YARD BOYS: Freight Train Hopping America (Full Documentary 2018)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • The Yard Boys set out on a journey to hop trains from LA to NYC in one month.
    The Guys:
    Marcus: instagram.com/marcusjohns/
    Jesse: instagram.com/jesseshaw/
    Greg: instagram.com/gregorycurtin/
    Chris Gibson - instagram.com/chrisgibson54/
    VFX: Joe Vaccarino
    Huge thank you to the Helping Hands and Pastor Jim. Thank you for your blessings. Please help bless them back here:
    Original Music:
    Jesse Shaw and Alex Bennett- "On The Land"

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  • Marcus Johns
    Marcus Johns  5 months ago +447

    First of all thank you for watching. Some things to note.
    1.)This film is about a group of friends doing something that they have NO IDEA what they are doing. It’s a story about the friendship, group dynamics and struggles that ensue. Not a how-to or history lesson on train hopping. I would have filmed on a go pro, gone with or interviewed experienced hoppers and been more low key. But some people don’t consider we are each walking around with a large DSLR camera ( myself being a black magic 4K camera) which is a little less than low key. Lol 😂
    2.) This was filmed over 3 years ago, so a lot of people’s pre conceived notions (especially socio-political ones) about those in the film should be taken with a grain of salt. Times were different, even just with the little time that has passed.
    3.) The film portrays and highlights a lot of group drama because quite frankly, it is what makes a story interesting. Contrary to what you may think, 80 percent of the trip was a great laid back time 😄🤙.
    4.) Duh, if I wanted to make it across the US way easier if I would have done it by myself. But that wouldn’t be as fun or interesting, and pushing the limits of the experience is the whole point ( to run into conflict, problems etc.) most people don’t realize but from where we started in Southern California to where we got caught was over 1700 miles away. There are much quicker (and easier) ways to get across America Via train. But we took the high line because we are a shooting a documentary and wanted to experience and film the most scenic and beautiful parts of America. If we would have put that into eastbound miles as apposed to northbound ( the direction we took ) we would have been nearly 3/4ths the way there. So all considering I think it’s amazing we even got as far as we did considering our footprint. Anyways, I wouldn’t have done it any other way🤷🏼‍♂️😀.
    I feel like this will answer most questions or comments that have been left. Thank you all so much for watching and all your support!

    • RenaSan
      RenaSan 20 hours ago

      Why did you practically steal food from a homeless shelter?

    • Daggetbevr
      Daggetbevr 12 days ago

      A+ your was very informative

    • Robert Agape
      Robert Agape 13 days ago

      You guys are fucking awesome! Screw the haters who dislike that you aren’t some dirty kid hobo while on the rails - live and let live. I’m about to leave in a week and a half to dedicate myself to the vagabond lifestyle, hitchhiking and even hopping trains eventually, and I wouldn’t go near any of those haters on the road. This is such a beautiful documentary. You guys learned a lot and did well. Thank you for this!

    • Blake Edward
      Blake Edward Month ago +2

      How did you find out the train schedules and where they are going?

    • Maddy Parke
      Maddy Parke Month ago +1

      this was such an amazing film oh my god. that's like the dream team, I'm so inspired to do something like this now as a teen because it looks so fun and I've always wanted to have a risky bucket list. Any ideas?

  • brs6480
    brs6480 7 hours ago

    Great video! How much was bail?

  • Virex 66
    Virex 66 Day ago

    What did they think was going to happen you should have run to the woods right when you saw security it seemed as though you wanted to get caught by security

  • Sarah Quill
    Sarah Quill Day ago

    And the award for least likeable people on TheXvid goes to...

