YARD BOYS: Freight Train Hopping America (Full Documentary 2018)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • The Yard Boys set out on a journey to hop trains from LA to NYC in one month.
    The Guys:
    Marcus: instagram.com/marcusjohns/
    Jesse: instagram.com/jesseshaw/
    Greg: instagram.com/gregorycurtin/
    Chris Gibson - instagram.com/chrisgibson54/
    VFX: Joe Vaccarino
    Huge thank you to the Helping Hands and Pastor Jim. Thank you for your blessings. Please help bless them back here:
    Original Music:
    Jesse Shaw and Alex Bennett- "On The Land"

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  • Marcus Johns
    Marcus Johns  14 days ago +62

    First of all thank you for watching. Some things to note.
    1.)This film is about a group of friends doing something that they have NO IDEA what they are doing. It’s a story about the friendship, group dynamics and struggles that ensue. Not a how-to or history lesson on train hopping. I would have filmed on a go pro, gone with or interviewed experienced hoppers and been more low key. But some people don’t consider we are each walking around with a large DSLR camera ( myself being a black magic 4K camera) which is a little less than low key. Lol 😂
    2.) This was filmed over 3 years ago, so a lot of people’s pre conceived notions (especially socio-political ones) about those in the film should be taken with a grain of salt. Times were different, even just with the little time that has passed.
    3.) The film portrays and highlights a lot of group drama because quite frankly, it is what makes a story interesting. Contrary to what you may think, 80 percent of the trip was a great laid back time 😄🤙.
    4.) Duh, if I wanted to make it across the US way easier if I would have done it by myself. But that wouldn’t be as fun or interesting, and pushing the limits of the experience is the whole point ( to run into conflict, problems etc.) most people don’t realize but from where we started in Southern California to where we got caught was over 1700 miles away. There are much quicker (and easier) ways to get across America Via train. But we took the high line because we are a shooting a documentary and wanted to experience and film the most scenic and beautiful parts of America. If we would have put that into eastbound miles as apposed to northbound ( the direction we took ) we would have been nearly 3/4ths the way there. So all considering I think it’s amazing we even got as far as we did considering our footprint. Anyways, I wouldn’t have done it any other way🤷🏼‍♂️😀.
    I feel like this will answer most questions or comments that have been left. Thank you all so much for watching and all your support!

    • Danny Wade
      Danny Wade Day ago

      You grew skills and wisdom that you'll never lose. It'll contribute to every unorthodox travel destination you reach from now on. Thanks for documenting!

    • Greg Curtin
      Greg Curtin 7 days ago +3

      Pin this! And P.S. to everyone: Thanks a bunch for watching! I see a bunch of people commenting on how it is disappointing that we didn't get to our destination, and some people are legitimately mad at us for that. While I agree it was disappointing for us as well, consider how much fun we had just getting to where we did get to. It's soooooo much more about the journey than the destination. Remember that!

  • keith glaysher
    keith glaysher Hour ago

    Well I am impressed by American open friendliness, try some of the things you guys did here in the UK & you just get a kick in the face & left to die at best arrested. Really impressed by Helping hands folk.

  • DaysoffwithShar
    DaysoffwithShar 3 hours ago

    this doc is making me want to hop on a train! 😄

  • Trenton Crisp
    Trenton Crisp 3 hours ago

    The church bit made me switch off.. Whats with American's and their imaginary friend in the sky?

  • MrDownWithTheSouth
    MrDownWithTheSouth 6 hours ago

    Must be nice to be white in America, people just give you rides, take you in, give you food, give you money... This is crazy how easy y'all have it being a hobo.

  • Steven Waller
    Steven Waller 7 hours ago

    soy boys

  • Tigguy
    Tigguy 7 hours ago

    Outstanding! Watched the whole deal. Guess there's a little bit of Hobo in all of us.

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 7 hours ago

    That was beautiful! So inspirational. My life is so sad and boring, it makes me think of doing something like this, a sporadic trip to who knows where. Made me realize how sad my life is when this video ended.

  • Rick Harris
    Rick Harris 10 hours ago

    I hope you guys watched at least some of stobes videos. You can learn a lot.

