Don't Crush Obsidian

  • Published on Jun 12, 2021
  • I crush an obsidian sphere in my hydraulic press
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  • Shoyo hinata 🍊
    Shoyo hinata 🍊 6 months ago +11912

    “You shouldn’t play with the obsidian shards they are really sharp”
    *Picks up the shards and sprinkles it like fairy dust*

  • Manuel Sánchez
    Manuel Sánchez 19 days ago +2810

    "dont play with obsidian"
    -His index finger is already cut and bleeding 😂

    • Susimpastagaming
      Susimpastagaming 4 days ago

      @Gloomy same

    • Gloomy
      Gloomy 4 days ago


    • Gorbo
      Gorbo 6 days ago +9

      Bro even bandaged it

    • Susimpastagaming
      Susimpastagaming 7 days ago +12

      I was about to put a comment similar like yours until I saw yours

  • KeniclesTheEpic
    KeniclesTheEpic 13 days ago +533

    “Don’t play with broken obsidian”
    *proceeds to hold obsidian dust and obsidian shards to show how sharp it is without any gloves or protection*

  • hima bindu karanam
    hima bindu karanam 7 days ago +27

    "don't play with obsidian "
    me : well there goes my weekend plans

  • Wii Menu Uninstaller
    Wii Menu Uninstaller 14 days ago +68

    "Don't play with broken obsidian"
    My brain: gotta play guitar with that pick, NOW

  • Private Account
    Private Account 10 months ago +8855

    “Don’t play with broken Obsidian..”
    *proceeds to play with broken Obsidian*

  • Rich O
    Rich O 6 days ago

    Depends on what type of energy is transferred into it. A sudden high velocity impact decinates it but a slow Increase, it's pretty resistant.

  • ¡nterdimens¡onal ranger

    That was some genuine excitement! Like a little kid! I love hearing when adults still have the kid in them!

  • I Am KianaRoe
    I Am KianaRoe 3 hours ago

    I wonder .. has he ever gone to the hospital and the doctor says “oh back again what weird alien products were you experimenting on this time?” This would be very interesting to know.

  • Claymore_Roomba6513
    Claymore_Roomba6513 2 days ago +2

    “Don’t crush obsidian”
    Steve: hold my pickaxe

    CYANIDE 10 months ago +14307

    "don't crush obsidian"
    Yea like we all got a hydraulic press lying around

    • Robert Jensen
      Robert Jensen Day ago

      @Misterrorschach only if you settle for a crappy one. Minimum $1000 for a decent one.

    • Nicholas Ng
      Nicholas Ng 2 days ago

      Weve got oprah

    • Kuroo Tetsuro
      Kuroo Tetsuro  3 days ago

      wait you dont have one? lame

    • Lavaot
      Lavaot Month ago +1

      @kagdra omen yep , I broke one by letting it fall on the floor once, it's pretty brittle. And I can say it first hand although it's really fun to play with the shards ,be very careful it cuts pretty deep into your finger ;-;.

    • Lavaot
      Lavaot Month ago

      @Neverous Dizon it's actually pretty common if you visit areas near volcanoes ( like hawaii or something like that) , either that or visiting Mexico , or Bolivia they are literally sold in the gift shops near Aztech piramids and stuff . If you are lucky you might even be able to find it on an esoteric shop near you hahah

  • Not Sans
    Not Sans 18 hours ago

    Yeah i was waiting for to explode like a frag grenade lol. The your little safety window is probably filled with tiny shards. Obsidian is very sharp, but also very brittle.

  • Issaiah Covarrubio
    Issaiah Covarrubio 13 days ago +2

    "Don't play with Obsidian"
    Shows us how to play with Obsidian 😆

  • Benoit Brabant
    Benoit Brabant 6 days ago +3

    And this kids, is why you ALWAYS use a diamond pickaxe on obsidian.

