Sunday League Football - DISSENT

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • Welcome back to Sunday League Football where we're counting down the games to finish as high as possible in the table
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Comments • 190

  • Germinator 1
    Germinator 1 5 months ago

    This is fucking amazing stuff, funny commentary.

  • Bill Mulholland
    Bill Mulholland 6 months ago

    Number 5 looks like Brian Glover in Kess...

  • Dida Bogdan-Alexandru
    Dida Bogdan-Alexandru 7 months ago

    10:27 Hugh Jackman?

  • Mad Dark
    Mad Dark 9 months ago

    Avley Academicls 2nd goal Luke got pushed in the back

  • Owen Dawson
    Owen Dawson 10 months ago

    Their number 9 looked like a pro club character

  • Dynamic 197
    Dynamic 197 11 months ago

    5 months later and I've just realised that the time of the video is 12:34

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan Year ago

    9:32 there second goal of the throw is that not a foul 🤔

    BALLER TV Year ago

    Nick Looks Like Tyson Fury With Hair

  • James Ledwich
    James Ledwich Year ago

    What song was played at the start? Please help

  • Sabrija VucInc
    Sabrija VucInc Year ago

    PLease,can you try lifting camera up a bit,or mounting it on some high stand so we could get field depth perspective.This camera angle and position doesn't od anything .

  • Lewis Jono
    Lewis Jono Year ago

    Knowlsey is the best

  • Stephen Malacaria

    Great ref today.

  • Matthew Steed
    Matthew Steed Year ago

    Who preferred it when knowelsey was on the wing

  • Nathan Cutcliffe
    Nathan Cutcliffe Year ago

    Knowlesy needs to play higher I know numbers short this week, but he should be left back of wing back, needs to be up there

  • SkTheJanner
    SkTheJanner Year ago

    How’s Asa going to go and not score when he’s playing against his dad

  • Rolian
    Rolian Year ago

    Can I come for a tryout?

  • Simon Tesfaldet
    Simon Tesfaldet Year ago

    Luke needs to retire

  • Pat Byrne
    Pat Byrne Year ago

    What happened to Big Lee?

  • Tom Edgell
    Tom Edgell Year ago

    There striker number 9 looking like a guy of pro clubs

  • Caine Frankham
    Caine Frankham Year ago

    Shane is the worst player I've ever seen

  • Billy Mcgovern
    Billy Mcgovern Year ago

    “Kit is the same colour what do you want us to do” says the only Sunday league team who have a home and away kit and training kits hahahaha, come on you palmers

  • Ciaran Andrews
    Ciaran Andrews Year ago

    Is this Spencer Owen

  • matthew cullen
    matthew cullen Year ago

    What happened to Sunday league extra?

  • Elliot Simmonds
    Elliot Simmonds Year ago

    So many foul throw ins

  • kennysteen
    kennysteen Year ago

    Is no one going to question why Jason Lee has suddenly rolled back the years and made a comeback up top for the opposition? That's a hairdo and a half!

  • ytrumpet91
    ytrumpet91 Year ago

    Lol, "that's a Desmond Tutu" Smiv is evolving to the next level of commentator greatness.

  • Grady W
    Grady W Year ago

    When are you guys going to get promoted to the premier league?

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago

      We can’t win Division 1 at Sunday League level so give us 30 odd years and we’ll see where we’re at

  • The Woolly Eel
    The Woolly Eel Year ago

    Four yellow cards in the second half and the ref didn't even give 1 full minute of extra time. :/

  • DJN1012
    DJN1012 Year ago

    I'm sure this is a push... 09:17

  • Neil Ollerton
    Neil Ollerton Year ago

    What on earth is going on with all the gloves? One lad was playing in leggings?? #poorform

  • Spencer Wright
    Spencer Wright Year ago

    Isn't one of the centre back Asa's dad

  • Ryan Wazz
    Ryan Wazz Year ago

    Please get knowlsey out of LB and put him forward more

  • Denzel Mendoza
    Denzel Mendoza Year ago

    I didnt get a notification

  • HolyWhisp
    HolyWhisp Year ago

    What’s happened to Kieran?

  • Darkii62
    Darkii62 Year ago

    you spelt descent wrong

  • Kyle Holmes
    Kyle Holmes Year ago

    Why is there no more Sunday league extras no more? Unless I've missed something

  • Louie Costello
    Louie Costello Year ago

    Anybody else think Asa is a bit shit

  • DragoonsFC
    DragoonsFC Year ago

    Sprayed my tea all over the laptop at Desmond Two Two. #COYP

  • Magicmiller 14
    Magicmiller 14 Year ago

    Luke looks like dr Lupo who plays fortnite

  • Harry Wright
    Harry Wright Year ago

    Why doesn't Asa get any video time on the extra??

  • josh cowling
    josh cowling Year ago +1

    Who recorded when Nick went on? Was an improvement🤣

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    Tommooo, tommoooo!

  • I smoke rocks Joe rogan

    Get a pitch. My god..

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago

      It’s Sunday League, you get what you’re given

  • D
    D Year ago

    Smiv, I recently placed 2x orders with kitlocker after seeing them looking after you. I've received a first class service from a girl called Leah. I'm thanking you for putting me on to them via advertising them at half time on your videos. Also, i run a amateur football team myself in Altrincham, Cheshire. I'd love to arrange a pre season friendly as a lot of what you do has influenced the way I run my team. It would be great to hear from you.

  • Dan Gough
    Dan Gough Year ago

    No offence but I don’t think Asa is good enough

  • Kerry Holt
    Kerry Holt Year ago

    What the fuck is that haircut, their striker. I'm dying.

    • Kerry Holt
      Kerry Holt Year ago

      Surprised you didn't when their player with the kickoff at 1:10 stepped up with dat haircut. ;)

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago +1

      No don’t die!

  • Luke Forsyth
    Luke Forsyth Year ago


    • Luke Forsyth
      Luke Forsyth Year ago

      Palmers FC keep palmers collage nice and clean 😉

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago

      Should be out in the bin

  • Alfie Webster
    Alfie Webster Year ago

    When josh is playing he looks like kolasinac, u know that really bad player from arse- anal. Josh is better tho

  • Reece White
    Reece White Year ago

    Where's Kieran smiv has he left ?

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago

      He’s not been well, hoping he’ll return next season

  • Reece White
    Reece White Year ago


  • trainmad77
    trainmad77 Year ago +1

    Reckon any players will leave for next season smiv?

  • Acer Burton
    Acer Burton Year ago

    What ever happened to Michael

    • Acer Burton
      Acer Burton Year ago

      Now I have your attention....Fratton Park for on the road!

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Year ago

      We don’t know lol

  • TheGamerLad7
    TheGamerLad7 Year ago

    What happend to Aaron?

  • Adam Farmer #JFT96

    Swear averey are just wearing the old kit with no black

  • Shane Wheatley
    Shane Wheatley Year ago

    Start a go fund me page sort out a lawnmower for these pitches smiv

  • AlexC
    AlexC Year ago

    Good to see Tommo back

  • Will French
    Will French Year ago

    Smiv, where's Sunday leauge extra?

  • Oli Hall
    Oli Hall Year ago


  • aaron cafc
    aaron cafc Year ago

    smiv are you going to any play off games??

  • LeoGMaster
    LeoGMaster Year ago +1

    Welcome back Tommy! Missed him definitely the last games..