• Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • I FOUND THE STRONGEST GLUE IN THE WORLD!! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX EVERY GLUE IN THE WORLD. This may be stronger than flex tape flex seal gorilla tape or gorilla glue! We also make slime and do more cool glue experiments!!
    TRAV: thexvid.com/video/1OY45HsRe6k/video.html
    ROARY: thexvid.com/video/YSiX5MQcr_s/video.html
    Video editing by: @jeremysevillano
  • ComedyComedy

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  • JustDustin
    JustDustin  5 months ago +1429

    I'm thinking of shouting out the people with post-notifications on.... so who wants a shout out

  • Nir Haber
    Nir Haber 5 hours ago +1

    Curb your enthusiasm

  • JNutt22
    JNutt22 11 hours ago

    you should've worn one of those painters suits. easier clean up for the glue. You can just throw it away

  • Ponyo Bigger
    Ponyo Bigger 20 hours ago

    you need flex rope 🤣🤣

  • adventure videos online


  • Heidrun Ragnarsdottir

    Your not 1000 pounds?!? U wana be fat?

  • Mason Burke
    Mason Burke 2 days ago

    Elmer’s is the crappy glue we use at school😢

  • Jayden Bridges
    Jayden Bridges 2 days ago

    i'd say definately Undertaker is better because he had the 21-0 wrestlemania streak Kane didnot

  • Trey Justice
    Trey Justice 2 days ago


  • Hayden Mahon
    Hayden Mahon 2 days ago +1


  • Hayden Mahon
    Hayden Mahon 2 days ago +1

    Did you get a hare cut

  • Jerry Alanis
    Jerry Alanis 4 days ago

    Glue yourself to the wall

  • 14X Productions
    14X Productions 4 days ago

    So, dustins logic. Tells camera man to com prepared, then tells the camera man he forgot his football helmet

  • Rio Vlogs
    Rio Vlogs 4 days ago

    Make a house with bricks and flex glue

  • Harrison Cowan
    Harrison Cowan 5 days ago

    you could of put the wood on the ground glued yourself on it than get lifted upside down!

  • Maryam Alzarooni
    Maryam Alzarooni 5 days ago

    why don't u glue yourself first then make them lift you up while ur stuck on the portable wall

  • sudan Phab
    sudan Phab 6 days ago

    You should flex glue yourself to the wall 😂

  • Tyler Florian
    Tyler Florian 7 days ago


  • B Queen
    B Queen 7 days ago

    Me I’m a big fan

  • Michael Boden
    Michael Boden 7 days ago

    You didn’t use hot glue

  • Hamo Darkside
    Hamo Darkside 7 days ago

    Your fans are so cringy

  • Gerhard Nutz
    Gerhard Nutz 7 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/tGopYFTggEQ/video.html .... the strongest.... 3 grams.... and 17.5 tons

  • Gage M
    Gage M 8 days ago

    this vid is super cool

  • Sheila Zech
    Sheila Zech 8 days ago

    Do a 100 layer Wall with flex glue

  • Kristen McGaha
    Kristen McGaha 8 days ago

    Kane cause that's my name

  • Hunter Reeves
    Hunter Reeves 8 days ago

    You looked high asf nigga

  • Yo Mama Skyler
    Yo Mama Skyler 8 days ago

    Same they are the brother of DESERSTSkON

  • jake johnson
    jake johnson 8 days ago


  • Ace 432
    Ace 432 9 days ago

    Could have glued yourself and lied down on the wood and had ur friends lift u up

  • Ana Carvalho
    Ana Carvalho 9 days ago


  • Whoops Cheesy
    Whoops Cheesy 9 days ago

    Me I subed and put on post notifacacion

  • Bassy verhoef
    Bassy verhoef 10 days ago

    I think it’s just a good product

  • Zach Huss
    Zach Huss 10 days ago

    Dawg he looked high during this

  • Rocky Barrs
    Rocky Barrs 10 days ago

    Stevo would of done it in a speedo

  • Kyrtysse Bass
    Kyrtysse Bass 10 days ago

    Can I be shout out

  • Kyrtysse Bass
    Kyrtysse Bass 10 days ago

    What is the song you play

  • Sky Chef
    Sky Chef 12 days ago

    Neither Roman reigns is better than Kane and undertaker

  • Terick Rodriguez
    Terick Rodriguez 12 days ago


  • Christine Gashe
    Christine Gashe 12 days ago

    Undertaker is so much better than kane

  • Cedric Tiongson
    Cedric Tiongson 12 days ago

    U use flex glue to flex on people like if u agree

  • Unknown Tentacion
    Unknown Tentacion 13 days ago


  • crazy monkey
    crazy monkey 13 days ago


  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones 13 days ago +1

    The only weapon he should of used was WATER

  • Ultimate deadpool studios

    Undertaker hands down

  • Jake Beckwith
    Jake Beckwith 14 days ago

    The Undertaker DURRRRRRR

  • Omega
    Omega 15 days ago

    OG bat is the best

    KRIBOH WARRIORS 15 days ago

    Easily the UNDER TAKER!!