  • Oreb Poon
    Oreb Poon 13 days ago +33

    "Think fast chucklenuts!"
    *obsidian sphere explodes*

  • Joe Dowd
    Joe Dowd 10 months ago +12432

    “Don’t play with broken obsidian”
    His bandaged finger: you see nothing

    • Family Guy ★
      Family Guy ★ 8 days ago

      Nah this is actually fake, He just photoshopped himself into Tom Holland’s experiment , you can see that the roaches move weird when they fell into the table.

    • Rachael M
      Rachael M 14 days ago


    • toetoe sengprachanh
      toetoe sengprachanh 14 days ago

    • Taterds
      Taterds 29 days ago

      You are supposed to learn from his mistakes

    • Danilo b Malit jr
      Danilo b Malit jr Month ago

      Try Remelting it

  • AceOfSarcasm
    AceOfSarcasm 20 hours ago

    Fun fact: obsidian is 3 times sharper than diamond! The reason for that is because since it can fracture down to a single atom, it can have a perfect sharp edge (which can be seen under a microscope as the blade appears completely smooth, while a sharp metal blade appears sawed under a microscope), which makes it the sharpest blade on the planet! Dangerous!

  • Esteban G
    Esteban G 12 hours ago

    “Don’t play with obsidian”
    Proceeds to break his own rule and cut his finger.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Day ago

    So funny, I bought an obsidian ball identical to that 15 years ago and it sits on my desk. Never thought about it’s strength, but it looks cool.

  • Adbot
    Adbot 8 hours ago

    One of the main characters in a webcomic I want to make is a golem made from obsidian, so I was trying to find something like this. Thank you for unintentionally helping

  • LeMagicalPotato
    LeMagicalPotato 11 months ago +21905

    “Don’t put obsidian in a hydraulic press”
    “Don’t play with the shards, they’re razor sharp”
    Well there go my plans for tonight

  • Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident 4 days ago

    “So I wanted to see what would happen to obsidian if I put it in my hydraulic press”
    Me, who learns about ancient history: *This will go perfectly*

  • Kycada Jones
    Kycada Jones 14 days ago +4

    Fun fact: obsidian shards can break off to have tips and "blades" as thin as a single atom.

  • Wasted Cabbage
    Wasted Cabbage 4 days ago

    Obsidian: "You wish to crush me? Well I'm not going out alone!" *breaks hydraulic press*

    THE RIDER GAMER 10 days ago +10

    "You should not play with broken obsidian shards"
    Action lab: *I missed the part where that's my problem*

  • Frogstronaut
    Frogstronaut 11 months ago +35870

    Obsidian is one of those materials that actually can slice cells in half, high quality surgical tools sometimes are made of obsidian

      ALEJANDRO LEÓN RIVERA 2 days ago

      @Josh Hayes Obsidian is harder than a knife made of steel, so it would work better for cutting than common blades

    • El Hopper
      El Hopper 3 days ago

      That’s super cool

    • Volker Siegel
      Volker Siegel 4 days ago

      @RegretfulCurve It is hard to sharpen obsidian.

    • nic :)
      nic :) 16 days ago

      @wra1th 0 radium is more radioactive

    • Ardyneus
      Ardyneus 19 days ago

      I think obsidian knives are more sanitary too.

  • xXDagoth UrXx
    xXDagoth UrXx 5 days ago

    Isn't it sharp enough to separate things on a molecular level? Also I assume the dust isn't good for lungs

  • speedythony 123
    speedythony 123 4 days ago

    "It's just like a razor blade"
    actually a razor blade is 250 times less sharp than an obsidian shard

  • j - schnab
    j - schnab 6 days ago

    He sounds so simple yet he's so extremely intelligent.

