book. I hope this version won’t disappoint.

  • Pablo Iranzo
    Pablo Iranzo 16 days ago

    Stupid stylish animal masks ruin everything!!

  • Cloud fox15
    Cloud fox15 16 days ago

    I started laughing when I heard the upbeat music at the end lol 😂

  • Stephanie Frisby
    Stephanie Frisby 17 days ago

    I don’t know if I can watch Gage die again in a whole new way.....😭

    • Stephanie Frisby
      Stephanie Frisby 15 days ago

      Yasmine Jago OMG, that is kind of a relief! I am torn

    • Yasmine Jago
      Yasmine Jago 16 days ago

      You won't have to! Check out the new trailer!

  • Tara Lucent
    Tara Lucent 17 days ago that John Lithgow?

  • kurogitsune110
    kurogitsune110 17 days ago


  • South Side Phx HxP CHATO

    I hope they at least follow the book wendigo and all

  • Richard Ricky
    Richard Ricky 18 days ago

    That's spoopy

  • Brandon Thomas99
    Brandon Thomas99 19 days ago

    Whenever I see cats they remind me of zombie raccoons loll😊

  • Brandon Thomas99
    Brandon Thomas99 19 days ago

    Zombie cat I see 😊 in this movie

  • Brandon Thomas99
    Brandon Thomas99 19 days ago

    Zombie cat I see 😊

  • Adele Maureen
    Adele Maureen 19 days ago

    book was so good

  • Scorch1028
    Scorch1028 19 days ago

    The new movie “strays too much from the book”. In the book, the Creed family is from Chicago, not Boston. For this reason, the move to the small town of Ludlow, Maine was a massive adjustment for them. This helped cement a new friendship between Dr. Louis Creed and his elderly neighbor Jud Crandall, who incidentally has a “living wife”, Norma. I really hope that the 2019 ‘Pet Sematary’ draws more from the book than the 1989 film.

  • Tania Jones
    Tania Jones 19 days ago

    I saw the original & I hope this one does it justice unlike most horror remakes.

  • Fabian Pedraza
    Fabian Pedraza 20 days ago

    Hope this Hollywood trend doesn't try and challenge Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates).

  • Alex Vill
    Alex Vill 20 days ago

    Sometimes original is betta

  • Thomas Studstrup
    Thomas Studstrup 20 days ago

    1:32. They actually have the balls to show a close-up of Dale Midkiffs eyes from the original classic. As if they dont shit all over the original enough already.

  • Thomas Studstrup
    Thomas Studstrup 20 days ago

    This is definetely not Maine. And its definetely not a good movie.

  • WebExaminer
    WebExaminer 21 day ago

    "Like" if you can't wait for Zelda!!!!

  • Theo Schommer
    Theo Schommer 21 day ago

    God damnit. Disappointed in the Jud Crandall casting, and the explanation of the cemetery

  • Gage Amaya
    Gage Amaya 21 day ago

    Who else got their name from this book?

  • Sad Twenty One Pilots Fan

    Saw this trailer for the first time in Glass. As soon as the truck went by, i thought "no. please no" because pet semetary is literally the worst movie ive watched.

  • a can of beans
    a can of beans 25 days ago

    Can I bury myself there when I die pls?

  • lhdollbaby l
    lhdollbaby l 25 days ago +1

    The ground is bad it's starting out already crappy how can you take that one Infamous line and mess it up with the ground is bad I'll pass I think they should have left the original the hell alone sometimes the original is better!

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts 26 days ago

    I actually can’t wait

  • lidia villasenor
    lidia villasenor 27 days ago

    Some times dead is betta..

  • Lil' Dee
    Lil' Dee 27 days ago

    Remember doc the barrier was not meant to be cross the ground is sour

  • Jiddy 372
    Jiddy 372 27 days ago

    I LOVED the book, and I'm super excited to see this movie when it comes out

  • DrNitro15
    DrNitro15 27 days ago

    WTF? That is just horror story by Stephen King. Well, Oh sh*t.

  • El Lentes92
    El Lentes92 27 days ago

    I was looking for Ramones Punk rock band but this is.....


  • Simantini Sinha
    Simantini Sinha 28 days ago

    The gray cat is the star. The cat is a psychic cat and Wolf howling at background is chill to the spine. The way the cat is looking still and giving warning really frightened me

  • ScrubLordFinesse
    ScrubLordFinesse 29 days ago

    This one better have the wendigo or i'm out

  • Lynn The Magnificent

    Older version was scarier

  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry Month ago

    I’m ten and I really want to see it!

  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry Month ago

    Is that the same cat church or a different cat? I don’t know? Somebody tell me!

  • The Torn Thorn
    The Torn Thorn Month ago

    Wtf.... I was desperately hoping they'd put Jud Crandall with a Maine accent. Disappointed.

  • Kell Manderley
    Kell Manderley Month ago

    I'm really interested to see how the creepy kids in masks come into play. I'm not against adaptations bringing in new tropes and subplots.

  • Aurora Thorn
    Aurora Thorn Month ago

    I'm sure of three things, this movie versions' of Church, Gage and Victor won't beat the original ones.

    • Sara Shelly
      Sara Shelly Month ago

      Ellie is the one that dies in this version not Gage.

