YARD BOYS: Freight Train Hopping America (Full Documentary 2018)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • The Yard Boys set out on a journey to hop trains from LA to NYC in one month.
    The Guys:
    Marcus: instagram.com/marcusjohns/
    Jesse: instagram.com/jesseshaw/
    Greg: instagram.com/gregorycurtin/
    Chris Gibson - instagram.com/chrisgibson54/
    VFX: Joe Vaccarino
    Huge thank you to the Helping Hands and Pastor Jim. Thank you for your blessings. Please help bless them back here:
    Original Music:
    Jesse Shaw and Alex Bennett- "On The Land"

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  • Marcus Johns
    Marcus Johns  10 months ago +676

    First of all thank you for watching. Some things to note.
    1.)This film is about a group of friends doing something that they have NO IDEA what they are doing. It’s a story about the friendship, group dynamics and struggles that ensue. Not a how-to or history lesson on train hopping. I would have filmed on a go pro, gone with or interviewed experienced hoppers and been more low key. But some people don’t consider we are each walking around with a large DSLR camera ( myself being a black magic 4K camera) which is a little less than low key. Lol 😂
    2.) This was filmed over 3 years ago, so a lot of people’s pre conceived notions (especially socio-political ones) about those in the film should be taken with a grain of salt. Times were different, even just with the little time that has passed.
    3.) The film portrays and highlights a lot of group drama because quite frankly, it is what makes a story interesting. Contrary to what you may think, 80 percent of the trip was a great laid back time 😄🤙.
    4.) Duh, if I wanted to make it across the US way easier if I would have done it by myself. But that wouldn’t be as fun or interesting, and pushing the limits of the experience is the whole point ( to run into conflict, problems etc.) most people don’t realize but from where we started in Southern California to where we got caught was over 1700 miles away. There are much quicker (and easier) ways to get across America Via train. But we took the high line because we are a shooting a documentary and wanted to experience and film the most scenic and beautiful parts of America. If we would have put that into eastbound miles as apposed to northbound ( the direction we took ) we would have been nearly 3/4ths the way there. So all considering I think it’s amazing we even got as far as we did considering our footprint. Anyways, I wouldn’t have done it any other way🤷🏼‍♂️😀.
    I feel like this will answer most questions or comments that have been left. Thank you all so much for watching and all your support!

    • Memphis 63
      Memphis 63 Day ago

      Shall I say, this was an amazing adventure! Hope u guys are all well! You guys should float the Mississippi!

    • Edlyn Ugalde
      Edlyn Ugalde 3 days ago

      Sounds like a huge orgy of guys nothing wrong with that 👨

    • Jokey Jesus
      Jokey Jesus 5 days ago

      How did yall get caught tho like train just stopped then cops showed up or what

    • Waya Vlogs
      Waya Vlogs Month ago

      What’s the song at 1:09:51

  • Jesus Crust
    Jesus Crust 2 hours ago

    19:16- when did sacto end up south of the bay?

  • Jesus Crust
    Jesus Crust 2 hours ago

    Rail cops are feds and can arrest you anywhere not just on trains or rail yards.

  • Jeff Roe
    Jeff Roe 4 hours ago

    This was filmed in 2015 or 2016?

  • Jake D
    Jake D 9 hours ago

    the dude eating the apple just befor getting arrested is a jack ass and needs a smack in the lips. The other dude with the glasses needs a smack in the lips too. Other 3 dudes were cool though, i think it would have been a sucessful trip without the 2 asshats.

    • Jake D
      Jake D 9 hours ago

      Also, you're there taking money from a homeless shelter, howd you douche bags pay for a hotel and bond at the end ? Clearly you were not down to your last dollar like you had said.

  • gchowder
    gchowder 9 hours ago

    My bro Joel used to bum... the stories he told me were hilariously frightening. I always thought he was crazy.
    Now I know he was.
    Awesome documentary fellas!

  • The Maineiac
    The Maineiac 10 hours ago

    Start of ride

  • Tristran Shandy
    Tristran Shandy 15 hours ago

    When the Downs Syndrome guy with the glasses says to you, "Put the camera down. We just want to get out of here." There he goes again. Arguing with you. Correcting you. The Downs Syndrome guy isn't your friend.

  • Tristran Shandy
    Tristran Shandy 16 hours ago

    Marcus Johns, the Downs Syndrome 'friend' of yours doesn't respect you. The only time he speaks to you is when he argues with you. Or when he corrects you.