  • A N O D Y N E F I X
    A N O D Y N E F I X 3 days ago

    Alternative title: how I made my hydraulic press into a frag grenade with this one zany trick other youtubers dont want you to know

  • MoliminousTheater
    MoliminousTheater 8 months ago +11985

    *Drags his hands in the dust and debris*
    Each shards like a razer blade

    • ariko calon²an
      ariko calon²an 6 months ago +1

      @Hector Robles heheh 🤣

    • MK8 Master!
      MK8 Master! 6 months ago

      @Father Grigori What’s that?

    • MK8 Master!
      MK8 Master! 6 months ago

      @ManKind Oh they are prepared to give me tips and advice. But they want $300 in return which is STUPID!

  • AmazingAraw
    AmazingAraw 13 days ago

    "These obsidian shards are razor sharp"
    Chefs: i think we are just ganna take this...

  • Adam Straub
    Adam Straub 23 days ago +7

    I love his reactions so much, brings out the kid in me.

  • Snorty McGout
    Snorty McGout 5 days ago

    I love how you can already see his finger bleeding when he's talking about not playing with obsidian lmao

  • GerMan 18
    GerMan 18 2 days ago

    “You shouldn’t play with obsidian”
    *proceeds to play with obsidian*

  • Yudha
    Yudha 10 months ago +3668

    him: “dont play with broken obsidian”
    *proceeds building nether portal*

  • happy40
    happy40 13 days ago +2

    Me, a geologist : "that's just glass."

    • Rubber Boi
      Rubber Boi 9 days ago

      Uh oh, guy with an obsidian knife and baseball bat is coming for you.

  • Big boi moose
    Big boi moose 4 days ago

    All he needed was a diamond pickaxe, I have no clue why he needs that hydraulic press.

  • SkyΞ
    SkyΞ 8 hours ago

    How strong is obsidian?
    Obsidian: strong enough to break your press

  • Abri_Saber
    Abri_Saber 3 days ago

    A little of me died when that perfect obsidian sphere was crushed.

  • Ray
    Ray 10 months ago +4847

    “Obsidian is razor sharp” *pans to bandaged finger*

      BOSS MYOUI 3 days ago

      Imagine dusting the obsidian sharps off your finger and your eyes suddenly becomes itchy.
      Death 👁👃👁

    • Paul F
      Paul F 23 days ago


      GAE FOR IRENE BAE 10 months ago +4

      Now I wonder how he come to that conclusion 😂

    • Dora M.S.Č.
      Dora M.S.Č. 10 months ago +9

      I came here to say that 😂😂

    • jim thompson
      jim thompson 10 months ago +78

      Guy: mom my fingers are sore and my tongue is bleeding.
      Mom: how many times do i have to tell you not to mess with atomically sharp volcanic glass fragments?
      Mom: you didnt eat any did you?
      Guy: just wanted to see what it tases like.
      Mom: *shakes head* tell your father we are going to hospital again.
      Doctor in ER: he put obsidian dust in his mouth. WTF.
      Nurse: should i get paperwork for Darwin Award?

  • Cordero C
    Cordero C 2 days ago

    This dude has everything cool!!

  • Danymok
    Danymok 18 days ago +4

    You need to use a diamond press if you want to crush obsidian, enchanting it helps too

  • Gaming4Justice
    Gaming4Justice 3 hours ago

    "Don't play with broken obsidian"
    Literally plays in it and then later has his finger bandaged up xd

  • Aron
    Aron 4 days ago

    I said to myself “Oh obsidian must be really strong then.” Right after I said that it exploded.

  • MyBrainHurts
    MyBrainHurts 6 months ago +19302

    “Don’t think you should play with the shards of obsidian”. With a bandage on his finger.
    That’s hysterical!

    • da meme Channel
      da meme Channel Day ago

      Yea true

    • Geoff
      Geoff 3 days ago

      Kind sirs, the contents creator has throat noise (voice) anomaly in quadrant III sector II. Please advise to see Chinese Dr. for increase male hormone

    • Carson Campbell
      Carson Campbell 27 days ago

      My grandma had a little potted cactus and it has little tiny needles and she told her friends “the needles at so soft you can touch them” and she proceeded to pet it and wouldn’t you know it her hand was in banged and she was constantly complaining

    • peashooter 1001
      peashooter 1001 Month ago

      Lol yeah

    • bubba41123
      bubba41123 Month ago

      Thank you.

