DO NOT STOP FOR ICE CREAM HERE | Reacting To Scary Stories (SSS)

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • This week's #SpookyScarySunday leaves me a bit.. worried- wait, is that the ice cream truck outside?
    PLEASE check out more works from the ANIMATORS:
    Ultimate Fuel (PilotRedSun):
    Inside Out (VancouverFilmSchool):
    One Please (CryptTV):
    An Alien Claymation (Lee Hardcastle):
    Hotel Shower Horror (Wansee Entertainment):
    Why Does My Family Hate Me? (Snarled):
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    Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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  • Torreti Spagetti
    Torreti Spagetti Hour ago

    The homeless man low-key looked like Cory at that one part lol

  • Mr Waffle
    Mr Waffle 2 hours ago

    Wait, I don't get this scary skit. Can someone help me with the timeline, also I am Filipino and ate means sister so snarled was our horror sister

  • Bionic Basheer
    Bionic Basheer 3 hours ago


  • Vamp Uzumaki
    Vamp Uzumaki 9 hours ago

    0:48 🤣🤣🤣🤣 cant stop laughing

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song he uses in the Transitions???

  • Jim Games
    Jim Games 10 hours ago

    rip karen

  • Hiro BlueXRed
    Hiro BlueXRed 10 hours ago

    Everyone should know why its age restricted its cause of the finger cutting. Man the john wick dad was epic

  • Cameron Gross
    Cameron Gross 10 hours ago

    We all know that was his Lil sis

  • Rafael Carrillo
    Rafael Carrillo 11 hours ago


  • Ness!
    Ness! 11 hours ago

    Because of that intro, the video is age restricted. Nice job dude.

  • Jtaylor815
    Jtaylor815 12 hours ago

    whos karin

  • Chloe Rivers
    Chloe Rivers 12 hours ago +2

    His 1st age restricted video like if you love coryxkenshin on this comment and video

  • Julia Robles
    Julia Robles 12 hours ago

    That Third Animation wasn't an animation at all ;)

  • Jay Wolfe
    Jay Wolfe 12 hours ago

    I ☎️📞 911.

  • TheQueens_ Tea
    TheQueens_ Tea 13 hours ago +1

    I bet the only reason it's age restricted is because of Karen...

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 14 hours ago

    vancouver film school project looked like a piece about body dysmorphia. i could b wrong but it definitely resembled how a really thing person might see themselves as totally different from reality.

  • maddles
    maddles 15 hours ago

    bruh this seriously got age restricted like what the hell

    LEEKANDKH1 16 hours ago

    Karen got some booty

  • Kydda TM
    Kydda TM 18 hours ago

    cory be creepy as hell with these intros

  • TheShadowVampony
    TheShadowVampony 18 hours ago

    stop it...get some help gawd damn....😨

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 19 hours ago

    My boy got age restriced😡😡

  • SaCheen Thomas
    SaCheen Thomas 19 hours ago

    Why you go go that girl, wow, I'm gonna beat you up because you know the, I know how to fight, even know your bigger, me, I'm selling nudes on the beach boy. I'm not playing on my boy, I'm on my mom's account.

  • Cocoa clover
    Cocoa clover 20 hours ago

    2:48 How is pilotredsun scary it's a *Masterpiece*

  • lourdes abrajan
    lourdes abrajan 20 hours ago

    I see why this was age restricted

  • lourdes abrajan
    lourdes abrajan 21 hour ago

    I had to come into another TheXvid account to watch this video. BOII.

  • Pink Zebra
    Pink Zebra 21 hour ago

    It doesn't age restrict for me and I'm under 18

  • Itz KuFFY
    Itz KuFFY 21 hour ago

    Coryxcookin Like if u agree

  • Sofia Caldro
    Sofia Caldro 22 hours ago

    Hey cory... I am gonna design something 4 u to use on sss. Its gonna be a design for the last animation. I am gonna make it pretty lit and send it to u through my sister's social media's. Pls respond if interested.
    .... Sofia C.

