Michael Lynche - Top 16 - This Woman's Work

  • Published on Mar 11, 2010
  • Top 8 Boys Perform

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  • Shane'O'94
    Shane'O'94 13 days ago

    That was shit

  • neosoulful
    neosoulful Year ago

    He was amazing. Stop hating on him just because you're a moron.

  • Taiwo Aminu
    Taiwo Aminu Year ago

    Have not seen the version of this song that is superior to that of Liam tamne .check it out!!

  • Jinxcity84
    Jinxcity84 Year ago +3

    Are they drunk? He can sing but this was terrible af

  • JCSMOOTH1000
    JCSMOOTH1000 2 years ago +4

    didn't like this

  • Tonester#
    Tonester# 2 years ago +1


  • John Whitt
    John Whitt 2 years ago +1

    Where is this guy now? I loved his voice?

  • Red Panty Night
    Red Panty Night 2 years ago +14

    The guy can sing but DAMN he picked the wrong song 😂 He murdered the song and not in a good way.

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson 2 years ago

    haha no! is this a joke?😂😂

  • Courtney Green
    Courtney Green 3 years ago +4

    loved his rendition

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  • Jasmine Niel
    Jasmine Niel 3 years ago

    that is my uncle

  • obctm
    obctm 3 years ago

    I love this version. I can't listen to maxwell sounding like somebody kicked his damn nuts

  • DIRTYBOY33460
    DIRTYBOY33460 3 years ago +9

    awful, just awful. leave it to kate and Maxwell PLEASE !!!

  • Miguel Leonardo Pulido Peña

    Good intent! But singing this song is much more difficult than some believe.

  • BreezyGirl YT
    BreezyGirl YT 3 years ago


  • Cook-ee Irvin
    Cook-ee Irvin 3 years ago

    that whole CD is tired. Need new writers.

  • Cybdiver Underwater
    Cybdiver Underwater 3 years ago

    Very brave to do a Kate song, there are very few that would even attempt it.

    • Subie Gate
      Subie Gate 3 years ago +2

      +Cybdiver Underwater Nice to see someoone recognize this as a Kate Bush song. I like Maxwell but credit where credit is due. So often these days artists are given credit for songs that were originally done by someone else often long ago. I thought Michael made a pretty good showing for himself here despite the lynch mob trashing his performance.

  • joko diaz
    joko diaz 3 years ago

    I have heard many auditions better than this guy.. this song doesn't fit his voice.. Liam tamne from the voice UK did it better

  • island Girl
    island Girl 3 years ago +1

    After all that I watched he sucks

  • Martin Heberlein
    Martin Heberlein 4 years ago


  • dgaines0
    dgaines0 4 years ago


  • j gee
    j gee 4 years ago

    I vote no

  • Jungin Baek
    Jungin Baek 4 years ago +3

    fat bastard butchered the song

    • Daniel Pascual
      Daniel Pascual 3 years ago

      +Jungin Baek that's just jealously man, he could obviously sing

    • Jungin Baek
      Jungin Baek 3 years ago +1

      +Daniel Pascual Sorry if I was being rude but he didn't impress me at all and he seemed like he didn't care for the song either. That's just me.

    • Daniel Pascual
      Daniel Pascual 3 years ago

      He sounded amazing, no need to be rude man

  • Simbarashe Maunga
    Simbarashe Maunga 4 years ago +2

    These judges were on drugs, that was bad.

  • Neisha Ogletree
    Neisha Ogletree 4 years ago +4

    It sounded like he wasn't really into the song, but I like your voice just the song choice wasn't made for you.

  • Greta P
    Greta P 4 years ago +5

    overacting...just let go and let it flow.

  • Figaro Bonachelli
    Figaro Bonachelli 4 years ago

    First of all, this is a song written and first performed by Kate Bush. Maxwell does an ok karaoke attempt, but frankly if you listen to the original you realize all of these covers are poor attempts.
    Kate wrote this after her mum died. The feeling she injects into the song coupled with that haunting voice is just incredible. Props to Mike for his attempt. He has a great voice, but it takes more than that to make this song work. Nobody does it better than Kate.

  • tmoney0925
    tmoney0925 4 years ago

    52 people should be shot.

  • Dora Glasberg
    Dora Glasberg 4 years ago +1

    He seems to be in his upper register the entire song - even the NON falsetto parts.
    No real power in the bass parts of the song. He seems to try and cover that up with dance moves.

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope 4 years ago

    None of them mention Kate Bush or seem to know that it's her song. This is a very truncated version though.