  • WildF1reFan
    WildF1reFan 10 days ago

    “Don’t play with obsidian shards, they are really sharp.”
    Well looks like I have a new weapon idea to get back at my friends.

  • 26_VIIC_Anant Gaur
    26_VIIC_Anant Gaur 21 day ago +1

    No matter how hard it is, it's nothing compared to the pop corn nut thingy 😂

  • SaladAss
    SaladAss 7 hours ago

    Imagine inhaling some of the finer broken pieces

  • FastRed
    FastRed 2 days ago

    That diamond press must've been expensive

  • Human Being
    Human Being 11 months ago +3270

    Him: “Don’t crush obsidian”
    Also him: *Crushes obsidian*
    Him again: “Don’t play with shards of obsidian”
    Also him again: *Picks up obsidian and plays with it*

  • Elias Adrian
    Elias Adrian 17 days ago

    "Let's see what happens if we crush it on a hydrolicpress"
    Famous last words

  • r4nd0m
    r4nd0m 3 days ago

    Takes about 8 seconds to mine with a diamond pickaxe i don’t see a problem.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 17 days ago +1

    Him: Don't play with broken obsidian
    Also him: *Plays with broken obsidian*

  • d159inu
    d159inu 10 days ago

    Bro imagine being a cave man trying to carve a spear out of this thing!!!

  • MediocreSuperman
    MediocreSuperman 11 months ago +13751

    "and don't play with obsidian shards, they're razer sharp"
    in the next cut he's wearing a big blue bandage on his finger lol

    • 10th letter
      10th letter Month ago

      @Neurotic I mean, it doesn't really matter true... Just a comment online

    • Neurotic
      Neurotic Month ago

      @10th letter He could’ve swapped hands during any point between cuts or cut it on a different shard? Why do you say that like it being on the other hand means he didn’t get cut by the obsidian?

    • every name i make is cringe
      every name i make is cringe Month ago

      Nice pun

    • Oliver Lewek
      Oliver Lewek 2 months ago


    • Casey Bibbee
      Casey Bibbee 2 months ago

      Definitely a do as I say not as I do moment

  • Jaafer Alzeera
    Jaafer Alzeera 8 days ago

    Wow! God's creations. I guess a sphere is the ideal shape to spread any pressure from any sides, and i love how physics knew the only way it could destroy a sphere is to turn it into a diamond to direct all pressure to two sides.

  • Traffic Cones Up My Wet Juicy Ass

    Everyone knows you can only fully break it with a diamond pickaxe…

  • Haven playz
    Haven playz Day ago

    Only legends would make a portal with the lighter.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 days ago

    Yeah, it’s obviously strong. It takes 7-8 seconds to mine with a diamond pickaxe!?!

  • Josh _eB
    Josh _eB 10 months ago +4084

    Scientist: “Obsidian can cut on a microscopic level!”
    This Guy: “It turn into obsidian dust!” *Vigorously grabs obsidian dust*.

    • Michael Mercedes
      Michael Mercedes 10 months ago

      I was like 😦😦😦😦why...? Why are you touching it?!????

    • Alan Witteborg
      Alan Witteborg 10 months ago

      Seriously he probably just filled his room with glass dust. As someone who Knapps arrow heads and uses obsidian, you always want to do it in a well ventilated area with a breeze away from you.

    • sudilos117
      sudilos117 10 months ago

      @Gilbert Perez Hey it tastes like blood!?

      DONT TREAD ON ME 10 months ago

      Damn:… your right!

