PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)


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  • AnnaMations
    AnnaMations 21 hour ago

    I had a dream about this and it was exactly like it

  • Kirine
    Kirine Day ago

    Looks good! :) I wonder if Stephen King was involved in the making of this one, too. But I do miss the blonde Pascow...

  • ᴡʜᴀᴇʟᴀ

    People in animal masks are scary enough but kids in animal masks? Jskajsks you got me there

  • Goonerboy 1886
    Goonerboy 1886 Day ago

    I don't trust cats dodgy bastards.

  • Emi Emi
    Emi Emi Day ago

    O no

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott Day ago

    * cemetery

  • Viktor Cheng
    Viktor Cheng Day ago

    I curse you, thinner!

  • jonny5777
    jonny5777 Day ago

    I'll be watching that. But my puppy won't be allowed to.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall Day ago


  • William C
    William C Day ago

    It’s spelled CEMETARY!!!

  • vhonest😊
    vhonest😊 Day ago

    I'm looking forward to this remake. It looks good 🐱.

  • Cornerback80
    Cornerback80 Day ago

    Herman Munster does not approve of this shit hole remake

  • ርસ૯ᄁվ
    ርસ૯ᄁվ Day ago

    If they can remake this, then I'm going to wait for my remake of Uninvited 1988

  • kevin u
    kevin u Day ago

    I don't mind remakes as long as they can bring something new and different to the table without changing the main story too much.This trailer looks good but I will judge when I see the movie. Until then I remain cautiously optimistic.

  • Stephen Jarrell
    Stephen Jarrell Day ago

    This reboot shit's gotta stop...
    The original film is perfect!
    Hollywood just doesn't have the originality it used to have.
    But hey, by all means.. Butcher another classic!

  • Michael Meloche
    Michael Meloche Day ago

    Scariest scene in the movie is a semi jump scare?

  • baz baza
    baz baza Day ago

    Give me the original with Fred Gwynne any day of the week. Why do these people make weak remakes waste of money and time sh1t heads.

  • TrueCrusader
    TrueCrusader Day ago

    Lol where my pet rock at?

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder Day ago

    0:23 Truck? Is that referencing the original of when that kid was hit and if so are they gonna show it?

  • Phillip White
    Phillip White Day ago

    Oh spare us the" Wickerman" type scenes. The memory of a film classic is constantly being spat on by the yanks.

  • Tarah Ridge
    Tarah Ridge Day ago

    Stephen King. The Master of Horror strikes again...something to get our claws into whilst patiently waiting for It.Chapter 2 👍🏽🤡

  • Gooody17
    Gooody17 Day ago

    this trailer looks terrible...

  • Adam Bland
    Adam Bland Day ago

    Cheap ass jumpscare in the beginning

  • Xavier Lee
    Xavier Lee Day ago


  • Luis Carrillo
    Luis Carrillo Day ago

    1:13 Gage!

  • Jay Dixon
    Jay Dixon Day ago

    Its killing me how mant negative comments are here from ppl who have no idea what it is.

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls Day ago

    Watch some mom take their kid to this movie because they think its a happy movie about dogs and shit.

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    Honestly didn't really get me.....


    Impossible too top the original it was so creepy

  • Priscilla Lunan
    Priscilla Lunan Day ago

    Crossing fingers Zelda is featured Nd our ghostly friend too

  • ginger psycho
    ginger psycho Day ago

    Read the book a few years ago. I hope they do it justice

  • Fani caligari
    Fani caligari Day ago

    y la canción de ramones xc

  • Len Lemon
    Len Lemon Day ago

    Why just why did you have to turn animals into demons

  • Kim Appleby
    Kim Appleby Day ago

    I honestly thought this was going to be a cute yet sad film but no..I was so wrong!

  • val dornan
    val dornan Day ago

    'they're cultists, ryan'

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams Day ago

    Actually kinda looking forward to this but pet semetary without the ramones? I don't know man.

