Men's Rights vs Feminism: Is Toxic Masculinity Real?

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    The Gender Pay Gap:
    Neuroscience of Sex Differences:
    Emotion Suppression and Mortality Risk:
    Gender Bias and the Death Penalty:
    Women's Access To Female Hygiene Products:
    Gender Bias In Family Court System:
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Comments • 80

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  4 months ago +6672

    Hey Goodhumans, we hope you enjoy this episode and we hope it sparks meaningful & productive dialogue in your lives, as well as here in the comments. To keep up with what we're doing and for episode sneak peeks, follow us on Instagram!

    • Socially Awkward -_-
      Socially Awkward -_- 18 days ago

      Agent piggles I hope you know that not all females are like that right?

    • Chief Gully
      Chief Gully Month ago

      @Don Cheeto in general I disagree with the idea of toxic masculinity. There are toxic males yes see derick. There are toxic females. Unfortunately derick is Male however I don't think he is masculin.
      But that has to do more with how I view masculinity rather than the premise your making

    • Sam Watts
      Sam Watts Month ago

      I both feel bad for Derrick (he's basically all on his own here) but also cringe at it cause he's definitely a hardcore traditionalist.

    • Michael Prentice
      Michael Prentice Month ago

      Seriously, who thought the incel was a good representative of men's rights. The other two were spot on, but the incel made them look terrible just by association. Do better.

    • Shocke89
      Shocke89 Month ago

      @Demon Sucking Me Dry and having nothing but educated women... instead of a diverse range of educated women aka one who is a drop out one who is mid range and one who is top tier would of been fair... anyway... the fight is over in one statement... suicide... men commit suicide more than women do... aka more men are losing their lives than women... on top of that... society constantly tells men they are expendable...draft anyone? the draft basically says men lives are less important than women's.... until women are expected to lay down their lives for all... and are forced to like men are they will never be equal and always be more privileged than men.

  • Dr Pepper and Cinnamon
    Dr Pepper and Cinnamon 29 minutes ago +1

    Oh and Derrick Isint weak he looks like some nerd teenager

  • fredmagic09
    fredmagic09 53 minutes ago

    Derrick is and asshole and Mimi is too defensive.

  • Taco McCoy13
    Taco McCoy13 Hour ago

    I am so glad that these feminists actually want equality because most (that I have seen) don’t seem to care about problems that men have, and just want perks

  • 20 subscribers without video challenge

    Ok I'm am guy but I disagree with the men's right activists

  • Nicola Bezdek
    Nicola Bezdek 2 hours ago

    Both sides have made valid points. Yes, I full heartedly believe that men should have the same type of favour that a woman has in a family court. Being a mother does not make you a good caregiver. Yes, I completely agree and can say from experience, that it can be scary as a woman to walk into the world alone and be harassed. Finally, YES, I agree men & women are different - and these differences compliment each other. Equality isn't about taking these differences away, but it is about respecting each others differences and honouring the fact that every individual has their own dreams and passions and should have the same amount of opportunities, and the same amount of praise / salary for the same type of work. There are a list of very good points mentioned - I think the most destructive element in this conversation is ignorance (I'm talking about you Derrick)

  • Umay Türk
    Umay Türk 2 hours ago

    These people aren’t men’s rights activists they’re just sexist, misogynistic men

    • D Brd
      D Brd 42 minutes ago

      Umay Türk simp

  • I H A T E K A R L O S S

    thanks for the good laugh. everyone’s equal but keep arguing it’s entertaining.

  • Choc Ola
    Choc Ola 2 hours ago

    Honestly the comments about Derrick frustrate me they say he’s not a men’s rights activist he’s sexist but when a women is sexist people call her a feminist

  • Nykole Jenkins
    Nykole Jenkins 3 hours ago

    She completely belittled him "I know you came with your little research" yes because if you want a real debate you can't use your feelings

  • C.N. Mbhalati
    C.N. Mbhalati 3 hours ago +1

    I'd like to find a comment that isn't about Derrick, you know?
    I'm actually really interested in what the rest of y'all think about this fascinating topic and what all of these people said.