  • Jon Scribner
    Jon Scribner 11 hours ago

    Screech is such a buzzkill

  • Rovertski
    Rovertski 12 hours ago

    culture vulture bitches

  • Johnny Fantaztic
    Johnny Fantaztic 14 hours ago

    super enjoyed watching this journey of you guys! Wow! I would get super tense watching you guys getting on the trains, the church scene was remarkable, and the closing shots of Glacier park and all you smiling and playing... so great!

  • Satchel Sieniewicz
    Satchel Sieniewicz 14 hours ago

    you guys fight a lot

  • Sheri Linn
    Sheri Linn 15 hours ago

    Loved this!

  • creative
    creative 20 hours ago

    Stobe the Hobo. RIP

  • thomasdcki
    thomasdcki Day ago

    Great doc!!!!

  • BizzBray
    BizzBray Day ago +1

    I would have thought this a was a Netflix documentary based on how well this is filmed

  • socalmx255
    socalmx255 Day ago

    its not your town judge. Its the taxpayers town. get off your high horse.

  • Grant
    Grant Day ago

    You should have ditched into the bush

  • Jake Jake
    Jake Jake Day ago

    Alot of people would be really upset to see this

  • Ann michaelis
    Ann michaelis Day ago

    Omg that was fun. You will remember this time for ever. Nice to see some well raised young men.

  • Pakka Stanny Scammer cop

    Honestly one of the best documentaries I've ever watched and it kind of made me tear up because I miss all my buddies we've all faded apart. Make sure you keep that closeness so you have no regrets. Thanks for the video man it was awesome

  • Build it fix it use it!

    Woah! What an incredible journey guys
    I've enjoyed this immensely and I believe it is the best thing I've seen on TheXvid to date.. I'm also happy it ended well... Like He-man where they all laugh at the end and some great morals to this exceptionally great adventure... Bloody well done lads 🤙

  • Wolf3fd
    Wolf3fd Day ago +1

    Jesse looks like a cool guy, my favourite character for sure. Enjoying the whole experience, possitive, cool.

  • thomas allen
    thomas allen Day ago

    Train hopping solo is dangerous enough but add other dudes and that raises the stakes exponentially. LOVE the video

  • Nathan Wacht
    Nathan Wacht Day ago

    This is so fking epic

  • Edwin Santos
    Edwin Santos Day ago

    wow , im speechless this was amazing !!!!! but yea where did you get the solar panels???

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 days ago

    As a Train Engineer, how would you like to know that you have a group of FIVE individuals breaking into a boxcar on your train using a rock? Unbelievable.

  • Derek Christenson
    Derek Christenson 2 days ago

    1 hour 18 min in you guys are a bunch of whiny bitchs. I agree with Marcus you got careless and it cost you.

  • Nikita Trofimenkovs
    Nikita Trofimenkovs 2 days ago

    This is the best video I have ever watched (haha I know it sounds cheesy and shit but this was incredible) Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience. This is gonna be a great story to tell your grandkids when you're older

  • sal58paradise
    sal58paradise 2 days ago

    Kerouac would be proud of you guys....awesome trip and camera work and stunning natural backdrop!

  • dgmarklin
    dgmarklin 2 days ago

    I'm glad they got caught and arrested.

    • zeke jethro
      zeke jethro 2 days ago

      better than riding a freight train through a wildfire that's for sure.

  • I.am.Veritas
    I.am.Veritas 2 days ago

    The judge was wearing sandals fuck that cunt

  • Fast Eddy Love
    Fast Eddy Love 2 days ago

    Judge pocketing the bond money & essentially granting a no-contest, no trail?!? Wonder where that bond money is going? Seems like if you are not guilty you should get the bond money back minus the usual 10%. I'd like to hear what a lawyer has to say about this. But, better than winding up in jail & getting a criminal record. It was the choice to make.

    • zeke jethro
      zeke jethro 2 days ago

      Not to mention being stuck there forbidden to leave the state. Sucks when it isn't your home state.
      I would have made the same decision, cut my losses and not asked any questions.
      Could have been much worse.

  • Dooble Bob
    Dooble Bob 2 days ago

    The guy holding the sign at first looked like a fucken fagget

  • M_ DOW
    M_ DOW 2 days ago +1

    Really enjoyed that,watching it here in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Fast Eddy Love
    Fast Eddy Love 2 days ago

    Just started watching about 14:20 in. Wouldn't first mistake be picking a train with no boxcars? Boxcars that could possibly open & keep yourselves from being visible in train yards & going through train crossings. Also, a boxcar that closes could provide more protection from the elements.