  • Taco Miester
    Taco Miester 2 days ago

    25:33 high shaggy

  • RyansFilms lx
    RyansFilms lx 2 days ago

    24:21 what a rapist says when he drives past a school

  • goodboy2022002
    goodboy2022002 4 days ago

    Failure two thumbs down. 👎👎

  • Do you even Rift
    Do you even Rift 4 days ago

    lol and you got busted ahaha

  • Do you even Rift
    Do you even Rift 4 days ago

    Dude with the lisp most annoying prick I've witnessed in a long long time

  • george delgaudio
    george delgaudio 4 days ago

    95% of this is just them arguing

  • axel b
    axel b 4 days ago

    all Americans are turning gay or what ?!

  • no anime
    no anime 5 days ago

    This is so amazing how does this only have 500k views

  • TheSupradude26
    TheSupradude26 5 days ago

    It's funny watching these guys compared to guys who are "experienced train hoppers". How these guys are whispering and super sketched out where as dudes like Stobe the Hobo are so chill and relaxed... It's quite funny lol..

  • Linda Glocke
    Linda Glocke 5 days ago

    The guy at 25:30 or near there looks like shaggy.

  • William Dunkerley
    William Dunkerley 5 days ago +1


  • all the boost
    all the boost 5 days ago

    I think you guys were a little ill-prepared... and didn't quite grasp the concept you guys had an idea and ran with it. Hanging off the side dangling your feet in plain view of Vehicles driving by while the trains moving is what got you caught. If you guys had acted the way you acted in the beginning the whole way through you probably would have made it but you guys got comfortable and brazen.

  • Christian Allgood
    Christian Allgood 5 days ago

    These guys bicker a lot. When I'm with a caravan, I don't bicker with people. I say my piece, and move on. You're traveling to have a good time, and take in all the natural splendor. Arguing about piddly shit can make the whole group turn on eachother. Otherwise, it looks like you guys had a good time, and I commend you for experiencing the rail.

  • Lee Stowell
    Lee Stowell 5 days ago

    Great video, amazingly done. Would have liked to see u finish though

  • Free Hatchet
    Free Hatchet 5 days ago

    Brave Dave is soooo much better because he’s real.

  • Free Hatchet
    Free Hatchet 5 days ago

    White boys taking money from a church skating by on their privilege. It’s the only reason your dumb asses survived.

  • Lee Stowell
    Lee Stowell 5 days ago

    I love Betty!!!

  • ThaSoulz
    ThaSoulz 5 days ago

    Woah, a lot of people in the comments need to get off their high horses. Sure, perhaps you guys should've been more careful but it looks like this made for a great adventure I'm sure all of you will recall fondly for the rest of your lives. It was a fun watch, glad nobody got hurt! Sadly I could only watch in 240p due to my amazing firewall at work but the video looks nice and well produced too. Cheers

  • Brady's Youtube of things

    Fuckin cunt Judge.

  • phoenix waynick
    phoenix waynick 6 days ago

    Yo they fucking shit on their homie at the end lol.

  • Wayne Bryan
    Wayne Bryan 6 days ago

    This seems fake on a lot of parts...

  • Geils Sila
    Geils Sila 6 days ago

    And I say train hopping is against the law for a good reason: it's DANGEROUS

  • Vic Green
    Vic Green 6 days ago

    you guys need two ways radio`s

  • wermzer
    wermzer 7 days ago

    So much amazing graffiti.

  • Emily Magers
    Emily Magers 7 days ago

    Dude lose the music I can't even hear u over it

  • Mitch Demmler
    Mitch Demmler 7 days ago +1

    Lisp man and long hair glasses guy gotta go

  • I Don’t Care
    I Don’t Care 7 days ago

    The sit down was unnecessary

  • hoodcollector aka BIG HOOD

    mmmm first couple minutes in and this looks fake as fuck ..

  • Shaun Meldrum
    Shaun Meldrum 8 days ago +2

    you only made it to portland with your $100? SMH! Brave Dave was so much more entertaining to watch.