  • Moshibudi Mphahlele
    Moshibudi Mphahlele 3 hours ago

    Of all the episodes of middle ground I have watched, this is probably by far one where the conclusion did not end in both parties understanding each others cause and being able to identify that the underlying motivating factors are the same

    A painful watch, I'm surprised I made it to the end

  • Tommy Buttigieg
    Tommy Buttigieg 3 hours ago +1

    The golden rule: don’t hit a woman
    But people want equal rights
    So ...we don’t hit anyone,problem solved

    • cartohead
      cartohead 3 hours ago +1

      70% of unilateral domestic violence is perpetrated by womyn on men.

  • Micah Moore
    Micah Moore 4 hours ago +2

    Women have their girl talk when they're together. I think It's unfair to just pin 📌 it on the guys for having guy talk

  • Chelsea Ramirez Tun
    Chelsea Ramirez Tun 4 hours ago

    The fact that the most verbal participant of the mens right's side is looking 12 years-old with a Spidey-sweater... actually, that makes sense now that I say it out loud

    • cartohead
      cartohead 3 hours ago

      How curious that the feminists on this panel say they don’t like having to re-think what they wear to avoid snarky, rude comments.

  • Daniel Murillo
    Daniel Murillo 4 hours ago +1

    16:25 my guy said checkmate 😂

  • DImarIX
    DImarIX 4 hours ago

    If u wanna see more of Derrick then watch
    " I am an incel - ask me anything " by the same channel
    Thank me later.

  • honeybee bee
    honeybee bee 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry but who decided Derrick to be a part of this 😂😒

  • A-lex
    A-lex 4 hours ago +1

    16:40 she is trying to make him feel bad because he is knowledgeable

  • I’m too lazy to come up with a clever name

    Derrick is like, comically evil. Like, god damn... dude seems like a character straight out a movie, he’s that bad

  • Eakwarong Plangam
    Eakwarong Plangam 5 hours ago

    I like how girls face feel like.

  • Adam Blaize
    Adam Blaize 6 hours ago +2

    I thought this was a really interesting discussion and I think both sides made good points. However, when the girls are talking about locker room talk, which I really don't like, by the way, it suggests that women don't talk about men in a certain way, which they do. I've worked in predominantly female workplaces and I can tell you that the way women talk about men and sex can be just as crude and dIsmissive of men. But in that instance, it isn't really addressed in the same way, because when people work in an environment that is predominantly of their own sex, I don't think they necessarily realise what they're doing. It just becomes a very casual thing.
    The subject of the death penalty didn't really get much attention either. They sort of skipped over that topic and it's a huge issue when it comes to human rights.

  • Igamealot102
    Igamealot102 6 hours ago

    13:41 *reverse card*

  • Igamealot102
    Igamealot102 6 hours ago

    Might as well call the AC sexist.

  • Ariela Gonzalez
    Ariela Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    One word, Promundo

  • Yah ways
    Yah ways 6 hours ago +1

    This is the confusion: What is being called “Toxic Masculinity is not masculinity at all! Real mean don’t hurt women and children nor do the posture against other males! What they are calling “Toxic Masculinity” is males who have not developed into men. Undeveloped(immature developmentally) males is because men have been ran out of the homes for many reason in America’s history. You name it..from wars that take out men and either they died or was so jack up from the experience to the warfare system that tells a woman she can be supported financially by the government “if” they is no man in the house just to name a few things/reasons. Any women of color who says she is feminist doesn’t not understand why it was created in the first place not the ideology of the women who started his movement. It is a sham for the beginning and diabolical!!! I all for women to be tried equal with the understanding of the difference, cause as one of the ladies spoke about her monthly and that a place we’re we are not equal at all nor can be yet I want to understand and empathize with her. Not we are not equal but we are equal!! Our differences are a compliment too one another. So glad you guys had this discussion!! We need more of it!! To go back to the black girl and men doing things to her that was not right..I put money on it that a real man, a truly masculine man was not part of his/their lives. For a masculine Father would have taught his son how to respect women!

  • idk yeet
    idk yeet 6 hours ago

    derrick = sexists

  • Danne Gerard Pagayunan

    so you believe in feminism and not in mens right? well thats odd

  • Bdbdbf Rbdngb
    Bdbdbf Rbdngb 7 hours ago

    blue hair girl has entered the chat

  • Jeffery Epstein
    Jeffery Epstein 7 hours ago

    What's with all the hate thrown at Derrick for?