  • Brys Firstprize
    Brys Firstprize Month ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this is not only as cheesy as the original but with that annoying scary movie trope shit like throwing in a super loud noise out of nowhere (It's not startling it's actually fucking distracting). Also Chicago and Boston are 2 different places. Plus one of the things the original got right was the casting for Jud. And you fucked that up too. Obviously a quick cash in on an unused IP.

  • Dante Inferno
    Dante Inferno Month ago

    Hopefully it doesn't end up a cgi crapfest with predictable jump scares every 5 minutes like the IT remake.
    Wendigo time

    • Dante Inferno
      Dante Inferno 27 days ago

      +Bacons Strip it was terrible cgi jumpscare rubbish aimed at teens with low attention spans. Hence why it had awful character development and pemnywise pops up on a average of 6-10 minutes throughout.
      The tv version was also not good but it's first part had more character development then the remakes first part.
      Hell in the first 20ish minutes IT remake pennywise appears 9 times for cheap jump scares, rinse repeat that for the rest of the movie. Was God awful

    • Bacons Strip
      Bacons Strip 27 days ago

      Dante Inferno IT remake was far superior to the made-for-TV shitfest original.

  • Sergio Ruiz
    Sergio Ruiz Month ago


  • 11kele
    11kele Month ago

    I hope that they will finally get the movie 🎥 right.

  • OlafurArons
    OlafurArons Month ago

    I sure as shit hope this truck driver is also listening to 'Sheena is a punk rocker'. That short tiny bit of homage would only be fair.

  • Ben Lawless
    Ben Lawless Month ago

    I'm fucking stoked

  • Matthew Brookes
    Matthew Brookes Month ago

    Oh yea Stephen king baby

  • SeriouslyYT
    SeriouslyYT Month ago

    Now i am scared of animals

  • Happy Puppy Pink Cupcake Kisses

    Did he scream Garth? I know the son’s name was Gage...

  • Daniel Liew
    Daniel Liew Month ago

    Moral of this movie (based on the original one in 1989), whatever is dead shall stay dead. No 2 ways about it. In reality, no matter what you do, you can never bring the dead back to life. Attempting to bring the dead back to life means you are trying to play god. Not only laws of nature don't permit that, laws of science don't permit that either.

  • madaz bravo
    madaz bravo Month ago

    Why can't these bastards come up with their own story lines instead of ripping off old movies

    • Bacons Strip
      Bacons Strip 27 days ago

      madaz bravo It’s actually based on a book dipshit, not a movie.

  • Age Hernandez
    Age Hernandez Month ago

    No fair

  • BunBun91
    BunBun91 Month ago

    I wonder if the Windeigo will factor more into this adaption of the novel

  • dog rocket
    dog rocket Month ago +1

    Just finished re-reading
    The book and already found at least a 100 things they added in to the movie that were not it the book damn it I fucking hate Hollywood

  • Zlatko F
    Zlatko F Month ago

    Why are there kids with animals masks? Is that in a book? Because original movie didn't have this

  • ChasVlogs Team
    ChasVlogs Team Month ago

    In Justice League Movie: Superman is out of control part....Diana: he dosent know who he is!!! Flash: pet sematary!!

  • Rhysr936
    Rhysr936 Month ago

    For a second theres the knife Gage used to slit Judd’s Achilles heel, cant wait for that scene

  • Tyler's world
    Tyler's world Month ago

    Hope the wendigo isnt cgi if they even put it in. Loved the original movie. Books the best

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz Month ago +1

    Great movie :D I like so much this amazing scary horror. Will watch it using boxxy software app on my PC

  • Danielle Rawlings
    Danielle Rawlings Month ago

    Hope Zelda is in this one. Found her the scariest part of the original. Rachelllllll

  • algo
    algo Month ago

    Looks fucking awful.

  • wesleythomasm
    wesleythomasm Month ago

    Don't let him play on the road!

  • crazyfun95
    crazyfun95 Month ago

    Ugh, can they not?

  • Martin Solomon
    Martin Solomon Month ago

    I'm waiting for their take on Zelda!

  • Nate Anderson
    Nate Anderson Month ago

    While I love the casting for Louis and Gage, I don't like the casting for Rachel and Ellie. From the book, I got the feeling that Rachel had sharper details, to match her sharp personality. Ellie, in the novel, was bratty and the definition of a snot-nosed kid, and this girl seems too old, and doesn't give me that vibe.
    As far as Jud goes, while Lithgow is no Gwynne, I think he is as good as an actor as we could get. No one will be able to portray the character as well as Gwynne did, but I think Lithgow will do well (as long as he has that Maine accent)!
    I also like the choice of Pascow, even though he is described as being white in the book; this guy gives me the eerie guide vibe, so I'm also happy with that decision!

  • Andrew Reis
    Andrew Reis Month ago

    Where is the original soundtrack

  • renato maglasang
    renato maglasang Month ago

    To all animal abuser please watch this movie cause I'm not

  • That's Just My View

    I can't take a horror movie seriously with John Lithgow.

  • Ava has ice
    Ava has ice Month ago

    I kinda wish they made Ellie and her mom Indian and dark skinned bc that’s what they’re described as in the book