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ROCKETS vs JAZZ | Donovan Mitchell Goes OFF in MONSTER 4th Quarter! | Game 4

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • The Jazz outscored the Rockets in the 4th quarter, 31-12, highlighted by 19 points from Donovan Mitchell (31 total for the game, 7 rebounds, 4 assists) to earn a 107-91 victory and force a Game 5 on Wednesday night (8:00 p.m. ET on TNT) in Houston. Jae Crowder added 23 points (8-13 FG), 4 rebounds and 2 steals in the victory. James Harden led the Rockets with a team-high 30 points (8-19 FG, 6-12 3pt FG), to go with 4 assists, while Chris Paul tallied 23 points (8-19 FG), alongside 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks in the losing effort. The Rockets’ lead in this best-of-7 series is now 3-1.
    GAME 5: 🏀: Jazz vs. Rockets 📅: Apr. 24, 8:00pm/et 📺: TNT
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Comments • 386

  • Blackface Drake
    Blackface Drake 27 days ago +4

    8:35 NASTY

  • Reel912Films
    Reel912Films 28 days ago

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  • Joe Om
    Joe Om 28 days ago

    8:32 And this is why no matter how many buckets Harden ever makes in his career he will never go down in nba history as a lebron or kobe because he just doesnt have that killer instinct. Your in the fkn playoffs and your going to “walk the ball”. You wait for others to put in the leg work and expect them to hand you the buckets. Cmon bro. No wonder why your cards are valued lower then players who just started playing this year even. Smh. Disappointing man thats just all.

  • Justin Everett
    Justin Everett 28 days ago

    Rockets will end it in Houston and move on to the next round let's go rockets 🚀🚀 rednation

  • simplelangperorock
    simplelangperorock 28 days ago

    Do Capela and Schroeder have the same mother? 😝

  • Owe T
    Owe T 28 days ago

    Rivers reaction at 7:45 was funny. Lol

  • NuroMusic
    NuroMusic 28 days ago +1

    that's alright rockets...lets get this championship...

  • Jeff Mcglone
    Jeff Mcglone 28 days ago

    Who cares

  • Zac Lodro
    Zac Lodro 28 days ago +1

    Just don't blow a 3-1 lead...

  • Skyler Taylor
    Skyler Taylor 28 days ago

    So many egotistical people. Hopefully those people realize one day that ego controls you. You become a slave to it by feeding it and so it continues to grow. As it grows, it will require more and more to sustain. The bigger it grows, the more it hurts when it hungers for its own self worth once more. You damage those around you, including loved ones, just to bring yourself up. What could possibly go wrong with this pattern of thinking.

  • 420 subscribers with no videos

    Rockets let them win because to get more money 😂

  • Town Bidnezz
    Town Bidnezz 28 days ago

    Harden with the knee in the NUTS at 5:32 lol it ain't no handles.

  • Kashawn Watts
    Kashawn Watts 28 days ago

    Talking about the warriors blow a 3-1 lead rockets blow a 3-0 lead

  • Armando Alejandro
    Armando Alejandro 28 days ago

    I'll call that personal foul what he did

  • Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football

    Kawhi staying with Raptors?

  • BigHandsome519
    BigHandsome519 28 days ago +1

    Fans got they money worth

  • Gordo Zone
    Gordo Zone 28 days ago

    Sad they will lose in Houston it was a good ride tho

  • Travis Donald Stanley
    Travis Donald Stanley 28 days ago

    Rockets just scored 12 in the 4th?
    Good golley Miss Molley!!

  • Acsus Kast
    Acsus Kast 28 days ago

    Mvp = crowd

  • cris mac
    cris mac 28 days ago

    They lost just to make an extra dollar at the home game in Houston

  • Sui Zhang
    Sui Zhang 28 days ago +1

    Enjoyed every single moment! What a game!!!