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 7 hours ago

    Derrick is radiating small peepee energy

  • potait ish
    potait ish 7 hours ago +2

    i think it would have been very intriguing to have a woman as one of the mens rights activist. im proud to be a girl, but i actually agree with a lot of the things the boys said (not including derrick of course). women have lots of advantages in todays society, and men often get ignored when they ask for emotional help. i wouldn’t say i’m an activist, but i do believe men dont have it as good as women in a social standpoint.

  • Jeffery Epstein
    Jeffery Epstein 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know Derrick's full name and details?

  • Liv Fultz
    Liv Fultz 7 hours ago

    can someone find derrick's youtube channel so i can spam him with dislikes and report him?

  • Nick Joy
    Nick Joy 8 hours ago

    I wasn’t going to comment because I’m sure it’ll get lost in the others, so whoever sees this here I go! People like Derrick are an easy dislike, his fascist rhetoric is so easily dislikable, and can be called out so quickly. People like Zach are what worry me. A man who pretends to be open and understanding but ultimately is immovable and spreads messages of biological difference and superiority. It’s in the grey of his sentences it’s in passiveness of his tone. Just saying

    • D Brd
      D Brd 41 minute ago

      cartohead he's a simp.

    • cartohead
      cartohead 4 hours ago +1

      Why do you hate men?

  • Asdfg Hjkl
    Asdfg Hjkl 8 hours ago

    *Imagine Derick is a gay*

  • w23857980
    w23857980 8 hours ago +2

    The lady complained about being touch be a guy. That's not a Feminist issue. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone. Most men just don't report it. A female coworker kept grabbing my penis. I never reported her. I just told her to stop.

  • Asdfg Hjkl
    Asdfg Hjkl 8 hours ago

    _When they asked about toxic masculinity, I'm waiting for the women to mention Derick as an example_

  • Isach Sam
    Isach Sam 8 hours ago

    This is the only video of Jubilee I ever dislike bc of Derrick.

  • w23857980
    w23857980 9 hours ago +3

    I don't see the gender pay gap. Britney Spears makes more than me. My wife makes more than me. I have a higher college degree than my wife.

    • vilja jolanki
      vilja jolanki 3 hours ago

      its about the fact that a man and a woman doing the exact job get paid different amounts, of course brirney spears earns more than you, she is a celeb, your wife earns more because she has a bettrr job, its not about the education or the gender.

  • Oopsie Poopsie
    Oopsie Poopsie 9 hours ago

    He is the thing about incels guys, you should feel bad for them. They have bought into a horrible cynical worldview where there only worth is their appearance and the women they can get. It’s reinforced by other people like that. These people get no love, compassion, or true friendship in their lives for the most part. It’s what they need more than anything.

  • Ear Of Truth
    Ear Of Truth 9 hours ago

    I love how the comments are having such nice conversations about this topic... against Derrick 😂😬

  • hailee oxford
    hailee oxford 9 hours ago

    The boy in yellow looks like he sits in his room all day and plays video games and buys my friends onlyfans

    • cartohead
      cartohead 3 hours ago

      I girl in the white shirt looks like she falsely accuses men of rape, and reads EverdayFeminism online.

  • Meme memes Kids
    Meme memes Kids 9 hours ago +2

    The wage gap is none existing, the woman takes fewer hours than a man because they have to go home and care for their children and it has actually been proven that women that take the same hours as a man are more likely to earn more than their male counterparts. Also, feminism has shifted from fighting for equality to doing a lot of man-hating. 80% of American women believe that there is an inequality between women and man but only 5% of them identity as a feminist and think about how America is the country where feminism is most active.

  • monkey butt
    monkey butt 9 hours ago

    The worst part is that Derrick considers himself to be one of the “good incels”. If this is the belief of a good incel, I’d hate to see what’s in the mind of a bad incel.

  • theuncannyxfan
    theuncannyxfan 9 hours ago

    I don't think playing Pokemon counts as the study evolutionary biology, Derrick.

  • Aquaz Art
    Aquaz Art 9 hours ago

    Mens rights is include in feminism... so what are these fellas standing for?😐 What's some main differences?

    • D Brd
      D Brd 39 minutes ago

      Angry Egalitarian he won't answer that. LOL!

