Roy Keane furious with Man United and Liverpool players for hugging in the tunnel

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Roy Keane made his feelings known about Manchester United and Liverpool players 'hugging and kissing' in the tunnel ahead of their derby match.
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  • The Featherman Club

    Nobody even here understood keane right ... buncha idiots nowerdays

  • Babu
    Babu 3 days ago

    Driving through heavy traffic & suddenly bumping your car into that's something..

  • Muhammad Hamza Akhtar

    Stupid guy

  • guitarlover302
    guitarlover302 4 days ago +1

    Every top team needs a Roy Keane

  • abdullahi gani
    abdullahi gani 4 days ago

    Yo some dude made a pig noise

  • Sarah YNWA
    Sarah YNWA 5 days ago

    Need to search for a vid of Roy Keane hugging a rival now!!

  • Fudia Bangura
    Fudia Bangura 5 days ago

    football is about skills, Talent and unity not being Arrogant Rude and aggressive

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson 8 days ago

    Imagine someone hugging Keane in his prime oh dear

  • eHekkie
    eHekkie 9 days ago +1

    You can hug and go to war after

  • Louis Chan
    Louis Chan 9 days ago

    No love?

  • M C
    M C 10 days ago +1

    Roy Keane’s kids bring home drawings from school to put on the family fridge..
    Kids: Daddy look what we made for you & mummy
    Keane: What is this nonsense?! Honestly it’s Laughable. Get it away from me.

  • Daniel Sobirov
    Daniel Sobirov 10 days ago

    And some of y'all calling Trump a hater. Kean is even making Hitler look soft. Lol.

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      Roy Keane has 'Principles' Trump does NOT! (Huge difference)

  • Luke Daniel
    Luke Daniel 10 days ago

    Roy Keane is a weasel that can’t fight but thinks he can. 😄

  • Luke Daniel
    Luke Daniel 10 days ago

    Roy Keane thinks he’s a hard man but in reality he’s only a weasel. 😄

  • A96oaye
    A96oaye 10 days ago +1

    The man talks like someone crapped in his cereal

  • Tashi la
    Tashi la 11 days ago

    World need more peace no more rival n war... i love when thy hug even thy r rival.. poor english mind..

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      Then you know ZERO about 'competing'!

  • Yurties
    Yurties 11 days ago

    I knew this would be good even before I clicked🤣

  • Back in _The Day
    Back in _The Day 11 days ago

    Think someone was never held as a child

  • aiman hatim
    aiman hatim 12 days ago

    The times has changed keane...

  • Oran Murphy
    Oran Murphy 12 days ago

    I hate you Roy Keane!

  • Ricardo Conceicao da Hora

    Brazilians are humble. They cant help it

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      Brazilian footballers are THE MOST arrogant players on this planet. FACT

  • paul baker
    paul baker 12 days ago

    I think this is all Roy Keane needs. Nice little Patrick viera hug

  • Newspaper 99
    Newspaper 99 13 days ago

    Lol football isn’t war. Rugby is a real mans game.

  • Mark Illingworth
    Mark Illingworth 13 days ago

    Footballers are pussies these days

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    Compare thus to 20 years ago, should be no friendliness. In this game it seemed like no one cared that much

  • Roy Senior
    Roy Senior 13 days ago

    Disgusting from united players, football gone soft

  • Nathan Thom
    Nathan Thom 13 days ago

    As a Liverpool fan, I have never seen the need to hate Man U or Everton. Do I want us to beat them, yes. Do I want them to dwindle, yes. But I don't see the point in wasting my energy with actual hate.
    Also I also find it funny when fans are hating on a rivals players and a few weeks down the line celebrating that player's goal in an international match.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 14 days ago

    Translation: Old person doesn't like change.

  • Neo Levert Malapane
    Neo Levert Malapane 14 days ago

    These days all these millionaire boys are friends...It's not like old days when it was about rivalries....Today we compete in the afternoon later that day we're in Monaco with models...

  • KronickZz 94
    KronickZz 94 14 days ago +2

    Roy “utter nonsense” Keane

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      The ONLY nonsense I hear, is coming out of your north n south!

  • TH7
    TH7 14 days ago +1

    Who tf keeps snorting

  • bellowstandard
    bellowstandard 14 days ago +5

    Lol 30 years ago yes but times have changed, modern day football has all kinds of respect going on. Move forward not backward Roy. They're not "going to war" it's a football match, the teams will try their best to win regardless.

