FIFA 19 Ultimate Team | Team Of The Year

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • For the second year in the row, the Team of The Year will be voted on by a carefully curated list of media, athletes and EA SPORTS FIFA community members.
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  • DanKMeMeFrog 101
    DanKMeMeFrog 101 8 days ago +1

    Where was de jong and de ligt?

  • Sangita Prasad
    Sangita Prasad 8 days ago


  • Adedi Chekaba
    Adedi Chekaba Month ago


  • King5464
    King5464 Month ago +1


  • Ofir
    Ofir Month ago

    Change the security system in the ultimate team login

  • Dani Anghel
    Dani Anghel 2 months ago

    Make a new icon Romanian Adrian Ilie or Ilie Balaci or Cristi Chivu or Mutu PleASE

  • Maxim Mayer
    Maxim Mayer 2 months ago

    Ungarische Liga bei Fifa 20 pls

  • Φώτης Δούμας
    Φώτης Δούμας 2 months ago +1

    Messi is better than Cristiano

  • Riccardo De vita
    Riccardo De vita 2 months ago

    Morite di cancro dio porco

  • Riccardo De vita
    Riccardo De vita 2 months ago

    Morite porca Madonna

  • Riccardo De vita
    Riccardo De vita 2 months ago

    Morite dio porco

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me 3 months ago +1

    Renato agusto, Benjamin Pavard, Nelson Semedo, Naldo, ibisevic, yarmalenko, Rudy, Sule, fabinho, Cengiz ünder, Manolas, De virij, Sidibe uptade real face in Fifa 20. I hope.

  • رضا احمد
    رضا احمد 3 months ago


  • Cristeno Ronaldo Liyonel Messi

    Fack 🖕🏻

  • Alex Justask
    Alex Justask 3 months ago

    EA......... IF YOUR READING THIS FOR FIFA 2020. 1. Bring back silver and bronze tournaments, because having silver and bronze players at your club that can not be used is very pointless. 2. improve the gamers matching system with other opponents, a lot of players get matched with unfair rated teams. 3. have a gold, silver and bronze nationality challenges and cups, for example a silver and bronze cup with saudi players only or add players who play in the saudi league too. this will give gamers like us new challenges with teams and players we don't use often without competing to spend with the rich gamers. 4. Have less restrictions on formations which a gamer can create, this will also make for an enjoyable experience and making the game more tactical with different tactics experiments and ideas rather than currently being as it is (whom ever has the best team wins). 5. if all the simple things above i've listed fails, then just bring out a remastered version of Fifa 14 and start up its online servers again.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    Me when I saw the final team of the year: I’m sorry but wtf is this

  • 손흥민
    손흥민 3 months ago

    Where is Sonny ?

  • Jonathan Sapiano
    Jonathan Sapiano 3 months ago

    go trash your game EA its rubbish slow game online and the game play is rubbish ping pong throw ur game off a cliff and forget it ever existed

  • Matthias Leo
    Matthias Leo 3 months ago

    isnt this bgm the iphone x thing?

  • Bogdan Ilic
    Bogdan Ilic 3 months ago

    Do you need ps plus to play fifa 19 ultimate team

  • Riccardo De vita
    Riccardo De vita 3 months ago

    Dio mio schiattate

  • Aldo Blem
    Aldo Blem 4 months ago

    Ajeita essa porra caralho. Os caras ficam ganhando no correio corre. Tem parte do jogo que é acelerado e eles fazem a gente errar. Eles são hacker? ??

  • Aldo Blem
    Aldo Blem 4 months ago

    Essa porra tá bugada. Os caras ainda vencem como se fosse o the flash. Assim não. Jogar assim é injusto. Os caras ainda estão bugando.

  • Franciene da Silva
    Franciene da Silva 4 months ago

    FIFA is the best!

  • Ömer Faruk Sönmez
    Ömer Faruk Sönmez 4 months ago +1

    Dele Alli

  • Rekt
    Rekt 4 months ago

    Song please?

  • Haroon Nadim
    Haroon Nadim 4 months ago

    shut up

  • Chris Alvarado Gonzales

    Does anyone know why there isn’t a Liga Mx Cup Final in the cup final mode in kick off? And EA would you Please add the Cup Final of La Liga Mx in kick off cup final mode. Thank You!

    SQU3AKY P3NGU1N 4 months ago

    And the TOTY card probabilities we’re less than 1 percent

  • Pedro CZ
    Pedro CZ 4 months ago

    Lahm ?


