• Published on Jun 5, 2019
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  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 3 years ago +506

    adapt: kills blaze
    kay: jarvis your insane bro

  • AlfredoTheShrimp
    AlfredoTheShrimp Year ago +746

    Theory For The Thumbnail: They Might Have Changed In This Season

  • Isuck_yourmomstoes
    Isuck_yourmomstoes 9 months ago +26

    This brings back good memories

  • Khye Athwal
    Khye Athwal Year ago +12

    I love how it was Frazier v Jarvis and Frazier decides to walk of the edge 😂😂😂

  • Mikayil Zauroglu Hasanov

    Jarvis:*misses some shots*
    Also Jarvis:(Asks to himself) Why is the aimbot not working (Nervously)

  • KryptoLD
    KryptoLD 3 years ago +430

    FaZe Kay: Gets one tapped by the storm

  • dormir
    dormir Year ago +5

    No one:
    Jarvis:lemme change the thumbnail to trick some people

  • galleto
    galleto Year ago

    Los que lo están viendo cuando ya fue baneado y se dan cuenta que podría ser mejor que sway🥺💔

  • Josh Krispin
    Josh Krispin Year ago

    You know Jarvis is missing Fortnite when he changes the thumbnail on a year old video

  • Johnyboy47
    Johnyboy47 10 months ago +6

    Old memories when Jarvis was not banned😕

  • Certified.OG_18
    Certified.OG_18 Year ago +2

    At the 10:06 mark FaZe Orba said "oh its game over." Then at the 11:28 mark he got clapped by Jarvis.

  • buneanghour chang

    That prefire though in the first round

  • W
    W 10 months ago +5

    Pov:it has been along since this has posted and Jarvis got suspended from faze

  • Dababy horsy
    Dababy horsy Year ago +2

    I love how the thumbnail from chapter 2 seoson 2 and 3 it makes me thank faze Jarvis is still playing

  • Baseball Kid
    Baseball Kid 3 years ago +3

    Do more with the faze house. Thanks for the good video. Keep up the good work

  • cherryz
    cherryz Year ago


  • Kremet
    Kremet Year ago

    can we just talk about how blaze has space as his floor

  • Tata Bandicoot
    Tata Bandicoot Year ago +8

    I just wanna know how did Jarvis predict that scuba jonsey and fade are skins coming to Fortnite a year ago 🤔

  • The Frank
    The Frank Year ago

    Imagine how blaze can build a floor under a space bar

  • Ashmit Srivastava
    Ashmit Srivastava 2 years ago +6

    1.1 million subs! Your just getting better and better Jarvis! Keep up the good work!

  • 666 upside down
    666 upside down 7 months ago +2

    3:14 kay has me fuckin dead

  • Bkenney325
    Bkenney325 Year ago +1

    I love how Jarvis just said hahaha like he did not Even care.

  • Nakka
    Nakka Year ago

    Jarvis is the best faze Fortnite player person in there, probably in general, too!

  • Lil Stormz XY
    Lil Stormz XY 9 months ago

    if only Jarvis could see this now😂😆

  • Mynameisaccshush
    Mynameisaccshush 3 years ago +510

    Kay should be given some recognition not only as a faze member but for being a great human being.
    He's always out their looking out for his brother.
    That's what keeps me watching you.

    • Tokyo Mason
      Tokyo Mason 2 years ago

      @idek bro apex is the reason Jarvis is in faze Kay just brought him over to la and his trickshots are or should I say we're insane

    • YaBoiFRANK
      YaBoiFRANK 2 years ago

      @Super Toppo remember Fast and Furious, this shit is called brotherhood me and my older brother are exactly the same

    • get a life
      get a life 3 years ago

      *thats insane bro*

    • Eldin
      Eldin 3 years ago

      TheGaming Guy lol his brother wouldn’t be in faze if it weren’t for him

  • 🎄Happy holidays🎄
    🎄Happy holidays🎄 9 months ago

    I miss the good old jarvis and fortnite days :(

  • Rez
    Rez Year ago

    Who else misses the old zone

  • SlimXF
    SlimXF Year ago

    I miss seeing Jarvis play video games

  • Brandog
    Brandog Year ago

    Jarvis is a time traveler

  • VMX Clan
    VMX Clan 2 years ago +87

    Who’s here in 2020 and laughing at Jarvis’s old times

  • Christian Vargas
    Christian Vargas Year ago

    Jarvis is a time traveler

  • Clxmps?
    Clxmps? 11 months ago +6

    POV: gets on your recommended a year later.

  • Void
    Void Year ago

    When jarvis and his thumbnail are on point in the aqua man skin

  • Joseph Kotronakis

    Teeqo:bro it so laggy
    24 ping:am i a joke to you?