  • Tristran Shandy
    Tristran Shandy 16 hours ago

    The Downs Syndrome guy doesn't like you Marcus Johns. The only time he speaks to you is when he argues with you. Or when he corrects you.

  • Ian Hopper
    Ian Hopper 21 hour ago

    You had like 3 guys too many for a trip like that lol

  • Eric Lakota
    Eric Lakota Day ago

    This vidio was good

  • jbvap
    jbvap Day ago

    Marcus you need to drop your fake fruitcake friends, you're a real one. You need to go out with just one other guy, its way too risky hopping with so many people.

  • Haylee Love
    Haylee Love Day ago

    This was amazing!!! LOVED THIS SO MUCH

  • joev930
    joev930 Day ago

    what a bunch of pussies , buncha mommas boys. terrible doc!!! thumbs down across the board. i wasted an 1hr 26 mins of my life watching this crap! weak!!!

  • Justin Lawson
    Justin Lawson Day ago

    This would've been a much better documentary if you guys would've drop kicked the pussy with the lisp off of a moving train about 10 minutes in.

  • rusty shackleford

    go u fuckn pussys

  • rusty shackleford

    i would have loved to seen this with a grope of men not little girls

  • Handsome Harry
    Handsome Harry Day ago

    Dist they guy with the lisp

  • Tristran Shandy
    Tristran Shandy Day ago

    Marcus Johns, if this trip didn't prove to you that you live in the greatest country one earth. Then you've got no sense. Just remember this when you hear the 'Hate Americas' calling US a racist country. A sexist country. A evil country. Reject the negative hate coming from those people and understand the day you were born you were blessed to be born into the Greatest Country on Gods Green earth. God Bless the USA.

  • JPM Lawn guy
    JPM Lawn guy Day ago


  • Brotendo X
    Brotendo X Day ago

    The leader was a little bitch

  • Ronnie Ronson
    Ronnie Ronson Day ago

    Man you guys are fuckin betas, I can’t watch this shit, and I love documentaries, and train hopping

  • david
    david 2 days ago

    Nice bring rich

  • Freerider
    Freerider 2 days ago

    Sadly not enough preparations. Of course I understand it was your first time and everything, but seriously, your collective gameplan just wasn't there. I had a feeling it would fail from the get go, but somehow I also thought it would work as well.
    It failed because you were not stealthy enough. That's it.

  • Levi C
    Levi C 2 days ago

    24:21 “they are a little young but who cares”

  • Levi C
    Levi C 2 days ago

    “They are a little young but who cares?” Said my uncle to me and my brother

  • Dick Tracy
    Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    And yes you are assholes for taken that money that you obviously didn’t need as you roll around in rented atvs..that was enough karma to get you arrested for surw

  • Dick Tracy
    Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    I’m calling bs on the arrested scene.. filming while arrested and in jail..doubtful

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 2 days ago

    Nice work guys. I lived in Dunsmuir for a minute after building off-grid on Shasta. Funny to see Burger Barn, the 34$ pizza joint and that bar... Best, *A.

  • H
    H 3 days ago

    Y’all should of mf ran into the woods like wtf why would you just stand there

  • Dab Nabit
    Dab Nabit 3 days ago

    These mf's are gay!

  • Dab Nabit
    Dab Nabit 3 days ago

    Spend a ton of times with the guys?

  • DanQueeb / Pokkuri
    DanQueeb / Pokkuri 3 days ago

    Marcus you need new friends, bar the guy who was rightly nervous about the illegality of your trip, the other 3 sucked. Trust in yourself, and trust in your god. You can do better in my opinion. Do it solo next time.

  • johnny outlaw
    johnny outlaw 3 days ago

    Cut out all the church horse shit. Ruined it for me. Super entertaining until that shit

  • DanQueeb / Pokkuri
    DanQueeb / Pokkuri 3 days ago

    @39:57 fuck me you guys are insufferable cunts.

  • William Memmer
    William Memmer 3 days ago

    1:20:15 if you had a Leakey tanker it would explode. Train 101; know your route

  • William Memmer
    William Memmer 3 days ago

    1:18:02 being on a train alone is better than being with a bunch of trusty pussies. I always ride alone. No one blames me for Shit. If my road dog gets caught I'm in the woods waiting on the next line. You all knew what the deal was

  • William Memmer
    William Memmer 3 days ago

    56:16 two bows per car

  • justin grant
    justin grant 3 days ago +1

    Bunch of babies acting like there about to do 10 year bid lol

  • The Nugget
    The Nugget 3 days ago +1

    Loved the plot of this story. Wish they could change some of the characters.