  • Grumpy Aku
    Grumpy Aku Day ago

    No...just no

  • Steve S
    Steve S Day ago

    Why the fuck do trailers now have trailers?!

  • loved by jesus
    loved by jesus Day ago

    It's only a loon!!

  • brunster64
    brunster64 Day ago

    What crap - not following the book at all.
    I suppose we should be thankfull they didn't make the cast all female or black to please the diversity police.

  • nubiman2
    nubiman2 Day ago

    What's a sematary??

  • Jocelyn Valentine

    What’s a Sematary

  • King_CrAzY
    King_CrAzY Day ago

    The drumbs throw off the creepy sound effects. It annoys me

  • Magnum Mountaineer

    Ha, it's good to see John Lithgow still in the scenes all these years after 3rd Rock. I feel like I've been seeing him hear and there a bit often.

  • Priscila Mena
    Priscila Mena Day ago


  • Phil Livestrong
    Phil Livestrong Day ago

    dunno if edward furlong died in the second one.but could have given him a part in this one...would have been like a pet sematary 3 then..

  • Boozy Gaming
    Boozy Gaming Day ago

    Well we know theyre gunna kill the little girl

  • Beer_Wolf
    Beer_Wolf Day ago

    Get back to the zombie apocalypse, Hershall (sp).

  • Dianne Ratliff
    Dianne Ratliff Day ago

    Stop remake and everything doesn’t anybody have an original idea anymore

  • WRX7182
    WRX7182 Day ago

    creepy af

  • Universo Flexible
    Universo Flexible Day ago +1

    Awwww Church

  • Sir Jack
    Sir Jack Day ago

    1:28 Naruto??

  • Breazie
    Breazie Day ago

    well at least it cant be any worse than the original

  • Mindy B
    Mindy B Day ago

    This one has a lot to live up to bc the original movie is perfect and imo the scariest movie I watched growing up

  • John Wick
    John Wick Day ago

    What shit I thought it was about pets why name it pets instead of humans 🎦

  • Pantycakes
    Pantycakes Day ago

    "the ground...."
    "..... is bad."
    me: ............ok.

  • PinataParty- Fortnite

    The old one is better

  • emilygracey
    emilygracey Day ago

    They really went out of their way to get a kid who looks almost identical to Miko Hughes. "The ground is bad." Really? I'll usually give films the benefit of the doubt, but this one is really hard when it looks like a cross between a Stephen King miniseries from the 90s and the new Wicker Man.

  • Rishel Schimmel
    Rishel Schimmel Day ago

    Looks like a fresh adaptation

  • DoubleDeckerAnton

    Cats 🐱 🐈 are very cuddly...!!! 😁👌

  • DH1 1
    DH1 1 Day ago

    Pussies are always scary, especially when your gay🧚‍♀️

  • Connah Bailey
    Connah Bailey Day ago +2

    I'm guessing nobody in the comment section has ever watched the classics ?

  • Richard Designer


  • Random Montages
    Random Montages Day ago

    seriously what are a load of kids in masks gunna do

    • LoveJoy formally roscoes mom shutup
      LoveJoy formally roscoes mom shutup Day ago

      Pretty sure it was a flashback scene? Maybe kids long ago buried their dead pets up there but yes makes no sense about the masks it is stupid

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina Day ago

    I relly don't understand why people are hating so much the trailer. I red the book a few months ago and watched the old movie, and I still think that this trailer it's pretty good. It shows some important scenes that are both in the old movie and the book, like Pascosw's hospital scene or when Louis wakes up with his feet full of the cemitery's land, and these are pretty scary scenes. Church is looking pretty good tho, because the book clearly says that the cat looks the same, but it doesn't feel the same. It's not like a zombie a cat or some generic Braindead-like bullshit. It's just a empty body of a cat. When the cat touches Louis with his tail in the book, it say's that feels gross, but still looks like a cats tail. I don't think that the visuals will count too much, but the feeling it's what really matters. In this trailer, when I heard Louis screaming Gage's name, I knew what was coming, and I can say that what we have untill now it's such a good material.