  • Davi Clark
    Davi Clark 4 months ago +1

    Hey EA,why you don't make real faces than give big ratings for big promises?

  • 김성진
    김성진 4 months ago


  • Janice Cooney
    Janice Cooney 4 months ago

    MO SALAH!!!!!

  • Einar Aristizabal
    Einar Aristizabal 4 months ago

    Se tiraron el juego rataas

  • nspyn dizzt
    nspyn dizzt 4 months ago

    This song is iPhone xr trailer

  • Gol D. Ace
    Gol D. Ace 5 months ago


  • JoeMilano9
    JoeMilano9 5 months ago

    Worst Fifa of all time

  • Martin Ramirez
    Martin Ramirez 5 months ago

    quien me dice el nombre de la canción :v??

  • Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama 5 months ago

    FIFA and EA Sports support terrorism. FIFA is a mafia organization. All world championships have been manipulated. Do not buy games !!!

  • MS7
    MS7 5 months ago

    Mad ad

  • Launchpad Music
    Launchpad Music 5 months ago

    Who Else got no toty in a pack

  • ESW Forever
    ESW Forever 5 months ago

    Song Name ??

  • Nicolò Veronesi
    Nicolò Veronesi 5 months ago

    Song name please

  • LC productions 17
    LC productions 17 5 months ago

    Where is ter stegen

    KIRKA 5 months ago

    ‪Why no Robinho in game???

    KIRKA 5 months ago

    ‪Why no Robinho in game??? WTF...‬

  • Tamás Goda
    Tamás Goda 5 months ago +1

    A büdös kurva anyátokat azt! Jatszhatatlan szar a jatekotok ti fasszopo kocsogok. Minden kurva hetvegen szopattok csak azt tudnam mi a kurva elet faszaert jatszok ezzel a szarral bazdmeg?! Undorito hogy egy meccset ahol 2-0ra vezetsz tobb eselyed van elveszteni mint megnyerni. A kibaszott toty nyitasi eselyekrol ne is beszeljunk mert az hanyinger kategoria! Elnyithatsz 20-30-40 csomagot es semmi de a buzi Nepenthez meg Castro bazdmeg gold upgradebol huzogatjak a totykat! Gusztustalan banda vagytok Ea Sports! Kurvara remelem hogy minden egyes forintot amit a jatekosaitok fifa pointra meg a jatekra magara koltenek koszorura meg gyogyszerre koltitek ti fasszopo buzi fergek!

  • Yam yamz
    Yam yamz 5 months ago

    Each can you make a game mode where all the winners the uefa cup winner are in one tournament or do the same the for the world Cup in 2022

  • Collin De Baan
    Collin De Baan 5 months ago

    If lovren can have a toty , even anco Janssen can have one lmao

  • Matheus Hermann
    Matheus Hermann 5 months ago

    Pior jogo que eu ja joguei é ladrao o juiz os adversarios correm mais rapido ea sports pro evolution soccer 2019 é melhor

  • Malaysian Mapper
    Malaysian Mapper 5 months ago

    what song is this in the background?

  • 민규신
    민규신 5 months ago +1

    Plz vote the Salahhhhhhhh!!

  • W J
    W J 5 months ago

    EA Hurensohnladen. Dreckige Wichser ihr Hunde.

  • You Don't Know Me
    You Don't Know Me 5 months ago +1

    Messi shouldn't be in this team

    • Doge Fan!
      Doge Fan! 5 months ago

      Cr7 fan? Oh yes, he only has 400 goals in LaLiga...

    KINGWISAM 5 months ago

    Wtf happend to ea's pfp.
    I think ea is hacked


    #changecarrermode add create club

    FT TECKZ 5 months ago


  • Yam yamz
    Yam yamz 5 months ago +1

    Ea why is there 12 players in team of the year

  • Fabio
    Fabio 5 months ago


  • ameer QQ
    ameer QQ 5 months ago


  • JOAO
    JOAO 5 months ago

    filhos da puta jogo lixo bola atravessando pé de jogador, faltas inexistentes concertar isso vcs não querem

  • TheGamingPixel
    TheGamingPixel 5 months ago

    They used the same music as Apple for the iPhone XR...

