• Published on May 9, 2017
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Comments • 11 136

  • TTV-TwitchgoD-YT
    TTV-TwitchgoD-YT 10 hours ago

    The way he held that laptop scares me.

  • Mr. Woop
    Mr. Woop 16 hours ago

    5”12’ vs 6”0’

  • fiscer247
    fiscer247 Day ago

    Mark-Ass Brown Lee

  • snow49032
    snow49032 Day ago +1

    4:45 linus insinuating that marques jerks offs to his subcounter 🤣

  • I have no name
    I have no name Day ago

    The screwdriver bit got me hard

  • Corey Sweet
    Corey Sweet 2 days ago

    At least Marques has a picture of Daft Punk on the wall when Linus walks into his office.

  • One Eyedeagle
    One Eyedeagle 2 days ago

    Linus ramsey

  • MaximillianMus
    MaximillianMus 2 days ago

    this video is basically linus roasting marquees and then roasting himself even harded

  • Florin Arnautu
    Florin Arnautu 2 days ago

    Note 7 reactions made my day better 😂😂😂

  • Ornn
    Ornn 2 days ago

    the only way linus could ever have a clean studio is if he moved lmfao

    NORTHEENZ 2 days ago

    this was actually really funny…

  • Joshy Sy
    Joshy Sy 3 days ago

    hes really mean like shutup dude

  • dylan byrne
    dylan byrne 3 days ago

    Man you are halarious

  • Ajoi Zainal
    Ajoi Zainal 4 days ago

    you only such a bastard OCD guy

  • Human Cat
    Human Cat 6 days ago

    He has 6 year old honey nut cheerios! LOL!

  • Mathew Patriarca
    Mathew Patriarca 6 days ago


  • Alex Fils-aime
    Alex Fils-aime 6 days ago

    I absolutely lost it when he showed the lotion at 4:30 😂😂😂

  • James McClanahan
    James McClanahan 6 days ago

    What does one do with four Nokia 3310s?

  • banana mango UnboxingMYstuff

    Linus should create a new business...." janitorial services or cleaning services for home or office"
    Hey! Linus!!
    Who cares if it's fake " it's a studio set ... not a residential property.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 7 days ago

    Very funny video.

  • Даниил Грунин


  • banana mango UnboxingMYstuff

    Mkbhd your the best... 👍♥️
    We still support and subscribe your channel... God bliss always.

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 8 days ago

    Beso anime crossovers

  • brayden trefethen
    brayden trefethen 9 days ago

    when linus sees a note 7 run its a bomb

  • sam watkins
    sam watkins 9 days ago

    4:04 *warning* always store your food especially *plastic bottles and plastic wrapped food* away from direct light of the sun. Because if not they may become harmful and poisoning and sometimes carcinogenic.

  • Megaracer asdf
    Megaracer asdf 10 days ago

    As a german im so proud of his complaining skills :D
    Nearly thought he Coupe be one

  • Guru G
    Guru G 11 days ago

    I have the same garbage!! ,can I say that I have something of the setup of marques?

  • Franky B
    Franky B 13 days ago

    White socks and sandals..... Unsub

  • VsSimon student
    VsSimon student 13 days ago

    "that's just a bomb” hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha lmao

  • Candyrush
    Candyrush 14 days ago

    You silly boy you are exposing sir mkbhd but the real truth was that you are a bloody shit fucker you are eating the shit of a pig

  • Candyrush
    Candyrush 14 days ago

    Bloody 🖕👉👌👉👌 fuckerr

  • Pierce Tuttle
    Pierce Tuttle 14 days ago

    Ive been watching for like 1 and a half years and i just now subbed whats my life

  • JB Duarte
    JB Duarte 14 days ago

    It reminds me of gordon ramsey

  • final X
    final X 14 days ago

    what a dushbag

  • Richard Rider
    Richard Rider 14 days ago

    Stop trying to be iDubbz thank you.

  • Xander Bolt
    Xander Bolt 15 days ago

    Linus is really short

  • Xander Bolt
    Xander Bolt 15 days ago

    Gordon Ramseey

  • Alfonzo Soto González

    Screw that clickbait Linus Tech Tips!

  • Nelson Toizam
    Nelson Toizam 16 days ago +1

    Why MKBHD is a legend? Legend is something not everyone can achieved so easily so don't compare with a legend.

  • alex madhi
    alex madhi 16 days ago

    I love his reaction at 5:32

  • Chordz Official
    Chordz Official 17 days ago

    Linus being OCD for 7 min

  • Entrichon
    Entrichon 18 days ago

    2:06 Linus and a C4...best action movie ever...

  • WiLd_ Lamma
    WiLd_ Lamma 18 days ago

    I should stop shopping at Ikea

  • Guni Gugu
    Guni Gugu 18 days ago

    wow. that was just boring

  • Nouman Afzal
    Nouman Afzal 19 days ago

    😅😆thats amazing

  • James Young
    James Young 19 days ago

    Love this video the more I watch it haha 😂 👍

  • prashant gautam
    prashant gautam 20 days ago

    5:30 oh my god its a bomb!!😂

  • GameSource
    GameSource 20 days ago +2

    *mArKAsS bROwnlEe*

  • Rafay Mahmood
    Rafay Mahmood 21 day ago

    Linus you look like an angry dwarf standing next to marques

  • DODOBIRD ._.
    DODOBIRD ._. 22 days ago +1

    This video should be called "Linus Being a Hypocrite For 7 Minutes"

  • Joe
    Joe 23 days ago

    OMG it's a BOMB😂

  • aleechs dijon
    aleechs dijon 23 days ago +1

    totally love the fact that there is absolutely NO sarcasm at the beginning...