  • MintySupreme
    MintySupreme 18 days ago

    It's fragile to the point where it's damn near impossible to make a sword out of obsidian

  • Shubham Bohra
    Shubham Bohra 25 days ago

    He took balls of steel to a whole new level 💀

  • Clorax the Disliker
    Clorax the Disliker 27 days ago

    My takeaway from this: Obsidian weapons are useful.

  • Jaaziel Chavez
    Jaaziel Chavez 5 days ago

    -Dives his hand in the obsidian dust pool
    - "I don't think you should play with these shards of obsidian"
    -finger is visibly all cut up

  • CFV
    CFV 10 months ago +5051

    Hidraulic press: I'l crush you
    Obsidian: maybe, but I'll take you with me

  • Chase Vasquez
    Chase Vasquez 6 days ago

    Obsidian is literally volcanic glass, it's a bit stronger than glass but otherwise it only lasted that long because it was a sphere, making it surprisingly durable

  • Sun Hashira
    Sun Hashira 10 days ago

    "Don't think You shouldn't play with shards of obsidian, obsidian is really sharp."
    *Picks up the shards and sprinkles them like SaltBae in secret, hopefully not.*

  • Ollie Last
    Ollie Last 27 days ago

    I’m mad he broke the perfect sphere.

  • iComplain
    iComplain Day ago

    Oof, the press is broken! Wonder how much that cost.

  • wildwubbzy2
    wildwubbzy2 11 months ago +4758

    “The obsidian just shattered like glass!”
    *Throws his hand into the shattered obsidian*

    • wildwubbzy2
      wildwubbzy2 11 months ago

      @gentlepoopgamer the hell did that come from

    • Jamaul
      Jamaul 11 months ago

      How'd you think he got the bandage 🤣

    • Brian Liesberg
      Brian Liesberg 11 months ago +2

      @Raph It's actually a type of natural glass.

    • Raph
      Raph 11 months ago +3

      @Brian Liesberg that’s what I wanted to say. Obsidian is very similar to glass

  • 3 buttons of jk’s shirt which he doesn’t use

    *Legends say that the hydrologic press broke cause it wasn’t made up of diamond*

  • Guillermo Alcántara
    Guillermo Alcántara 4 days ago +9

    "I see why they made weapons out of this"
    A huevo wey los aztecas estaban vergas

  • Arab v1nce
    Arab v1nce Day ago

    Achievement: new weapon unlocked
    New weapon: obsidian shard

  • mktrill
    mktrill 4 days ago

    "don't think you can play with the shards" he said with a guy on his finger .... "It's like a razor blade" he said with a bandage on his finger lol

  • Critical Productions
    Critical Productions 5 months ago +6943

    “Don’t play with obsidian shards”
    *is literally bleeding from grabbing handfuls of obsidian shards*

    • bait
      bait 3 months ago

      Stop using literally wrong plz

    • Dirk Karmel
      Dirk Karmel 5 months ago

      Main use of bandages, before handling obsidian glass, is to maintain a steady grip on the pieces !

    • Dirk Karmel
      Dirk Karmel 5 months ago

      Lucky, if you are just bleeding !
      Handling Obsidian shards,
      can be compared to:
      putting your hand in a blender !

    • Basically videos
      Basically videos 5 months ago

      When did he even bleed?

  • Nevermind
    Nevermind 4 days ago

    “I’m so confident it won’t budge I’ll put my hand in there”

  • qt boy_qt boy
    qt boy_qt boy 2 days ago

    The hydraulic press just went ultra instinct it was like "no u will face my wrath"

  • TheRealVixe
    TheRealVixe 4 days ago

    The press: "Maybe i have underestimated you"

  • Will
    Will 23 days ago

    Proceeds to rub his fingers in the shards 😂 We live and we learn

  • meatrocket8
    meatrocket8 11 months ago +4275

    “Don’t play with these shards”
    Has fresh cut and blood on his finger as he plays with it.