  • 강은호
    강은호 5 months ago

    Music from iphone trailer

  • Abdirahman Mahamed
    Abdirahman Mahamed 5 months ago

    Hey there how can I play in the fifa 19 eWorld cup , what must I do to take part EAsports competitions , thank u

  • Francisco Jose
    Francisco Jose 5 months ago


  • 2760db
    2760db 5 months ago

    This video is probably the best thing EA have done since 2013

  • vaultboy channel
    vaultboy channel 5 months ago

    Where's messi ?? Messi is better than ronaldo

    IGFURY! 5 months ago

    Sooo... is “Spore” dead??

  • Edilene Xavier
    Edilene Xavier 5 months ago

    Jogo de merda

  • Marcello chirico 120
    Marcello chirico 120 5 months ago

    Andate a fanculo ladri di merda ho speso 100 euro per trovare un toty e invece neanche un top Player 0 figli della merda di una puttana di quella siete fate schifo come il vostro gioco di merda che avete fatto pack da 100000 mila per trovare un Jonas 84 muorite male coglioni bastardi di quella vostra madre inculata

    OMER DON 5 months ago


  • Edgar Cárdenas
    Edgar Cárdenas 5 months ago


  • Edgar Cárdenas
    Edgar Cárdenas 5 months ago


  • Edgar Cárdenas
    Edgar Cárdenas 5 months ago


  • DM NH
    DM NH 5 months ago

    What the name of the song in the background?

  • MaxR10
    MaxR10 5 months ago

    Song plz?

  • Fernando Alves
    Fernando Alves 5 months ago

    Na boa tem quer ser muito idiota para colocar FIfapoints em um jogo todo quebrado

  • Shahul Shamil
    Shahul Shamil 5 months ago

    We need messi

  • Lukas Neumann
    Lukas Neumann 5 months ago +1


    • 2760db
      2760db 5 months ago

      ODESZA - Loyal

  • Myles Bougourd
    Myles Bougourd 5 months ago

    How about you sort career mode out for a change. You bunch of money grabbing swamp dwellers.

  • Zukic Xiaz
    Zukic Xiaz 5 months ago

    What song ?

  • Akash Priya
    Akash Priya 5 months ago

    What song plz reply anyone

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 5 months ago +1

    is it bad I would rather have those tiny cards in this trailer over the cards in game?

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 5 months ago +1

    this was dope

  • Riccardo De vita
    Riccardo De vita 5 months ago


  • ابو خفج
    ابو خفج 5 months ago

    Where's the best goals?

  • Dustin Ludewig
    Dustin Ludewig 5 months ago

    Song ?

  • harry chandler
    harry chandler 5 months ago

    Where is rakitic or ter stegen ????

  • Corinthians
    Corinthians 5 months ago

    Arruma o modo carreira

  • Dan Nick
    Dan Nick 5 months ago


  • Flash gamer
    Flash gamer 5 months ago

    Neymar thiago Silva

  • Kilder. Jr Sánchez
    Kilder. Jr Sánchez 5 months ago

    Xfa cuando saques fifa 20 has q se puedan tatuajes y casi todos los peinados del mundo y mechas y q todo eso se pueda hacer en la Nintendo switch y que se pueda escoger los guantes para siempre y sólo cuando haya nieve plis y q todos los dribles se puedan hacer en los partidos y q neymar sea nivel 93

  • daehwan Jeong
    daehwan Jeong 5 months ago

    Can you FIFA please work on the face update of Hwang ui jo who's playing in Gamba Osaka in J league. He is a current national player and he's doing amazing job on his position. In Korea, he is actually as considered well as Son Heung min, Tottenham. Including myself, many Koreans would want to play him that actually looks like him in game. Thanks for the awesome improvement in game over time btw.

  • Réthy Zalán
    Réthy Zalán 5 months ago

    What is that song

  • Whiffy EFCX
    Whiffy EFCX 5 months ago

    Absolute rubbish made me lose everything on Fifa what's the point I spent lots of money on the game aswell

  • Aaryabir Singh
    Aaryabir Singh 5 months ago

    One of the best FIFA TOTY trailers ever

    IMKE ITB 5 months ago

    Lol where is neymar in this

  • Arthur Roncon
    Arthur Roncon 5 months ago

    EA please help me I was playing against an adeversario when I won from 3 x 1 there I was with 1026 points in the divisions rivals ai inves to gain more points I lost I went to 999 points you could put my points back please

  • Shaurya Shekhar
    Shaurya Shekhar 5 months ago

    Who else thinks last years fifa 18 toty video was better?