  • Ien Obik
    Ien Obik 4 years ago +6

    He tried to do to much instead of just flowing with the music

  • C Smooth
    C Smooth 4 years ago

    I have never heard of Kate Bush or even knew that there was an original version from someone other than Maxwell. I looked up this version from Kate and was quite impressed...beautiful voice. Both artists sanged this song with perfection. It all depends on what you are in to. If you want a soft love version, Kate may be your choice. If you want a sexual, soul filled version, Maxwell may be your choice. The point is people, we can't say who was better. The point is what we prefer.

    • Figaro Bonachelli
      Figaro Bonachelli 4 years ago

      Kate wrote the song to express what she, her brothers and father were going through after her mum died. Sexual? Soulful? For crying out loud, listen to the lyrics! To sing this song in a sexual or soulful way is insulting! That just isn't what the song is about!
      I didn't actually get that impression from Maxwell. I thought he made a decent attempt, but it is hard to express the grief the song demands unless you have those experiences and I think that is why these covers just don't measure up.

    STREET MUSIC GENERATION 4 years ago +3

    WHAT makes this song magical is 'falsetto'... (Maxwell's version). nothing else.

  • PeytonsPlace
    PeytonsPlace 4 years ago


    DVNKNG 4 years ago +9

    such a bad attempt at this song

    • Figaro Bonachelli
      Figaro Bonachelli 4 years ago +1

      It wasn't that bad an attempt. The problem with it is that he never seems to have read the lyric sheet, he just sings it. This is a very emotional song, and if you don't get it, then you can't sing it well.
      My main complaint is that if you are going to change a song to "make it your own" you need to do it in a meaningful way that still relates to the lyrics. This is a song about grief after a family member has died. It isn't a soul song, it isn't sexual and it certainly shouldn't be belted out like a rock ballad.
      Those who are referring to Kate Bush as just a pop artist have no idea, and certainly are ignorant of music history. Kate is "pop" like Gabriel or Ferry are "pop." Yes all of them had pop success, but they were hardly Disney kids. Little known fact. That little headpiece microphone everyone uses today? Kat Bush and her sound engineers invented that and were the first to use it in live performance.

    • C Smooth
      C Smooth 4 years ago

      What song were u listening to? Please read the other comments and hear waht the judges said about this so called bad attempt.

  • Prelestnost2
    Prelestnost2 5 years ago +4

    Personally Maxwells version is too r'n'b soulful for me, he has a great voice but is no way better than Kates original. Nothing wrong with r'n'b but this song just wasn't meant to be in this genre. Apparently a lot of people here are too focused on one type of music. I can't believe somebody wrote Kate was bland!? Not this wonderful, singer nor Maxwell can reach her vocal ability and artistry, both are mainstream, Kate never was and this song neither.

  • jessie jay
    jessie jay 5 years ago +35

    eveybody is always saying that nobody can top kate bush version but in my opinion maxwell 's version is way more better than kate. yes it is written by kate but maxwell version is more soulful and did the song more justice than kate eventhough it is written by kate.

    • Rain Drops
      Rain Drops Year ago

      Maxwells was way more soulful and easy to the ear

    • Rain Drops
      Rain Drops Year ago

      jessie jay facts!!!!

    • Arturo Bandini
      Arturo Bandini 4 years ago +1

      +Figaro Bonachelli What sentence is to be constructed? This is a matter of taste. You like Kate's version, He/She prefers Maxwell's version and it has been said before. Do you want scientific evidences?
      Don't get butthurt.

    • jessie jay
      jessie jay 4 years ago +1

      +Figaro Bonachelli It's my opinion so yes I'm entilled to say what I want just like you. And English is not my native tounge, I guese, I better speak and comment in my native tounge then :)

    • Figaro Bonachelli
      Figaro Bonachelli 4 years ago

      +Francy Ramos what are you 6? You are here critiquing music and you can't even construct a sentence. Come back after you go through puberty and maybe you will be taken seriously.

  • mpendulo mashabane
    mpendulo mashabane 5 years ago

    Lol, wtf!

  • Leone lucci
    Leone lucci 5 years ago +2

    to be correct he was on key for his vocal range but this song deserves to be song fully falsetto unless you have a beautiful lower register to make it sound unique

  • Aliisee
    Aliisee 5 years ago +3

    Dnt like it at all!! Good voice tho

  • Tony Hernandez
    Tony Hernandez 5 years ago +8

    Maxwell version is phenomenal!

    • Official Reactionz
      Official Reactionz 8 months ago

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    • GURU
      GURU 4 years ago

      +MhC 1980 But nobody cares what you think

    • MhC 1980
      MhC 1980 4 years ago +1

      +GURU i think not

    • MhC 1980
      MhC 1980 4 years ago +1

      +silverbackdp yes

    • GURU
      GURU 4 years ago

      +silverbackdp No they're not. Maxwell sang it with more soul and the fact that he has a deep voice and can hit the high note makes it even better

  • MrMaxmetropolis
    MrMaxmetropolis 5 years ago

    His.... He made that his

  • Kaung Htike Kyaw
    Kaung Htike Kyaw 5 years ago +8

    Not bad.... but can't be like Kate bush and maxwell....