  • William Memmer
    William Memmer 3 days ago

    33:50 you're the reason oogle is a word. DO NOT video yourself b&e. You'll fuck it up for everyone of us who are true hobos. Go home trusty yuppie

  • R B
    R B 3 days ago


  • Josiah Shinn
    Josiah Shinn 3 days ago

    lisp dude is the bitch boy in every story

  • dizzychizzy
    dizzychizzy 4 days ago

    Wow, what a bunch of dunces...

  • YuhBoy DTOY
    YuhBoy DTOY 4 days ago

    Marcus hmu bro I'll ride with you. Your friends are soft ass pansies

  • Ryu Kirino
    Ryu Kirino 4 days ago

    Imagine if these 5 young men where black? They'd a been tazerred , choked out, beaten or maybe even shot.

    • Ryu Kirino
      Ryu Kirino 3 days ago

      It's America right? Don't your police shoot unarmed African Americans? Or choke them to death? There's a fuck load of videos I have seen of Five0 murdering black folk

    • Alex Camacho
      Alex Camacho 3 days ago

      This is the most ridiculous comment o this thread. Get out of your bubble

  • Ryu Kirino
    Ryu Kirino 4 days ago

    But where's Teddy Duchamp?
    If you get this then u are an old fucker like me

  • 509. levih
    509. levih 4 days ago +1

    “None of us here besides you are willing to get arrested for a week” probably best not to be hopping the trains in the first place if you don’t wanna get arrested haha

  • ed !! right
    ed !! right 4 days ago

    Free video I really enjoyed it you guys should ask the judge for hard labor and waive the fines

  • Tim Stewart-Page
    Tim Stewart-Page 5 days ago

    Cool little movie. Shame they didn’t finish the trip. The blonde guy with the glasses is a bit of a knob.

  • Eric Schweinsberg
    Eric Schweinsberg 5 days ago +2

    well Can’t get that hour and a half of my life back, documentary of a road trip that only went 1/4 of the way through

  • LDG 508
    LDG 508 5 days ago

    You pussys its a misdemeanor trespassing charge you pay a fine and it gets dismissed. You should have kept going it was a once in a lifetime thing with your friends that would be remembered forever now all of you will always think what if we kept going. I traveled to another country one time and I didn't like it so I was going to cut the trip short and go home, at the last minute I changed my mind and stayed. That night I met a beautiful woman and ended up falling in love with her ended up getting married and now have 3 beautiful children, all this wouldn't have happened if I went home that night

  • LDG 508
    LDG 508 5 days ago

    LMAO @33:30 when they broke into the boxcar the door on the other side was wide open. There was no need for all that all they had to do was walk around and jump in the open door.

  • LDG 508
    LDG 508 5 days ago

    I would love to do this. If it wasn't for these liquid handcuffs I would be on a train right now

    • YuhBoy DTOY
      YuhBoy DTOY 3 days ago +1

      LDG 508 sounds like you're on the home stretch. You got this. We'll see you on the rails in no time

    • LDG 508
      LDG 508 3 days ago +1

      @YuhBoy DTOY lol yea been clean for 5yrs and I'm detoxing slowly off the methadone.was on 150 milligrams been coming down 1 milligram every 10 days down to 35. Day by day you know

    • YuhBoy DTOY
      YuhBoy DTOY 3 days ago

      Best of luck to you though. Hope you can taper down. Try using Kratom as a substitute. It helped me

    • YuhBoy DTOY
      YuhBoy DTOY 3 days ago

      LDG 508 I have and I know exactly what you mean. I was just being a smartass. Lol. I can't imagine being sick and trying to jump on a train lol. So achy and lethargic and I'd prob squirt out some burning liquid shit when I tried to jump if I could move that fast

    • LDG 508
      LDG 508 3 days ago

      @YuhBoy DTOY I don't know if you ever had a heroin habit or been on methadone but it's not too smart to travel not knowing where your going to get your next fix. It's not a good feeling being sick.never mind hopping on train's dope sick

  • InDisskyS131
    InDisskyS131 5 days ago

    The first 5 minutes and 40 seconds were enough of these snowflakes for me to know this is going to be a shit video.

  • Jokey Jesus
    Jokey Jesus 5 days ago

    So how did yall get caught?