  • Fast Eddy Love
    Fast Eddy Love 2 days ago

    Lived in a Chicago suburb where there were lots of train lines & hence lots of freight trains. It was about the 6th grade, 1967 or so & 3 classmates jumped on a slow moving freight train in search of adventure. Well the train started rapidly gaining speed & they made the decision to jump off. All three of them wound up in a hospital with various injuries & one of them unfortunately lost his spleen. You young hobo wanna-bees take note. There's inherent dangers with this lifestyle & thrill seeking. Also have heard the hobo camps can be rough. I'm pretty sure old school hobos had a different code than the new breed of hobos.

  • Mordechai Gabay
    Mordechai Gabay 2 days ago

    Tumbs up America

  • Rational Coder
    Rational Coder 3 days ago

    Wait. I am confused. Why didn't you run into the forest for a bit? Not equipped for a survival situation if you missed the train when it took off?

  • Daniel Corona
    Daniel Corona 3 days ago

    Such a great idea ..tight...tight...good for all five of y'all ..live life ..enjoy everyday and what a story to tell your kids and grandkids one day ...I think you guys did such a amazing thing and the bond between y'all is beautiful ..word !!

  • steezjenkins
    steezjenkins 3 days ago

    At 1:11:56 does anyone know the song?

  • Chauncey Gardner
    Chauncey Gardner 3 days ago

    Interesting video; you guys seem like nice young men. s/ "The Bull" in Dunsmuir

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith 3 days ago

    Guy the with lisp sucks. He said "you knew what you were getting yourself into, and this is your fault" but he also knew what he was getting himself into. He knew the risks, he knew what was neccessary for a successful trip, and he's putting it all on you.

  • rob williams
    rob williams 3 days ago

    Awesome video lads, this is what friendship is all about through the fun, daring, and unique travels but sticking side by side of each other and looking out for one and another. Sat here and watched it from start to end and was interesting. Sadly that copper although he sounded decent and would of let you carry on train hopping was right times have changed. We're no longer allowed to have fun and like in your case something which was harmless despite being dangerous. Hope you carry on and i'll subscribe to your channel and hope to see you and your friends adventures continue.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 days ago

    this is FUCKING RIVETING!!! RAH! =0=

  • Max Ellison
    Max Ellison 3 days ago +1

    I want to do this with my friends when I’m olde look so amazing

  • matt smith
    matt smith 3 days ago

    after watching a bunch of stobie's vids, it's hard to watch the new kids on the block.

  • Ayo Bubby
    Ayo Bubby 3 days ago

    Marcus. Are you out of the closet?

  • Duane Petersen
    Duane Petersen 3 days ago

    Funny how the "buttcrack of oregon" bailed yall out. I love it when people from big cities come out to a small town like where i live and think were all a bunch of "dumb hicks" until us dumb hicks bail your asses out.

  • Jacob _6420
    Jacob _6420 3 days ago

    Struggles to open boxcar door..... opposite side is wide open 😂😂

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 days ago

    I’m so glad you were caught and I wish the Railroad had sent you all to prison and made an example out of you. Train hopping is dangerous, stupid, irresponsible, and just wrong. Seriously.

  • Skier Evan
    Skier Evan 3 days ago

    What a wonderful train hopping trip.

  • Trooper Awakens
    Trooper Awakens 4 days ago

    Greg has a twin in Alberta Canada ! I know a guy here that looks so much like Greg ! Body build, hair color, teeth and smile are the same ! Very spooky ! hahaha :)

  • Trooper Awakens
    Trooper Awakens 4 days ago

    Are you nuts ? :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 days ago

    I really hope once the trip was over all of y'all yard boys gave back to the church also

  • Turkeyinthehay
    Turkeyinthehay 4 days ago +2

    This is easily one of the best documentaries I've seen. Love the adventure, albeit foolhardy and dangerous and even though I understand that laws are around for a reason, I think it's a shame that you got caught. Not the end of world by any means and I had kinda hoped you'd keep going but I know I wouldn't have tried this in the first place so I don't blame anyone for stopping. Such amazing camaraderie there is when travelling in the shadows. How cool was Betty from that church service?! So glad I saw this and I hope everyone that participated cherishes those memories.