  • Rolling Hard And Under Control

    There still caring people out there pastor Jim and his lady friend and his church followers helping them out awesome makes me proud to watch I’m married 2 kids house payment I can’t do it enjoy every minute

  • Tim Kinsella
    Tim Kinsella 8 days ago +2

    OMG I can't stand these guys! The video was good and interesting but I would love to punch them all in the face. Especially the one that wined about everything the whole time. They take $100 out of the bank saying they are going to make it last them the whole trip and it's almost gone in 2 days LMAO. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that their money comes from mommy and daddy. I mean most people that earn their own money cannot just decide to pick up and leave for a month. Then they spend $500 bailing out of jail and decide to go rent cars and SUVS and stay in nice hotels. I don't even want to visit the fact that took money from a church that runs a homeless shelter. Bunch of spoiled little trust fund kids. That part where dude is holding up his designer boots talking about how they have held up haha OMG you've literally hopped on and off a couple trains you idiot, a pare of fucking socks would of held up! Maybe my opinions are a little biased because I work my ass off for the little bit of money I have and the things I own and iow certainly cannot just call my friends up and take off hopping trains for a month. But these kids are perfect example of what's wrong with American youth these days and really just this country in general smh

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 8 days ago

    I work for BNSF, we absolutely have to snitch on hoppers, BNSF employs people to act as blatent hoppers to see if you are paying attention. If you try to give a free pass you could lose your job

  • Dana Rouleau
    Dana Rouleau 8 days ago +2

    The Soy Boys might be a more fitting title

  • Robin Marks
    Robin Marks 8 days ago

    The plants that "smell like licorice" are fennel - they're delicious and they taste like licorice too. Nibble on the flowers next time you're in a train yard.

  • Toms onfire
    Toms onfire 8 days ago +1

    are they a pop group that just never made it?

  • 66flamer
    66flamer 8 days ago

    thank you. thats all. just thank you.

  • Kdnd Band
    Kdnd Band 8 days ago

    Anyone In Chicago down for it

  • ACP
    ACP 9 days ago +2

    you guy's are cowards in my eyes, This is why adventure is dead in the youth.. The guy with the black hair that was setting down next too the train new all of you would get caught he gave up. And you call you're self friends..

  • OG Bernard
    OG Bernard 9 days ago +1

    This is the most feminine group of men ever. Lisp guy is the most annoying person ever. A bunch of soyboys

  • Adam Thiemann
    Adam Thiemann 9 days ago

    So bad ass!!!! Beautiful scenery, loved the video!

  • Viktor Tegelberg
    Viktor Tegelberg 9 days ago

    That’s some dope shit! 😃

  • Jacob Harrington
    Jacob Harrington 9 days ago

    City boys. At least u brought your cool 70s boots

  • Matteo D
    Matteo D 9 days ago

    Black flag shirt at 36:00

  • Jacob Harrington
    Jacob Harrington 9 days ago

    But did u bring ear plugs? Dumbbb

  • Gurra Kalas
    Gurra Kalas 9 days ago

    25:30 Zoinks is that you Shaggy? XD

  • Katie Dowd
    Katie Dowd 9 days ago

    This experience seems like such a good memory to have. Into the Wild part 2 haha

  • Gabrielle Hornbeck
    Gabrielle Hornbeck 9 days ago

    This inspired me and sparked an adventurous itch in me. Also, I’m from Spokane, Washington and laughed at the pronunciation debates 😂 it’s Spo-CAN , and is actually the second largest city in WA behind Seattle!!
    The footage going through the Columbia River gorge almost made me cry, because I miss Portland and that area so much.

  • Katie Dowd
    Katie Dowd 9 days ago +1

    You guys should make your way back to that church

  • Lioncash
    Lioncash 9 days ago

    The second one of my "friends" say's the "I" word in group based experiences, they are not my friend. Sorry. There is no "I" in team.

  • will M
    will M 9 days ago

    Well when you all act like a five year old in the back of a school bus you deserved to get caught. didn't take it seriously is right. Retards.