  • Ken Hada
    Ken Hada 5 years ago +2

    No, Poser, False, Epic Fail!

  • Raehun Morsh
    Raehun Morsh 5 years ago

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  • vuduck1
    vuduck1 5 years ago

    umm what about kate bush. the original singer. she is otherwordly

  • Allen Carter
    Allen Carter 5 years ago

    Point of order: Maxwell's was a cover. But it's always amazing when a cover becomes the definitive version of a song. Think Got to Get You Into My Life as covered by Earth, Wind, & Fire, or Proud Mary as performed by Ike & Tina.

  • Amid Kante
    Amid Kante 5 years ago

    you damn right

  • jrx818
    jrx818 5 years ago

    Goes w/o saying :)

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    GOLDENG 5 years ago

    Lol no one on earth can top Maxwells version of this song. When he sings it live, it sounds exactly like how he record it in studio. It's like one of the greatest live performances you'll ever see.

  • Daniel Pontes-Macedo
    Daniel Pontes-Macedo 5 years ago

    Maxwell's version is a cover. This song is originally preformed by Kate Bush.

  • Vieru Florin
    Vieru Florin 5 years ago

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  • Tony Bowen
    Tony Bowen 5 years ago

    completely ruined a subtle and beautiful Kate Bush song

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 years ago

    he did a good job with this song. he made it his own to fit his voice and he did a great job of doing that. it takes talent to be able to sing a song in a different key than it was meant to be sang in and make it sound good.

    • Official Reactionz
      Official Reactionz 8 months ago

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  • XXstilletoXX
    XXstilletoXX 5 years ago

    KATE BUSH'S WROTE AND PERFORMED THIS SONG FIRST. A great British song, ruined by American production. Some of you need to get your facts straight before you start spouting off rubbish.

  • nathaniel campbell
    nathaniel campbell 5 years ago

    never ever sing this song deep voiced. fail.

  • crystal cage
    crystal cage 5 years ago


  • Merhawi Habteab
    Merhawi Habteab 5 years ago

    he's a great singer, but felt like he disrespected the song by not singing falsetto the whole song

  • TheShonuff888
    TheShonuff888 5 years ago

    like i said no one can touch Maxwell's version, Liam is a good singer dont get me wrong but i dont think he topped Maxwell

  • Vanz
    Vanz 5 years ago

    liam tamne from the voice uk season 2

  • churros
    churros 5 years ago

    I honestly like this version, too! :D

    • Official Reactionz
      Official Reactionz 8 months ago

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    SCOTT MEREDITH 5 years ago


  • Matt Ryan Craig Harvey- Agyemang

    worst version to this song ive ever heard

  • James dannis
    James dannis 6 years ago

    best he leave the singing to Kate bush

  • Leslie Hooker
    Leslie Hooker 6 years ago

    The best Version is by Liam Tamne on the UK Version, knocks spots of this one,
    Kind Regards

  • Rachael Cundiff
    Rachael Cundiff 6 years ago


  • Keelan Robinson
    Keelan Robinson 6 years ago

    Liam Tamne sings 10x a version better than this.

  • AlanTeamRange TeamRange

    its so hard to sing a womens sone especially in such a high note so i give him his dues well done .. saying that maxwells version killed it! but well done

  • Kaitlyn Corey
    Kaitlyn Corey 6 years ago

    YES, love Hope's cover but c'mon this REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ain't THAT bad. But WTF is up with the sappy judges????????

  • Desi Dior
    Desi Dior 6 years ago

    @arsenalmanic you ain't never lied

  • phibeta6ma
    phibeta6ma 6 years ago +1

    Just happened on this video this morning...man...this dude killed this song!!! Awesome job!!! I mean...I love this song and love to hear a good cover of it...great job "Big Mike!"

  • Subie Gate
    Subie Gate 6 years ago

    All these negative comments about how this doesn't measure up to Maxwell is nonsense. Thinking a cover needs to be as "good" as the original to be credible is missing the point . Obviously Maxwell is incredible. A cover is simply a different artist putting their interpretation on a song. If you can cover a song this difficult and keep it smooth you've done something special. Mike did this song justice. If covers need to be as "good" as the original, then doing covers just got real boring.