    • Angry Egalitarian
      Angry Egalitarian 4 hours ago +1

      Haven’t us men proven by now that we’re not falling for this? If feminism is about equality then why do feminists repeatedly lie about the pay gap yet ignore the prison-sentencing gap? Why are feminists against men having a say in whether our own children are born yet are okay with men being forced by the government to pay child services? Why did feminists get women the right to vote without being forced to sign up for selective services to be drafted like men have to? Why have feminists not attempted to fix this miscarriage of justice after nearly 100 years? Why do feminists spend so much time complaining about video games, cat-calling, being asked to smile and other non-life-threatening problems when men are more likely to be murdered, driven to suicide and die at work? Why are feminists still pretending that men are the privileged ones in the modern, western world in spite of all the issues I just mentioned?

    • cartohead
      cartohead 4 hours ago +1

      Nope. Observable mainstream feminist practice actively harms men and boys. Educate yourself on 1- the Duluth model; 2- Dr Mary P Koss and the categorization of men “forced to penetrate;” 3- the removable to the right to due process from men on college campuses; 4- feminist groups lobbying again shared parenting as the starting point in child custody cases; 5- the white feather campaign; 6- what feminists did to Earl Silverman’s efforts to get funding for Canada’s only shelter for abused men.

  • Tek
    Tek 10 hours ago +1

    Yo someone find Derrick's channel I wanna clown on this man

  • Slajanna Jean
    Slajanna Jean 10 hours ago

    I feel gypped! They need to redo this one...

  • Black Phat Guy
    Black Phat Guy 10 hours ago

    Why did they pick Derrick outta all of the men that's with men's rights.

  • andrejnovember
    andrejnovember 10 hours ago

    These people are just hurt.

  • Rain Cloud
    Rain Cloud 10 hours ago

    I think I was blinded by the shiny grease of Derricks hair

  • Fahad Butt
    Fahad Butt 10 hours ago +1

    Name 1.
    I don't have the list dude.
    Wtf just name 1.

  • Fahad Butt
    Fahad Butt 11 hours ago +1

    Last time I wanted to express my feelings, I broke my blackberry 😭. Nah. Look here, even for girls, a stranger doesn't need to know what you feel. He or she can prey on your feelings. And men are told to control themselves cause when they usually express, it's sheer anger, and violence. Men is less likely to hit a woman when comparing to woman hitting a man. But one slap of man would be much harder than 100 slaps of woman to man. So that's why they are told to control. (I have personally experienced it too.)
    Men don't cry? Who the hell says that, men just don't cry in public. And being from Pakistan, I have seen men crying on their sister's weddings, on their parents' death. But, they can not cry like women cause they have to deal and negotiate with other people in society. And if these other people know they can make you cry, they will make you cry, again if woman is is in similar role, she should not cry too.

  • Kill_Fortnite
    Kill_Fortnite 11 hours ago +1

    I wish Dr Shayn was in this video as he gives solid points on why feminists are taking it to far.
    If you don't believe me go watch a video of his or two.

  • Mina Myoui
    Mina Myoui 11 hours ago

    Zach is soo hott omg

  • Bo Casey
    Bo Casey 11 hours ago

    Derik: wears a spiderman sweatshirt and is a TheXvidr and a men's rights activist. wow.

  • Nicole Kaye
    Nicole Kaye 12 hours ago +1

    bless these women for keeping their composure HOLYY

    • cartohead
      cartohead 4 hours ago +2

      I say womyn getting over emotional and snarky and angry. I saw the men keeping their composure.

  • Clown.comments
    Clown.comments 12 hours ago

    Only white males should have equal and good rights don’t @me

  • Josh Charles
    Josh Charles 12 hours ago

    I'm glad im not the only one who realised Derrick was sexist from almost everything he said😂

  • Definitely not dead inside.

    They got the most logical feminists, the most passive men’s activists. Then they had to fuck everything up with DERRICK.

    • cartohead
      cartohead 4 hours ago +1

      The feminists had no facts, and were resentful and dismissive of empirical evidence, and favoured feelings over facts. Is that was passes as “logical” in feminist circles? How sad.