    • Joe C
      Joe C 11 months ago

      @Acenio and thx :D

    • Joe C
      Joe C 11 months ago

      @gentlepoopgamer ?

    • Joe C
      Joe C 11 months ago +1

      @Acenio yes cuz if a minecraft player is the same size as him
      Half of he's body height is a height of a block :]
      If a baby one block lol
      The sphere obsidian is a hand size and its the same size if its picked up by a minecraft player and holding it the logic of minecraft be like

    • Acenio
      Acenio 11 months ago

      @Joe C The sphere is significantly smaller than a minecraft block, which is 1m³.

  • krusty gaming
    krusty gaming 20 days ago

    That dust can cause several lacerations as well.

  • Brandt P. Sweet
    Brandt P. Sweet 19 days ago

    Spheres are structurally very stable if it were any other shape it would break very quickly.

  • Brandt P. Sweet
    Brandt P. Sweet 19 days ago

    Spheres are structurally very stable if it were any other shape it would break very quickly.

  • amabo - read backwards

    Lmao, tries breaking obsidian without a diamond hydralic-press.

  • Thanga Meenakshi
    Thanga Meenakshi 11 months ago +3438

    "Don't play with these fragments"
    He says while playing with those fragments

      LAUGH IS FUN 11 months ago

      @Super Jon Ninja may they rest in peace

    • Super Jon Ninja
      Super Jon Ninja 11 months ago +1

      @LAUGH IS FUN I once knew of a channel, that is nolonger with us.

    • johnnytweed
      johnnytweed 11 months ago +3

      I for one am glad he warned me. I am probably going to try and crush an obsidian sphere in an industrial hydraulic press here at my home at some point in my life, as most people do, and I probably wouldn’t have thought not to run my fingers through the millions of shards of glass afterwards.

    • Jamaul
      Jamaul 11 months ago +3

      He has a bandage around his finger😂, I guess he not too long figured out that it was sharp

    • adrin
      adrin 11 months ago +3

      @Serious Business yeah he's a grown up he can jump on a volcano

  • zhubwat
    zhubwat 5 days ago

    Crushing a sphere... we all knew what was coming...

  • Anton Fedorak
    Anton Fedorak Day ago

    Should have used a diamond press instead of an iron one

  • Verified
    Verified 4 days ago

    Me: Imagine making a knife out of that
    "I see now why they made weapons out of this"
    me: oh well there goes my billion dollar plsn

  • Wrinkly Doggo
    Wrinkly Doggo 6 days ago

    “Don’t play with shards guys”
    -*plays with shard*

  • History Secrets
    History Secrets 10 months ago +4802

    Just get an Enchanted Diamond pickaxe, much faster and a perfect square too! 💎⛏️

    EJAY JUSTO 10 days ago +1

    Robber:"I have a gun!"
    Me:"pocket obsidian!"

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays 22 days ago

    "Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel, today we will be crushing this large obaidian ball, enjoy"

  • Fractured
    Fractured 4 days ago

    Everyone knows you need a diamond pick ace to break obsidian, don’t ever use a press or a wooden pickaxe.

  • Alexandros Theocharous

    Since obsidian is basicly volcanic glass a compressed sphere of it would be highly resistant to pressure, and the sheer force being released when the sphere crushes produces so much sudden kinetic energy, it's enough to break a hydraulic press.

  • ceaser21i
    ceaser21i 9 months ago +5614

    "Don't play with obsidian shards, it's very sharp"
    next scene: proceeds to play with it and one finger bandaged 😂

  • Howdy Partner
    Howdy Partner 4 days ago

    No wonder we need a Diamond pickaxe. It makes sense now

  • LargePotato
    LargePotato 9 hours ago

    oh silly, you need diamond to break obsidian 😂

  • Nathaniel Royston
    Nathaniel Royston 7 days ago

    When you forget that obsidian is just volcanic glass

  • Container Milk
    Container Milk Day ago

    He didn’t even need a diamond pickaxe.