  • Mikel Smith
    Mikel Smith 28 days ago

    LOTS of uncalled fouls for both sides 🤟🏾 Let them play physical

  • yvng xenon
    yvng xenon 28 days ago

    Let's go Mitchell

  • JJthraud 08
    JJthraud 08 28 days ago

    Why have I not watched this game. Smh

  • OneHonestCritic
    OneHonestCritic 28 days ago

    No one has ever came back from a 3-0 deficit.... Utah however, will also not come back. 😜😂

    • Chris M
      Chris M 28 days ago

      I'm a Jazz fan and although that hurts I accept that. My only hope is they lose in 5 or 7 so they don't have a first round exit at home and let the fans down

  • John Agudelo
    John Agudelo 28 days ago +1

    Dammmnnnn false hope back at it again

  • MetalFace MovieReviews

    That crowd

  • Kristian Vandehei
    Kristian Vandehei 29 days ago +2

    The push offs the league lets Harden get away with is a joke.

  • Travis Donald Stanley
    Travis Donald Stanley 29 days ago

    Good to see the Jazz step up and win one for the fans.

    Crowder's success in the first half was a big part of this.

  • Adesoye Tayo
    Adesoye Tayo 29 days ago

    playoffs CP3 > playoffs harden

  • Yasir Baig
    Yasir Baig 29 days ago +1

    Go CAVS!

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis 29 days ago +1

    F*** Utah. Not for tonight but for Stockton’s buzzer beater. And 2007. It’s been so therapeutic Whoopin up in y’all these past two years.

    • john fotu
      john fotu 28 days ago

      Wow wow wow !!! Dnt hate the jazz hate the game !!

  • Jay B
    Jay B 29 days ago

    Houston Owner be like: "Sweet, another 15 million in tickets back home..."

  • Afro Sage
    Afro Sage 29 days ago

    Rockets win next game. Good run Utah.

  • Connor Burke
    Connor Burke 29 days ago

    Playoff Jae

    KLEFUS MCDONALD 29 days ago

    Mitchell wailing at 5:11 😂

  • Surf
    Surf 29 days ago +2

    big flop by crowder 3:24

    • Max Galactica
      Max Galactica 28 days ago +1

      Surf Harden actually stepped on Crowder’s foot on that play, which made him fall.

    • Greenlight SIMPLE
      Greenlight SIMPLE 28 days ago

      Surf bruh even Chris Webber said that was a push off

  • Eduardo Bonilla
    Eduardo Bonilla 29 days ago

    LA getting Ball earlier than Mitchell what a bunch of morons

  • Tenzin Yougyal
    Tenzin Yougyal 29 days ago +4

    I'm a die-hard Warriors fan born and raised from the Bay Area good job Utah Jazz and Utah Jazz I hope you had kept this momentum game 5 okay and beat the Houston Rocket in their home crowd

    • Blunt Studios
      Blunt Studios 29 days ago

      Lmao warriors fans are afraid of the rockets 😂😭

  • Basketball Life
    Basketball Life 29 days ago

    The Jazz were keeping the game close all game. That’s y the rockets lost

  • Dameon Scott
    Dameon Scott 29 days ago +2

    Why didn’t Utah coach didn’t start jae crowder from the beginning hell don’t wait til must win game that was dumb

  • Jay Sandoval
    Jay Sandoval 29 days ago +11

    Harden always pushing dudes and calls them ball handles

  • Kyler Stephanson
    Kyler Stephanson 29 days ago

    I was at the game, it was so loud in the stadium i felt the floor vibrate

  • Abdul A.
    Abdul A. 29 days ago +1

    don't worry rockets fans, the jazz will have gone fishing after game 5

    • Abdul A.
      Abdul A. 28 days ago

      +L free ass kicking, wow, you're very smart, smh

    • L
      L 28 days ago

      Yeah you get a free ass kicking in the second round

    • Abdul A.
      Abdul A. 28 days ago

      +1k Bluuu you stfu bitch

    • Mickey Housley
      Mickey Housley 29 days ago

      +1k Bluuu he's right

    • 1k Bluuu
      1k Bluuu 29 days ago


  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez 29 days ago +2

    Too late to win now losers

    • Tony Rodriguez
      Tony Rodriguez 28 days ago

      Orange Stapler you saying that s*** like that actually got a chance

    • Orange Stapler
      Orange Stapler 28 days ago

      Tony Rodriguez ok

  • WhoGotBarsLikeThese
    WhoGotBarsLikeThese 29 days ago +2

    The jazz with Lou Williams off the bench....