  • devon thatguy
    devon thatguy 9 days ago

    to the guy that wanted to keep going get me a fucking plane ticket me and you will loop the states twice

  • devon thatguy
    devon thatguy 9 days ago

    yall could have fucking ran you pussies

  • falvalisious
    falvalisious 9 days ago +1

    Brave Dave did it better

  • Datboifunny
    Datboifunny 10 days ago +1

    That guy with a lisp has been a jerk thr whole adventure. I dont even like hearing him talk

  • Zig Zigler
    Zig Zigler 10 days ago +1

    Put down the soy

  • Zig Zigler
    Zig Zigler 10 days ago

    Are you 3 gay for each other or something?

  • dsfsfds dsfsdfsd
    dsfsfds dsfsdfsd 10 days ago

    fucking idiots

  • wallpaper42
    wallpaper42 10 days ago

    Fuckboys on a train

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D 10 days ago

    Betty an OG

  • pp Barfred
    pp Barfred 10 days ago

    Just amazing

  • NorCalguapo NorCalguapo

    Hipsters lol

  • Brennan Meulendyk
    Brennan Meulendyk 10 days ago


  • ZanGeist
    ZanGeist 10 days ago

    Why so much hate in the comments?

  • G. Costanza
    G. Costanza 10 days ago

    If he wanted to continue he should have continued himself, you cant depend on others, you need to be able to do stuff on your own. There are other people doing train hopping on TheXvid and most of them are doing it alone, and it still makes great videos to watch. He would have felt pretty good after he finished the whole route regardless if he did it alone or with others.

  • Waves of Ahi
    Waves of Ahi 11 days ago

    This is such and awesome story of a group of friends that shoot for the stars. so inspiring

  • SuperMobian
    SuperMobian 11 days ago

    next time do this in afrika!

  • SuperMobian
    SuperMobian 11 days ago

    ever heard of little thing called gopro?

  • Roger Lund
    Roger Lund 11 days ago

    From the get-go this looks too much like a production. I don't like a production. This is bulshit

  • Loren Mars
    Loren Mars 11 days ago

    Their LOYALTY was the showcase of this doc. Respect for the law. Respect for each other. Respect for ones' selves. The bad hobo-ing was comic relief.

  • Masha Mitchell
    Masha Mitchell 11 days ago +1

    1:12:05 You're not on federal property. Calm down. It's just a county jail.

  • Adovin
    Adovin 11 days ago

    who are these Brave Dave wannabes

  • Joseph Cunningham
    Joseph Cunningham 12 days ago +2


  • Caleb Hooper
    Caleb Hooper 12 days ago

    dude! this was awesome! and super inspiring. even though you guys got caught. for real though never sat at my computer and watch something this long on youtube!! good job guys.

  • ComGoBoo
    ComGoBoo 12 days ago

    Sorry, but these are the paper boys for "entitled, rich white guys". No sympathy at all for them. Go watch "Brave Dave's Big Fat Freight hop" instead. It has crappy audio, but at least it is genuine.

  • Renee Hopkins
    Renee Hopkins 12 days ago

    FAVORITE VIDEO EVER. So inspired to pack a bag and go on some spontaneous adventures with my best friends in the whole world.

  • sonic805native
    sonic805native 12 days ago +1

    Soooo when’s the next trip? I’m in LA anybody 👀😈

  • silt sunrise
    silt sunrise 12 days ago +4

    Go watch brave dave or ilya bondarev's train hopping videos, their films are fun and well-made, straightforward and real, much better than this self-conscious soap opera crap.

  • S J
    S J 12 days ago

    No wonder they got caught....

  • Josef Kún
    Josef Kún 12 days ago +1

    It feels like they didnt do it for train hopping but for making a documentary and get nice posts on instagram.

  • alec rennie
    alec rennie 13 days ago

    this was such a good documentary deserves so many more views

  • JelloFluoride
    JelloFluoride 13 days ago +2

    When you guys all agreed they saw you, you all should have booked it into the woods. Your Spidey sense is clearly broken.