  • Xhrisnugget Nose
    Xhrisnugget Nose 12 hours ago +1

    Dude those women were so ironic it was insane

  • Joanna M Pay
    Joanna M Pay 12 hours ago

    Interested to hear any guy's opinions here in response to the video?

    • Joanna M Pay
      Joanna M Pay 5 minutes ago

      @Ult_R4nger 94 Just any opinions between the way the two parties understood/didn't understand each other. Just interested to see how ideas were communicated and what makes you agree or disagree with them

    • Ult_R4nger 94
      Ult_R4nger 94 10 hours ago +1

      What specifically did you want to hear in response?

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia 12 hours ago

    There’s no such thing really as a harmful joke. That’s why it’s a joke. It’s not to be taken literally but for the sake of humor.

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia 12 hours ago

    In Derricks defense you honestly can’t be best friends with a girl. With that connection one will eventually catch feelings for the other. Even if they stay “friends” they can’t be best friends per say.

  • JAY S3
    JAY S3 12 hours ago +1

    They should retitle this
    Equality vs feminism vs derrick

  • Skye Walker
    Skye Walker 12 hours ago +2

    The term toxic masculinity is already sexist. End of story

  • Constance Nowell
    Constance Nowell 12 hours ago +1

    Notice how each women is more qualified thane each man I mean Derek is TheXvidr everyone is equal I don’t understand how people still think the opposite we are not in 1856 anymore

    • cartohead
      cartohead 12 hours ago

      < A woman who scoffed at PhD research and could not back up her claim with evidence is more qulaified than a PhD student. What a good feminist you are!! >

  • Jianna Jackson
    Jianna Jackson 13 hours ago +3

    I don’t think the feminist developed their points at all. I think they gravitated too much towards isolated events and I think they should have been more statistically accurate and generally concerned. Men are proven to be less emotionally intelligent and more rationally and statistically driven. The feminist trying to appeal to the men’s rights activists’ emotional sides, made them much less dynamic in this conversation.

  • Eden Kastonguay
    Eden Kastonguay 13 hours ago +2

    9:27 she sounds like men who says that feminists hate men. There’s men that created safe spaces for men who live domestic violence. Men are often discriminated for their child custody bc of their gender even when they are qualified and the mother is not. The list goes on. Men’s rights are also human rights!!

  • AdaliaNL
    AdaliaNL 14 hours ago

    I hate how Derrik talks like he’s coming from such a deep place I hate his voice

    *its not bc I’m mad I’m not a feminist it’s just his voice makes it seem like he’s trying so hard to sound smart*

  • Bob Jow
    Bob Jow 14 hours ago +2

    Honestly I hate feminists

  • OBN J
    OBN J 14 hours ago +2

    Men can’t hit woman but woman can hit man

  • OBN J
    OBN J 14 hours ago +1

    5mins in and she’s getting triggered

  • AdaliaNL
    AdaliaNL 14 hours ago +2

    I don’t get “men’s rights”, they don’t have problems with rights I’m confused

    • cartohead
      cartohead 2 hours ago

      Men are 80% of completed suicides, men are 95% of occupational deaths, men are less than 40% of college enrolment, men are 70% of the homeless population, men receive 63% longer prison sentences than do womyn for the same crime, men’s health care is funded at less than half of womyn’s, divorced fathers are awarded custody only 20% of the time.

    • cartohead
      cartohead 2 hours ago

      Stop filtering the world through the lens of feminist ideology. Then you will understand.

  • Leila Mangos
    Leila Mangos 14 hours ago

    I hate the point about child-bearing - I'm female and I don't want kids. Does this make me useless?

  • 尺丂ん Booter
    尺丂ん Booter 14 hours ago

    Why does everyone on this show talk about "COLOR" like thats not valid were in the 21st century get ya head out of the god damn gutter

    ROBERT HARPE 15 hours ago

    Derrick literally just called himself an incel. 😂

  • Stoyan Petkov
    Stoyan Petkov 15 hours ago +1

    The way they got all women feminists and all men MRAs is nearly as bad as the fact they thought an incel would make a productive intellectual contribution to the discussion Jubilee I love you but this ain’t it

  • Mia Pinto
    Mia Pinto 15 hours ago

    I just think all of the males had very poor attitudes

    • cartohead
      cartohead 13 hours ago

      < Well of course you do… you’re a feminist. >