    • Juan Garcia
      Juan Garcia 29 days ago +1

      Great minds think alike ive wanted this for 4 years now since his time in Toronto 3 years whatever..

  • Huncho Blvck
    Huncho Blvck 29 days ago

    They lose these games so they can end at home that’s all

  • willie broadnex
    willie broadnex 29 days ago +1

    Austin Rivers game never transcended after leaving Duke.

  • Adam Baxter
    Adam Baxter 29 days ago +1

    5:30 What remnants-from-4/20 illusions were the refs seeing?!?!

    • Adam Baxter
      Adam Baxter 28 days ago

      +karolinafierro14 So Harden can just push Donovan Mitchell off of him? That's not how it works. He literally just pushed him away, stepped to the side, and shot. Also Even though his feet weren't set, Mitchell was just sitting there, he didn't run into Harden

    • karolinafierro14
      karolinafierro14 29 days ago

      Feet aren't set

  • OmgDoubleD TV
    OmgDoubleD TV 29 days ago +1

    Welp they got they're one win

    • Donald Jackson
      Donald Jackson 28 days ago

      Lol he jeheheejejljeljleejjlejslphsuueueuieudeaakekdkk8Upss

  • Ben Flynn
    Ben Flynn 29 days ago +84

    That’s a loud loud crowd for being down 3-0.. faithful fans

    • Orange Stapler
      Orange Stapler 25 days ago +1

      Piano Smile I’m not even cheering for Utah lmao. Get you and your shitty ass out of this comment section.

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile 27 days ago

      hahahahahhahaha utah is out shut the fuck up

    • Orange Stapler
      Orange Stapler 27 days ago

      Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith you got a problem with Mormons? Or are you just 9?

    • Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith
      Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith 27 days ago +1

      Jazz should relocate out that moron mormon state what a waste

    • Andrew Joseph
      Andrew Joseph 28 days ago

      Piano Smile Doesn't get anymore pathetic than this guy. Just take the L and stop humiliating yourself buddy.

  • Young Dommy
    Young Dommy 29 days ago +23

    Donovan Mitchell is definitely gonna be a superstar

  • nimrod geronimo
    nimrod geronimo 29 days ago

    Donovan mitchell is basically a d wade clone and i love watching him play .no sweep for houston in this series lol.keep on shooting all of those 3s houston i remember them doind the same thing last season in a game 7 against my warriors lol.charles batkley usually talks without thinking but he is right about one thing you are not going to win the nba finals shooting a bunch of 3 s lol.eventually your going to need a low post player something that h town does not have .expect a repeat in history

  • king cyrus the great
    king cyrus the great 29 days ago +2

    They played with heart.

  • Trent Manning
    Trent Manning 29 days ago +1

    It doesn’t matter. Utah will get beat in Houston next game

    • john fotu
      john fotu 28 days ago

      Hhhhhh dnt fast to say until the next game u know the wind might shift the other way . I forgot to say GO!! JAZZ!! GO!! GO!! JAZZ!! GO!!

    • Keaton Abegglen
      Keaton Abegglen 29 days ago

      I'll bet you that Benji

  • Justin Jurek
    Justin Jurek 29 days ago

    Too bad the jazz still suck

  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell 29 days ago +9

    Jazz in 7!

  • Demarcus Johnson
    Demarcus Johnson 29 days ago

    The rockets just want to close it out at home.