  • paul guzman
    paul guzman 5 days ago +1

    Honestly it was a great documentary but it was a huge let down for yall to just give up after one bust. go balls deep cause when u look back youre just gonna be dissapointed that u gave up out of fear of doing a tiny bit of time...

  • Tzolkin Man
    Tzolkin Man 5 days ago

    I liked this little documentary, I think many comments are way too focused on individual personalities and not so much on the bigger event, too me this is about a group of friends who were willing to share in an experience, to learn a deeper meaning of who each them really are. Sadly, there are far too many silly obstacles in our society these days and most are all built around this concept of safety when in fact, no one really cares it becomes just another politicized reason to limit human’s ability to live free.
    I understand safety concerns, it’s in everything we do in life, life is full of mystery and challenges and safety, but there is a fine line between being overly couscous and free to openly explore our unlimited potential as human beings.
    All in all, for me, this is about friendship and building comradery among men that has almost been lost, there is a war on men in society today, and I for one think that it’s important we bring back these types of relationship in men, there are of course many ways to go about this beside illegally train hopping on private property. But the relationship between men is very important, sadly these types of relationships are almost a lost soul of our basic humanity and its for this reason I really like this documentary.
    Yes, it would have been nice if they could have finished the intended journey, but it’s not the importance of this story. It’s the friendship is, there interaction with the church and meting those people and their reaction to it was priceless, this to me is the real purpose of this whole experience, just imagine, this single experience will forever change their perspective for the rest of their lives and for me, this is a beautiful thing, that’s what living is all about are these rare and precious moments.
    People who only see the wrong, the attitudes and personalities of each of these guys and then complain about it, well you’re not able to see the deeper stuff here. And that’s says a lot more about you than it does about anyone of these guys.
    Anyway, bravo guys, you have a fan in me. While your whole experience may not have been perfect, nothing in life ever is, we are all flawed and one way or another and I’m at the top of the list, but come on, some of these lame comments tells me more about you then it does about any of these guys, learn to see the beauty instead of putting all your energy on the hate.

  • keith cordes
    keith cordes 5 days ago

    nobody is going to get my movie reference, but yall would have been no match for shacks hammer.

  • Potato Boy
    Potato Boy 5 days ago


  • Hig Bro
    Hig Bro 6 days ago

    crazy, the cop said millions of dollars in man hours because the train was stopped... to do what, tell people not to ride the train lol wtf is wrong with this country these days.

  • Dan Chris
    Dan Chris 6 days ago +2

    Meow meow meow meow bark Marcus get a new crew

  • Fuscomania !
    Fuscomania ! 6 days ago

    Too bad you didn't make it. Oh, well! You had fun. That' the important thing!

  • Jeffrey Newbern
    Jeffrey Newbern 6 days ago

    You guys are douche bags.

  • Derek Daly
    Derek Daly 6 days ago

    Too bad I had kids by the time I was 23 and too much responsibility to have an adventure like this

  • notchism
    notchism 6 days ago

    These guys are giving Glendale a bad name

  • growNblow
    growNblow 6 days ago

    31:17 😝

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith 6 days ago

    Judge is a twat

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith 6 days ago

    What a great film, love it guys

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith 6 days ago +1

    I always dreamed of doing this, but wouldnt do it alone, would need a cute female companion :)

  • C McWilliams
    C McWilliams 7 days ago

    Amazing video, sorry there wasn't more or a sequel. Liked the church group.

  • Jarod Herbert
    Jarod Herbert 7 days ago

    Wow. You guys were pretty stupid before ya got caught. No offense. But that was super silly

  • Ian Clark
    Ian Clark 7 days ago

    The guy with the big chin and glasses is a wanker

  • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube

    The Rich dude was acting like Marcus forced him to smuggle Cocaine from Mexico to USA but they were caught at the border and now they will have to spend 15 to 20 years in some Mexican Prison , chill the fuck out boy nobody FORCED YOU TO GO, you knew it was illegal the second you jumped on the train now you act like you were just a poor victim

  • Robert Losowski
    Robert Losowski 8 days ago

    Get back on .

  • lispyKimmy
    lispyKimmy 8 days ago

    why did the guy at the church service at 39.32 sound like donald trump lmfao

  • Suzi Sears
    Suzi Sears 8 days ago +3

    To me that would be worth getting arrested. To have a beautiful, chaotic, once in a lifetime, memorable experience with your best friends 🚂

  • Manfred Scrivener
    Manfred Scrivener 8 days ago

    First hint for hitch hiking-pick somewhere it's easy for cars to pull over. Not the start of a bridge....

