r/tinder Best Posts #7

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
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  • Mighty3point14 The mighty


  • The Sweetest Cookie
    The Sweetest Cookie 7 days ago

    I wanted make sure I didn't em-parris myself that would've been Eiffel

  • APOLLO5509
    APOLLO5509 11 days ago

    Giofilms said jif not gif

  • Nicholas Liviu
    Nicholas Liviu 13 days ago

    10.7 seconds..just to add ads. Yea..no. fu:)

  • Fantasy Hopeful
    Fantasy Hopeful 17 days ago

    Let me explain...
    I’m an Undertale fan so when I heard...
    ‘It’s going to be a beautiful day today’
    I immediately thought he was going to say ‘Then get dunked on’
    ... the fans would understand

  • Superdevin7
    Superdevin7 18 days ago

    Words can’t describe how beautiful you are

    But numbers can

  • Layla Klyer
    Layla Klyer 19 days ago +1

    Guys... I know Giofilms favourite subject in school...

  • Xran Gaming wow
    Xran Gaming wow 26 days ago

    Mew is super dense

  • Peanutbutter Buckeye

    👂 👁. 👃. 👁. 👂

  • Sqribbley Dude
    Sqribbley Dude Month ago

    2:10 he didn't get rid of the swear ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

  • Bill Webb
    Bill Webb Month ago

    1:51 I’d date that.

  • Andy Greene
    Andy Greene Month ago

    Where do we post fan art for him to see?

  • ThisIsSquishiiesAlt

    2:12 *forgets to blur out cuss word on a family friendly-ish yt channel*

  • josh easter
    josh easter Month ago


  • josh easter
    josh easter Month ago


  • josh easter
    josh easter Month ago

    Gio fat mama

  • K11LSH0Tッ
    K11LSH0Tッ Month ago

    We dont have jelly beans in greece

  • Miameow OWO
    Miameow OWO 2 months ago

    Did you seriously just pronounce it 'jif'

  • K220s YT
    K220s YT 2 months ago

    There is no "wrong side" for toilet paper

  • Little Weeb
    Little Weeb 2 months ago

    Gif or Jif

  • Lachlan Salido
    Lachlan Salido 2 months ago

    4:23 would be me

  • Bobddotcom Plays
    Bobddotcom Plays 2 months ago +1

    NO! It’s “How *_YOU_* doin’?”

  • Dogski28
    Dogski28 2 months ago

    1:03 For those of you who aren’t Pokémon fans, the fact that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew is basically common knowledge.

  • Cathy Nojas
    Cathy Nojas 2 months ago

    There is a fake tinder ad in this video

  • Purple Pizza
    Purple Pizza 2 months ago

    2:50 umm did he just say gif instead of gif???

  • reverseaxis1
    reverseaxis1 2 months ago

    3:30 *sounds like communist propaganda but ok*

  • *Definitely* Solaire Of Astora

    Lmao, get bodied.

  • Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy 3 months ago

    Oh, a redditor? When are we getting married?

  • Randominator
    Randominator 3 months ago

    Damn, these people are huge fucking losers

  • Unikay
    Unikay 3 months ago

    You said Gif wrong.

  • Btd Cul123
    Btd Cul123 3 months ago

    Maeve is an Irish name. It’s pronounced mayv. I’m Irish, I’d know

  • Tino Schmino
    Tino Schmino 3 months ago


  • Captain Funk
    Captain Funk 3 months ago

    You said “jif” not “gif”...

  • Adele Mason
    Adele Mason 3 months ago

    Maya, she's a flat earther. Def...

  • BashBloxZ 3
    BashBloxZ 3 3 months ago

    2:10 forgot to blur the cuss

  • Jaime Doodles
    Jaime Doodles 3 months ago +1

    As a 5'7 female teen going onto 5'8 I personally dream of growing to 6'+ so that I can pick up my future lover and carry them around like a princess

  • Kingismail254
    Kingismail254 3 months ago


  • Scorbunny Flames
    Scorbunny Flames 4 months ago +1

    0:57 that only a theory

  • Zheep-x
    Zheep-x 4 months ago

    Honestly, screw 7:51

  • Delilah
    Delilah 4 months ago

    I wanna hear u say cleo

  • sabin playz
    sabin playz 4 months ago

    I hate stairs and stand up comedy

    Because im lazy

  • Infinite's Corner
    Infinite's Corner 4 months ago

    That’s a code for I’m lonely

  • Anticreeperzone
    Anticreeperzone 4 months ago

    Some of these should be in r/wooosh.

  • BART
    BART 4 months ago

    2:52 did you just say “jif”

  • TxUNDERxiii uwu
    TxUNDERxiii uwu 4 months ago

    This Videos Thumbnail: **Exists**

    *Ahhhh, Math*
    edit: *Shut Up Girl, Spider-man Is Better Then You*

  • small brain all the time 69

    J i f

  • sharpee
    sharpee 4 months ago


  • TheOnlyWeabo
    TheOnlyWeabo 4 months ago

    1:57 and If Its a girl call it ditto

  • Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘
    Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘ 4 months ago

    Gio... why... just why did you say jif instead of gif

  • Teoman Kamadan
    Teoman Kamadan 4 months ago

    I love pokemon

  • Yusuf Ege Özmen
    Yusuf Ege Özmen 4 months ago

    Did you just fucking say "jif"? Disliked.

  • Saucey
    Saucey 4 months ago

    Why did I get five trump campaign ads on this lmao

  • Ramen boi
    Ramen boi 4 months ago +2

    I've been gmomed about 63 times now

  • Digi
    Digi 4 months ago

    3:13 I just watched the lion King remake, and I'm here to say, puns were missed. Just mufasa next time

  • Little Elena
    Little Elena 4 months ago +1

    Day 9 of asking for a r/breadstapledtotrees

  • Forest of Secrets
    Forest of Secrets 4 months ago +2

    you. pronouced maeve wrong.
    it an an irish name, anglized from of maebh. the last e is not pronounced, so its pronkunced mayv
    how dare you do this to me

  • Agent Melon
    Agent Melon 4 months ago +1

    So I’m watching this video in my room. Nothing strange, right?


    I just watched a spider go up and down on the same web for 5 minutes in the background.

  • Finn8145
    Finn8145 4 months ago

    5:30 best joke ever!!!!

  • l Don't Know
    l Don't Know 4 months ago

    Jelly beans taste like shit

  • Timothy Ali
    Timothy Ali 4 months ago

    7:27 r/woosh