  • Jalen B
    Jalen B 29 days ago

    Tryna make harden go right, side step 3 every time lol

  • Jeremy Berlanga
    Jeremy Berlanga 29 days ago +1

    Rockets are trying to win it at home moooocash

  • Sebastian m
    Sebastian m 29 days ago +3

    The Jazz are the better team. Harden just plays dirtier than a shitstorm.

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile 29 days ago +1

      Rockets taking the series.

    • Sebastian m
      Sebastian m 29 days ago

      Abdul A. I see you're a fan of Harden's travel then shoot threes. 🤣

    • Sebastian m
      Sebastian m 29 days ago

      Abdul A. The Warriors have sucked as team many times.

    • Abdul A.
      Abdul A. 29 days ago

      what seed were the jazz again that your calling them the better team, yall can't even compete with the warriors

  • Sebastian m
    Sebastian m 29 days ago +5

    Utah Jazz, the first team in NBA history to win a series from a 0-3 deficit.
    Hey, Alexandria Cortez was elected, it could happen.

  • Joe Nunez
    Joe Nunez 29 days ago +8

    Jazz vs Refs game 5

  • C Mac
    C Mac 29 days ago +8

    Crowder with the double high five at 3:50 definitely made that fans night

  • Aliah Moore
    Aliah Moore 29 days ago +3

    Come on bruh how did we lose?!?!😤😤😤

    • Joe Nunez
      Joe Nunez 29 days ago +1

      +Aliah Moore shut the fuck up please

    • Aliah Moore
      Aliah Moore 29 days ago

      +Joe Nunez we don't pay the refs we just have good refs

    • Joe Nunez
      Joe Nunez 29 days ago

      Forgot to pay the refs....that is how

  • Eddie Torres
    Eddie Torres 29 days ago +2

    theyre booing everytime harden touches the ball “ThEy MuSt Be RaCiSt!!!” lol tune in tomorrow for first take

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile 29 days ago

      No, it's just utah is known to have racists living there.

  • Dallas Mealtkt
    Dallas Mealtkt 29 days ago +2

    To everyone I didn't know how trash Harden got. A man that gots to elbow or push off 80% of the time just to get a shot in. Doesnt have his skills up to par. And having Chris Paul on his team. Not a fun team to watch. Harden has the same o lding moves won't get it done

    • Dallas Mealtkt
      Dallas Mealtkt 29 days ago

      +Piano Smile straight up I didn't know. I'm glad it's to you. Dude is TRASH but not as bad as L.J.

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile 29 days ago

      Say something that hasn't been said before. Boring.

  • Andrew Clawson
    Andrew Clawson 29 days ago +37

    Utah earned every bit of this win.

    • 24kt on my wrist
      24kt on my wrist 29 days ago

      You do know they threw the game. Overseas the bet was high on the rockets.

  • Jesus Fingers
    Jesus Fingers 29 days ago +6

    Looks like the Jazz got the D figured out, Houston better be careful not to make playoff history in a bad way

    • Mit Rohbock
      Mit Rohbock 28 days ago

      +Ian Pronk infinitely better? How many times exactly did your Mother drop you?

    • Ian Pronk
      Ian Pronk 29 days ago

      Jesus Fingers you cant be serious lmao the rockets are an infinitely better team

    • Little Ray
      Little Ray 29 days ago

      Jesus Fingers To me no because I still seen a few plays were I was like damn guard him. Defense nigga Defense. But Mitchell went off and save the day🧐