  • lotus evra35
    lotus evra35 14 days ago

    Your era its over keane

  • Ryan Boyd
    Ryan Boyd 14 days ago

    I've seen ufc fighters hug each other plenty before a match then knock the living daylights out each other and then hug again after. It's a sign of respect. Nothing to do with not wanting to win or being lazy. Honestly I dont understand people sometimes.

    • Ryan Boyd
      Ryan Boyd 2 days ago

      @1wannabee1 that's a bit of a bold statement to make considering you know absolutely nothing about me. I'm the most competitive person on the planet but I can show love, respect and compassion with an opponent before I whoop their ass then show respect right after. What Roy is saying is nonsense. Just because you hug an opponent in the tunnel doesn't mean your not competitive. If the players dont have heart then that's another issue. Nothing to do with what he is saying.

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      Do you see them hugging in the ring moments before the fight? Do you see boxers exchanging smiles and huggs just prior to the bell? NO and THAT is what Roy Keane is talking about. if you are incapable of understanding what Roy says here? they you know NOTHING about being a 'competitor'!

  • TheRandomGuy96
    TheRandomGuy96 14 days ago

    Football has changed you don't have to kill your rivals before a match anymore. Mutual respect.

  • mark kinrade
    mark kinrade 15 days ago

    Keane was a hard bastard but one wrong word to souness and he would be a dead man

    • mark kinrade
      mark kinrade 2 days ago

      @1wannabee1 Keane was all mouth. He said himself Viera would of killed him off the pitch. Souness was one of the real hard men of football

    • 1wannabee1
      1wannabee1 2 days ago

      Oh Pulease. (:

  • Evanson
    Evanson 15 days ago +1

    He's living the fantasy life Bill Burr creates his sketches from.

  • neverindoubt
    neverindoubt 15 days ago

    This is all that's wrong with football. Used to be a contact sport with aggression, tackles, ferocity and rivalries that meant something. Now we have a bunch of fannies hugging each other and rolling around on the floor at the slightest touch. Total bollocks.

  • FearFul Trxpp
    FearFul Trxpp 15 days ago

    Man utd and Liverpool ARE cool okay stfu BITCH ASS they can be friends if they want too

  • robin o rhys rhys
    robin o rhys rhys 15 days ago

    There is no hugging no kissing "mate", just shoulder tapping. In your years you called that 'ignorant and arrogant' , in our time we call it 'worthed the rivalry and respect (and sorry) you are at the bottom - way below the table'. Hahaha!

  • 10k9zzz7
    10k9zzz7 15 days ago

    Anyone notice what Young is "sniffing" during the beginning??

  • 10k9zzz7
    10k9zzz7 15 days ago

    Anyone notice what Young is sniffing during the beginning??

  • The Toon army Channel
    The Toon army Channel 15 days ago

    Is that Graeme Suness snorting 😂😂😂😂

  • Adams Ad
    Adams Ad 15 days ago

    Football has change

  • Faiyaz Ahmed
    Faiyaz Ahmed 15 days ago

    0:05 did he just pick his nose

  • Max born
    Max born 15 days ago


  • Erganze Lufen
    Erganze Lufen 15 days ago

    Roy Keane is a legend 😂😂🔥

  • Zailan Zai
    Zailan Zai 15 days ago

    They became bamby's .....

  • soccergalsara
    soccergalsara 16 days ago

    disgusted..hugging and kissing..

  • Faiz Mustapha
    Faiz Mustapha 16 days ago +1

    They're brazilian..always greet each other

  • Gemini Jemini
    Gemini Jemini 16 days ago

    Who is snorting like that?? Wut??

  • Michael Gathuita
    Michael Gathuita 16 days ago

    Mourinho is a special coach even the way he is speaking you can tell

  • Joe Eightys
    Joe Eightys 16 days ago +2

    Keane proper man all this new generation are demasculated

  • Mel Knight
    Mel Knight 17 days ago +2

    I still remember his playing days. He was the most powerful and influential player played for Man United.

  • brandouch_
    brandouch_ 17 days ago +1

    The players that hugged were de gea and Alisson I’m assuming out of respect for his return and the Brazilian players who might be friends

  • L Jarvis
    L Jarvis 17 days ago

    Compared to the Arsenal vs United tunnel all those years ago....

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 17 days ago

    jose is GOD

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 17 days ago

    bitter rivalry huh

  • Niron Jeffrey
    Niron Jeffrey 17 days ago

    Erm, its a game of football, not war. It's not a matter of life and death, get over yourself. By all means be competitive on the pitch. Whatsoever is wrong in wishing a fellow pro a good game prior to the match but keeping focus you want to get the better of him. I feel sportmanship has gone out of the game

  • Liverpool Anfield
    Liverpool Anfield 17 days ago

    Say NO to war ....