  • abby gabby
    abby gabby Day ago

    I literally jus watched the original like a week ago, i grew up loving this movie. Im so excited!

  • Haphazard Property

    Wow these latest Tesla trucks are stealthy af.

  • MPC Omega
    MPC Omega Day ago!

  • Danar Raizal Twintana

    pets come to life hunting for families

  • Ella Cox
    Ella Cox Day ago

    Defntly watching at cinema

  • thomas black
    thomas black Day ago

    I love look of this.
    Thr is a massive pet grave yard wer I stay in in Scotland, an it’s a massive circle😵, i like to eat my pets after thy pass 😂🍁

  • Travis bickle
    Travis bickle Day ago +1

    Looks shit tbh..
    And they spelt "cemetery" wrong.

  • Knainas Seretse-Khama

    They really didn't have to do this.

  • Not You
    Not You Day ago

    Umm how ‘bout they move out to another house

  • Super Bruce
    Super Bruce Day ago

    The original was far better than this crap. This is a dogs turd in Pet Cemetery.

  • 75
    75 Day ago

    could even be better than the original

  • Davesh Boodhoo
    Davesh Boodhoo Day ago +1

    Superman returns.

  • The Fighter
    The Fighter Day ago +1

    the question everyone wants to know....does the cat live?

  • єяιη
    єяιη Day ago


  • K O
    K O Day ago +1


  • Random Zen
    Random Zen Day ago

    Clearly should stay dead

  • Jen
    Jen Day ago

    I enjoyed the original years ago, I really hope this one is good.

  • FailsAndLuck
    FailsAndLuck 2 days ago

    Wait wait wait... 1:28 for half a second I thought I was watching Nightmare before Christmas.

  • Mr.donuts
    Mr.donuts 2 days ago

    I thought this was PG..

  • Dark Angel Dreadnought

    "Terrifying"? I think the word you're looking for is "depressing"

  • Lie1295
    Lie1295 2 days ago

    They got a good cast, I can't knock that but I very disappointed that the "drool" has been removed. "Naaw See Hare I Know Wat-Cha Think'in".

  • Cizzorz
    Cizzorz 2 days ago

    I watched the original when I was 6... I was scared TO DEATH...

  • Magic 99
    Magic 99 2 days ago +1

    Far out I’ve lost at least 3 brain cells looking at that spelling of “cemetery” ahh

  • Caiden Stevenson
    Caiden Stevenson 2 days ago

    My freind was named after the book, in it there is a kid named gage that is his name lol

  • ThePhlemberly
    ThePhlemberly 2 days ago

    This movie will prove once and for all what cats would do if they had thumbs.

  • Aasya Aljaf
    Aasya Aljaf 2 days ago

    Who's watched the old one?

  • Untrepid One
    Untrepid One 2 days ago

    someday they are going to get this movie right and make it actually scary.
    til then it's best you just read the book.
    scary baby-" grarrrrrrr!".
    right 😅.

  • Dhanar Putra
    Dhanar Putra 2 days ago

    Where is Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash?

  • Jonathanmr
    Jonathanmr 2 days ago original upload without watermark

  • Salt chillF
    Salt chillF 2 days ago

    Soundtrack sound good

  • KeLL*StaR
    KeLL*StaR 2 days ago

    Why did they have to remake this 😒 "Sometimes, dead IS bettah"

  • Stephen Penney
    Stephen Penney 2 days ago

    No way!!!! Can't wait!!!!

  • David Firth
    David Firth 2 days ago

    The original was cheesy as hell, so maybe it's a good idea to give it another shot. Worked for IT.

  • Gustavo Machado
    Gustavo Machado 2 days ago

    No Fair.

  • MoGainz787
    MoGainz787 2 days ago

    Hi daddy I love you! Now I want to play with yooooouuu!