  • DollarStrawz
    DollarStrawz 4 days ago

    dam you guys made it fucking FAR though!! feel good about that

  • willyF
    willyF 4 days ago

    Nice video, you were lucky that did not happen in a big city. Your right there are better way to do what you did. With time comes skill.

  • Stephen Baker
    Stephen Baker 4 days ago

    Guy with the lisp & designer boots is super annoying. Shouldve left him in L.A.

  • Manabaja Nanabaj
    Manabaja Nanabaj 4 days ago

    Lmao these guys are gay af all arguing on a bed together bet they scared that bed that night

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 4 days ago

    Badass! RAH! =0=

  • SirCharles246
    SirCharles246 4 days ago

    then jumped on when the train left

  • SirCharles246
    SirCharles246 4 days ago

    when they saw you then you guys should have grabbed your stuff and went into the forest

  • SirCharles246
    SirCharles246 4 days ago

    but all in all this was really cool guys definitely should be proud of what you did.. every group dynamic has issues but gotta make it work.. I'm a graffiti artist so I've always been interested in riding the rails

  • SirCharles246
    SirCharles246 4 days ago

    the guy with the lisp really is a douche bag

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 5 days ago

    surprised you guys made it that far without getting busted sooner. pretty burnt and lucky that none of you got sucked under the wheels when trying to catch out on that container line.

  • David Cano Mejia
    David Cano Mejia 5 days ago

    Justin fucking sucks

  • purplenerple
    purplenerple 5 days ago


  • USZ71
    USZ71 5 days ago

    Should've left the two man buns at home and you three would've hit your goal.

  • CRaig west
    CRaig west 5 days ago

    broke back mountain 2: train gang

  • Andrew Detchkoff
    Andrew Detchkoff 5 days ago

    what a douche buy ing apples with a huge carbon footprint over free organic

  • Charlie Strange
    Charlie Strange 5 days ago +1

    dang. wow. intense. incredible piece of work.

  • Kendal Ozzel
    Kendal Ozzel 6 days ago

    So i dont understand the judge decision. Did I get it right that you had to pay 500 dollar each? And did you get banned from montana? Are they any further consequenes? Would be nice if somebody explains this to me again...

    THEWOODS3 6 days ago +2

    Jakobus and Justin are proper fucking dicks, they fucked the trip up. One didn’t shut the fuck up and the over lazy bastard didn’t bother hiding
    Greg and Marcus are the best ones by far.

  • Mike Cruickshanks
    Mike Cruickshanks 6 days ago

    You guys got off easy, a true trainhopper would have been treated alot differently.

  • Mike Saraft
    Mike Saraft 6 days ago

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.*
    *He also promised to heal your body.*
    *This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)*

  • Andrew McLeod
    Andrew McLeod 6 days ago

    You know, i don"t really wanna be negative here BUT.
    This doc in comparison to other train hopping vids on youtube is pretty lame.
    I don't really understand the popularity/ amount of views.
    basically you are a group of dudes with big egos who tried to do something fun together but ruined it for yourselves by not being able to work together as a team.
    If you're interested in watching some real train hopping go check out stobe the hobo or the channel rideoutonarail.
    to the main dude in this video who made it (marcus) you'd probably have a lot more success if you just went and did this on your own.

  • The Gergster
    The Gergster 6 days ago

    So what did your fine end up being? Was it more than an actual train ticket out that way LOL?

  • Paul Mcdonough
    Paul Mcdonough 6 days ago

    Don't try this on the bullet train in japan folks

  • Nick Wal
    Nick Wal 6 days ago

    whats the name of the song at 27:31?

  • Pred Tycoon Amsterdam

    Ai ai ai ai !!!

  • Dowie Dow
    Dowie Dow 7 days ago

    Keep going don't listen to that fcucking idiot! god! pussys! except the leader best guy there

  • Dowie Dow
    Dowie Dow 7 days ago +1

    This was really cool, I'm glad i watched the whole thing! should deffo have more views. Really need to ditch the guy with the lisp as he drags you guys down. Also you should of hid in the woods when you saw the first truck!

  • Andy Black
    Andy Black 7 days ago

    Okay so when I first clicked on this I was expecting to see a group of annoying millennial hipsters whining about everything and overdramatizing a train ride. Glad I was wrong. This doc was inspirational. Everything happened for a reason on this trip. Yard Boys rule! When's the next bro trip? It's going to be hard to ever top this one.