  • Andre Silvestri
    Andre Silvestri 29 days ago

    If capela had viruses and hes sick wtf is he on the floor for thats bs he should of been restn n nene should of got his old azz out there its his last year anyways unbelievable i kept sayn capela got paid he soft now he aint doing what he did last year n now i feel bad i didnt know he was diagnosed with a virus much love capela will pray for u my bad get well soon chris paul played great d-fense but has to find his points n jump shot for us to win against warriors he has to get back to the year he had last year so he can open up shots for others n idk where are bench is unbelivable good d horrible offense for the bench we need more points n paint n gerald green needs to step up only gordan had A great game in my opion he missed a few threes at the end but it was over already they was forced a bit and that boy tucker got beat up all over that game cmon guys rivers u have to play better i mean unbelievable we have bench names that arent producing u can produce in other forms guys comn rockets i really feel its are time runasone im over here sober struggln with real life problems man i need u guys to come through this year lets get it fellas been rockets fan for many years since hakeem and barkley losn to the jazz year after year lets get it done this year it cant just be on harden guys have to produce harden needs to see the wholefloor more n if we keep comn in on the corner threes those warriors will destroy us leavn that open we have warriors n bucks this year to beat the best u got to be the best jazz arent the best get it done at 🏡 ✌ n stay healthy hungry why wait! Get r done! Keep stayn hungry as a unit unity is key! keep movn toby mac

  • Dre'
    Dre' 29 days ago +20

    That's one more game Chris Paul gotta risk injury lmaooo

  • Sam from 1999
    Sam from 1999 29 days ago +5

    hope the jazz keep this momentum next game

  • Ryekuza
    Ryekuza 29 days ago +2

    This kid is a baller

  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid 29 days ago +9

    Props to jazz for getting a game but I can't see them coming back in the series

    • Vidhi Patel
      Vidhi Patel 29 days ago

      Alex Reid iñ2enka see

    • Mike
      Mike 29 days ago

      Alex Reid you never know but Harden don’t blow leads.He never blown a 3-1 lead in the Playoffs

    • Quintin Denny
      Quintin Denny 29 days ago


  • Tater Hud
    Tater Hud 29 days ago +43

    I was there. I am now deaf

  • OhMighty God
    OhMighty God 29 days ago +1

    5:35 Harden fucking traveled

  • BMWg84
    BMWg84 29 days ago +3

    UTAH is a tough team! If Houston pulls off the series Golden State will have their hands full

    • bmore charmcity1990
      bmore charmcity1990 29 days ago

      No they wont houston will have their hands full golden state has too many superstars

  • Stevie Armstrong
    Stevie Armstrong 29 days ago

    It's#BostonCelticsNation4Life Here

  • Omar Evans
    Omar Evans 29 days ago +15

    This guy Mitchell is a dawg! He truly deserved roty

    • Omar Evans
      Omar Evans 27 days ago

      +Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith lol if they played defense how they're supposed to they could take this series to 7 games n win, but they dont wanna be great fr. Their content with making the playoffs

    • Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith
      Joseph dildo magic underwear smelly Smith 27 days ago +1

      Utah still suck either way 🤣🤣🤣

    • River Thompson
      River Thompson 28 days ago +1

      +Jabrie Anderson he said "deserved"

    • Omar Evans
      Omar Evans 29 days ago

      +Jabrie Andersonbruh seriously?

    • Jabrie Anderson
      Jabrie Anderson 29 days ago

      His a sophomore this year

  • Israel Wayne
    Israel Wayne 29 days ago +1

    Rockets always choke lol

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile 29 days ago

      Your mother's name is Rockets?


    • Abdul A.
      Abdul A. 29 days ago +2

      +Israel Wayne are you sure, they made it to wcf last year and lost the series 4-3 to the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS, explain to me how the fuck that is considered choking you dipshit

    • James Harden
      James Harden 29 days ago

      Israel Wayne You can blame Daryl Morey for not signing a back up pg last year and CP3 injury. We would have easily won last year and beat LeGay. But if you wanna talk shit about Houston tell me your team and I can guarantee we own your sorry ass team

    • Israel Wayne
      Israel Wayne 29 days ago

      James Harden my team? You think my team is the Jazz? Lol ok I mean it’s true that the rockets always choke in the playoffs

    • James Harden
      James Harden 29 days ago +1

      Israel Wayne You act like the Rockets haven’t lit your team up all year

  • Luke Cardenas
    Luke Cardenas 29 days ago

    The bearded bitch got his feelings hurt

  • Kambui Bomani
    Kambui Bomani 29 days ago

    Mitchell really a combo of Russ and Lillard than a comp of D-Wade

  • RD Studio
    RD Studio 29 days ago +2

    Rockets are lucky to be up 3-1. It should have been 2-2. Anyways, fuck Harden the choke artist, Warriors in 5.