  • Theo Sushko
    Theo Sushko 13 days ago

    Very cringy intro

  • JoeyBrownVlogs
    JoeyBrownVlogs 13 days ago

    Mission failed

  • EddieE Clark
    EddieE Clark 13 days ago

    Bro was blame hopping at the end whats his deal what a dick!!

  • Miguel Vasquez
    Miguel Vasquez 13 days ago +2

    these guys are so pretentious i cant watch more than five minutes. documenting this in an autobiography style, you can feel their self importance.

  • Gus McSus
    Gus McSus 13 days ago +1

    This is the gayest shit I've ever seen 2 minutes in. If you want to see the absolute legend that these guys are ripping off, look up brave Dave's big fat freight hop

  • pac man
    pac man 14 days ago

    Free travel, free food, free money and get to sit around and sleep all day. Sounds like a difficult experience.

  • Katherine Szewczyk
    Katherine Szewczyk 14 days ago

    Loved it!!! Through and through! you guys were definitely divinely directed!

  • Devin McGauley
    Devin McGauley 14 days ago +1

    Hipster kids pretend to be hobos while wearing $200 ray bans, are laughably unprepared (how did some of you NOT bring ear plugs?!), get arrested a week into the trip, and give up. There - just saved you an hour and a half

  • Kenneth Pringle
    Kenneth Pringle 14 days ago

    That was awesome my brothers,Sucks y'all got caught though, Y'all took some purdy pictures, Thanks for sharing this Documentary with me.... God bless you all & your loved ones....Amen

  • Tadhg Keaveney
    Tadhg Keaveney 14 days ago

    1:10:00 song?

  • ConspiraOrg EastGhostCom

    Your other problem is that you neither experienced or portrayed any real character development. You had no noble goal. You took from the church group. You bailed at the first real difficulty. You were not authentically penniless. It would have shown huge improvement, and nifty twist, had you bailed on the jailer...just skipped out, ghosted "point four", and left Montana in that five-minute window, leaving mad Judge Judy flabbergasted (for real, yo), dashing to put out an APB and arrest warrants on y'all - but Funk Montana anyway. It's awful when the happenstance characters (mad Judge Judy, smiley Betty) have more intense charisma and grit than the main players convey. You might consider recutting the footage, this time from the end first, to tell a very different tale -- making it seem like you are escaping Montana and its 'my town' mad judge (perhaps for some nuisance like flash-mob robbing a convenience store?), rushing to the rails in a penniless and fearful state, fleeing across state lines, ending up in Cali (yes Cali, not Oregon) at a church service, taking on the hard street life. Yes, bent as hell, but at least this way would give purpose, and it would open up for additional episodes ... avoiding po-po and gang trouble in Cali, picking up the pieces when you are the veritable outsiders coming from gutter, pulling together for each other ... continuing on down the coast by rail, escaping to Mexico, finding your way and then making your way in a new life in an exotic, sun soaked paradise where your skin is the wrong color and you do not speak the language ... all along the way, overcoming obstacles, trying to 'do right' and keep right, and ultimately prevailing over some of life's hardships while succumbing to others. ... Perhaps, three years from now, finding yourselves longing for home but keen to 'take the long way home', and thus entering Texas from Mexico and headed eastbound, around counter-clockwise, up along the Atlantic, then back across the Midwest. How about "Around North America in 80 Months By Rail". Release monthly episodes. Tell something intriguing. Gather a following. Get some backing. Ignite your stardom...because this thing is sinking you.

  • ConspiraOrg EastGhostCom

    Your basic problem was that you went Train Hopping instead of Train Spotting.

  • Eric Shea
    Eric Shea 14 days ago

    My friend shared this video with me and told me not to look at the title or any of the comments. So I am at 12:12 and my heart is pounding. Good luck, bros!

    • Eric Shea
      Eric Shea 14 days ago

      I just finished the video. You guys won the second you hopped that first train. Gnarly story

  • B i g W a c k
    B i g W a c k 14 days ago


  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 14 days ago

    Fuck I’ll go train hopping with that guy that still wants to go.