  • Jeremy Lynn
    Jeremy Lynn 8 days ago +1

    Could of hitch hiked the rest of the way! But you learned what Jesus is all about, FAITH! Imagine if we had faith in Jesus, like you guys had the faith to take the trip!

  • Bradley Herron
    Bradley Herron 8 days ago

    not gonna lie i was straight before watching this and now I totally wanna gang bang 5 dudes at the same time yeah

  • Mike McDade
    Mike McDade 8 days ago

    It was pretty cool i like the the unity n friendship in this flim n if u guys actully tryed to hide u wouldnt have got cought the chruch people gave u guys dome blesdings hopefully they dont forget that cuz iam a homeless guy n dont forget or take for granted how chruches kept me feed alot thanks for the good documentary i liked it

  • Kosher Moses393 & Rogue

    These fuck faced oogle motherfuckers...

  • Jumping Off The Cliff
    Jumping Off The Cliff 9 days ago +1

    Too many people if you ask me. If you want to ride, ride alone. It’s exponential in my experience. Double the people, quadruple your chances of getting caught.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 10 days ago +1

    Damned queers , every last one of em.....

  • E.F. Evelhoch
    E.F. Evelhoch 11 days ago

    I liked the church part around the 40 min mark :)

  • Logan Parker
    Logan Parker 11 days ago

    Me and some friends talked about doing this kinda trip last summer but never got around to it. Maybe someday

  • Erik Breaman
    Erik Breaman 12 days ago

    The same soccer kids that inhabit squattheplanet.. You gotta go to a gated community to find them

  • jagget mordu
    jagget mordu 13 days ago

    Well these guys are no ranoutonarail

  • Mike Remillard
    Mike Remillard 15 days ago

    I traveled for four years around the country, by thumb and by freight train. The double stack hot shots with the well in the front of the car (57:33) are by far the most smoothest ride to be in. My most memorable ride was across the salt flats of Utah at night under a full moon sitting in a door of a boxcar with the moon and the sparkling salt from the flats. Or seeing bull elk so close to the tracks you can almost touch them. Some of the best memories. Now I live in Anchorage AK lol strange!

  • Alexander Bennett
    Alexander Bennett 15 days ago +1

    I have never heard a group of five guys as good at listening to each other as these five were on that bed in Montana.

  • pointless_ ok
    pointless_ ok 15 days ago

    Ok please juat push the lisp guy under the train ...save us all

  • pointless_ ok
    pointless_ ok 15 days ago +5

    To the lisp guy if you didn't want to go to jail STAY HOME

  • Ethan ottaviano
    Ethan ottaviano 15 days ago

    Alright Film. Just feels weird to watch someone wearing ray bans taking out of a church donation bin.

  • Monad - Jaded
    Monad - Jaded 15 days ago

    Justin ruined everything fucking queer

  • Guy Morris
    Guy Morris 15 days ago

    Getting arrested in Montana for doing something that's illegal ? Shocked ? Not !! Next time do something legal. Be lucky they didn't charge you for train shut down time. Did they put you all in the same cell ? I bet you got strip searched too. Now you have a criminal record and law enforcement let you off easy in Libby, Montana plus BNSF could have hammered you hard legally.

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H 17 days ago

    I’m so annoyed by the great majority of the guys in this doc 😂 incessant arguing over the L I T T L E S T things and trying to pretend they know more than the other. Phewww

  • Kieran Penrose
    Kieran Penrose 17 days ago +1

    This isn’t about Jamaicans?

  • Chris Lemerond
    Chris Lemerond 18 days ago

    what a great adventure,

  • Dustin Merritt
    Dustin Merritt 19 days ago

    Shocking, more video evidence that millennial soy boy beta males couldn't finish what they started out to do. The lack of testosterone with all of y'all is shocking, I was expecting to see some full on kissing by you all.
    Your cat fight on the bed with all 5 of you on it reeked of bitch.
    I hope your HARD TIME in a Federal Facility (county jail) put some man back into you but I highly doubt it.
    At least one of you wanted to continue and I at least give him partial credit, I have hope for him actually being able to father a son at some point in his future, the rest of you are scared little boys who ran back to the comfort of Starbucks, CNN (sheep channel,) your safe spaces and being a sub male.
    You never saw Hobestobe crying or whining, had he seen your video I believe he would have puked