• Published on May 9, 2017
  • Thanks to MKBHD for the tour :) check out his channel thexvid.com/user/mkbhd
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Comments • 10 597

  • Shivam Koshta
    Shivam Koshta 18 hours ago +3

    Linus nailed it, I died laughing man...………...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

  • Zeemo
    Zeemo 21 hour ago

    He pats the sub counter and it shows a decrease in subs oof

  • Adrovide
    Adrovide 3 days ago

    Me: I love Cheerios
    ”When Linus see a package from 2013”

  • Kwrisford Richard
    Kwrisford Richard 3 days ago

    funny stuff

  • fjaen dariagan
    fjaen dariagan 3 days ago

    5:30 that killed me XD

  • Furno
    Furno 5 days ago +4

    "Now we're getting into the place where you spend most of your time"
    Zooms in on lotion bottle

  • TNF_Twirl
    TNF_Twirl 7 days ago

    i want ED from techsource to come to Linus Tech Tips studio.

  • Zephur M
    Zephur M 8 days ago +2

    Linus: Gets invited to *COLLABORATE* with MKBHD
    Linus: Enters the studio
    Also Linus:

  • Metra force
    Metra force 9 days ago +1

    5:26 *_a simple set down of that Nokia 3310 would crack the phones underneath it_*

  • SachiePyunPyun
    SachiePyunPyun 10 days ago

    Mark Ass.

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A 10 days ago

    4:33 lol 😂

  • dick dickerpoops
    dick dickerpoops 11 days ago

    marques is wearing a devil shirt and Linus is wearing a vessel shirt, nice touch.

  • Rohit Mit
    Rohit Mit 12 days ago

    Mkbhd shirt explains everything XD

  • Jerdon Torrey
    Jerdon Torrey 12 days ago

    He needs to do more of these videos!

  • SB 8888
    SB 8888 13 days ago +5

    “Now we’re getting to the place where you obviously spend most of your time”
    cuts to shot of moisturizer

  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 14 days ago +1

    2:04 #BombSquad 😂😂😂😂

  • q_rps art
    q_rps art 14 days ago

    Tech Ramsey

  • Ajay Singh Kheechee
    Ajay Singh Kheechee 14 days ago

    Now that's how you criticize 😂

  • Skippy 4077
    Skippy 4077 14 days ago

    Is that a socks and Sandles combo I see Linus rockin there hahahahaa.......lol....MOE workboots...(Google bogan) if curious

  • JustRallax
    JustRallax 15 days ago +1

    Stay to tech your social skills make me cringe

  • Gaming With Jason
    Gaming With Jason 16 days ago

    Galaxy Note 7 + Battery = DEATH FROM NOTE 7 BATTERY EXPLOSION

  • redtesta
    redtesta 17 days ago

    tisk tisk on the trump

  • Sacramento/SFBayWX 2002

    5:32 when mom finds weed inside your closet...

  • Mannuj Shroff
    Mannuj Shroff 18 days ago

    Linus, What Are Those at 0:11

    KARLOS BUCAYU 18 days ago

    A twist🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    You made me laugh very hard🤣🤣

    ARENIO 20 days ago

    i love how he can BARELY keep a straight face criticizing him its the funniest part

  • Springdaisy
    Springdaisy 22 days ago

    Funny as hell

  • Jason Cheung
    Jason Cheung 23 days ago

    Linus kinda criticizes MKBHD. Editors show similarities of Linus.

  • Guy Pipili
    Guy Pipili 23 days ago

    this is like a drill sergeant coming to inspect your space…

  • Rami Otchiwa
    Rami Otchiwa 24 days ago

    When u die in red zone

  • Paul C.
    Paul C. 24 days ago +1

    *_Nothing beats Linus Tech's orderly & cleanliness_*

  • Pavithra Kumar
    Pavithra Kumar 24 days ago

    Linus short man problems :D

  • Logan Britton
    Logan Britton 25 days ago

    Come to S.M. Hanson in Salina kansas

  • Saad Salman
    Saad Salman 25 days ago

    Linus is a synonym of a bully to MKBHD

  • Goombah
    Goombah 25 days ago

    I want Fortnite, and Markass Brownlee.

  • Crafty Ninja
    Crafty Ninja 25 days ago


  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 26 days ago

    Hahahaha mess up
    Don't waste money uselessly

  • Adeed Taher
    Adeed Taher 26 days ago


  • Fragster
    Fragster 27 days ago +1

    wait..... Body lotion and tissue......seems obvious

      AARUSH NAIR 27 days ago

      Marques jacking off to his glorious sub counts

  • Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan 27 days ago

    Socks and sandals, u mad ?

  • sujan kasaraneni
    sujan kasaraneni 27 days ago

    That guy is lazy

  • Flyingpigg
    Flyingpigg 28 days ago

    @ 3:28 can anymore tell me what desk is that please?

  • Algard
    Algard 28 days ago


  • Pratik salve
    Pratik salve 28 days ago

    2:06 & 4:39 😂😂


    Best Video all time.

  • Arkulous
    Arkulous 29 days ago

    Mark ass brownie..

  • Sujan Dhar
    Sujan Dhar 29 days ago +2

    5:34 lmaaoooooo lol im ded

  • Sujan Dhar
    Sujan Dhar 29 days ago

    1point tbh ! is Linus so short or Marques is too tall ?

  • Sujan Dhar
    Sujan Dhar 29 days ago


  • Leo J
    Leo J 29 days ago

    *Zooms in on lotion*

  • PleasantGroveVarsityBasketball

    Who thinks its funny that MKBHD has more subs than Linus, so much for Linus being the” Daddy of tech YouTubing”

  • Wagner Cabral
    Wagner Cabral Month ago

    god damn this video is two ear old already

    TEZE RACT Month ago

    2:28, dwarf vs giant.

  • Shahnaz Ara Siddiqua

    MKBHD isn't giving a sh*t to Linus.

  • CrAzY PaRaNoId
    CrAzY PaRaNoId Month ago

    Compering his office haha

  • Jack Gsx
    Jack Gsx Month ago +1

    Linus holding his laptop is me trying to hold my life together

  • Srj Suria
    Srj Suria Month ago

    🖕u linus🤬🤬😡

  • Nylon Epek
    Nylon Epek Month ago

    Marques: *Has messy studio*
    Linus: _I'm bouta end this man's whole career_

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago +12

    Linus: *Sees Note 7*
    Linus: iTS a BoMb

  • tortillawing tv
    tortillawing tv Month ago +1

    This is literally when you see someone on Instagram to when you see them in real life


    Was the politics really necessary? Terrible video!

  • H5WE 3
    H5WE 3 Month ago

    He tryna be aggresive cuz of his height

  • Arive Jahan
    Arive Jahan Month ago

    its made my day 😂

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe Month ago +1

    Great funny video very kool

  • Luke F.
    Luke F. Month ago

    mark ass brownie

  • Cambo Fixing
    Cambo Fixing Month ago


  • shivaji shivaji
    shivaji shivaji Month ago

    I love mkbhd video becoz no bullshit always straight to point

  • Mohammed Fadel
    Mohammed Fadel Month ago

    "U know how disgusting this is?"

    Nigga shut up, ur disgusting

  • Technology Pedant
    Technology Pedant Month ago

    Anyone notice that Marques said in the conversation about the collaboration that his baby was coming? Does he have a kid? Am I really dumb and behind the times? IS HE MARRIED AND HAS A KID

  • hell mama raised
    hell mama raised Month ago

    The virgin linus VS. The Chad MKBHD