  • Isaiah White-Martinez
    Isaiah White-Martinez Year ago +3639

    I love how this was posted a year ago but has the Aquaman,Fade,Scuba Jonesy,and Midas when they weren't in the game yet

    • NS hover
      NS hover 2 months ago


    • Be4r
      Be4r 4 months ago

      Fax like tf

    • Professor Tofu
      Professor Tofu 5 months ago

      Hacker he was hacker before the aimbot

    • Zipy ツ
      Zipy ツ 5 months ago

      That’s what I’m saying

    • ItsLandon
      ItsLandon 6 months ago

      They didn’t have a thumbnail so they updated it

  • Teshler Augustin
    Teshler Augustin Year ago +1

    He wasn't paying for Aimbot he was banned for this he found out the leaks

  • ash
    ash Year ago

    Imagine how cracked FaZe Jarvis would be if he was unbanned!Kay”Hoooollllyyyyy”

  • Rizzyツ゚
    Rizzyツ゚ 2 months ago

    Kay is so innocent “sorry Alex “ 🥰

  • Race Master
    Race Master Year ago +1

    Jarvis bro you're a time traveler

  • Declan Smith
    Declan Smith 3 years ago +128

    Adapt: i dont even play this game
    Also Adapt: Starts cranking 90s
    Edit:most likes ive ever had

    • jose ramires
      jose ramires 2 years ago

      Declan Smith can you give me a time stamp where he does it because this is the third time I’ve watched and still haven’t seen it

    • jose ramires
      jose ramires 2 years ago

      Declan Smith i saw him do one 180 and it looked like ass so he definitely isn’t that good

    • Declan Smith
      Declan Smith 2 years ago

      @jose ramires yes he did,u probs didnt watch the full vid

    • jose ramires
      jose ramires 2 years ago

      He never even did any 90s

    • Declan Smith
      Declan Smith 2 years ago

      @Loki true

  • RicxFN
    RicxFN Year ago +140

    I like how I watched this 1 year ago then I watched this again, the thumbnail changed

  • hehe boy
    hehe boy Year ago +1

    Faze Jarvis can do time travel

  • Ben Hamo
    Ben Hamo Year ago

    Man there’s nice pros and bad ones, the nice ones admit defeat, the bad ones find something to blame their death on, like lag or circumstance

  • Freeman BTW
    Freeman BTW Year ago +2

    10:04 everyone got a combat WTF

  • Dr. Brick
    Dr. Brick 2 years ago +45

    I’m watching this after he got banned and I realized how good he actually is

  • Karun Sathiyaseelan

    Damn dude, I thought Jarvis deleted these vids after he got banned. lmao

  • Tauhid gaming
    Tauhid gaming Year ago +1

    Anyone notice the thumbnail did Jarvis change the thumbnail or predict the future

  • Xeno WRLD
    Xeno WRLD Year ago

    Jarvis was insane bro

  • skylarMinecraft
    skylarMinecraft Year ago +1

    My man predicted the future

  • Dragonballian
    Dragonballian 2 years ago +54

    Teeqo: I couldn’t build
    Also teeqo: I couldn’t switch back to my guns

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 8 months ago

    Good times when Jarvis was not banned

  • Aim FN
    Aim FN 8 months ago

    Me: omg Jarvis is so good
    Me now: I remember when he got bann3d

    • M1nty
      M1nty 8 months ago

      Imagine him now

  • GamingWithTLG
    GamingWithTLG Year ago

    Proof Jarvis is secretly out there playing fortnite in a different acc

  • System
    System Year ago

    Did this man predict the future?

  • Kizi FN
    Kizi FN 3 years ago +1443

    Who else clicked on the video knowing Jarvis would clap all of them?

  • hecker
    hecker Year ago

    I’m watching this and crying about how happy fortnite made Jarvis

  • FranksLive
    FranksLive Year ago +1

    When one of them died I had an advert of coffin dance 😂😂😂

  • Fxlipino
    Fxlipino Year ago

    who else misses jarvis

  • Malachi Messenger
    Malachi Messenger 10 months ago

    Jarvis is cracked man

  • Young Tryhard
    Young Tryhard Year ago +3131

    Did anybody notice the thumbnail there’s fade and aqua man isn’t this a year ago????

  • Fulanito_arre _Oke?