  • Sofia Caldro
    Sofia Caldro 22 hours ago


    Oh wait... I COMEING KARIN

  • Sam6059
    Sam6059 22 hours ago

    Fourth animation is lit

    sUiCiDAL ThoUGHTS 22 hours ago +2

    Samurai slice that like button rn
    4:34 what I’m asking after that intro

  • Marie Lockhart
    Marie Lockhart 22 hours ago


  • Rene Ortiz
    Rene Ortiz 23 hours ago

    Yooo. My dude really got a women tied up thoooo lol lol lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • luca hedegaard
    luca hedegaard Day ago


  • luca hedegaard
    luca hedegaard Day ago


  • luca hedegaard
    luca hedegaard Day ago


  • luca hedegaard
    luca hedegaard Day ago

    hi corj

  • ReginaHeart🌀💙

    Imagine Cory with waves 😂😂😆😆

  • Ma nem Jef
    Ma nem Jef Day ago

    6:25 she looks like a blob fish

  • looky Biggy
    looky Biggy Day ago

    Cory you know you like her

  • Janette G
    Janette G Day ago

    The last one was scary and its night i wont sleep T.T

  • Rosa Silva
    Rosa Silva Day ago

    Dog. Give me food. Man oh you want to go to the vet. Nooooo

  • Herta Schneider
    Herta Schneider Day ago

    13:01 “do you know what your mom had to do for you to have that? That’s about to be gone in two minutes?” YES! Like the non-human animals that are raped, drugged, abused, tortured, suffering, agony, horrifically slaughtered in front of their loved ones, etc! Not to mention the faecal matter, cancer, other diseases and pathogens, noxious drugs and chemicals, destruction of all...!

  • Herta Schneider
    Herta Schneider Day ago +1

    *one please* It would be great if people could go through what non-human animals go through for animal products such as ice cream... Then you shall understand and stop.

  • eby0876
    eby0876 Day ago

    Sss is ok but not 😭😭

  • CrAzY gAmEr GiRl Owo

    It’s probably age restricted because of the inside out T^T

  • vRemedy iOS
    vRemedy iOS Day ago +1

    Karen hella thicc

  • ItsYahBoiSKINNY
    ItsYahBoiSKINNY Day ago +1


  • Vera Divinity
    Vera Divinity Day ago

    Coryxkenshin is Karen your wife or your sister or you just kidnapped her

  • Vera Divinity
    Vera Divinity Day ago

    Coryxkenshin is Karen is your wife

  • Ofelia Alcalá
    Ofelia Alcalá Day ago

    Yo Cory do you like her ???

  • Ofelia Alcalá
    Ofelia Alcalá Day ago +1

    Yo Cory I will call the caps

  • Saniya J
    Saniya J Day ago +1

    Number 6 she's a demon

  • Saniya J
    Saniya J Day ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower Day ago

    Hi Karen

  • Jeannie and Reese Cagle

    Cory ur my favorite ❤️ please give me a shout out I watch all your videos!!😁

  • Ca'Ron Corbin
    Ca'Ron Corbin Day ago +1

    Dey age restricted my man cory!

  • Zeyvion Jackson
    Zeyvion Jackson Day ago

    RIP Karen

  • Peter Garbish golden freddy iso fredbew

    I'LL call the police if ya dont let her go ill actually do that because there's a bag on her head she'll suffacate

  • martin
    martin Day ago +1

    this vid age restricted tho

  • Solar wolf Dude
    Solar wolf Dude Day ago

    Who the freak was karen

  • SKsav Ultimate
    SKsav Ultimate Day ago

    The third one is not an animation

  • Kimora Stokes
    Kimora Stokes Day ago

    Love your videos

  • Gamer judge Nathangamer

    Oh it's the finger being cut off that makes it age restricted

  • Muzaffar Jeetoo
    Muzaffar Jeetoo 2 days ago

    Logan paul: shows dead body
    *video not demonitized and got 10 mil views*
    Cory: shows severed finger
    *video gets age-restricted*
    WTF TheXvid