    PAT BACK 29 days ago +8

    Rockets back to missing all these 3s in a row again.. smh

  • Ryan Fournier
    Ryan Fournier 29 days ago +20

    Hey man the jazz win a game in Houston all of a sudden the seris is 3-2 back in utah. Hell dont count out the jazz im not saying its going to go to a game 7 the odds are close to impossible but if they win the next game and come back home they can force gane 7 just saying 👌 or james harden ends the seris next game who knows.💁

  • Miles K
    Miles K 29 days ago +5


  • Reggie McCoy
    Reggie McCoy 29 days ago +3

    Laker Fan Folks. As Of Now Jazz Can Have This Game, Good Luck Traveling Back To Houston Its Gonna Be A Tough Rough Game In 5.

    • James Harden
      James Harden 29 days ago

      Reggie McCoy You dont have to capitalize every word weird ass

  • 47 til infinity
    47 til infinity 29 days ago +2

    If james not cooking and they shut down the lobs and let the role players get cold from three who else besides CP3 is gonna give a fight

    • Truly Dindu
      Truly Dindu 29 days ago

      47 til infinity as if that’s so easy to do..

  • Sauce2 _Exclusive
    Sauce2 _Exclusive 29 days ago +5

    Like this if the jazz still have no chance 😂

    • andy saldivar
      andy saldivar 29 days ago

      SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 they don’t .. just like the clippers with the warriors .. 4-1

  • Jean N
    Jean N 29 days ago +6

    Chris Paul is cocky for no reason like wtf have you done? (Minus individual accolades)

    • Jean N
      Jean N 28 days ago

      +chowmein151 lmfao

    • chowmein151
      chowmein151 29 days ago +1

      +Asmosis Jones zaza has more rings

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 29 days ago +1

      when hes been healthy his team is 8-4 vs the warriors with kd since he got to the rockets and he was the last guy to knock out steph in the west playoffs...just saying...cp3 knocked out tim duncan and curry and almost did it twice in the playoffs before..thats something..

  • BKnudsen5
    BKnudsen5 29 days ago +50

    This is Utah’s game. Bout time we saw it this postseason

  • AKay
    AKay 29 days ago +17

    Dammit Houston you had one job. Sweep these guys and get that extra rest. Now you've lost that opportunity.

    • Greatness Is earned
      Greatness Is earned 29 days ago +1

      Asmosis Jones battling a respitory illness . It was obvious . He didn’t look like himself . He tried to play thru it but the Rockets should have just played NeNe .

    • PAT BACK
      PAT BACK 29 days ago +2

      Asmosis Jones capela was getting locked down

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 29 days ago +3

      the bench didnt show up but where was capela?.....thats the real question

  • The Vajuber
    The Vajuber 29 days ago +4

    Gg jazz

    • Greenlight SIMPLE
      Greenlight SIMPLE 28 days ago

      The Vajuber I appreciate you for being polite and saying GG instead of being butthurt like the rest of your fan base

  • Michael
    Michael 29 days ago +19

    Royce is underated

  • OpenLinz
    OpenLinz 29 days ago +5

    Mike D'antonio went back to his small lineup and not going deep into his bench. The first few games he played nearly 10 guys and they won by nealy 30.
    Yet this game he plays like 8 guys and overplay the starters so they start jacking up 3's and started missing.
    Anyone who has played basketball knows you start taking long jump shots when you are tired to avoid driving the ball.
    That 4th quarter was just ugly basketball from the Rockets and they have no chance of beating The Warriors if they play the same way last year in game 7

