OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself (American Idol) ft. Katharine McPhee

  • Published on Mar 30, 2013
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    Music video by OneRepublic performing If I Lose Myself (American Idol). (C) 2013 Mosley Music/Interscope Records
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Comments • 1 418

  • Stephanie N
    Stephanie N 2 days ago

    Love OneRepublic!!

  • ucin NGM
    ucin NGM 9 days ago

    1.18 wowowwwwww

  • Lori Bott
    Lori Bott 25 days ago +3

    Get her out of there. She does not belong near the talent of that band. Ryan is amazingly talented in every faucet of music.
    Best band EVER!

  • maisha maliha
    maisha maliha 28 days ago

    Imagine dragons = like
    One republic = comment

  • Ratna Yuliyanti
    Ratna Yuliyanti Month ago

    Hi Mr. Maried man!

  • Nicholas Jurai
    Nicholas Jurai Month ago

    She spoiled the song!!

  • j y
    j y Month ago

    Wow cut eye much...She looked at Ryan when he touched her the same way every women looks at there overly drunk husband, "you're lucky we are in public look" There is some bad blood between those two, i'd bet my life on that. It looks like he was being paid to put on a show , well she was there fulfilling an American Idol contract aka the only contract the devil him self finds to controlling.

  • Jean Castillo
    Jean Castillo 2 months ago


  • سجاد - Sejad
    سجاد - Sejad 2 months ago +2

    Amazing Performance Ryan & Katherine Has A Beautiful Voices.

  • LivyBrandon Wilson
    LivyBrandon Wilson 2 months ago

    well that was unpleasent

  • butterfly girl
    butterfly girl 2 months ago +1

    Awesome song and Absolutely love One Republic they have so many songs that are Incredible with Katharine is cool

  • Linda Holmes
    Linda Holmes 2 months ago +1

    Why oh why do bloody audiences clap along ,for god sake they are not apart of the band .they clap out of time too fast too slow WTF DONT CLAP.Went to a fab concert in Sydney Australia many years ago ,Joe Jackson started a song audience started clapping along ,he stopped the song and said "please don't clap along" thank you Joe

  • Marie Joy Magsumbol
    Marie Joy Magsumbol 3 months ago

    she kinda looks like Victoria Justice.

  • Ahmad Rasikh Ilmi
    Ahmad Rasikh Ilmi 4 months ago


  • Mia Rosea
    Mia Rosea 4 months ago +2

    My favorite song by OneRepublic till today❤

  • Hikkari Yami
    Hikkari Yami 4 months ago

    the .... ruined the song

    EIAN HE 5 months ago

    Every time I hear you or see you I love you more.

  • Dawn Edwards
    Dawn Edwards 5 months ago +1

    Great band,great song,that's about it really,she's awful.

  • Riley Arsenault
    Riley Arsenault 5 months ago

    They were good...HOWEVER...there voices don't compliment each other well. One of those situations where they both sound GREAT apart...but together just kinda meh

  • Sebastián Mejía Ríos

    he barely allowed her to sing

  • Shubhankar Baraik
    Shubhankar Baraik 6 months ago +1

    The lady just ruined the song

    CAMILA CC 7 months ago

    Ellos son los próximos ColdPlay.

  • Ma Ru
    Ma Ru 7 months ago

    Onerepublic is, and will always be my favorite band.These two sounded amazing together though (:

  • Vincens Aguirre
    Vincens Aguirre 8 months ago

    Everything good, the only problem "she".

  • Sabrina Andrade
    Sabrina Andrade 9 months ago


  • consequences
    consequences 9 months ago

    i love she so much❤🙏

  • Antonino Coppolino
    Antonino Coppolino 9 months ago


  • swarnak Ray
    swarnak Ray 10 months ago


  • Emily Annie Evans
    Emily Annie Evans 10 months ago

    Oh! My! God!

  • laurent bresmal
    laurent bresmal 10 months ago +1

    3:25 he nailed it

  • Isth3reno1else Recruit
    Isth3reno1else Recruit 11 months ago +2


  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan 11 months ago +2

    One republic killed it.. She's looking nervous

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 11 months ago


  • Alberto Solares
    Alberto Solares 11 months ago +2


  • Alberto Solares
    Alberto Solares 11 months ago +1

    I love this song but that girl destroyed it. I can't stand it. 🤢

  • elan rodriguez
    elan rodriguez Year ago +1

    Que tia más sosa, que puesta en escena más pobre, canta sin sentir absolutamente nada. Ryan excelente como siempre.

  • renzy reyes
    renzy reyes Year ago +1

    Love u ryan

  • judy gentry
    judy gentry Year ago


  • Uso's brutalino
    Uso's brutalino Year ago +1

    I'm Filipino and all I can say Ryan tedder is the best American singer in my opinion he can do anything no auto tune compare to other male singers from U. S this guy is a beast I wish I had he's voice

  • Charlotte Hzc
    Charlotte Hzc Year ago

    Awesome !

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira Year ago

    Katharine is amazing in any situations! In the movies, series, theater, singer ... Katharine AMAZING McPhee!

  • Joel Agius
    Joel Agius Year ago +42

    Ryan Tedder is one of the greatest vocalists of our time

    • Deb riot
      Deb riot 8 months ago

      He is the greatest

  • Sanjeev Yadav
    Sanjeev Yadav Year ago +1

    Girl ruined it

  • Julie Bond
    Julie Bond Year ago

    That woman there over powered that guy's voice

  • BlackPurpleRed
    BlackPurpleRed Year ago +3

    3:27 The „woohohooo“ is SO WELL SUNG! BIG SHOUTOUT TO RYAN!!!!
    Actually noboby is able to sing that clean on this ground....

  • Moriah Banks
    Moriah Banks Year ago

    Who thought it was a good idea to feature her???? Lorrrrd

  • Sue DAloia
    Sue DAloia Year ago +1

    I love the sex appeal and charisma of the front man! He looks absolutely awesome , sings like no one, I am just wondering who is behind their lyrics and composing the melodies ...

  • Madi
    Madi Year ago

    2k18 anyone??

  • Sandra Tustin
    Sandra Tustin Year ago

    This is so gorgeous!!! It,s senational!!and the duet with beautiful talented lady amazing !!I love it:)x #Superfan of One Republic :)x

  • judy gentry
    judy gentry Year ago


  • Alfred De la Cruz

    those people say that girl (katherine Mcphee)just interrupt the song is like...come on! are you a good singer, anyway?

  • Douglas Dorman
    Douglas Dorman Year ago

    Thank you Family that is beautiful, peace and love, Doug:)

  • bisma aditama
    bisma aditama Year ago +2


  • yumnam mangang
    yumnam mangang Year ago

    Love the song.And breathtaking performance.😁😁😎

  • Cassie
    Cassie Year ago

    Her tunes are very good! He was a little but off sometimes

  • Dwindle Deeds
    Dwindle Deeds Year ago

    2013 was a really good year of music .If you dont believe me go check by yourself.

  • MEGZ V
    MEGZ V Year ago +1

    i love him

  • Eronnie Nandyose
    Eronnie Nandyose Year ago

    Shyt ...she is beautiful nyc voice good body
    God ur servant z here let's begin

  • Alan Fox
    Alan Fox Year ago

    One republic sold out when you started teaming up with the mortal enemy Simon Cowell.

  • Ender Dragon
    Ender Dragon Year ago +1