  • Daniel long
    Daniel long 7 days ago +1

    They guy with the lisp is really annoying.

  • PaCIFy
    PaCIFy 7 days ago

    I hate the buck tooth specks four eyed freak with a lisp die

  • ___
    ___ 7 days ago +2

    Pretty cool, I've been on trips like this and feel Marcus' frustration. Be happy you took the chance to make those memories though. It's great and there aren't that many down to do stuff like this.

  • Carly Boon
    Carly Boon 7 days ago

    After watching this film I felt a mixture of emotions. And I'm gonna be honest - Firstly I felt angry, thinking that you should thank your lucky stars you are all privileged enough to bail yourselves out of jail, treat yourselves to a hot tub after and go back you your lives. The dude with the lisp was right when he said you should morally evaluate yourselves when you take 20 bucks from a stranger that could have gone to someone who really needed it - like someone who was really homeless. However, it's important as you highlight what life is really like for the homeless who train hop, I just hope you guys try and raise some money to those who need it and don't have the money or option to get out of that situation (I see ya link to the healing hands and urge you to go further!). Secondly, after the anger subsided, I actually appreciate the way in which you filmed it, you guys were honest from the get go, you were naive and opened yourself up to a new experience, something that alot of filmmakers fail to do, it didn't feel fake or staged, it was natural and it was hard not to get caught up in the moment - and more importantly you touched on the essential idea that life is never about the destination but ALWAYS about the journey. I hope you guys (and I'm sure you are in more ways than one) forever changed and forever grateful for the good fortune life has bestowed on you. Don't take offence to this comment as I've tried to be honest with how I saw it and heck, it's good to open a conversation outside of the echo chamber. And lastly, What I'm really wondering is... If you were to do it again... What would you do differently and why? Peace ✌️

  • Keelan
    Keelan 7 days ago

    I'm not a religious person whatsoever, but the church taking them in and welcoming like one of them depsite what religion they believed is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us, it was heart warming to say the least.

  • Greg Curtin
    Greg Curtin 7 days ago +4

    I posted this under Marcus' thoughts which should help put the trip into a better perspective for most of you but just wanted to re-post my thoughts here just in-case it helps anyone understand the trip dynamic better! ----> First and foremost thanks a bunch for watching! Marcus worked incredibly hard on this project and I know it has taken many, many hours for this to come to fruition in the state that it is in now (which I think most people will agree, it's an incredibly entertaining and enjoyable documentary!). I see a bunch of people commenting on how it is disappointing that we didn't get to our destination, and some people are legitimately mad at us for that. While I agree it was disappointing for us as well, consider how much fun we had just getting to where we did get to. We saw some incredible things and met a bunch of really amazing people, and not only that but created so many memories that I know all of us cherish and stuff that you can look back on in 20 years and say: "Wow, me and my boys really did that". It's soooooo much more about the journey than the destination. Remember that!

  • Neu_Inferno
    Neu_Inferno 7 days ago

    Best video with the best group of guys

  • Emiel V
    Emiel V 7 days ago

    Great video but next time leave Richard Gecko at home.

  • Eccentric Smithy
    Eccentric Smithy 7 days ago

    Sure, lets post a video of us committing felonies. I swear people are so fucking stupid. Now cops have names, faces and video evidence. Guess you didnt hear about to dozen or so youtubers that got locked up after posting train hopping videos.

  • David Attenborough
    David Attenborough 7 days ago

    The guy with the lisp and the crimson chin is a cunt

  • Golden Arms
    Golden Arms 7 days ago +2

    Nice try guys. You learned a lesson and anyone watching will know u gotta be more covert. 5 guys was just too much and half of yas didn't have the heart for it it's evident. Thx for sharing it was still a good watch

  • George Edwards
    George Edwards 7 days ago +4

    Man, Marcus is definitely awesome and ambitious. I love that he didn’t want to give up.

  • Paul Holmes
    Paul Holmes 7 days ago

    Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed all of it and all your different personalities are great.

  • George Edwards
    George Edwards 7 days ago

    Hammocks. Just saying. So versatile and comfortable.

  • Bree Strong
    Bree Strong 8 days ago

    I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but you guys are definitely going about this shit wrong. Yikes.. But the element of adventure is there. Everyone should try it safely at some point, I think. Train hopping changed my life