  • Rosa Hodge
    Rosa Hodge 6 years ago

    Sorry...not even close...The song calls for Neo Soul and having a great voice will not sell it. Especially that long crazy note at the end. WTH,

  • Young Wild
    Young Wild 6 years ago

    well , check out hope murphy's cover :)))))))

  • Charice Gooden
    Charice Gooden 6 years ago

    He can sang! But.... He shouldn't have picked this song because of the way his singing range is and the musical tone and talent of his voice. With that being said i like him tho.

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    no one can come close to touching it. maxwell is the only reason i listen to this song today.

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    Kate Bush version was very boring. The only reason we listen to it now is because of Maxwell's version. Sorry if you can't handle the truth. And, no, caring who wrote doesn't contribute to the success of the song at all. Never knew about Kate "boring" Bush's version until a few years ago.

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    Who cares if she wrote it? She should've let someone else sing it. Her version version boring.

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    I certainly agree. He's a great singer, but his version of this song is the worst ever. And, yes, Maxwell is the one who made this song worth listening too, not kate bush.

  • John Whitt
    John Whitt 6 years ago

    GREAT VOICE......

  • dgaines0
    dgaines0 6 years ago +1

    he did it in his own way , i thought it was cool

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones 6 years ago

    maxwell's version kills all other version...point blank period...this version was the worst of all i've heard...he can sing but this wasn't for him

  • Taylor wright
    Taylor wright 6 years ago

    I was at the hospital and the was music therapy and he came sung to me he made my day

  • nova boom
    nova boom 6 years ago

    tim urban, andrew garcia, and casey james can sing

  • nova boom
    nova boom 6 years ago

    why are they all on guitars??

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    kate bush's version is the worst...too bland.

  • onelove
    onelove 6 years ago

    Kate bush version is for pop listeners. It's too bland. Maxwell's version is soulful and is the only reason we are talking about this song today. Not because of Kate Bush's version.

  • tmothyalexander
    tmothyalexander 6 years ago

    u need music lessons, he did incredible job with this song

  • KBadr WINGS
    KBadr WINGS 6 years ago

    Michael Lynche is Good . maxwells is better . But Don't forget KAtE BUSH the owner and the Pure one. i'm not Anglo-saxon i m moroccan but i knew her as a legend .

  • MsSexyDiva4Lyfe
    MsSexyDiva4Lyfe 6 years ago

    I like it! But he messed up a lot of the words!

  • Med76
    Med76 6 years ago

    best version ever

  • TheShonuff888
    TheShonuff888 6 years ago

    my opinion no one can touch maxwells version..

  • Cyndi Sanford
    Cyndi Sanford 6 years ago

    Heard "Who's Gonna Love You More" on Sirius XM and didn't recognize the artist's name...NOW I remember him from idol. This young man is AMAZING and if "Who's Gonna Love You More" is any example of how good his album is, I will be a forever fan! To me, he could possibly be our next Maxwell/Luther combination artist...love his voice, his phrasing, and his voice. I WILL be buying the cd. Thank you, Big Mike!

  • Tobias Sebastian Hansen

    Greg Laswell is better. But this guy is good too :D!

  • Ronda O
    Ronda O 6 years ago


  • GettinMyWay
    GettinMyWay 6 years ago

    I Was Ah Little. But Im Straight...Want Ah Cookie For Noticing That There Was Anger In The Text?? :) Good Day Sir

  • GettinMyWay
    GettinMyWay 6 years ago

    Duhh.! Don't Try Too Make Me Look Stupid.! I Said Maxwell's Voice Because Of Thee Simple Fact That EVERY Other Video I've Seen Was Like His.! FALSETTO. Therefore When I Said LIKE HIS I Meant FALSETTO.! And How Do You Know How It Was Meant Too Be Sung?? OBVIOUSLY You Weren't In Thee Studio And Didn't Hear His Label ASK Him Too Sing It THAT Way. You Just Seen This Man Sing It A WHOLE Nother Way Then Maxwell.! And MAXWELL Could Have VERY Well Song It As A Tenor.! JUST SAYING.!

  • jasco927
    jasco927 6 years ago

    @skypup77, your first three words are all that's necessary. It is my opinion that maxwell sounds better singing it. And by the way, I know "tone death" isn't a thing but I have a "smartphone" that auto corrects. Maybe if you weren't still living in the 80s you might assume that may have been the issue.
    @sadesaychelles, I have to disagree with you. The choice for this song is generational. As recently proven by BGT star Hope Murphy who recently re-popularized maxwell's version in Britain.

  • Mark Buday
    Mark Buday 6 years ago

    also, "tone death" isnt a thing.

  • Mark Buday
    Mark Buday 6 years ago

    In your opinion. Maxwell may have popularized the song for a different generation and for fans of a different type of music, but the song was very popular when Kate released it in the 80s, and i still like her version the best.