    Jarvis a time traveler

  • No
    No Year ago

    I though this was the new season but then I remembered Jarvis is banned

  • Zain SZN
    Zain SZN Year ago +1

    I just love how jarvis gets a minigun first round to show his aimbot

  • NazHerexd
    NazHerexd Year ago +25

    Love how the season passes and they keep on changing the skin in the thumbnail

  • Malak Talib
    Malak Talib Year ago +429

    I love how big youtubers say I’m laggy but they never really experience lag

    • Reverze
      Reverze Year ago +1

      No lazer beem did now how ut feels to lag

    • Brenda Muluka
      Brenda Muluka Year ago

      @Ya_Boi Dom i have 150 ping on a good day

    • Daniel
      Daniel Year ago

      look at thumbnail they leaked skins wtf

    • ch!llz
      ch!llz Year ago

      Papa Rewq but when it was his cam it was not

    • Rayhan On mobile
      Rayhan On mobile Year ago


  • Sewed Up
    Sewed Up Year ago

    Can anyone tell me what’s the map code for this zone wars

  • Frostie
    Frostie Year ago

    You predicted the future on the thumbnail

  • Chizzle Mc Fizzle
    Chizzle Mc Fizzle Year ago +1


  • TRexLikesLEGO
    TRexLikesLEGO Year ago

    Is it just me or is the thumbnail predicting the future

  • Moxtion Storm
    Moxtion Storm Year ago

    He predicted the future

  • -kashira-
    -kashira- Year ago +1

    Jarvis knows the future😳

  • Native Slay8r
    Native Slay8r Year ago

    50% talking about the thumbnail
    20% saying Jarvis is the best
    30%talking bout faze

  • Ian Chun
    Ian Chun Year ago

    i thought this was a new video by a thumbnail and i thought that jarvis was unban from fortnite

  • Jyzo ‘
    Jyzo ‘ 3 years ago +3

    Orba: the guy that’s confused of the map but trick shots still
    Gwidt: he no facecam guy
    Teeqo: the rager
    Kay: the camper that teams up with his brother
    Blaze: the guy that gets third party all the time
    Adapt: the default that gets lucky wins and just walks and sprays with a drum gun
    Jarvis: the sweaty tryhard

  • Amandip Singh
    Amandip Singh Year ago

    Who want Jarvis back on fortnite

  • Jon Moyle
    Jon Moyle Year ago +5

    Don't u realise Jarvis' eyebrows when he laughs

  • emokai305
    emokai305 Year ago

    Dam Jarvis smart af changeing the thumbnail to get more money

  • Showingmylandingss

    this is the content that jarvis filmed when he wasnt banned

  • Carmz
    Carmz 3 years ago +53

    You should make a open zone wars fam for the fans!😂

  • Rap Instrumentals

    Who else thought the thumbnail meant Jarvis was playing fortnite

  • Fresh_uxie
    Fresh_uxie Year ago

    Jarvis u predicted the future

  • Harry
    Harry Year ago

    When I saw the thumbnail and Jarvis I was like WTF

  • XxKingWill
    XxKingWill Year ago +1

    I guess Jarvis is a hacker look at the thumbnail

  • Silk
    Silk 3 years ago +13

    U should do more zonewars videos with faze

  • john mcgarry
    john mcgarry Year ago

    Jarvis is a epic partner

  • Lautaaaaa
    Lautaaaaa Year ago

    Jugaba re bien

  • Lynn Young
    Lynn Young Year ago

    What do you meeeeen Jarvis predicted every thing even Midas

  • Kahilex x
    Kahilex x Year ago

    They predicted the future

  • kanonlol
    kanonlol 2 years ago +12

    I always laugh at the start when Gwidt and Teeqo say I'm outta mats and he's whited for sure

  • CharCoal
    CharCoal Year ago

    9:44 Jarvis Should of Built a Floor and then put his launch pad down so he wouldnt die buy fall damage

    • DawgieGD
      DawgieGD 9 months ago

      He Is Not Ryft (His Fingers are not fast)

  • Lam Pham
    Lam Pham Year ago

    Jarvis is a timetraviller

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack Year ago

    they might have put it in drafts

  • Kyle Truong
    Kyle Truong Year ago

    Who else is watching this in 2021 and watching Jarvis play in like 40000000 years

  • Micus
    Micus 2 years ago +69

    4:27 he wasn’t lagging😂🤣

    • Melanie Allen
      Melanie Allen Year ago +1

      @Ok Boomer You really failed that trick, there was a great attempt

      CTRL FROSTY 2 years ago

      Micus FN no u can hear his mic lag like crazy
      Read more

    • jarrod chadwick
      jarrod chadwick 2 years ago

      lmao he said, its so lagyyy, next minute,i couldnt builddddd, i couldnt switch to my gun

    • Chris Chimborazo
      Chris Chimborazo 2 years ago

      You can hear the mic lagg

    • Kryptics Xc
      Kryptics Xc 2 years ago +2

      Because the faze house runs on the same internet

  • XLR _8
    XLR _8 Year ago

    I love how this is made 1 year ago but every skin wasn’t in the game in the thumbnail

  • Morgan CreedFTW
    Morgan CreedFTW Year ago

    So like does Jarvis Actually change his thumbnails of his video from years ago LOL 😂

  • braydonn50
    braydonn50 Year ago

    Who still watches Jarvis,s videos and now there sus see what being banned does to your brain

  • GHOSTシ
    GHOSTシ Year ago


  • campbell mb
    campbell mb 3 years ago +387

    Jarvis: invites kay to a party
    Kay: OmG tHaT wAs InSaNe BrO!

  • Eclips_Jared
    Eclips_Jared Year ago

    When i saw the thumbnail i was like wait Jarvis is banned right now