    • OpenLinz
      OpenLinz 29 days ago

      +Asmosis Jones
      James Harden controls the ball damn near 80% of the Rockets offense. How the does the bench suppose to score more unless they get shots?
      House and Rivers are the only bench players who got heavy minutes.
      I'm not sure if you just looking at stats and not the actual game because if you were you would see Eric Gordon, James Harden and Chris Paul took the bulk of the shots.
      When the ball was moving the first game the offense was moving.
      Harden stands at the top of the 3 point line and holds the ball. That's not great offense. Nor does it get guys in rhyme

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 29 days ago

      whats funny is had he not played ryan anderson in game 7 and really stuck to a 6 man rotation without cp3 the rockets may have won that game...ariza and ryan were terrible joe in his few minutes was okay and gerald played bad but his effect was felt...harden capela gordon tucker carried them and dantoni threw it away playing 2 guys who were flat out terrible in the 2nd half...ryan was a minus 12 in 8 minutes lol...he could not guard steph yet he wanted that challenge and dantoni let him? moute but ryan plays when hes not played a meaningful minute all series?..and ariza was so terrible they should of benched his ass in the 3rd...

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 29 days ago

      the bench had 5 points..they lost this game cause capela didnt show up..end of story..

    • BKnudsen5
      BKnudsen5 29 days ago

      OpenLinz rockets bench scored 5 points. I wouldn’t keep them in either

  • B Willwin
    B Willwin 29 days ago +18

    How do y'all miss 14 straight 3s. No drive to the basket. Its gonna cost you against elite offence

    • Mykhal Gully
      Mykhal Gully 29 days ago

      B Willwin
      shid the warriors do the same thing, all anyone does anymore is shoot 3s

    • GrapeNation
      GrapeNation 29 days ago +3

      They live and die by the 3

    • Mister Clutch
      Mister Clutch 29 days ago +1

      +William Christon l know what you mean... The pure truth of the matter is that it won't even work against a pee wee team!
      Why not make adjustments a secure the victory as needed and the pick back up from where you left off, stroken them nets?
      It's a slap in the face to say that you don't care and shoot your ownself out of the game and in the foot.
      Let's play mature, wise, grown-up men basketball.
      Let's go Rockets!

    • William Christon
      William Christon 29 days ago +2

      That shit is not gonna work against the Warriors

    • jliveslife
      jliveslife 29 days ago +2

      Nonsense it's a great idea let them keep doing it it'll work against Golden State this time lol

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris 29 days ago +4

    Utah in 7 baby

  • David Ford
    David Ford 29 days ago +21

    Playoffs making CP3 dunk I like it🤷🏾‍♂️✊🏾 🚀

    • David Ford
      David Ford 28 days ago

      David Clark oh okay

    • David Clark
      David Clark 28 days ago

      David Ford No.

    • David Ford
      David Ford 28 days ago

      David Clark was that supposed to be an insult

    • David Clark
      David Clark 28 days ago

      He turned back the clock, but he better not ask that much of his hammy again. Old man's gonna get hurt doing that.

    • Mykhal Gully
      Mykhal Gully 29 days ago

      Mark Drekaj
      nigga cp3 used to stay dunkin when he was on the hornets

  • Captain Star
    Captain Star 29 days ago +6

    They're not gonna win, but they put up a fight here

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 29 days ago +3

      Mitchell outscored the rockets 19-12 in that 4th..thats d wade like..the man may be in year 2 but hes creating a minny d wade like legacy so far in my eyes..hope he gets better and is legit all nba caliber form now on...I like his game...he didnt quit..its easy to give up..

  • Intouched Simplified
    Intouched Simplified 29 days ago +90

    Harden with that push off lol calling it handles lol

    • johnsmokin
      johnsmokin 28 days ago +2

      "That's his move" -CWebb I think

    • Stacey Dash
      Stacey Dash 28 days ago +1

      Intouched Simplified
      Harden is a dirty player. The refs should be ashamed of themselves; the NBA for allowing this foolery.

    • BKnudsen5
      BKnudsen5 29 days ago +12

      Lol yup happened a few times this game