Girls Problems in Winter / 15 Funny Situations That Everyone Can Relate to

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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    Christmas Expectations vs Reality
    We love winter! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it’s so hard to be a girl during winter! Check out WooHoo’s new video to learn about what girls go through in the winter!
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Comments • 647

  • gamer_ cat
    gamer_ cat 2 days ago

    Actualy left hand is inposible to paint if ur lefthanded

  • Banana Eve Chocolate
    Banana Eve Chocolate 3 days ago +1

    Watching in 2020

  • Juana Rosas
    Juana Rosas 3 days ago

    I hate winter ❄️ because I get sick 😷 🏩🐺

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur 3 days ago

    The menu was a magazine

  • F Good
    F Good 5 days ago

    You can't hide attractiveness behind a hat yet I can hide from my boyfriend behind a hat

  • bailey92003
    bailey92003 6 days ago

    I my god

  • Rodolfo Muyot
    Rodolfo Muyot 11 days ago

    What is thes chek the most funny ever 0:45

  • Cez Salandanan
    Cez Salandanan 11 days ago

    bankok is at philipines where i live

  • Dannygomerpro38 God soul

    I can right hand polish my nails :3 lucky me

  • Shawni & Milani
    Shawni & Milani 11 days ago

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahaahahhaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahaahaha. How hoo hoo it's so funny

  • Ellie Rose Dylan
    Ellie Rose Dylan 11 days ago +1

    Hi I’m new to troom troom

  • Gerardo Gonzalez
    Gerardo Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Me every day 0:01 and 2:00

  • malak aslanova
    malak aslanova 12 days ago

    2:00 can anybody explain what they meant?

  • Rubina Siddiqui
    Rubina Siddiqui 13 days ago

    Yeah it is hard to put nail polish on our right hand 😂🤣

  • blossom beast
    blossom beast 15 days ago

    I can relate

  • Amina Begum
    Amina Begum 16 days ago

    Oof the intro is creepy OOF

  • Rebecca Mcneill
    Rebecca Mcneill 16 days ago

    Why do you were a mine sker

  • Mike Obergottsberger
    Mike Obergottsberger 17 days ago

    (This is just an added comment)

    Guy- Wow, my temperature is so high!

    Me- It is at 36.7, that’s pretty low, not high. Also fake shivering,probably has an ice pack under the blanket to make the temperature super cold, and that are fakers all the time.

  • Mike Obergottsberger
    Mike Obergottsberger 17 days ago +4

    Girl- “I’ll have to do my nails myself!”

    Me- “WOW, I guess she can’t do manual labor. So lazy.”

  • Venugopal TV
    Venugopal TV 18 days ago

    Indians won't put nail polish in right hand cause we are eating with that hand

  • Snowy_ GrassX
    Snowy_ GrassX 18 days ago

    not for me because i'm left hand

  • molly batchelor
    molly batchelor 18 days ago +3

    Some 0f this is very sexist
    For boys and girls

  • Leah Kuzminski
    Leah Kuzminski 18 days ago

    if your temp was 36 you would be freeze to death!

  • Alejandra harrison
    Alejandra harrison 18 days ago

    It always girls do the work

  • Anna Kuberski
    Anna Kuberski 18 days ago +4

    When they said "the nature on women" i thought they meant her period 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chloe Jenkins
    Chloe Jenkins 18 days ago +9

    Me: chillin 😎 me ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Me:calling 911
    Police operater :911 what’s your emergency
    Me: I broke my nail 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😰😰🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭

  • Micah Natad
    Micah Natad 19 days ago

    She said he got some cold why is his underarms are wet 8:29 8:37

  • CutieBun - Videos
    CutieBun - Videos 19 days ago

    I'll was distracted watching this video with Tim tams then I at them all 😟🙁😔:(

  • yoly velez
    yoly velez 20 days ago

    You should do a vidio of only dogs🐕🐩

  • [[ a n i i ]]
    [[ a n i i ]] 20 days ago +4

    3:52 that is very dangerous please don’t try this at home or even outside.

  • Cheeky Danya
    Cheeky Danya 20 days ago +3

    The nail struggle is also me

  • oman nyigwo
    oman nyigwo 20 days ago


  • oman nyigwo
    oman nyigwo 20 days ago

    Hello h

  • Tim Brittain
    Tim Brittain 22 days ago

    I HATE tires falling down

  • Takaiisha Turnbull
    Takaiisha Turnbull 23 days ago


  • Eva Vokálková
    Eva Vokálková 24 days ago

    thats not a funny video

  • Millan Devine
    Millan Devine 25 days ago

    Dolly hi ur.the.girl.from groom troom



  • Divya Pilla
    Divya Pilla 27 days ago

    I love WooHoo

  • Tara -girl
    Tara -girl 27 days ago

    [ >💵 ] this is fat bunny and he is giving you a IOO bucks for free

  • Eeva Pleasant
    Eeva Pleasant 28 days ago

    Dress up well 😡👺👹🤬😤🌋⚠️⚠️⚠️📵🚷🚱🇦🇺😡

  • Phoneix Simon
    Phoneix Simon 28 days ago

    I like when the girls attack the pop

  • Pineapple Planet
    Pineapple Planet 28 days ago +2

    i dont even bundle up i wear 1 hoodie and im all good

  • Dix
    Dix 28 days ago

    I don't find this related to me..

  • Jay Tea
    Jay Tea 29 days ago

    How do people enjoy this shit

  • AJ Coubrough
    AJ Coubrough Month ago +4

    I live in Australia so I don’t know what minus 20 degrees feels like so I can’t relate to these situations

    • Samiha Shaid
      Samiha Shaid 6 days ago

      @Stephanie Wolfe She can be in any part of Australia and the Norris Nuts live in Newcastle so the chances for her meeting the Norris Nuts are very low

    • Samiha Shaid
      Samiha Shaid 6 days ago

      Same i live in Australia.

    • Tara -girl
      Tara -girl 27 days ago

      I feel you

    • Stephanie Wolfe
      Stephanie Wolfe 29 days ago

      Alia Coubrough have you met the Norris. Nuts I love them

  • Ashley Lindstrand
    Ashley Lindstrand Month ago

    Kinda sexist towards men.

  • Brooklyn Leake
    Brooklyn Leake Month ago

    I wonder what do men through in winter?

  • Sarah Sergile
    Sarah Sergile Month ago


  • Mia’s life doing fun and funny stuff

    When I got sick my temperature was over a hundred degrees

  • gacha rose
    gacha rose Month ago

    Look at his armpits 8:37😂😂

  • Daan Is cool
    Daan Is cool Month ago


  • Daan Is cool
    Daan Is cool Month ago


  • Shah Azim
    Shah Azim Month ago +1


  • Mona AlGhatam
    Mona AlGhatam Month ago

    Ha ha

  • Sara Zepeda
    Sara Zepeda Month ago

    Hi you are not cool woo Hoo and no girls and boys like you ok woo Hoo ahahahaha but boys and girls like me but i said i don’t like girls okay well okay

  • bella esser
    bella esser Month ago

    Spitze 😇

  • Madison_yt Landy
    Madison_yt Landy Month ago

    This never happens to me like if u agree

  • mehmet tetik
    mehmet tetik Month ago +3

    Woohoo: i love my bed
    Me: that's not a bed!!!!