  • The beasts213
    The beasts213 15 days ago +1

    Undertaker is my most favorite person in the wwe

  • The G.O.A.T
    The G.O.A.T 15 days ago


  • Anjeni Shana Pillay
    Anjeni Shana Pillay 15 days ago


  • Ben Winters
    Ben Winters 16 days ago

    Undertaker's best

  • Crazy Chicken Tendies
    Crazy Chicken Tendies 16 days ago +1

    That’s alot of damage

  • SCP 096-J
    SCP 096-J 16 days ago

    2:46 Wasted

  • The Green Maniac
    The Green Maniac 17 days ago

    flex rope

  • Demonic Gaming, Inc.
    Demonic Gaming, Inc. 17 days ago

    Should’ve covered the whole board wore a diving suit (wet suit) laid on it for 2-4 hrs than had them lift you to the side to test if it holds than have 4 man lift you over the floor around 4-5 feet with cushion under you to protect your knees face shoulder and elbow. Or made a self rising table that went to the floor laced yourself with glue and used it as a human hydraulic press for 2-4hrs. (Obviously not actually pressed but rather just against the body) me an my friends did the first idea as I didn’t trust them to listen when I said it was down far enough. Lol.

  • Slimey The fox
    Slimey The fox 18 days ago


  • gh0stlygamingxD
    gh0stlygamingxD 18 days ago +1


  • jonathan anderson
    jonathan anderson 19 days ago


  • jonathan anderson
    jonathan anderson 19 days ago

    The undertaker is beyyer

  • kingfast13
    kingfast13 19 days ago

    "Oh my cod" lol

  • Mr SpaceMan
    Mr SpaceMan 19 days ago

    Yooooo just Dustin if u see this you should flex tape yourself to a walll!!!!

  • Iris Maldonado
    Iris Maldonado 19 days ago

    Did you use the pro version in this video?

  • Blake the Pro 2008
    Blake the Pro 2008 20 days ago +1


  • Tyler lee
    Tyler lee 20 days ago

    Gorilla glue is strong since it can hold 10 pounds more than flex glue.

  • KingOrion
    KingOrion 21 day ago

    I like the undertaker

  • Thenixcaller Calls
    Thenixcaller Calls 22 days ago +1

    He should do a flex glue wall like so he can see

  • yahiko
    yahiko 23 days ago +1

    what the hell are u the disiple of mrbeast

  • Aidan Wallace11
    Aidan Wallace11 25 days ago

    You look high af

  • d4t0n3b01
    d4t0n3b01 26 days ago

    You're supposed to use the pro formula in the cylinder block one

  • Deadpool 100
    Deadpool 100 27 days ago

    Undertaker is better

  • Abel Rod
    Abel Rod 27 days ago

    You should make a weapon out of flex glue by using a mold
    An example is an axe head to put on the wood handle and you could use it in your videos

  • laland and megan shepherd

    Soouuu weeee mama

  • JaxLikesGames
    JaxLikesGames 29 days ago

    These are the kind of videos that I at 3:00am

  • whatthexbox old channel

    More jumpcuts than Requiem for a Dream lol

  • Amanda Skinner
    Amanda Skinner Month ago +1

    Ur my favorite TheXvidR Dustin

  • Destroyer Combat
    Destroyer Combat Month ago


  • Different Feelings
    Different Feelings Month ago

    Dustin: *It definetly wont work underwater*
    Commercial for flex Tape: *Has clip of flex tape Underwater working*

  • Daniel McKinney
    Daniel McKinney Month ago

    Kane’s better. A bit too much intensity for my taste but I’m deffinitely subscribing to roary after that spartan kick

  • Dani Kurniawan
    Dani Kurniawan Month ago

    Wow thats lot Damage

  • Jared Bengert
    Jared Bengert Month ago


  • DeeTheFree
    DeeTheFree Month ago

    Why does everyone think he is unspeakable

  • Jason Holt
    Jason Holt Month ago


  • No_ movement
    No_ movement Month ago


  • AsrielAdam
    AsrielAdam Month ago

    Justin: Out with the axe,
    Me: in with the sax.
    Justin: in with the saw.
    Me: that does not rhyme at all.

  • Brittany Church
    Brittany Church Month ago

    Kane the big red machine

  • S V S G
    S V S G Month ago +3

    Make a flex glue wall and try to destroy it

  • ThunderBolt917
    ThunderBolt917 Month ago +2

    And u forgot all the other glues besides hot glue sticks

  • Mindy Bates
    Mindy Bates Month ago +1

    That was torture for Dustin I don’t like that guy that came anymore I don’t know his name

  • Colton Nutt
    Colton Nutt Month ago +1

    Do a gel wall kind of like gel ribs

  • Yann Rezk
    Yann Rezk Month ago

    E need u

  • Yann Rezk
    Yann Rezk Month ago


  • V1K175U RØDR1
    V1K175U RØDR1 Month ago +1

    I wonder if people use flex glue to build walls of some sort these days since it seems to work pretty well

  • Eatmybutt .comik
    Eatmybutt .comik Month ago

    Kid saying souuuweeee did a hump when he was done what a weirdo

  • I can’t think of a name

    Of course an ad pops up right before he knocks it down

  • Noahandrews Andrews

    Hi Dustin you are one of the best TheXvidrs on TheXvid put the good work my babe you are the best and don't let anyone tell you otherwise no matter what they say you will always be the best TheXvidr to me PS Dustin you're one of the best TheXvidrs on TheXvid ever and you're the best TheXvidr ever thanks for all the good content

  • Al Grether
    Al Grether Month ago

    What is the
    POINT of this

  • Eloy Hernandez
    Eloy Hernandez Month ago +1


  • jokudas maželis
    jokudas maželis Month ago

    Tu a fakik

  • galaxy ender
    galaxy ender Month ago

    Do u have elvish ears

  • Jorden Dailey
    Jorden Dailey Month ago