  • Legendary Respect
    Legendary Respect 2 days ago

    Why did it get intense when you said popsicle

  • It's MysticLunaExo
    It's MysticLunaExo 2 days ago

    "AWH YoU KNoW I CaN'T Do THaT"

  • Darn Devil
    Darn Devil 2 days ago

    Age restricted u for real Cory is my best youtuber and I can't watch the video wow

  • stephen landicho
    stephen landicho 2 days ago

    Hi guys can you help me?

    I don't know why I can't watch this I'm 19 yrs old

  • David Kovacic
    David Kovacic 2 days ago

    Hi kerren

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones 2 days ago

    Edward is ARRESTED

  • Roxas Deviluke
    Roxas Deviluke 2 days ago

    I told yall a million times to practice controlling you're sealed beast!

  • Thenight Ninja
    Thenight Ninja 2 days ago

    So let her the freak go

  • Nether Wolf
    Nether Wolf 2 days ago

    What the ever loving crap is happening to this channel and you in general...

  • Bubbabooty 10
    Bubbabooty 10 2 days ago +1

    I thought i was watching some dark web at the beginning

  • Isaiah Narvaez
    Isaiah Narvaez 2 days ago

    Hi Karen

  • S P I L L I N S O M E D A I L Y TEA

    Aye, so what was Karen doin at yo house?😏

  • Hokageかかシ
    Hokageかかシ 2 days ago

    7:42 ain’t a animationeeee

  • Nathan Hoekstra
    Nathan Hoekstra 2 days ago

    Im shocked about the beginning

  • Thenight Ninja
    Thenight Ninja 2 days ago

    I will put you in a body bag

  • Thenight Ninja
    Thenight Ninja 2 days ago

    Let her go cory I'm not playing around

  • gamerpro sc
    gamerpro sc 2 days ago +1

    God Cory :(

    RADSTAR 2 days ago

    Karen kinda thicc

  • Kelsie B
    Kelsie B 2 days ago

    Guys they show everything if you were wondering so don’t look when they cut the finger off

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 2 days ago

    Dont save her.S h e. T o o k. T h e. K i d s

  • Oshven sucks Vvjhhh
    Oshven sucks Vvjhhh 2 days ago

    Watch. Horror. Movies. At. Night

  • Amanda Hyatt
    Amanda Hyatt 2 days ago


  • cameron hart
    cameron hart 2 days ago +1


  • Nardozi Productions
    Nardozi Productions 2 days ago

    satisfying asmr cutting off finger

  • Mark Manjarrez
    Mark Manjarrez 2 days ago

    I’m worried about the lady because she has to use the cutting board but she cut her finger off and there is way to much blood on the cutting

  • Bull_monster_2 123
    Bull_monster_2 123 2 days ago

    Who els lives in Michigan I do

  • Zakia Iman
    Zakia Iman 2 days ago

    mabey shes a demon oh know

  • Burritoman2727
    Burritoman2727 2 days ago +1

    I dont care abouy karen because she took the kids

  • Libby Warbucks
    Libby Warbucks 2 days ago

    Karen thicccc

  • 5u5ie
    5u5ie 2 days ago

    I think I found why it's age restricted. He was doing his thief/murderer act and at 0:34 he "kidnapped" someone. TheXvid might've mistaked that for a real kidnapping? I dunno.

  • 5u5ie
    5u5ie 2 days ago


  • Kryptic
    Kryptic 2 days ago

    Bruh not gonna lie Karen lookin THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  • nanidoo nana
    nanidoo nana 2 days ago

    Horror kidnapkng

  • Minepin 101
    Minepin 101 2 days ago

    Why is he age restricted?

  • Prayes Khadilkar
    Prayes Khadilkar 2 days ago

    5:58 y the long face?