  • Rickest Rick
    Rickest Rick 23 days ago

    Dang i live near him! Can I have his exact address...for research purposes?

  • david losteiner
    david losteiner 23 days ago

    4 3310's. 4 OF THEM

  • Moshe Madula
    Moshe Madula 24 days ago

    All those phones...

  • Moshe Madula
    Moshe Madula 24 days ago +1

    To THOSE who don't get it...The studio is neat, very expensive. The dude is inspired.

  • Rub3n
    Rub3n 24 days ago

    I love Ikea

  • Violet Thompson
    Violet Thompson 24 days ago

    OMG this is the funniest video you've ever made. I don't think I've laughed so hard hahahaha
    Supply of moisturizer and tissue bahahaha

  • Tyler Tomuri
    Tyler Tomuri 24 days ago +1

    Your like my mum when she walks in to my room 😕😕

  • Marie Tiburcio
    Marie Tiburcio 25 days ago

    I love your collabs with other influencers! Unbox therapy next?

  • Isaac Lwanga
    Isaac Lwanga 25 days ago

    Well since you busted mkhbd ,we need someone to do the same to you .

  • Sebastian Budde
    Sebastian Budde 26 days ago

    Is this supposed to be funny? So uncomfortable to watch.

  • Akshat Jain
    Akshat Jain 26 days ago

    2:05 "We don't need to call the bomb squad" 😂😂😂

  • Gubinath Balasubramaniam

    Annoying as f

  • Lord Gwyn
    Lord Gwyn 26 days ago

    He was not ready for this audit

  • Morncreek
    Morncreek 27 days ago

    Aaand I'm out and disliking. Leave the cheap politicking at home, please.

  • AviationPro
    AviationPro 27 days ago

    That was short

  • Lucidream
    Lucidream 27 days ago

    lmfao that note7 hhhhhhh

  • Wraith
    Wraith 27 days ago

    He needs lotion amd tissue while watching his subscriber count. Defenitely weird 🤔

  • Rohan nair
    Rohan nair 27 days ago

    Can u just make a vedio of audio technica earbuds.....

  • Anka Best
    Anka Best 28 days ago +1

    why is he called MKBHD?

    • Anka Best
      Anka Best 25 days ago

      +Alexandre Loens i mean what thoses letter stands for?

    • Alexandre Loens
      Alexandre Loens 25 days ago

      It was the channel name

  • Maky brb
    Maky brb 28 days ago

    This feels like gordon ramsay mk 2

  • Basti De Guzman
    Basti De Guzman 29 days ago

    The amount of sarcasm in this video

  • Albert Lin
    Albert Lin 29 days ago

    heh this is quite funny

  • Amani Windon
    Amani Windon 29 days ago

    Marques is really hot

  • andy's Yt Acc
    andy's Yt Acc 29 days ago

    I love the link to cable ties

  • William Orgeness II
    William Orgeness II 29 days ago

    that Graphics card tho

  • Burglar Haunter
    Burglar Haunter 29 days ago +1

    My studio now

  • Spirit God
    Spirit God 29 days ago

    Cream and some tissue

  • Harvey Bolton
    Harvey Bolton Month ago

    its a B O M B!

  • ARAA
    ARAA Month ago

    4:33 im dyin

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Month ago

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!! Eather he is tall as hell or the other is short.

  • Nikola Nikolov
    Nikola Nikolov Month ago


  • ThatPhoneGuy YT
    ThatPhoneGuy YT Month ago

    I have now started to realize that Linus is racist.


  • LooseChange
    LooseChange Month ago

    ummmmmmmmmm.............. jealous much???

  • Lawgx
    Lawgx Month ago

    Hey its markass

  • Sehajpal singh
    Sehajpal singh Month ago

    moisturizer and tissues ....ladies and gentlemen we got him

  • The HoBrothers
    The HoBrothers Month ago


  • Lance Nostrum
    Lance Nostrum Month ago

    2:04 ya realize that they made models afterwards that fixed the uh...

  • BͫHͤ SͫtͤUDIOS
    BͫHͤ SͫtͤUDIOS Month ago

    i love how chill marques is about all this

  • Itz Цra
    Itz Цra Month ago

    Yo Linus CHILL

  • James Herron
    James Herron Month ago +51

    Linus: (Sees a Note7)
    Linus: IT'S A BOMB!

  • metatou saladman
    metatou saladman Month ago +2

    1:33 those shoes bro, my eyes!!!

  • Awhol Lotta Whoopass

    These dudes are everyone man!

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Month ago

    Is Linus short or is Marques like 8 feet tall?

  • Adam A
    Adam A Month ago

    Wow!! Exposed!!!

  • Kevin Washington
    Kevin Washington Month ago

    I know this is satire but say it with me.....WHINY LITTLE BITCH

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris Month ago

    Ikea is gr8